OOC Meeting 2023-01-14

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Cal states, "Yep"

Yinadele states, "Yep, clean them up and post them on the forums."

Ghed claims to Dragor, "If you wanna be scribe, yes, just remove private tells, your prompt and
personal stuff like if you type score"

Titania says, "Edison, how could you do me like that

Titania trails off, "You burn my girl and now put the boot to her doll, too... :C :C :C"

Ghed muses to Dragor, "I'll send you the link with where to post it, is this acceptable?"

Jackassaurus looks at the Lords and Lady's of the Springs wondering where his toy is.

Dragor says, "Mmmh, if Edison doesn't wanna, I can, ya."

Deedee says OOCly, "Just FYI Eddy, you left your nospoof in the last one, might want to change it."

Edison has conflicting feels about the doll

Morningstar straightens up the clothes and hair on his little nursia doll, brushing out a small

Titania straightens up the clothes and hair on her little nursia doll, brushing out a small wrinkle.

Cal states, "I usually do a look at the beginning to take attendance but I am a weird like that and
probably a secretary of too many organizations "

Ghed muses to Edison, "Well? What shall we do? Come on come on"

Titania twirls her little nursia doll around, causing her skirt to swirl around, the flames
embroidered on her skirt dancing with the movement.

"I already started logging what more do you want D:" [Edison]

Ghed declaims to Dragor, "Okay, next time!"

Dragor says, "Well, I'll do next time then (:"

Ghed states, "Okay, time to start this week's Staff Update."

Brando trails off, "@ edison ... youre undying love bro ( sarcasm )"

Ghed states, "This week I have been doing study, but I had time to improve and deploy some progs, do
a house or two, and catch up with typos and recommendations"

Ghed says, "I'll be busy next week as well but then it will get lighter. Other than that been
discussing things with staff and doing a little policy on the side."

Ghed claims, "Please come to staff if you have concerns, like some of you have been politely and
excellently doing."

Deedee nods.

Ghed queries to Temi, "What about you?"

Temi states, "I have been working primarily on the plot - hopefully everyone has seen that by now,
the Vavardi-Charali conflict and the royal conflict going along with it."

Brando nods

Temi says, "I've put out another part to that today, so the court should expect things in that
direction soon."

Ghed exclaims, "Yeah! still time to support either royal initiative and change history"

Ikeala has lost link.
Ikeala has reconnected.

Deedee claims, "I'd like to dive more into that, soon"

Ghed nods.

Yinadele claims, "Can I direct a tiny question at Temi on this topic? Best done at the OOC meeting,
I feel."

Dragor asks, "Hey what about the people who might want to support the Charali?"

Temi states, "But please feel free to get involved and let me know if there's ways you want to get

Temi states, "Sure"

monolu starts writing a note. (This is an OOC action)

Jackassaurus rides Ikeala into battle.

Deedee states, "You could try to sabotage efforts via plot"

Ghed says to Jackassaurus, "Lewd"

Temi says to Dragor, "You can get involved in things via plot, yep"

Yinadele wonders, "I know some people have wanted to scene directly with the King in the upper
echelons to discuss some parts of it and be properly working on his behalf, and I'd want to keep
that small and tight without overtaxing you. What's a good player limit? 3-4?"

Brando nods at deedee

Yinadele claims, "If it were to be requested at some point."

Jackassaurus questions, "It's not lewd when Mario rides yoshi though?"

Ghed states, "It always was"

Yinadele says, "I know directly scening with major NPCs is hard, but I want to make it easier or if
just a back and forth with plots is better."

Jackassaurus snickers

Temi states, "I do have a need to sync up with Ghed on some of that to set planning on it. No
specific limits on people but just depends on the character of the scene. A few is good"

Yinadele pontificates, "Okay! ty Temi, I appreciate it a lot. Please keep it up, and don't get
burned out!"

Ghed nods.

Ghed states, "No problem"

Ghed declares, "Temi's been working hard!"

Ghed asks of Leta, "What about you?"

Temi says, "I know how to take a break when I need to to not burn out."

Temi grins.

monolu finishes her note.

Leta pontificates, "Oh!"

Leta says, "Sorry"

Leta states, "Missed that it was my turn"

Leta grins.

Deedee splashes water on Leta.

Ghed exclaims, "All good!"

Brando hands leta a plush towel.

Leta claims, "I handled the usual requests, recommends and builds alongside Ghed and Temi. I'm
working with Eurus on a few code things needed for me to make new recipes for you, but I'm going to
do some of them tonight! I'll keep everyone updated. We've also been talking about
how to make the
magic elements more distinct in parallel to Eurus's fire rework. I'm writing some of that and have
reached out to current mages for help."

Leta trails off, "I updated a few chargen rooms to account for the help skills overview and help
policy overview I made last year. I also updated a few helpfiles but I forget which ones! I'll
think about it..."

Leta states, "Our friend Harold, the Holly Jolly Holiday Hawker, is now on grid. He has Yule trees,
Yule decorations, and a few fun little holiday/winter themed ingredients for the crafters to enjoy

Leta says, "I'm also trying to wrap up the Inventor's Faire loose ends. Thank you all for your
patience with it."

Leta states to Ghed, "That's everything."

Brando nods at let

Ghed nods at Leta.

Ghed claims, "Thanks for all the hard work"

Ghed states, "The helpfiles are grateful"

Brando nods at leta ( fixed )

Dragor claims, "Great work all around tbh."

Ghed asks of Eurus, "And what about you, mate?"

Deedee says, "Oh, full house today."

Dragor states, "Well, SOMEONE was yelling at me to absolutely come in today."

Titania says, "Hi that was me"

Lans states, "I was not yellin-- bah"

Eurus states, "Same as usual, primarily working on fire rework with some covert stuff on my near
future list as well. bugs, and some small feature stuff which Leta mentioned"

Ghed exclaims, "We've also began deploying the Lothos Revolt rewards! (a plot from August) Thanks
for your patience, Eurus coded an entirely new thingy for us"

Deedee claims, "Ooo."

