Feb 17 2024 OOC Meeting

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Sat Feb 17, 2024 7:03 pm

Log session starting at 18:01:23 on Saturday, 17 February 2024.

Dalton trails off, "I can do those next week and the week after... not this week though"

Maeve has awarded you 2 QPs: Scribe!

Maeve nods at Dalton.

Dalton states, "Working off a phone."

Edison claims, "Now to resist the urge to spam 'score' and 'who' over and over"

Meiari claims, "That's why I can't do it, I look up too much stuff all the time"

Maeve claims, "Announcements - Demons are open for business, anyone who wants to summon one. Please
remember to make an appointment if it's one of the demons I run."

Andalucia muses to Maeve, "Do you do birthday parties?"

Maeve says to Andalucia, "Yes. Yes I do."

Maeve says, "Extra soul charge if children are present."

Dalton says, "Just take one of the kids"

Dalton shrugs

Maeve grins at Dalton.

Dalton says, "We have enough at the orphanage to spare one or two."

Eloxotzi look i never grew up past 16 cant call me out like that

Sparkles says, "Dalton isn't allowed around my children anymore."

Dalton says, "Too bad for you. they are all adults"

HIEROPHANT states, "That's it. I'm gettin' me mallet."

Maeve states, "Staff Updates :) Last week, I did some requests, answered a few policy questions.
Nothing major. This week, still planning on poking at code, but I'm sick so I might just sleep

Maeve states to Eurus, "You're up :)"

Dalton wonders, "Eustus Bags? Is that you?"

Eurus declaims, "Fixed a couple bugs that I'll get ported over soon, couple typo and request board
things, and that's mostly it!"

Sparkles says, "Woo."

Maeve claims to Temi, "You're up :)"

Maeve states to Eurus, "Also, thank you ;)"

Temi states, "Nothing big from me, also some requests and things like that."

Temi claims, "Trying to help keep on top of things, but still taking it on the easier side."

Temi nods at Maeve.

Maeve nods at Temi.

Maeve says, "Thank you :)"

Maeve finishes abruptly, "A note - we've cleared the recommend queue (two fresh ones this morning
that I'll get to right after chat), so please don't forget to recommend your friends to keep us busy

Maeve claims, "Next, I've switched the agenda around a bit to get to Player Topics :) "

Temi nods in agreement.

Maeve states to ThatBard, "You're first up :)"

ThatBard queries, "My topic is all about books. We love books. Especially in the Troubadours guild
we live of Plays, Poetry, Songs, etiquette and history books. We have a library for it at the Globe
and its a bit of a mess. Now comes the thing I want to discuss. Many books are left in our library
installed as notake. This was done, because people have a tendency to make the books disappear and
when no more copies are left then the book is gone and we are very sad about that. So people are not
allowed to take the books away. That is the reason for the notake books. Now we have lots of books
that are not installed like this and it makes them vulnerable. We also cannot sort the books
installed in the room so its a mess that smacks anyone in the face that walks into the room. How do
we solve this? Maybe we could have a guild store to buy the rebuy the books that are from our guild
when things are gone?"

Edison claims, "Maybe if there was a 'borrow' command that gave you a temp copy of a book that
decayed in 10 irl days"

Edison claims, "Available at your local library"

Otbert says, "I'll note we wanted to copy some from the University Library using the 'scribe'
command based off actual artwork skill, and all the library books there are object type 'board' not
'book' and also notake apparently."

Maeve asks, "Oh, interesting. Is it only books in the University Library that are like that, or all
library books in the game?"

ThatBard claims, "Those are really old books then. Every book used to be a board. XD"

Otbert shrugs, "Dunno. I hit appraise on them after I couldn't take them and it said it's a board.
And 'scribe' copies a book in inventory."

Sparkles says, "So I will say that this issue does not seem to be Bard specific, but that a few
Guilds have some fairly basic/important texts that regularly simply go missing because the last
person quits with them and there were no other copies. And I live giving folks books as an RP book
but, it does feel like Guild shops for super vital books would fix this."

Maeve nods at Otbert.

