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Mon Dec 04, 2023 6:03 pm

Ghed muses, "Before we begin, folks, here's a reminder of the OOC Chat Pact: Everyone on TI does the best they can, given what they know at the time, their skills and abilities, the resources available, and the situation at hand. We will be respectful of this and each other at all times."

Today's Agenda is:
   - Staff Updates
   - Player Heartbeat
   - Player Topics

Is there anything anyone would like to add to the agenda to make certain we discuss it today? If you register a topic, please pre-write it so you're ready to present it when called upon.

Finally, who wants to scribe for today?"

Paprika states, "I can scribe if no one else wants to"

Temi has transferred PositronicJune.  [OOC]

Ghed declares to Paprika, "Thank you!"

Temi gives a ceramic salt canister, painted with little fish and poles to PositronicJune.

Ghed has awarded you 2 QPs: scribe

Ghed states, "Okay, time to start this week's Staff Update."

PositronicJune claims, "This is getting out of hand, now there are two PositronicJunes"

Jiraiya states, "Maybe one should be PositronicJuly"

Tiberius states, "Doublemint Twins"

Ghed says, "This was a tougher week. I had some unpleasant policy to go through. But I got a lot of player requests and evictions done. Kudos to Theodora for helping me sort auction items on her free time."

Ghed claims, "Please remember to recommend each other, and remember that stories are a thing players can run with the ST system."

Ghed wonders to Temi, "What about you?"

Temi claims, "I've been getting everything ready for the crusade.  I think I'm good to go once players are ready deciding the troop arrangements.  Probably another supply counting"

Temi says, "But not too much else. I'll be a bit scarcer next week, but I should still be able to pop in and check on things"

Ghed says, "Thanks T"

Ghed declaims, "Leta is taking some time off. Eurus is a busy bee!"

Ghed muses, "Alright people, let's move on to Player Heartbeat: how has the week been for y'all?"

ositronicJune states, "AAAAAAAAAA"


Paprika declaims, "SO MANY FISH!"

Kalana claims, "Good good, though on the quieter side"

Tiberius says, "Same"

Brando states, "The spring ball was fun to RP at."

Paprika states, "It sounds like Aurele did a great job organizing it"

Jiraiya claims, "I've been sick which actually gave me good time for rp lol"

Ghed states, "I hear Aurele kicked ass"

Ghed nods.

Tiberius states, "Lol silver lining"

PositronicJune states, "What about meeee"

Ghed declares to Jiraiya, "We won't say no to more Jiraiya!"

Kalana states, "The ball looked lovely.  I was sorry my timing wasn't great to not make it until late"

Ghed claims to PositronicJune, "You too of course =)"

PositronicJune claims, "Yaaay"

ThatBard states, "It was a good event. I had lots of help from Theodora and Ambre too."

Ikeala states, "When it's a touch slower I admit I don't want to overwhelm folks by harassing them too much so it can be a bit slower. But it's a good time to catch up on writing or exploring."

Ghed states, "Excellent, excellent, I'm very glad the troubadours are dishing out love"

Ghed says to Ikeala, "That's welcomed, yep"

Ghed muses, "Alright, is there anything bothering anyone about TI that can be shared here and now?"

keala says, "I do have some thoughts/brainstorming about the ST thing if no one else has anything."

Ghed wonders to Ikeala, "Do you want me to write it down as a topic?"

Ikeala nods.

Ghed says, "Alright"

Ghed says, "Alright, time to move on to Player Topics."

Ghed states to Ikeala, "You're first =)))"

Ikeala says, "So Hi Hello! Your local neighborhood spooper. I admit that I've thought a few times about STs and running a few, but one hurdle I always consider is that while STs themselves are meant to be self-contained and not contain/annoy/involve folks who didn't sign up and ask to be involved things that happen during those stories can have longer impacts. Up to and including folks getting in trouble with the law and/or Inquisition for participating."

Ikeala states, "Because a lot of the more exciting STs tend to, one admits, involve some level of naughtiness."

Ghed asks, "Has it ever actually happened?"

Brando claims, "Thats on those who participate and that should be expected. "

Paprika has only seen one ST since she started playing a year ago, so she doesn't really understand ST.

PositronicJune wonders, "Is the issue the players getting in trouble or, like, involving the Reeves/Inquisition without them asking to participate?"

Ghed states, "I think there are stories which necessitate coexisting knowingly with mages, masked or not, to succeed at the ST"

Ghed claims, "And fearing they'll get pyred for it"

Brando claims, "Yes it has happened with my character ... she partook in a story and was naughty and had to front the holy inquistion and pay penance. That was all fine in my opinion ok."

Ikeala says, "Which participating in the ST shows because the flag goes up on the Who list."

Ikeala claims, "So TL;DR, I'd run some stories but all of the concern folks normally have for talking to/RPing with mage folks also applies to STs."