Ruby claims, "That sounds cool"

Brando raises his voice "This is not yelling." ... then yells "THIS IS YELLING!"
Ghed muses to Eurus, "Anything else?"

Eurus states, "Nope, thats mostly it"

Ghed asks, "Alright people, let's move on to Player Heartbeat: how has the week been for y'all?"

Cal can't wait for the Salad Shooter he was promised for the plot

Errisar says, "This week has been emotionally draining IC. A series of things happened that led me
to make a very hard call on one of my characters, which I'm unhappy about OOC, but which was what I
felt was the most logical thing to do with the information at hand. I get very into playing my
characters, so this has been emotionally exhausting for so many reasons."

Brando nods

Edison says, "I went and made myself sad ;';"

Ghed nods.

Pookstall states, "I haven't been super around, but what I've had has been good"

DARKSIDE states, "I've been plotting. Here, there, everywhere."

Ghed nods at Pookstall.

Titania exclaims, "I have had a hard week on an OOC level-- Rumea burning was really, really sad
because of how much of myself I put into my characters, and I've had a bunch of stuff crop up OOC
right after (I may have the Rona, wooooo!)"

Deedee states, "Been an interesting week for sure"

Inkblot says, "Intense but fun. Grateful to have great RP partners"

plague states, "I dearly miss Rumea but I've had a lot of fun with the RP following the aftermath of
her pyring. It's changed a lot for a lot of PCs and I am optimistic for how things will develop in
the long run"

Ruby states, "I've been very busy OOCly so I haven't been around but I'm hoping to start playing
again. I can't wait to hang out with my best buddy Rumea."

Ghed says to Titania, "Oh no I'm sorry about the latter"

Ruaeha states, "This week has been fun! Lots of good scenes =) Some conflict RP, was good though all

Neo claims, "It's been both sad and incredibly alive. I can say this is both at once one of the
craziest weeks in a while, and I mean that for good and ill"

Ghed states, "Seems Rumea's departure triggered a frenzy of RP"

Ghed claims, "Our activity went UP I think this week"

Dragor states, "This week has been kind of hard on me, but that's the nature of the game. I actually
learned a lot about the tone and universe and have been motivated to do some things that aren't the
wisest. Overall, it has been very intense. But damn, I have been missing Rumea a lot. It has become
a little less cozy, so to say? But it's all just how the game goes."

Titania claims, "To Ghed But not the former??? Wow. Wow, wow, wow."

Cal says, "I have already aired my grievances to Ghed."

Ghed says to Titania, "Lol"

Temi states, "That's just staff not giving views on RP stuff."

Temi grins.

Brando claims, "I took a month off playing mostly for mental health and burn out reasons ..i
returned this week to find both my characters nearly totally inactive and i apoligize for that ... i
havedecided to rescue one and liquidate the other. i shall be returningto a regular game play
schedule from here on out. "

Temi claims, "But we are firmly against OOC diseases."

Dragor says, "Also I did a small oopsie and still feel guilty about that."

Morningstar states, "I remember a few weeks ago when I asked why my little guy hadn't been
emotionally traumatized yet... yeah, uh, that's now irrelevant. In a TOTALLY UNRELATED I SWEAR GUYS
note: Got the most RP this week than ever in my time since first joining in November so that's been

Ruby twirls her little nursia doll around, causing her skirt to swirl around, the flames embroidered
on her skirt dancing with the movement.

DARKSIDE says, "We missed you, Brando."

Titania straightens up the clothes and hair on her little nursia doll, brushing out a small wrinkle.
Ghed nods at Brando.

plague says, "Hey Brando dw, ttake care of yourself"

Neo claims,
"I am glad to see that rp and activity went up. I know I've had a busy week myself ic,
so it's been a lot"

Ghed claims to Brando, "It's good to figure out one's own limits"

plague straightens up the clothes and hair on his little nursia doll, brushing out a small wrinkle.

plague twirls his little nursia doll around, causing her skirt to swirl around, the flames
embroidered on her skirt dancing with the movement.

Titania twirls her little nursia doll around, causing her skirt to swirl around, the flames
embroidered on her skirt dancing with the movement.

Dragor claims, "I'd really like to thank the staff for showing patience to my errors, btw."

Brando nods at ghed

Sue claims, "Punch good"

Sue says, "Me punch"

Edison finishes abruptly, "Trust me - I've said much worse things in the heat of the moment - we've
all been there or been close :O"

Bimbly states, "Work has picked up for me, but I've figured out how to get a little MUDing in at
work, with some trial and error. I'm happy to see new faces (or old ones coming back, they're all
new to me!), and I've tried to be extra-Bimblish in the face of the emotional turmoil accompanying a
pyring, to add a little slapstick levity where I can. It's been good, in a bittersweet way."

Ghed nods at Dragor.

Ghed nods at Bimbly.

Ghed queries, "Alright, is there anything bothering anyone about TI that can be shared here and

Jackassaurus muses, "Tell ghed can I spend 200 qp to unleash a demon after this?"

Jackassaurus trails off, "Oh... "

Titania says, "Oh,"

Morningstar trails off, "Oh..."

Deedee states, "Oh."

Dragor says, "Oh."

Brando nods smirks at jackassaurus

Nameless claims, "If you break a Seal I'm gonna be mad."

Neo claims, "Uhhhh, I'm of the opinion that Dual Wielding could maybe use a bit of a rework. I think
I mentioned it to Ghed once before but as it currently stands I don't think it's ever something you
would really want to use due to opportunity cost."

Nameless states, "Mad-er*"

Ikeala says, "I mean you can send me the 200 QP and I'm sure it can be figured out."

Neo states, "But that's about it really."