HIEROPHANT claims, "I believe the University library is special in that it rolls random books each
cycle and loads them in, so going back there every couple of weeks you'll find new ones."

Maeve says, "I am pretty happy with putting important books into a guild shop."

Otbert says, "The Order -has- a shop for Infinite Erra Paters for 1 silver. But not much else. We
have one (1) copy of the Book of Penances."

Maeve has transferred trogdor. [OOC]

Dalton trails off, "I need to learn how to adjust boards... Merchant hq had a few that need

Temi gives a tiny cake topped with an ox pulling a double-sword plough to trogdor.

Maeve states, "The thing is, books are a precious resource. There is no such thing as a printing
press, so they should be expensive."

Eeel is idle.

Maeve says, "Another thing that could be done is extend the library to cut down on the spam."

Maeve states, "Just add another room and move half the collection to the new room."

Otbert claims, "Yes, and the skill to copy them IS expensive, and implemented via 'scribe', which
you need inventory for. But could non-codedly be bypassed by copy & pasting from your terminal,
which we should want to avoid by enabling the coded way."

ThatBard claims, "The Erra Pater is only so cheap, because every child in the kingdom between 10 and
15 gets to scribe it at school. XD"

Maeve nods at Otbert.

Maeve claims, "I was referring to if we put them in a guild shop :)"

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Maeve nods at ThatBard.
Temi nods.

Sparkles says, "I think it's one of those IC issue meets OOC issue things."

Maeve tilts her head curiously at Sparkles.

HIEROPHANT asks, "Worth noting that if you know a book exists, you can request it for QP in most
cases, though it is a bit pricy usually.

Boards do work like books (books are all boards, technically?) but I've not heard of a board you
can't scribe so that's really strange.

I think the Reeves have a Queen's Law book in their gshop but not their procedures manual? I feel
like GLs should be allowed to requestboard guild-related books for gpoints maybe, in place of QP,
like how gpoints sub in for QP for plots?"

Temi states, "We could probably clean things up some if the issue is more that the rooms are messy"

Otbert claims, "The problem with the boards in the University library was that they were also

Sparkles claims, "People liquidating/quitting out with the books, particularly GLs makes an OOC
issue kind of an IC one."

Maeve states, "I think guilds losing their IP any time someone logs out with the last copy of
something is a pretty big issue."

Trogdor questions, "You have guild books?"

ThatBard claims, "Also you could ask artists to scribe books from the library for you. We get it
cheaper. The problem is more like.. Some people quit with the only copy of guild documents or junk
them maliciously and it's very sad. So we are paranoid about our books and it makes things

Maeve states to trogdor, "Most guilds have books they've written, yes."

Otbert says, "You have a guild book, Trogdor. The Merchant has the Inquisitorial Methods, but it's
44 silver."

Sparkles states, "And ... if the GL that follows is brand new, they might not even know there are
any to ask for."

HIEROPHANT claims, "That, yeah."

Maeve nods at Sparkles.

Dalton trails off, "Wait..."

Trogdor claims, "Yeah, but we have a lot of other books that have been written "

Trogdor says, "Huhm"

Dalton asks, "I have the inquisitorial methods?"

Dalton wonders, "Why would Merchants have them?"

HIEROPHANT says, "Procedurals, manuals, that sort of thing seem appropriate for GL shops to have on

Maeve claims, "Staff have an archive of books that are submitted to staff, where we make copies of
things that we can give out if people want a copy of a rare book (for QP)."

Temi claims, "I think that was vendor, not Merchants guild"

Maeve nods at HIEROPHANT.

Otbert states, "Inquisitorial Methods is also available as an order-exclusive helpfile, thankfully."

Dalton states, "Ah ok"

Maeve states, "I think if a GL wants a book in their guild's shop, please Request Board staff. We'll
assess if it's reasonable, and the price, then put it in the shop if we don't have a material reason
not to."

Maeve says, "We can also take Request Board requests from a GL to re-arrange books in a guild
library, for example."

Souless is idle.

HIEROPHANT says, "The book issue runs into the problem of unknown unknowns though, yeah.

Could a GL run a Guild plot with gpoints to discover if a book on a given topic exists? For example,
a book of hymns or prayers? I've seen those in the QP shop before."

