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Log of OOC Meeting 2023-08-12

Posted: Fri Aug 18, 2023 5:09 pm
by Ghed
Ghed questions, "Before we begin, folks, here's a reminder of the OOC Chat Pact: Everyone on TI does
the best they can, given what they know at the time, their skills and abilities, the resources 
available, and the situation at hand. We will be respectful of this and each other at all times."

Today's Agenda is:
   - Staff Updates
   - Player Heartbeat
   - Player Topics

Is there anything anyone would like to add to the agenda to make certain we discuss it today? If you
register a topic, please pre-write it so you're ready to present it when called upon.

Finally, who wants to scribe for today?"

Jiraiya does not want to be scribe if that's ok

Ghed nods at Jiraiya.

Kalana claims, "I can if staff can post it"

Ghed says, "Sure, I can do that"

Ghed says, "Thanks"

Ghed says, "Okay, time to start this week's Staff Update."

Ghed says, "This week I did A LOT OF STUFF"

Ghed claims, "Pity there aren't more people to congratulate me on it"

Temi grins.

Ghed claims, "I wrote help deductions, and created ex nihilo a minigame for the Brotherhood to
empower and facilitate their criminal activities"

Ghed claims, "The minigame can even make Ahalin escapes easier if played right"

Ghed claims, "(also did the helpfile for it)"

Jiraiya states, "Neat"

Ghed says, "I also did a lot of player requests, recommends, the works. Some things for the Auction

Ghed says, "I'll be moving on with a staff plot, even if I've been struggling to come up with
something coherent after I scrapped the previous plot"

Ghed states, "So I might just do smaller stuff for a bit"

Ghed claims, "That's all from me"

Temi states, "People may enjoy some low-key stuff"

Temi nods.

Ghed nods.

Ghed wonders to Temi, "What about you?"

Temi claims, "I have not been terribly busy on TI, but have made some progress on requests and
recommends and typos and such."

Temi says, "I think the plots I handled were officially last week... but I think all the ones
pending on me are done now."

Lans says, "Thanks for that"
Ghed nods.

Ghed says, "Leta is busy right now, but she wrote and implemented help policy mage standards and
updated help inactivity."

Ghed claims, "She's also catching up with her older plots."

Temi states, "I think she said most of them are already done on grid, just not plot cleared up."

Ghed nods.

Ghed claims, "Eurus for his part did a lot of little fixes including undead previously paying taxes
for their necromancer PC"

Jiraiya claims, "Help deductions doesn't work btw. Only help deduction. <3"

Ghed wonders, "Alright people, let's move on to Player Heartbeat: how has the week been for y'all?"

Ghed claims to Jiraiya, "Ah thanks"

Nospeedy says, "Trying to get back around.. been pretty burnt out mostly."

Ghed muses to Nospeedy, "What's wrong?"

Kalana says, "Things have been pretty good.  Mostly quiet."

Lans says, "It's been a bit of a slow week for sure, even if plenty socials here and there"

Nospeedy claims, "Just alot of things not really completely TI. Though wish there was a Stasis
option or something sometimes"

Ghed says, "We can work something out if you give us a clear timeline"

Temi asks, "What would you want the stasis to do?"

Nospeedy states, "Oh its just a option to like.. put a character on stasis for long breaks I guess."

Temi questions, "Yes, but to what effect?"

Ghed claims, "Your character won't be killed off or liquidated without your consent unless like,
your in-character spouse requests it, if any"

Nospeedy states, "Ah, thought they get deleted after abit"

Temi says, "6 months"

Nospeedy begins to count their money.

Temi states, "Of not logging in at all."

Ghed nods.

Jiraiya questions, "And even that is for <500 hour characters i think?"

Nospeedy says, "I enjoy the game just get busy with other muds and work alot more than i'd like

Temi states, "Should be"

Temi nods at Nospeedy.

Ghed asks of Nospeedy, "Understandable, but do you see that you have little reason to be worried?"

Nospeedy claims, "Yeah, was just anxious about logging in and finding them deleted or something"

Temi claims, "They may be removed from their guild, but should be able to fix that if you chat with
the guildleaders in most cases.  We're totally understanding of people not keeping super active, 
though we don't want to have other people waiting on them endlessly"

Jiraiya states, "What happens to assets these days"

Nospeedy nods "Yeah, just went from like being active every day to like.. gone for a few weeks. So
was worried."

Ghed queries to Jiraiya, "Wym?"

Temi states, "Assets shouldn't be gone now"

Jiraiya nods at Temi.
Jiraiya says to Ghed, "You used to lose your assets if you were gone to long."

Ghed claims, "I think we handled that yep"

Jiraiya nods.

Ghed claims, "Well, it looks like the overall feeling is that the week was quiet, okay"

Ghed claims, "I'll see if I can't do anything about thata"

Kalana nods.

Nospeedy states, "Oh no"

Nospeedy claims, "Ghed gonna plague us again"

Temi says, "Have to mix it up.  It will be something unexpected.  Plague is passe now."

Nospeedy states, "Abit sad I missed that, was pretty out of it when thats was going around. IT was
pretty interested though what I saw"

Ghed claims, "People were really into it"

Jiraiya says, "I did not like being stuck in the city rofl"

Particles of light coalesce to form Leta. [OOC]
Leta waves.

Lans says to Jiraiya, "It was rough for sure"

Lans claims, "We had to coexist with y'all charalis"

Temi says to Leta, "We were just talking about it being quiet this week and Ghed spicing things up."

Leta claims to Temi, "It was really popping Wed/Thurs my hours, but quieter the last two days"

Ghed nods at Leta.

Jiraiya questions, "Holidays maybe? bladur's gate? who knows"

Leta grins at Jiraiya.

Ghed says, "I know of a few who are traveling or have summer activities"

Ghed claims, "I wouldn't downplay BG3 either, no"

Temi says, "It's also rather pleasant outside here.  I'm out on my deck now, but not everyone can do

Temi grins.

Ghed says, "I'm sure the US looks lovely at this time"

Ghed exclaims, "Eastern Europe is fairly cold!"

Temi grins.

Temi claims, "Well, everyone can't have the same weather at the same time."

Nospeedy trails off, "If I had a forest trail around my area..."

Nospeedy shakes fist at sky

Ghed says, "Heh"

Ghed wonders, "Okay we have no topics, should I send you all back to grid?"

Jiraiya states, "Sure"

Nospeedy states, "Beam me up Scotty."

Kalana claims, "I don't have anything to offer to discuss instead"

Ghed states, "That's fine, it happens"

Ghed states, "Please remember to post rumors, cnote discoveries, and recommend each other for
meaningful RP =)"

Ghed trails off, "Engaging warp drive in 3..."

Ghed trails off, "2..."

Ghed trails off, "1..."