You tell Ghed, "300 to release 2 demons, and that's as high as I'll go"

Titania states, "Ahem. Neo has a very good point-- The only real use for dual wielding is punching
people, as it currently is."

Ghed tells you, "Deal"

Cal claims, "Recommend jackassaurus Just give him all the QP. We need this"

Ruby states, "Tell ghed can I spend 200 QP to put a hit on Jackassaurus"

Jackassaurus states, "Teamwork."

Sue claims, "Tell ghed can I spend 200 qp to get more Reeves (we have been defunded)"

Inkblot says, "Just remember to keep things IC. Mean characters =/= mean players"

Yinadele says, "I've been keeping up with things! I've got more plot things to interact with, and
I'd like to let out a BIG thanks to everyone who's helped out and lended a hand- Especially the

Ghed nods.

Deedee claims, "The dual-wield thing could
be more of a topic I think"

Ghed says, "Yeah"

Ghed states, "Speaking of which"

Neo claims, "Sure, sure"

Ghed states, "Alright, time to move on to Player Topics."

Ghed exclaims, "I have no topics registered!"

Ghed bluescreens

Cal claims, "I have one"

plague states, "+1 to dual wielding kinda sucking"

Ghed questions to Cal, "Yep?"

Cal claims, "Give me a hot second to type"

Ghed says, "No worries"

Eurus claims, "All i have is lukewarm seconds"

Deedee muses, "Shall we discuss dual meanwhile?"

Dragor states, "Sorry, I only got cold ones."

Ghed says, "Anyone else who wants to say a topic, pls pre-wrote"

Ghed says, "Pre-write"

Bimbly says, "Oh. I had a thing to whine- I mean, complain about, gently."

Bimbly states, "It isn't really a discussion topic, though."

Brando trails off, "Dual wielding as it stands is fine with me... it makes full sense"

Titania claims, "I also just want to say that if I pop away for a bit, it's just me taking a break.
I really, really adored playing Rumea. She was one of my favorite characters to play in the last
several years of RP I've had, and though I've been trying to push on strong with my next character,
I might just decide to step away for a bit and recenter myself following her death so I can be sure
I'm coming at her with a fresh light."

Edison says, "Dual wield is kinda undertuned in it's current state, but it could use an improvement
Ghed states to Bimbly, "Tell me in a tell if you wanna, or we save it for a mini topic later =)"

Temi has transferred Pauline. [OOC]

Temi gives a cyan-clad, nursia doll with a flame-embroidered skirt hem to Pauline.

Titania states, "I might do it, I might not, it depends on how it goes."

DARKSIDE declaims, "Yeah. I feel you Titania. Hugs!"

Bimbly declaims, "We can save it 'till the end!
Pauline sits down.

Deedee declaims, "Understandable, Titania!"

Ghed states to Titania, "That's alright, take care of yourself always"

Deedee says, "One issue I've had with dual"

Edison finishes abruptly, "Ideally - I'd like to see dual wield randomly cause you to get a second
attack, at a much lower hit rate, but I'm just going to assume that's complicated "

Brando nods at titania

Cal claims, "I don't know how to fix it but I feel like one this week has surfaced the need to know
more about whose peoples Alts are. On one hand.... I don't care. On the other hand if I am trying to
lean on someone and that someone can't participate because of crossover it's annoying to just be
blown off. I know some people don't want to disclose, I get it, but damn if some of your Alts don't
look lazy."

Deedee says, "You can't second a weapon if you don't have a primary one equipped"

Edison stops using a damascus steel bastard sword with an incise floral motive.

Edison states, "Apparently you can"

Edison says, "D:"

Edison stops using a double-edged dagger sporting a dyed, leather-wrapped grip.

Edison wields a double-edged dagger sporting a dyed, leather-wrapped grip in his off-hand.

Ghed claims, "Folks let's focus on Oskar please"

Titania states, "HEY WHAT THE frak"

Edison says, ":P"

DARKSIDE rubs eyes.

Deedee questions, "Which?"

Ghed says to Cal, "It's a bummer sometimes when you get told no 'bc of my alt'"

Ghed states to Cal, "Undoubtedly there are better and worse ways to handle it"

Cal claims, "Not even that. That I get"

Deedee muses, "Whose? Cal's?"

Temi states, "Yes, Cal, sorry."

Cal states, "I can't cause of crossover, is all I personally need "

Ghed claims, "That's what I've more often seen myslef"

Brando nods at cal

Ghed states, "A polite 'yeah nope sorry'"

plague queries, "So the issue is you never received notification in that way about some IC?"

Temi says, "There should be ability to engage on a lighter topic, and you shouldn't need to
completely avoid someone because of your alt, but it's more the getting deeply involved stuff"

plague claims, "Just clarifying, I don't want to misunderstand"

Bimbly claims, "Alts. Okay. I hope it isn't happening too often. I learned pretty quickly that I
can't really keep up with more than one character. I've run into it on occasion myself, though, and
I agree that it'd be much more frustrating to be blown off than told about it."

Deedee nods at Bimbly.

Ghed says, "You don't wanna be told 'I gotta bail' right when you've gathered with some player to
kill their own lat"

Ghed says, "Alt"

Bimbly questions, "Plague, I think his complaint is that people aren't communicating that crossover
is why they're blowing him off, which I think is fair?"

Brando nods at temi ... butit is best to keep them seperated like the offspring bands song
..comeoutand play

plague states, "Yeah, that's what I thought and why I was asking"

Cal claims, "Exactly. More like just being ghosted. I don't know for sure it is crossover but like a
simple "I'll do anything for love but I won't do that" would make me a little less cranky"

Ghed pontificates to Cal, "That's fair!"

Ghed claims, "Being elegant about stepping aside is always good and appreciated by all"

Deedee states, "Ah a note- you can make a request to staff to allow crossover in some cases."

Ghed claims, "Yes but please don't expect a yes, 99 out of 100 times we'll say 'sorry but no'"

Deedee nods.