Maeve says, "I'll defer to Temi regarding plots."

Sparkles claims, "I think people tended to defer to the Wiki page on books but ... there's no way to
update that now."

Temi says, "I don't know that it's an appropriate plot really. Either it's knowledge we should make
available or not"

Musketeer is idle.

Musketeer is no longer idle.

Maeve asks, "Is the wiki broken? *makes a note*"

Otbert queries, "Maybe a rumor?"

Musketeer has returned from AFK.

HIEROPHANT states, "I didn't know that exists, but I don't really use the wiki/forums/website much."

Trogdor claims, "You and me both, imho that is kinda meta gaming it out"

Valora is idle.

Valora is no longer idle.
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Maeve states, "The wiki isn't staff moderated as I recall, so I believe it's wise to take the info
in it with a grain of salt."

Dalton states, "Indeed"

Edison wonders, "So you're saying the wiki is lying to me when it says the currency in Lithmore is
the Golden Smackaroo?"

Trogdor states, "I'm going to go add sports illustrated, swimsuit edition to the wiki so people hunt
on grid for it"

Maeve claims, "We have a bit of a problem that we cannot access the admin side of the wiki and the
remaining staff's admin controls aren't fully available, so I may need to do a big kill and reset,
so I'm a bit worried about it."

Dalton claims, "If we knew who had access to either wiki we could add stuff"

Edison says, "Monks wrote it, it's Sports Illuminated"

Maeve nods at Dalton.

Otbert queries, "Rumor could point to the existence of a book, and maybe spins on a rumor about ones
that don't exist could encourage people to write them?"

Maeve claims, "There is a book quest shop in game somewhere that has some unusual texts."

HIEROPHANT claims to Temi, "I was thinking it might be an appropriate plot for a common book - the
idea being if, say, the Order wanted to scrounge up a hymnal, they could ask their own vNPCs if
anyone has a copy of it or has heard of such a thing existing. Organized rumormongering, in other

It wouldn't fit for anything heretical or otherwise obscure or restricted, but something that should
be commonplace but simply hasn't loaded into the QP shop lately seems appropriate to me."

Maeve claims, "But I can make a note that rumors about books are desirable."

HIEROPHANT claims, "Maybe hinge it on a metric roll."

Temi states, "At the auction house, yeah"

Otbert claims, "Word of mouth about trendy/fad books is pretty realistic."

Dalton has lost link.
Dalton has reconnected.

Dalton says, "Sorry internet hiccup"

Dalton questions, "Did I miss my turn for posting?"

Maeve states, "I'd be inclined to make mundane things more available. A hymnal in the Order guild
shop seems fine to me. A certain grimoire of an ancient, no longer with us mage, much less so."

Temi says, "No, not yet"

Sparkles states, "In the meantime, if it's not a super scuffed book, I'll happily take inquiries IC.
Perhaps I'll post notes about this IC."

Temi claims, "I think if we want it to be regularly available, we should be good with adding it to
the guild shop"

Sparkles nods.

HIEROPHANT says, "I feel like the Merchants could run a guild plot to dig up an old cookbook or the
Physicians could dig up a copy of an old Physician's thesis document.

That's fair."

Temi states, "And if we don't want it to be regularly available, then you can wait for the QP shop"

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Dalton says, "I would be happu to pick up a cookbook"

Maeve states, "This has been a good conversation, but I'd like to continue it on the forums because
I think we've moved away from ThatBard's original reasons for posting. I can check the wiki, request
GLs to post about any books they want in their guild shops, and check the quest shop's rare resets
to see what's available there and maybe add to it."

Sparkles nods.

Maeve claims to Dalton, "Your topic is next :)"

Dalton states, "So my topic is a suggestion of something. Allowing Dough to be embellished with food
items. Such as fruits, spices, and the like. This is something that is done in real life all of the
time and would allow a variety of fruits to be embellished allowing the future dishes made with the
dough to inherit the embellishments."

Otbert questions, "Is dough currently not embellishable at all?"

Dalton says, "Nope"

Otbert says, "That makes perfect sense to me, then."

