Log of OOC Meeting 2022-12-17

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Sat Dec 17, 2022 11:12 pm

Ghed muses, "Before we begin, folks, here's a reminder of the OOC Chat Pact: Everyone on TI does the best they can, given what they know at the time, their skills and abilities, the resources available, and the situation at hand. We will be respectful of this and each other at all times."

Today's Agenda is:
   - Staff Updates
   - Player Heartbeat
   - Player Topics

Is there anything anyone would like to add to the agenda to make certain we discuss it today? If you register a topic, please pre-write it so you're ready to present it when called upon.

Finally, who wants to scribe for today?"

Eurus claws his way out of the codebase. [OOC]

Eurus has transferred Ruby.  [OOC]

Errisar says, "I have two topics, both of which I have prewritten."

Pauline says, "Welcome Ruby. Didn't realize you wer on here."

Temi gives a plush blue whale with a little inquisitor mounted upon it to Ruby.

Deedee claims, "I would, but I'll have to poof in 30 minutes-ish"

Ghed claims to Errisar, "Alright, we'll do one, then the second after the others have had their turn"

Temi has created a plush blue whale with a little inquisitor mounted upon it[5].

Ghed nods at Deedee.

Ghed has transferred RamblingSeert.  [OOC]

Temi gives a plush blue whale with a little inquisitor mounted upon it to RamblingSeert.

Deedee says, "I still can I guess, if no one else wants to."

Ghed queries, "No one for scribe?"

Ghed claims, "I guess people don't like QP"

RamblingSeert appears. Ahhh. Oh hey THE WHALE.

Temi claims, "Deedee said she would"

Ghed nods.

Ghed claims to Deedee, "Thanks"

Ghed has awarded you 2> QPs: scribe

Deedee nods at Ghed.

Temi grins at RamblingSeert.

Jacarys states, "I will do it next time"

Yinadele says, "I can take over if Deedee cuts out."

Ghed pontificates to RamblingSeert, "Welcome!"

Ghed asks, "Alright people, let's move on to Player Heartbeat: how has the week been for y'all?"

Ghed states, "Wait no"

Ghed claims, "NO"

Ghed claims, "Okay, time to start this week's Staff Update."

Ghed states, "That one"

Ghed snickers. "I'll go first."

Deedee pulls out the stage hook.

Leta grins.

Ghed says, "This week I did many phome requests, handled some delayed stuff, and was very sick, just like some of you! I owe some folks plots and I am so sorry about it I was just crawling from my bed to my desk and sometimes not even bc I'd take the laptop to bed."

DARKSIDE states, "Booooo, sick."

Temi comforts Ghed.

Leta says, "Reports"

Lans states, "Health metric is not what it used to be )=("

Pauline pats Ghed on the back

Ghed has transferred Ikeala.  [OOC]

Ghed asks of Temi, "Would you like to go next?"

Ghed has transferred Avajain.  [OOC]

Temi gives a plush blue whale with a little inquisitor mounted upon it to Avajain.

Temi says, "Okey dokey"

Temi claims, "So, I've been busy with the season, but working on requests and plots and such.  Also, I am planning to kick off initial hints for the next plot"

Temi gives a plush blue whale with a little inquisitor mounted upon it to Ikeala.

Temi says, "Should really be gearing up post-Christmas, with possibly some stuff to do prior to that, depending on how busy-ness goes."

Temi nods at Ghed.

Ghed nods at Temi.

Ghed declaims, "Thank you! looking forward to that plot"

DARKSIDE says, "That sounds fab."

Ghed questions to Leta, "Wanna go next?"

Leta nods.

Leta says, "It's been a rough staff week all around, I think, but I did get to build some phomes, approve recommends, and handle interesting plot queries lobbed my way."

Leta claims, "On vacation as of tomorrow, so hoping to get the loose ends of the Inventor's Faire tied up. I apologize again for how wonky things got. "

Tomato claims, "Thanks for reminding me to buy a million of the cosmetic items, I hope they reappear occasionally"

Leta declaims, "Remember that this is the first weekend we'll be looking at noble apps! Do send them in ASAP if you'd like them to be considered before the holidays =)"

Leta grins at Tomato.

Charmin says, "Cosmetic items? <.<"

Konaa exclaims, "Plot stuff is exciting!!"

Deedee wonders, "Any death rays for sale?"

Temi nods in agreement with Leta.

Leta pontificates, "Ah, yes. Do get your final Discovery Faire goodies while you still can!"

Lans quirks a slow eyebrow for Deedee

Temi says, "We've kindly left the mean rays in the ocean where they belong."

Temi nods at Deedee.

Ghed pontificates, "(for our newer players, there's an area with unique, special items, this area will become unavailable before long, so get it while you can!)"

Ghed asks of Eurus, "Alright bud, what about you?"

Eurus states, "Hey it's the first Saturday I haven't worked in like 3 months, feels good. Help news reflects most of what I've been up to, which was catching up on older approved quality of life stuff like some notify/teach updates, adding @split for food, metric login info, some bug fixes here and there, but that's mostly it"

DARKSIDE says, "That's a lot more than I did."