Bimbly wonders, "The more minor it is, the more likely it'll pass, yes?"

Deedee states, "Right, or if there's just no way around it."

Ghed states, "Depends, but I'd rather not get into it right now"

Deedee nods.

Cal claims, "Years and years ago I had an underling assigned to interview their alt. That was
embarrassing for everyone"

Brando nods

Bimbly declares, "Okay! Fair!"

Ghed states to Cal, "Ouch"

Ghed muses to Cal, "Do you think your concern was sufficiently communicated? We can slap a small
clarification to the helpfile"

plague claims, "This is why I can't alt, I'll inevitably cross wires somewhere and shortcircuit"

Brando nods at plague

Deedee claims, "I've given up on alting. Don't have as much time as I'd like for a single character,
much less dividing it"

Bimbly says, "I think a fair and equitable answer to this is just to remember to send a tell when
you're brushing up against crossover issues."

Cal says, "So say you need a meatloaf and We's good, I won't ask any more questions, but don't ghost
each other."

Brando nods at bimbly

Ghed nods at Cal.

Ghed states, "Ghosting is bad"

Ghed questions to Bimbly, "Okay, you wanted to add something, B-man?"

Bimbly claims, "Yes! Just a moment, I accidentally deleted it from my notepad."

Cal claims, "For more dates pop culture references see my show at 10. I yield the floor"

Ghed states to Bimbly, "Ohh nooo"

Ghed has transferred Violet. [OOC]

Violet waves.

Temi gives a cyan-clad, nursia doll with a flame-embroidered skirt hem to Violet.

Yvette dul Florian tells you, "I can't believe you're carrying her dagger :p"

You reply to Yvette dul Florian, "He's carrying part of her with him now ;-;"

Bimbly queries, "The thing I wanted to mention is: Recommends! I want to apologize to those gathered
for completely forgetting to recommend anyone for the past couple of weeks. It isn't malice on my
part! I just get absorbed in the scene, immersed in it, and I forget about it.

My 'complaint' is this: Can we have a toggle-able reminder to recommend that pops up when your RPXP
drops to zero from a tier above Low, which is generally any point a scene ends? Would this be
helpful to anyone besides me?"

Ghed hmmmmmmmmmmmmms

Ghed queries, "I don't dislike it, at first sight?"

plague states, "I would love recommend reminders, personally"

Titania declaims, "As would I!"

Ghed peers at Temi and Leta and Eurus

Brando nods at bimbly

Ruby claims, "That would be helpful"

plague says, "Make it optional, probably"

Violet wonders, "That might be kinda spammy but as long as it toggles?"

Titania claims, "I forget about recommends so often and they're so important"

Ghed nods at plague.

Brando say Yes!

Neo states, "I also tend to forget sometimes,
which is not an indicator on the quality of anyone I
rp with
Morningstar states, "I've only JUST started recommending people, a bit overdue too."

Deedee states, "How about just um"

Edison says, "I forget and I feel bad, ghed help :("

Deedee claims, "Adding it to the whatchamacallit"

plague claims, "For me it's just, I forget and then I have 10 people to recommend and I start
screaming internally"

Bimbly claims, "The reminder needs to be phrased in such a way that it isn't pressuring players,
especially new players, and I specified above Low because that way it won't spam you when you just
cross paths with someone while traveling."

Deedee states, "Auto-something."

Ruaeha also forgets to recommend sometimes and feels bad.
Ghed says to Edison, "Do it after ooc chat, every saturday"

Ghed claims to Edison, "It's a great habit-reminder"

Leta claims, "It helps some people to keep a list of people you want to recommend in a cnote or your

Deedee nods at Leta.

Errisar claims, "Yep, I'd love a reminder for that. I've stopped recommending as much, both to not
overwhelm staff with the volume I used to do it, and because I was feeling entirely like I was one
of the only people doing them and it felt discouraging."

DARKSIDE states, "I keep a notepad file separate from my MUD client with a tab for recommends I need
to write."

Bimbly declares, "And, yes, the toggle is vital. I am a new-ish player and haven't formed those
healthy habits yet - but I think a gentle reminder when scenes conclude will help me and other new-
ish players form them organically!"

Neo says, "I've tried to remember to recommend more lately"

Neo claims, "Because I am also new"

Leta declaims, "Remember there is now a recommend category for being OOCly helpful!"

Ghed nods.

Bimbly claims, "If it's just a me thing, I can work on it on my own, but I figured other people
might struggle the same way I do."

Deedee states, "I generally wait until a thread of RP has come to completion before recommending"

Leta says, "So if someone is walking you through commands or helping you understand a tricky system,
you can recommend them for that."

Deedee says, "Since I've found they can influence the RP"

Lans claims, "I've recommended people right after a combat encounter"

Ghed nods at Leta.

Ghed states, "I like the toggle idea, I'll chew on it"

Ghed declaims, "I might gulp on it even!"

Temi grins.

Errisar grins.

Bimbly says, "If that's tricky for the coder folks to implement than it's worth, that's okay! Just
figured I'd put the idea out there and see if anybody bites."
Bimbly appears to be champion at fishing.

plague claims, "You little scamp."

Sue states, "Punch"

Sue states, "Punch"

Sue states, "Punch"

Neo claims, "The messiah of fishing"

Bimbly claims, "Thank you for considering the idea, i think that satisfies my topic duly."

Anonymous says, "Did someone say punch"

Morningstar seeks to viciously maul Bimbly.

Leta asks, "Do we have any other topics?"

Neo states, "I have mine on dual wielding. More in depth thoughts"

Leta nods at Neo.

Neo states, "Well. Not to harp on the point too much but I think one suggestion I talked about with
Bimbly once was instead of having dual wielding do what it does currently, because right now it is a
debuff to mainhand and offhand weapons, for not much value at all. You're pretty much always better
single handing a weapon. Bimbly's suggestion was maybe weapons in the offhand should either provide
a boost to certain defensives, or a bonus when attacking against certain defensives.