Temi says, "That seems a bit fussy to me. We've generally had embellishing on final products, not
every intermediate item"

Otbert claims, "Casks are embellishable and are intermediate to bottles."

Meiari claims, "I was gonna say the same thing lol"

Temi claims, "Casks are a tool"

Eloxotzi says, "im just saying i would gold leaf some noodles"

Dalton says, "I think he means a cask of mead"

Dalton states, "Before it becomes bottles of mead"

Temi says, "Oh, that? Well, those a product, just not the only form of product."

Otbert states, "Yep, I have embellished many casks of drinks, and also turned them into bottles."

Temi states, "Dough is not a product in any form."

Musketeer gives a proverbial hat tip. "Gonna pop out early. Need to step away from the keys for a

Musketeer stands up.

Musketeer begins to descend.

Temi states, "I don't see the big difference between embellishing the final product and embellishing
the ingredients, except that embellishments are essentially ingredients of their own"

Musketeer leaves down.

Maeve wonders to Temi, "Won't embellishments on intermediary steps likely to be
destroyed/overwritten on final product?"

Sparkles claims, "Because needing a vanilla bean, for example for every single cookie makes the
price prohibitively expensive to produce versus the same things that NPCs sell."

Dalton trails off, "Its more for a case of items like the simple confections. Makes 6 confections
that can be embellished. which if you embellish with a few mint leaves versus using a vanilla

Temi states, "They would be removed as 'embellished' things, yeah. Only the appraise would

Dalton states, "What she said"

Otbert states, "Mostly matters for Coded Ingredients, yeah."

Temi says, "So you just don't like the cost proposition."

Dalton states, "It makes some things prohibitive to try and produce vs noc shops which can do the
same for far less."

Meiari questions, "So looking at from a brew's point - I can make a cask of lothos honey mead,
right? And then I can split that into three lothos mead bottles and embellish each of those with an
additional flavor, right? The lothos @app trickles down as I split it up. I don't know if cooking is
the same though? I don't see why not?"

ThatBard says, "It might also be a time thing. When you make a banket with 20 some cookies, then you
are embellishing a while."

Temi claims, "If we think that's problematic, we can make it so only the bottles are embellishable"

Otbert says, "Brewing already has the NPC competition issue, too, though. In some cases worse, when
aging is involved."

Temi says, "I do think people get a little obsessed with embellishments, that are supposed to be
extras for special rare things. We made it possible for food things, but that doesn't mean you have
to embellish in every ingredient you want to use"

ThatBard questions, "But if we describe vanilla in the taste then vanilla needs to be in there, yes?
Would that not break tooling policy?"

Otbert states, "Vanilla puts itself in there, though. I would actually be more interested in policy
in terms of non-coded ingredients being described in the @taste if they are, or aren't, put on as
embellishes that would only be noticeable in the appraise itself rather than the @taste."

Dalton states, "But the @app for food items tends to have a @taste appended"

Maeve states, "If an item is a standard embellishment, then yes policy would probably have something
to say if someone just wrote a rare ingredient in, yes."

Temi claims, "Honestly, if it's at a gourmet level, it has fancy spicing in it, and I'm okay with
some fussing around on what the exact ingredients are, just due to the way the cooking system

Maeve states, "I am curious about the price of competition with NPCs though. That is something I'd
like to look at."

Otbert states, "You'll really want to look into the "price" of aging on brewing for that."

Temi states, "If you wanted to feature the vanilla as being an extra special thing it was focusing

Maeve nods at Otbert.

Temi says, "Food is balanced with NPC competition"

Maeve says to Otbert, "Thank you."

ThatBard has lost link.
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Temi finishes abruptly, "But - it's not based on a per item basis, but an hp/mvs return basis"

Sparkles states, "I do think, a bit like the question the other week about string length, certain
standards/ideas that have become pretty standard within the playerbase about food and things and it
similiarly feels like that where ... some things might not be required but have become standard and
an expectation and folks are feeling out how to get everything on the same page."

Souless queries, "Is there a way to turn vanilla into an extract, which can be spread out?"