ThatBard looks to brando. "That is only okay as long as it's only penance. If you return from the ST and get pyred the next day for it, then you would be upset. That is fear is it not? People can't rp with Tamira or they will ICly or OOCly considered to be mages and then get pyred, to my understanding?"

Ghed claims, "I don't think I've ever seen real repercussions, hm."

PositronicJune is idle.

PositronicJune is no longer idle.
PositronicJune has returned from AFK.

Ghed states, "There's something to be said about 'Don't design STs where it's implausible that any davite would participate in reasonably good faith'"

Ghed claims, "But also 'look it's just an ST'."

Tiberius says, "I've been in them and ran a few. I should post a forum tips thing."

Brando claims, "Non mage, non criminal characters should be afraid of covorting with mages and criminals as thats to be expected ok. however players should not be afraid of it. know what you're getting into and expect things to occur and you wont end up kevetching eh. "

PositronicJune says, "Mages have cooties"

Temi states, "Yeah, I don't mind there being consequences for acting outside what's necessary for the story, but would encourage that stories should probably be geared towards at least being possible for Davites, even if there's some turning a blind eye to who is participating"

Brando states, "Confession is good for your character eh"

Ghed trails off, "For example IDK, make it so there's a memory wipe of some inconvenient aspects... or... push opposing factions together out of extreme necessity"

Ghed states, "Kylo Ren and Rey"

Ghed claims, "Vader and Luke"

Ghed states, "And so on"

Temi finishes abruptly, "As far as a mage running them - definitely fine for the organizer to only be there Oocly"

Tiberius says, "Oh yeah. I didn't think of that"

Ikeala ponders.

Ghed says, "Yeah absolutely"

Ghed declaims, "Recall Andorig ran one where he wasn't a part of it in the least, even indirectly, and it was ok!"

Ghed exclaims, "So yeah! Don't worry that much about IC repercussions, but also try to be at least a little bit careful about it as well"

Ghed says, "No valiant quest to save a demon summoner"

Jiraiya runs an ST to ressurect Thandok

Tiberius states, "Lol"

Jiraiya says, "Assuming he's dead"

Brando states, "Players shouldnt think of RP in terms of victory or defeat ok. Characters could plunge recklessly towards an irrational death. By doing this, you will awaken from your dreams. ( bushido warrior code )"

Tiberius queries, "We don't gain xp while in a story, right?"

Ikeala claims, "I mean I wouldn't do that regardless. More, I remember the kinds of STs that Janus used to run and they were well, one admits a bit more ... wild? I guess for lack of a better word than the kinds of things that seem common/wanted presently."

Temi wonders, "Not sure quite exactly what you mean?"

Ikeala questions, "About whom? Or kind of an example?"

Temi states, "Yeah, an example of the kind of things you think wouldn't be wanted"

Ghed nods.

Ikeala says, "Well ... there were in the past a lot of STs that involved mage stuffs. Probably the most promiment example I can think of was the Dollmaker that involved a number of sessions, had an NPC witch making a clone of Lysander and led to a big fight in the Crossroads. It also directly led to a character dying."

Ghed asks, "I recall. The clay clones, right?"

Brando states, "Wow, sounds gritty"

Ghed claims to Brando, "Imagine a Jacarys vs Jacarys fight, utterly identical"

Ghed claims, "Both claiming with the same style of writing to be the originals"

Ikeala says, "But discussions at meetings have led to kind of a more stringent take on whether or not non-Order characters should be involving themselves in certain things."

Brando laughs in amazement

Ghed says to Ikeala, "I used to be more stringent, now I don't really care anymore"

Ikeala claims, "Alright"

hed has transferred Dalton.  [OOC]

Ghed declares to Dalton, "Hi! We're talking about STs and why they are less common these days"

Temi gives a ceramic salt canister, painted with little fish and poles to Dalton.

Dalton has arrived fashionably late.

Dalton states, "Manyy much thanks"

Dalton opens a ceramic salt canister, painted with little fish and poles.

Dalton says, "Ooo"

Ghed says, "I think STs are amazing narrative devices to paint strokes of the world that normal everyday RP cannot reach, and staff RP cannot encompass."

Ghed states, "That we don't have more is a bit sad"

Jiraiya says, "I've really enjoyed the STs I've been apart of. "

Dalton trails off, "I can only state that in my time previously... I was almost pyred in an ST... was fun overall..."

Tiberius puts an arm around the wrong PositronicJune and then switches arms.

Brando states, "ST's are indeed fun, just make sure you understand what you are getting into first."

Temi questions, "Does anyone else have thoughts of how crazy they want things in them?  Would you rather keep it to things your character might be reasonably involved in, or more separate from everything?"

Ghed trails off, "I mean. Lans participated in one, force to ally with mages against mages. So..."

Tiberius claims, "I'd be happy with anyting just about"

Brando states, "Devil and the deep blue sea ST's are welcome in my opinion."