Like say- having a mace in your offhand makes you better at fighting against people who parry, or a
dagger in offhand makes you better against people who use footwork. So that way it's less 'I am
actively using two weapons' and more - this weapon I have in my offhand affects how I fight with my
main hand. I'm not sure what downside it should have, but that could be worked out."

Ghed questions, "Isn't dual meant to help when your main is at a bad range?"

Temi nods.

Brando nods at ghed

Anonymous states, "The big current benefit to dual wielding is that you can cover another optimal

Temi says, "It's definitely designed to be good for having differing ranges."

Ghed nods at Anonymous.

Bimbly claims, "It is, but it is very rare for that to be the case, in practicality."

Titania says, "The problem with that is it doesn't help enough for how much damage it takes from

Deedee states, "Dual can also help to get around defenses"

Lans says to Bimbly, "I've used it and won fights with it a few times"

Titania says, "Most people fight at optimal ranges anyways, because almost nobody uses polearms, and
if you use dual it hurts your damage output a lot"

Anonymous claims, "I can guarantee you that facing multiple ranges and defense types is common when
you have a group trying to slap you"

Lans says, "I found it crucial when someone charges me with a bad range and I can't catch up"

Jackassaurus claims, "Remi Lebou"

Brando says, "Main whip, off hand dagger is quite a good combo IMO"

Violet says, "Yeah"

Neo claims, "To clarify- this would remove attacking with your off hand and basically be a modifier
to how you fight with your mainhand. "And yes, but I just generally don't think
it's worth it. It
lowers the damage of the main and offhand, and I think that you don't really see anyone dual
wielding anything but fists is kind of the evidence of the fact it's not very good."

Lans nods at Brando.

Jackassaurus says, "Was a dual wielder"

plague claims, "I can't know the numbers but I feel like trading one negative for another is a tough
sell at face value"

Violet states, "I feel like sub-optimal ranges are really common when it's not a fun little spar"

Violet claims, "But uncommon for anything casual"

Deedee says, "Hm"

Errisar wonders, "Can you punch people with an offhand without a weapon in it?"

Ghed says, "Most deadly battles are at suboptimal ranges, armor, MV"

Deedee says, "You can."

Violet questions, "At least that's been my experience. But also if we're fixing combat can we make
charge suck less?"

Ghed nods at Errisar.

Ghed states, "Some people off with unarmed for that reason"

Bimbly says to Lans, "For sure! I'm not saying it's useless! However, the most common use case is
high-reach weapons like polearms using unarmed when they get an opponent insistent on staying in
their face. Other mixups are generally pointless, and having there be a valid reason to use, say, a
sword and dagger - rapier and main gauche, per se - would be thematically fitting. As it stands,
it's almost pointless."

Ghed nods.

Ghed states, "Yep, from my combat experience, dual is a tool and not a boost"

Brando nods at violet "cant charge and attack in same round, and that sux" :(

Deedee nods.

Ghed nods at Ikeala.

Bimbly claims, "The offhand damage penalty is withering, so it's only worth using when your main
hand is at such a severe disadvantage that it'd be worse than that penalty - which is rare."

plague asks, "Oh god, using charge takes up a whole round?"

Violet states, "Also I have never had a charge not be interrupted or whatever that echo is"
Ghed nods at Brando.

Bimbly claims, "It does, yes."

Dragor is idle.

Violet claims, "ITS NOT GREAT"

Ghed says to Bimbly, "It's not rare in deadly fights"

Jackassaurus says, "Get dextrr"

Neo claims, "I will be kind of transparent and say that it is very sad that rapier and main gauche
is just kind of bad. And I just felt like there had to be an answer to make things like dual
wielding more attractive as an option."

Ghed states, "That's what I'm trying to convey"

Violet says, "Sorry I'll get back to main point"

Deedee queries, "What do you think of a rebalance? Make the penalty lower on the main, and higher on
the off?"

Ikeala states, "I think part of that is there is only one 'sword' there aren't swords and sub-sword

plague says, "That's terrible, in real combat you're constantly capable of moving and striking. No
wonder you guys are like 'yeah dual wielding is worth' if it earns you a round or two to eat the

Titania claims, "A greatsword and a rapier are mechanically identical and that's funny"

Ghed nods.

Ghed states, "Yeah, and main gauches are typically daggers retooled"

Anonymous claims, "I still want swords to not be a guildskill"

Dragor is no longer idle.
Dragor has returned from AFK.

Anonymous is opinionated.

plague says, "I once learned that crossbows and bows were identical mechanically and it made me so

Ghed claims to Neo, "So like, I get what you mean, and what you're aiming at"

Ghed says, "Not sure dual is, currently, what you were hoping when trying it"

Bimbly states to Ghed, "I defer to greater wisdom on that matter, for sure. I just struggle to find
a situation where an informed player would choose to use, say, an axe and a mace together. Granted,
historically, dual-wielding isn't really. Very well-supported in general? Which made me think that
off-hand weapons as defensive implements would make more sense."

Ghed claims, "It's a patch to remedy a bad situation, not anything particularly advantageous or even

Ghed claims to Bimbly, "Generally dual wielding would be a bad idea IRL"

Ghed says, "Unless it's TWO FISTS OF FURY"

Titania says, "BRING OUT THE BIG GUNS"

Jackassaurus claims, "An axe and mace dual wield would work"

Deedee claims, "Depends on what you're going for."

Jackassaurus states, "But it depends on what the opponent can guess to defend against "

Bimbly claims, "I agree! Off-handing a dagger with a sword might, say, provide a small Parry
benefit, though, or other situations that are reasonable. Not every combo needs to do anything, but
some might add to the combat system in a thematic and intuitive way.