HIEROPHANT finishes abruptly, "It is worth noting that any @appraise text on a food or drink item is
appended to the @taste when it is eaten - but I think the best example here for the dough argument
is if you want to make cinnamon cookies you pay as much for a dozen cookies as you'd pay for a horse
if you want to abide by tooling policy"

Temi claims, "Brewing may need more of that work"

Trogdor claims, "Seems fair, cookies are good and horses are stupid"

Dalton states, "Indeed"

ThatBard claims, "Maybe this is a bandaid, but perhaps we could add a simply spice mix, craft?
Something which can be used to emblishing things with, that splits spices into smaller units.
because 1 villa bean a cookie would in reality be a bit much. XD"

Edison claims, "Meanwhile, a dozen horse cookies are priced rather reasonably "

Souless states, "Could make brewing cheaper by making craftable yeast."

Maeve states, "Sugar isn't as available in these times as it is now."

Otbert claims, "Vanilla is a Coded Ingredient (help Coded ingredients), and it will append itself to
@taste without manually being mentioned, but there's everything that isn't a coded ingredient that
doesn't, because it doesn't add to the appraise, but which people can embellish onto it. And you
could mention it in @taste manually then. But you could also mention it in @taste WITHOUT doing

Maeve states, "Kings and queens used to import sugar from far off lands. Spices too."

HIEROPHANT claims, "We do actually have spice mix recipes, but weirdly, spice mixes do not work as
generic spice objects for recipes that need spices"

Sparkles says, "Actually, uh .."

Otbert claims, "Spice mixes do work as (non-coded ingredient) embellishes at least, from my own

HIEROPHANT states, "Not in every recipe, at least from what I've done. Maybe I just found some
really cursed spice mixes."

Sparkles claims, "If you use the right things to create your 'fine spices' and then use recipes that
use fine spices it works fine."

HIEROPHANT says, "Right, but not for an 'any spice' recipe, which is a fair few"

Temi finishes abruptly, "If something needs spices, you should be able to make spices with it -

Temi nods at Sparkles.

Nevermore asks, "Are you talking about spices, as in, for food, or as in... The drugs?"

HIEROPHANT claims, "The 'spice' object flag"

Nevermore says, "I REALLY want to know how bad it would be to mix drugs."

HIEROPHANT claims, "This applies to chandlery crafts also"

Sparkles states, "I will neither confirm nor deny about the drugs."

Dalton claims, "Look. Leave my coamjar sugar cookies alone."

Valora is idle.

HIEROPHANT asks, "But maybe they can be used as an embellishment item, which might be a good band
-aid for the dough/confection issue?"

Valora is no longer idle.
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Otbert says, "They can, but ... not in the way a 'coded ingredient' embellishment is."

Temi says, "We can take a look if there are cooking recipes that need spices as an option instead of
any spice"

Sparkles nods.

Andalucia has gone AFK.

Souless says, "Yeah, craftable yeast would just be water and flour."

Temi muses, "Is that the main concern?"

Otbert says, "If you want to look into brewing/cooking econ, yeast -is- a factor, but that can be
resolved via asset resources, too. "

Souless claims, "Mm, I'm not sure if it's the main concern, but it might save some problems for

ThatBard says, "Or southside access. Yeast is not the problem. I'd say.."

Temi states, "I'm happy with where cooking econ is at. We have looked at it. Brewing, probably
less so"

Otbert states, "And depending on which craft you put it on, the other still wouldn't have it."

Maeve nods at Temi.

Maeve states, "We can have a look at brewing, and have a look at spices."

Dalton states, "Or various places to purchase it on grid... if there is a craftable yeast that we
could spice or add things too that would be lovely."

Sparkles states, "I think it's the 'can you mention this ingredient at all without using it' and
there's been more stringent answers previously. So if the answer is 'yes you can mention it as long
as it isn't a main focus' that might clear up a good bit of curiousity, a few outlying issues

Souless claims, "I can throw that up on the forums, for later discussion."

Otbert says, "I'd be happy to take some time out to talk brewing off grid, including coded
ingredients. I'd vaguely like to suggest hemproot should be coded so people don't "need to take your
word for it" if you spike them with it."