Temi claims, "I mean, if we wanted, we could make them not actually ic."

keala trails off, "I think it's not just STs but it's also plots and kind of this ... where do we draw the line between 'this is the game and people want to have fun' and 'there are likely reasonable outcomes to certain actions given the theme'"

Ikeala says, "And that feels like kind of something we jockey around."

Ghed muses, "Why not be encouraged to check in with staff?"

Brando claims, "Those who run the ST event have a lotta leeway when deciding 'outcomes' eh"

Brando claims, "Those who run the ST event have a lotta leeway when deciding 'outcomes' eh"

Brando claims, "I think checking with staff is a great idea."

hatBard says, "I have a concern though."

Temi wonders, "Yeah?"

Ghed wonders to ThatBard, "Yep?"

ThatBard queries, "If I run an ST and everyone is welcome to join, because lets say it's a masked ball, right? If a known mage joins and then everyone else jumps ship to be 'careful', then what to do I? Cancel the ST? Tell the mage they can't come?"

PositronicJune queries, "Is that not kinda metagaming?"

PositronicJune is idle.

PositronicJune is no longer idle.
PositronicJune has returned from AFK.

Brando wonders, "How could they be known if its a 'masked ball' eh? "

Temi claims, "I think we'd encourage leaning into ignoring it's them if they don't make it obvious they are a mage, especially masked"

Ghed claims, "I mean it's up to the ST host to decide if it's appropriate for them to join"

PositronicJune states, "I think everyone joining a ST is OOCly visible. hence why I suggest that's metagaming maybe. just before my evil clone goes idle"

Dalton states, "Yea... I'd say that it seems a bit metagamey... "Oh well I can't attend this supposedly anonymous function because that known mage joined and is wearing a mask anonymously.""

Tiberius states, "Someone could always make a new char if they are afraid of problems"

Ikeala states, "I super promise not to eat all your snacks if you invite me."

ThatBard says, "Then lets make it a hunting trip in the woods. The topic of it doesn't matter. The matter is, what if people want to avoid rping with mages in Sts to be 'careful' and how it impacts the ST, yes? If the player number drops from 5 to 2 then the event dies at that point."

Dalton states, "I dunno... I've heard that mages have quite the appetite."

Dalton pontificates, "For Souls!"

Ghed queries to ThatBard, "You mean the on-grid woods?"

ThatBard states, "Don't eat my guest please. XD"

Ghed claims, "I'd just politely ask them to stay out of it I think. It's a game and an attempt for a reasonable, courteous response can be attempted."

Temi trails off, "Like Ghed said, it's up to the ST to decide if it's appropriate for them to join.  If there's a reasonable anonymity or way to get involved without being a clear 'there's a known mage here', definitely feel free to let them in.  If not... maybe lean away from it"

Dalton states, "I don't really know how to feel... I still feel mages need RP too."

Dalton trails off, "Just sayin..."

Ghed queries, "No denying it, but crashing an ST? It's like hexing an innocent bride on her wedding day for no reason but to troll"

Dalton questions, "Did that happen at some point recently?"

Dalton trails off, "I mean back in the day..."

Dalton coughs.

Brando claims, "Just to play devils advocate ... maybe mages feel the same way i.e. fearfull of playing with people who want to pyre them. i think ST's are about trying to bring players together not about what characters 'feel about so & so' etc."

ThatBard says, "I'm not even talking inside my ST. I have a sign up board and it says:

 and all of a sudden people OOCly don't want to attend anymore because of IC reasons."

PositronicJune queries, "Then that'd be metagaming, like I said, yeah?"

Ghed pontificates, "Might be best to say 'please no openly known mages or criminals!' and that's FINE"

Ghed says, "I've seen that actually I think"

Ghed states, "Or if not, 'come disguised' or something xD"

ThatBard asks, "But what if I want them to be able to attend as the Host, but the other players don't want them?"

Brando states, "And ST's can be run for criminals and or mages only eh"

Temi claims, "You could ask them to let you know privately if they want to be involved"

Ghed claims to ThatBard, "Then you gotta make a decision or talk it out unfortunately"

Ghed nods.

Ghed declaims, "We're at the top of the hour unfortunately!"

Ghed states, "Please remember to post rumors, cnote discoveries, and recommend each other for meaningful RP =)"

Temi claims, "But yeah, we can't make players sign up if they dont' want to."

ThatBard claims, "Okay."

Brando states, "Cheers"

Brando waves

PositronicJune says, "Hold your players at gunpoint and make then sign up."

Ghed trails off, "Engaging warp drive in 3..."

Dalton trails off, "Go dig up the gun..."

Dalton states, "It's somewhere on grid."

Ikeala claims, "The most American of answers."

,Tiberius waves and then shakes his can [Tiberius]

Ghed trails off, "2..."

Dalton exclaims, "Deep Lore funtimes!"

Ghed trails off, "1..."
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