Also, shield bashing, please? Tangent there, but related."

Errisar says, "Honestly, I'd rather see dual weapon using drop your damage but help your defense.
Historically, a second weapon would be primarily used for defensive maneuvers, see Neoplitan
swordsmanship and the Dardi School for examples."

Neo says, "I understand it's a real difficult question. Because yeah, obviously having two weapons
is hard to balance versus one weapon. But yeah it having room to be someone's fighting style as
opposed to a niche option you would select against one person would be nice."

Dragor claims, "I'm doing HEMA and there is some fencing styles that do use an off-handed weapon,
but they are specialized deeply."

Brando nods at errisar "counterattacks!"

Dragor states, "And they're not used for attacks at all, really."

Errisar claims, "Yes,
agreed with Dragor, and that's what I was trying to say, but less precisely.

Deedee states, "I'll repeat, but I think it could harm the main weapon less and off-weapon more. It
would help to offset the advantage unarmed has."

Bimbly claims, "Hear, hear. It'd rarely be better than using a shield, but better than just one
weapon in one hand, in most cases, I expect."

Dragor says, "Welllllllll.."

Dragor states, "I disagree, but only because I'm a main practitioner of German Fencing ;)"

Bimbly claims, "Swordsmanship exempted, Dragor."

Brando states, "Musashi a ronin samuria wielded two katana'swhen facing multiple oppponents and he
basically championed and created that style."

Bimbly says, "And, yes, that is the disparity of it - and why unarmed is ideal, as it has no
opportunity cost."

Ghed states to Neo, "For now we will pass on this. We don't think it's a big issue, we have very
pressing priorities elsewhere, and changing a single element of combat means we have to take a look
at everything, and that's not even including magical combat"

Errisar claims, "Yep, again agreed with Dragor here."

Deedee nods at Bimbly.

Neo says, "Understood."

Jackassaurus claims, "Things change in real combat"

Jackassaurus claims, "Long"

Dragor exclaims, "Having a free hand is actually very beneficial in dueling someone!"

Leta claims, "It would take some very big rebalancing overall. We do know combat might need an
overhaul someday"

Ghed says, "You need a free hand to cast somatic components"

Ghed sagenods

Deedee states, "Any changes to the combat system is gonna be a lot of work. It needs balancing, but
it's hard to see how it would play out"

Dragor says, "When do we get code to grapple and bodyslam people tbh."

Errisar grins at Ghed.

Leta states, "But when there's so much to fix (some systems which are totallly broken), it isn't at
the top of the list"

Deedee claims, "We've got that"

Leta nods at Deedee.

Temi states, "Whatever else can be said about combat, it is at least pretty balanced, if not

Brando muses, "The question becomes of how much should combat be RP and how much should be coded
driven commands and hidden DM'ing dice rolls eh?"

Bimbly queries, "We do?"

Ghed nods at Leta.

Ghed says to Deedee, "We have no grapple in combat"

Nameless trails off, "Magical combat...."

Bimbly trails off, "I was gonna say..."

Bimbly claims, "I just reflavor unarmed attacks for that."

Dragor claims, "In any case, dualwielding should be a defensive skill in my opinion, giving a bonus
to parry."

Errisar states, "Dragor, now you're gonna be having me describe my unarmed like kampfringen. :P"

Deedee claims, "Unarmed can be RP'd as grappling, I don't think it needs its own skill or anything."

Brando nods at deedee

Ghed claims, "I'd rather people not powergame that the opponent is grappled just because they got
clocked in unarmed"

Ghed says, "Unless it's a mutually agreed wrestling fight"

Dragor says, "Look, I'm 6'5" IRL, I've got bodymass to use."

Bimbly states, "Oh, I just do clinches and throws with it."

Ghed claims, "Btw I've an anon topic"

Anonymous says, "If i do a grapple move, i include the grapple and impact and release of it in the
same action so it makes sense that they can still move around afterwards unimpeded"

Bimbly says, "Yeah, that."

Deedee states, "You gotta use open emotes either way."

Errisar looks curiously to Ghed.

Bimbly claims, "I think this topic's wrapped up nicely at this point anyway, yeah."

Deedee nods.

Titania rests.

Ghed claims, "A small reminder not to smallworld. Smallworlding is using OOC deduction due to pbase
size about who did what when you don't have IC clues to take you to that conclusion. Please don't
assume that X or Y person is and can only be the culprit just because they have a single matching
characteristic or they were online at the time"

Ruby is idle.

Ghed states, "It's really easy to fall into that pattern, and not only it's against our rules, but
half the time you will be totally wrong"

Brando nods at ghed

Deedee nods at Ghed.

Errisar nods at Ghed.

Jackassaurus nods.

Ghed states, "We have seen people act on the most batshit of deductions, totally off the mark, just
because they clung to whoever was online or etc"

Bimbly declares, "Hear, hear!"

Ghed claims, "This also
brings me to the following"

Brando says, "Its a game ok.. if one is going to that unacceptable level its smacks of desperateness

Titania pontificates, "Oh boy!"

Ghed is typing

Neo is dying.

Titania says, "Oh no"

Clackity clackity [Deedee]

DARKSIDE says, "Yeah, like, the 3000 people with a brown cloak stuff"

DARKSIDE nods hearty agreement.

Ghed states, "Inquisitors and other orderites doing their jobs as per helpfiles (enforcing morality,
conducting reviews, punishing or pyring people, distributing charity, counseling, giving free
education) is not something exceptional in the least. Please do not single out an Order member just
for doing their basic duties, even if within our pbase they are exposed by contrast (because there
are few orderites). Assume there are hundreds of Reeves, Inquisitors, and Knights working behind the
scenes every day."

Deedee nods.

Brando nods at ghed

Ruaeha nods.