Temi nods at Sparkles.

Souless says, "I'm not trying to detract from the main conversation."

Temi says, "I think we should straighten that out some."

Temi states, "Maybe a list of the things that have to be gourmet level to use without explicit

Maeve nods at Souless.

Maeve states, "I've taken some notes, but it's fine to add it to the forums too."

Dalton states, "Example... I made coconut cream tarts that specifically names Lothos Honey as a
strong taste in it. but I also use it in the craft."

Otbert states, "It will also append itself again because Lothos is coded."

Dalton says, "I was sad to see coconuts didnt have a special taste."

Temi claims, "It has been a design decision to make some things need to be purchased, so not
everything could be crafted"

Otbert claims, "But you could have added nutmeg to it, and it would not have."

Maeve says, "I want to give 3 more minutes to this topic before we move on to our last Agenda item,
by the way :)"

Otbert says, "But you could also have MENTIONED nutmeg in the @taste, without using the nutmeg at

Trogdor says, "It'd be kinda funny to have a system where the taster can only identify specific
ingredients if they themselves are at a certain level"

Trogdor says, "And everyone else just gets a vague description 'lothos honey' -> 'something sweet'"

Maeve claims to trogdor, "It would, but probably not enough to be worth the effort of creating it

Trogdor says, "Then nobles could get REALLY snooty"

Souless states, "Yeah, that'd seem a bit extra lol."

Andalucia has returned from AFK.

Trogdor queries, "You only taste the sweet? hmmmmmmmmmmm? hmmmmmm??? well, aren't YOU unrefined"

Maeve states, "Hmm, you are maybe convincing me otherwise."

Otbert says, "I flower-language checked some nobles today. Maybe they should have flower language
appraises too lol"

Maeve claims, "But really, it is not high on the list as the list is."

Temi claims, "Well, we don't really have a good skill for food snobbery"

Temi claims, "It definitely shouldn't be the ability to cook it yourself, if we're talking noble

Maeve states, "Right now, we're focused on making roles code friendlier and reviewing/improving

Trogdor states, "Right"

Maeve nods at Temi.

Maeve declares, "Okay, with our last ten minutes!"

Maeve wonders, "What was the game like for everyone this week?"

Souless nods.

Dalton asks, "Speaking of role code... i see in help role it says I should be able to edit things...
but cannot?"

Trogdor states, "Buuussyyyyy"

Andalucia exclaims, "Had a fun week, also fairly busy!"

Pippa states, "Been exciting finding my feet, just starting out on this character"

Maeve states to Dalton, "For sure you ought to be able to, yes"

Dalton queries, "Is back to being staff only?"

Temi says, "It's back to the system never quite worked right"

Maeve states, "But I've found the help file doesn't match the code, so it might just be a syntax
thing. It all needs a review."

Otbert says, "Got a little light on WhereRP on during the end, missed some matchmaking hooks. But
very fun and meaningful RP."

Maeve says to Dalton, "I don't think the intent is for it to be staff only."

Trogdor states, "Yeah, last i played with the role code it was kinda wonky; eager to see it going

HIEROPHANT claims, "Ahaha, Eurus, do you want to share your opinion on role code"

Souless states, "It's been really good. I've recommended a few folks, and have a few more recommends
to write up."

HIEROPHANT says, "God thank you for reminding me, I have so many to catch up on"

Maeve states to Souless, "Thank you for recommending people :)"

Maeve claims to HIEROPHANT, "I am on duty today and will process them as quickly as possible."

Souless claims, "I really appreciate when people make characters that are 'growable', particularly."

Souless smiles at Maeve.

Temi says, "It never quite ended up the way we wanted it to, I think some was design and some was
just gaps in our understanding and testing"

HIEROPHANT states, "I have had a packed schedule this week with invite scenes and things to do and
oh lawd, so much delightful drama"

Sparkles states, "I've had some interesting scenes this week, I was excited to see people coming
together randomly for tavern scenes and such. It feels real lively to walk in and find folks in

Otbert claims, "Charmander is way too hard to catch in this game, battled it for 4 hours and then it
just left :("

Meiari says, "I have a new penpal and that's all that matters :p (now if only I could be a decent
responder, I'm sorry new friend)"

Maeve says, "It sounds like things are hopping. That's good news."