Sue states, "I am the only reeve what do you mean"

Sue claims, "The singular reeve"

Titania says, "Heyhey. I'd like to say, as an aside, that every single Orderite who I interacted
with during my arrest was a very polite, kind and accomodating player on an OOC level."

Deedee states, "That's been a bit of a pet peeve of mine. For Physicians as well, people ignore

Dragor says, "She does ALL the arrests."

Ghed claims, "Arresting 1 or 2 people is not something exceptional either"

Ghed nods at Titania.

Ghed states, "Arresting an entire guild would be exceptional"

Sue claims, "I am arresting the entire city"

plague muses, "To clarify you don't mean 'singling out' as in 'this person peed on my dog', you mean
singling out as in 'man what a meanie he's been arresting several people'?"

Ghed claims, "Arresting a GL or many nobles would be"

Edison is unexceptional .-.

Sue claims, "I am arresting edison"

Nameless states, "I'm arresting edison too."

Ghed states to plague, "Yeah. If we have a single Reeve they are effectively doing 100 per cent of
all reeve work"

Titania states, "They did their level best to work with me and make sure I wasn't just thrown around
and arm-wrung, and it was a really impactful and characterful moment for everyone involved, I feel."

Brando nods "i have been there. i ignored that fact and pressed on in the hope and faith that the
pbase and mods are reasonable people who are not out to punish me as a plaey ok."

Morningstar is idle.

Morningstar is no longer idle.
Morningstar has returned from AFK.

Ghed claims, "A lawful type that is more active and competent should not be exceptional or
considered mean or particularly unique"
Deedee nods in agreement.

plague states, "So the concern isn't personal actions, it's wording folks as though they exclusively
represent 3,000 NPCs

Ghed says, "No more like"

plague muses, "Or are extremely exceptional for doing their job?"

Nameless claims, "I prefer the term 'a socially conforming' type."

Ghed says, "Suppose a reeve arrests 3 people, then he gets murdered for 'crossing the line' or
'abusing his power'"

DARKSIDE claims, "All love to our law/order people. All love to our baddies. Y'all keep the MUD

Errisar nods at Ghed.

Brando nods at darkside

Sue states, "The law and order chime plays"

Sue claims, "Law and order: special lithmore unit"

Pauline says, "Lol"

Brando lols

Ghed claims, "Playing a competent lawful type who actually goes and fights PCs is something rather
important to our game"

Ghed says, "Anyways, that's all, y'all free to go and murder each other"

Ghed says, "Please remember to post rumors, cnote discoveries, and recommend each other for
meaningful RP =)"

Titania says, "Stab my ashes i can take it"

Ghed muses to Titania, "But can I?"

Ikeala says, "I admit that left me more confused than less."

plague states, "I admit that I still don't exactly understand"

Brando says, "3 2 1 'waves' pooft."

Ghed states, "Okay, I'll post a note tomorrow"

Deedee nods.

Dragor claims, "I'm confused."

Titania twirls her little nursia doll around, causing her skirt to swirl around, the flames
embroidered on her skirt dancing with the movement.

Morningstar holds up the offering of this week's doodle once again

Deedee says, "I think it's related to rumors and such."

Pauline stands up.

Jackassaurus questions, "Maybe recommends too?"

Dragor muses, "Is this like... OOC action or IC action...?"

Bimbly says, "I think what Ghed is trying to convey is that simply doing their job isn't necessarily
a valid reason, on its own, for retaliation; personal involvement is expected.

At least that's how I read it."

Ghed queries, "What are you talking about?"

Ghed nods
at Bimbly.

Jackassaurus claims, "Ah okay"

Edison O.O

Bimbly states, "Don't beat up the cop for arresting someone; beat up the cop for arresting your
brother, as a crude example."

Nameless says, "Someone getting PK'd whom was favored is reason enough for retaliation in my mind,
regardless of it was 'lawful' to do it."

Dragor queries, "Ah, so, if that Reeve would've arrested my friend and comrade, I would be valid to
smash their head in?"

Ghed nods at Nameless.

Neo says, "I feel like the lines on that get a little messy, because like- the line on what is and
isn't personal for your character is kind of murky"

Morningstar holds off on the offering of this week's doodle until discussions are up

Ghed muses to Nameless, "Would you go kill a cop IRL for arresting your drunk brother?"

Titania declares, "I've been really touched at how much has happened after Rumea's pyring, and it
made me feel like I was very impactful to the game despite her being my first character, but I doooo
want things to be good for Reeve/Order players because they're very, very important!"

Nameless says, "Thats an apples and oranges situation, Ghed."

Titania says, "Maybe not arresting, probably for burning alive"

Edison asks, "Would a person who's drunk brother was arrested have more reason to kill a cop?"

Ghed states to Nameless, "Maybe not the best example"

Bimbly says, "Well, Ghed. Apples and oranges, but, also, that does happen."

Edison says, "Don't mind me, I've eaten too many french fries"

Morningstar stares at Edison

plague says, "I think someone's impersonal IC intersecting my personal IC would in fact make the IC
personal for my character, generally"

Bimbly asks, "I think the point here is that avenging a complete stranger, or acting on reputation
alone, is frowned upon?"

Brando less random reasons ... more IC based reasons ok please.

Ghed states, "The bottom line is that a lawful type doing their job is not exceptional or
particularly cruel of them. Like Bimbly said."

Ghed nods at Bimbly.

Ikeala trails off, "In real life people tried to get their neighbours killed because their cow died
and thus the old lady they argued with this morning had to be a witch. So ... "

Cal asks, "Ghed maybe?"

Deedee claims, "I have some thoughts on the topic, but I think it's too fresh to dicuss presently"

Leta says, "There haven't been many PC lawful types. Because of that, there haven't been many PC
lawful actions. There should be NPC lawful types working at all times in the background, however.
Pyres, brands, whippings, arrests, drawing and quarters. It is unreasonable to assume that a few PC
arrests is a large abuse of power or 'a slaughter'"

Ghed says, "We have had slaughters of 1-2 PCs murdered each week for months, trust us"

Nameless claims, "I'm also of the opinion that if the Order/Reeves can go after and PK
heretics/mages/criminals solely because of what they are, then those heretics/mages/criminals should
be able to go after Order/Reeves solely for what they are."

Brando says, "Get your IC facts straight first ... then RP distort them as you please eh."

Neo claims, "I'm kind of a little confused on the topic because while that makes sense, then it
makes it difficult to call the line on what is and isn't okay to retaliate over."

Bimbly says, "I think the distinction to be made, Nameless, is that there shouldn't be a discernable
difference between PCs and NPCs in that instance."

Ghed nods.

Leta claims, "1-2 arrests and pyrings should be a drop in the bucket in the grand scheme of things,
like Bimbly is saying."

Nameless says, "NPCs are the same as PCs in theme sense"

Temi claims, "Look for the things that make them stand out against the generic NPC in their job."

Leta states, "But if it's your brother, friend, lover? That's different."

plague states, "Okay so this isn't about 'drunk brother' situations this is about 'arresting

Leta nods at Temi.

Ghed nods at Temi.

Nameless claims, "If I go out and shank a greycloak NPC, Tenebrae should be able to shank me. I just
shanked his guy."

Nameless says, "The fact that it was an NPC is irrelevant"

Temi nods at Nameless.

Ghed states, "That's murder, not the law of the land"

Titania muses, "Okay, just to try and give an example--

Harriet Heretic has heard Rumea was burned, and was her sister in faith, as well as a close personal
friend. She decides that she should kill Edison for arresting her. This is valid!

Daniel Davite has heard that Rumea was burned. Daniel liked Rumea, but wasn't especially close to
her. He decides to kill Edison because he was fond of Rumea. This is probably weird!

Does that make sense?"

Titania questions, "Do I have that right?"

Nameless states, "I welcome Daniel Davite's murderous impulses in retaliation for the killing of
someone he liked. If he liked her enough to cause such impulses."

Edison raises a hand, has questions

Neo states, "Sure, but I get that, but events that happen in front of your character directly icly
are always just going to be more prevalent and important. I understand what is being talked about
here, but I'm not sure if that's really achievable. Roleplaying around invisible things is kind of

Bimbly says, "The idea is that most ordinary people won't do something that violent without a strong
personal connection involved. You are allowed to not be an ordinary person, but that should be done
with understanding of consequences involved."

Deedee says, "Maybe we should be dicussing recent RP for this topic"

[RPXP Gain: none] [HP:perfect MV:fresh P:walk]
(cloaked)(bathed)(Diremote) (R)

Ikeala says, "But NPCs aren't the first go to for accusations either. It's almost always assumed a
bad thing means a player is involved so it all kind of cycles around."

Errisar says, "Agreed with Nameless, and also with Titania's example. However, having had characters
in multiple covert guilds in the past, I've not seen the coverts be particularly aggressive about
bringing the fight back to the Order or Reeves, which can make the fight feel one sided at times."

Deedee says, "ShouldN'T"

Leta says, "This is an oppressive theocracy. Pyring mages and heretics is the law of the land, and
there are thousands of vNPCs in the background doing that. What Rumea's saying is exactly what we're
going for here."

Jackassaurus says, "I'm confused, and STILL don't have a doll."

Temi gives a cyan-clad, nursia doll with a flame-embroidered skirt hem to Jackassaurus.

Ghed says, "But also sometimes people get killed or punished and they had it coming"

plague says, "I think we all suffer from the smallworlding issue, I just feel like it's almost
always the case that Reeve and Knight PCs are 'doing their job' and it would be very difficult to
describe any Reeve/Knight arrest as anything other than them doing their job."

Pauline states, "Rofl@"

Temi says, "Well, we can fix part of that."

Pauline pontificates, "!"

Jackassaurus states, "Thank you"

Bimbly claims, "I agree with Ikeala on this one, though I'm not sure, codedly, the tools involved in
investigating things actually strongly supports investigating NPCs."

Ghed questions, "A fictional case: a mage gets caught stupidly or confesses, then gets pyred -- why
kill the inquisitor?"

Bimbly says, "For example, NPCs don't mvoe around the streets enough to leave tracks that go
anywhere likely to mislead a PC Reeve tracking down a thief."

Deedee claims, "Because you haven't accepted Dav in your heart"

Ghed says, "I'm not sure that is true, B"

Ghed states, "But it's besides the point"

Nameless says, "Because they just murdered someone by setting them on fire because your character
does not believe in Davism."

Ikeala questions, "Most people have no way of knowing what did or didn't happen in the confession
though. So ... how would people make decisions based on that?"

Errisar claims, "Agreed with Ghed there, but more specifically, I do feel like investigations do not
favor NPCs. I brought something similar up a few weeks ago about this sort of thing in OOC chat,
wanting to give the Order more NPC threats."

Titania twirls her little nursia doll around, causing her skirt to swirl around, the flames
embroidered on her skirt dancing with the movement.

Brando says, "Times up! .. can i please get a transfer back to my phome ... thank you all."

Ghed claims, "Oh yeah we're way past the mark"

Deedee waves.

Inkblot says, "Not to bring up current events, but if they are screaming about unrepentant heresy on
the pyre, that might provide clues."


Ghed claims, "I'd better send you all off, I too have stuff to do"

Neo says, "I feel like this is a weird double standard that I don't.... fully understand. I get the
sentiment behind what you're going for-"

Ghed nods at Deedee.

Brando nods at ghed

Ghed trails off, "Engaging warp drives in 3..."

Dragor declaims, "Well, I guess until next time!"

Ghed trails off, "2..."

Neo says, "But I don't think it was phrased amazingly."

Bimbly states, "It isn't a hard rule, Neo, it's just frowned upon, I think."
Ghed trails off, "1..."

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