Temi nods in agreement with Maeve.

Maeve questions, "Anything beyond the obvious things we've discussed already that players think
staff could look at to make it more fun?"

Trogdor muses, "Was that a dig at zarif? 'things are hopping'? what are you trying to say? >;("

Souless states, "More fun? Hm.."

Otbert wonders, "This won't come up for a year, but I guess St. Celeste's day isn't really a thing
in the way the other holidays like Chalice Rising is in being prompted via calendar etc?"

Temi says to trogdor, "If it was a reference to Zarif, surely it could only be good"

Sparkles states, "Also, the Bards are planning the city wide talent show for next weekend, so you
know practice your talents this week. Sorry, magic shows won't be accepted as entries."

Pippa pontificates, "Yes! Exciting!"

Souless pontificates, "Darn it!"

HIEROPHANT claims, "A few of the IC holidays tend to just get swept past often. I've been here for a
bit and I have not seen a single Charali horse race event despite it even having calendar prompts"

Eloxotzi says "that seems biased"

Otbert states, "St. Celeste's seemed like a neat shot for all the herbalists to break out the floral
crafts and bouquets."

Meiari queries, "Drats, no shaows lurking about?"

Eloxotzi says "seems like horse racing should be revived is that what i heard?"

Temi claims to HIEROPHANT, "I have seen events for it, but the cadence at which holidays appear with
us at 4:1 is definitely too much to do things every year"

Edison declaims, "Ready... set... go! *travel finish line*"

Otbert states, "The Early Marshal finishes early."

Souless states, "Oh my."

HIEROPHANT trails off, "Though that may be related to census only showing two (2) Charali characters
active. I feel like that might have something to do with that.

God, yeah, I can't imagine trying to do the Yule Festival the Merchants pull every year... every OOC
month forever"

Valora trails off, "I would like horse racing to be a thing... no bias"

Dalton coughs

Otbert says, "We've replaced the Late Earl Marshal with the Early Marshal so he isn't so late."

Maeve smiles.

Maeve questions, "We're at the very end of our time. Any shameless plugs for IC goods and services?
Any events?"

Otbert exclaims, "CONFESS!"

Maeve grins at Otbert.

Edison says, "Recommend, Cnote, Take Vitamin D in the Winter"

Souless exclaims, "Look at the butcher shop idea!"

Dalton declaims, "BUY STUFF!"

Eloxotzi say "more jeweling and tailoring over at the wolf and lily boutique!

HIEROPHANT muses, "Did you know you can send mail to Guildleader titles? Even if you don't know
their real name?"

Souless trails off, "We need bacon..."

Andalucia questions, "... get Inquisitioned?"

ThatBard says, "Hire your local artist for scribing books."

Otbert claims, "There's still some dudes I have 'rememberd' as their title and not name <.<"

HIEROPHANT claims, "You can change that after the fact :)"

Maeve declaims, "Thank you for attending everyone! Going to put people back :)"

Maeve states, "Have a fantastic week, we'll see you next time."

Sparkles places her right fist over her heart in salute.

Trogdor asks, "Any public events going on after ooc chat?"

Meiari looks at hierophant "I don't know if you wanted to tell me that... More pen pals..."

HIEROPHANT states, "I love getting mail."

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Sun Feb 18, 2024 12:12 am

Maybe it was mentioned and I missed it, but I noticed the Order books specifically mentioned during the meeting:

The Order had a special mob set up a couple years ago where I was consulted to get all of the necessary books there for sale (I was GL at the time), for the exact reasons mentioned in the meeting - books going missing or growing legs, and then the legs quitting the game. Should still be in the Athenaeum in the rectory unless something happened to it between now and then.

I can see this as valuable for any guild, though. So important books don't go walking off without being able to be recovered (or people even knowing they are missing).

I will note, too, that if a book isn't a one-off and has been submitted to staff, and approved, there is likely a loadable copy through them, even if the on grid copy walked away.
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