Ghed has transferred Ronan.  [OOC]

Errisar exclaims to Eurus, "It's really appreciated! I love significant metrics on log in!"

Deedee says, "Yeah, that's a nice touch"

Ghed claims, "He's been working hard"

Tomato states, "Yesss that has been a huge qol improvement"

Ghed claims, "We're lucky to have this staff lineup"

Errisar nods at Ghed.

Brockolies nods

Leta declares, "The @split command is also super snazzy!"

Pauline claps

Ghed claims, "But let's move on, we have ground to cover"

Ghed muses, "Alright people, let's move on to Player Heartbeat: how has the week been for y'all?"

Leta says, "It was a player request in OOC chat earlier this year. Now you can split your layer cakes into slices of cake to your heart's content =)"

Tomato says, "Life has been unexpectedly busy but I've still managed some lovely scenes"

Errisar says, "It was an extremely difficult week OOC and IC."

Yinadele claims, "Bad, but not due to TI. I'd like to apologize for missing anyone, made a pboard about it."

Yinadele says, "Work and IRL has been super busy and distracting."

Ghed declares to Errisar, "Sorry to hear that!"

Ghed states, "It looks like it's been quite a week for everyone here"

Yinadele trails off, "Holiday advertising rush for dealerships..........."

Avajain states, "Holidays dot jpeg"

Konaa says, "I was actually active this week, after being busy for a couple, so I had fun"

Charmin states, "Got a lonnnnng shenanigan mostly wrapped up, and it was hilarious and enjoyable and involved a whole slew of people."

Ghed exclaims to Konaa, "Welcome back!"

Deedee says, "Things are slowing down for me IRL, but have a lot of personal things to catch up on. TI side has been good. sticking my fingers into this and that."

RamblingSeert states, "OOC difficult for reasons. IC very interesting? I can't remember if it was this week or last week but Damien has been climbing some ranks."

Civetta states, "Flu season's a rough one so work is hectic."

Pauline says, "Good RP. Fun times."

Konaa claims, "I found a secret and it feels like my brain expanded, very much enjoying how much there is to learn in the game"

Ghed says, "Lotssss of secrets"

RamblingSeert screams "why am I a nursia already???? aaaaa"

LurkyTurky whispers, "Secrets....

Sue states, "Secrets are sinful"

DARKSIDE states, "I've been plotting. So. Be prepared."

Brockolies says, "I stepped away for the entire week due to mental health concerns and i apologize for that. I will probably take nextweek off as well as its xmass. but after that i should be back at it. "

Tomato claims, "The deep lore is wild"

LurkyTurky trails off, "There are... ways... to learn the deep lore"

Leta says to Brockolies, "Take care of yourself! Your health comes first."

Deedee muses, "By the way, does [w work for anyone?"

DARKSIDE says, "We love you brock. <3"

Ghed states to Brockolies, "Oof sounds like a rough week for you too, glad to have you back"

Temi comforts Brockolies.

Tomato claims, " ..r.. .. lo.. a. ... ... .. .e.or. ..n..... ...e .s .he .el....e ..y.,"

Tomato states, "[w I mean"

Ghed wonders, "Alright, is there anything bothering anyone about TI that can be shared here and now?"

DARKSIDE claims, "I've seen it work, Deedee, recently. Map plays a biiig factor. It's useless when your'e right on top of eachother."

Deedee states, "On my output, it doesn't seem to even register the language. I'll test later though."

RamblingSeert claims, "Yeah I have one issue but it's incredibly minor and should be brought up last. I'll wait."

Deedee claims, "Tomato's just worked at least"

Tomato says, "I've used it successfully, but you gotta do the [w before the lang or it breaks"

Yinadele claims, "It does seem to work."

Leta queries to RamblingSeert, "Want to do it as a topic?"

Deedee nods.

Avajain states, "Oh, thats good to know"

Temi states, "This is just for minor things that don't need a whole topic, so feel free to just include it now, if it's small."

Temi grins.

RamblingSeert states, "Nothing serious."

RamblingSeert states, "Doubly non-serious, which is why I'll go last."

Deedee says, "Got nothing that wouldn't start a long topic, so will skip this week"

Tomato states, "I'm continually struggling with poetry being hard and regretting my life choosing poetry for my opus >:("

Deedee won't be here for topic time most likely.

Temi states to Tomato, "Really bad poetry can be a lot of fun though."

Ghed nods.
Temi grins.

Deedee nods in agreement with Temi.

Sue says, "Imagine needing to do an opus couldn't be me"

Leta says to Deedee, "If you'd like to pre-write something and send it over tells, we could add it to discussion if there's time"

Ghed claims to Tomato, "Time to rewatch the dead poets society"

Ghed nods at Leta.

Sue states, "All i have to do is hit poor people for breaking the law"

Trogdor is idle.

DARKSIDE says, "I have a topic, but I've also got OOC distractions; will try to type it up on the side."

Violet says, "All I have to do is lash poor people for stepping on my diamonds."

Eurus says, "I just hit poor people in general"

Deedee claims, "Roses are Red, Violets are blue, Temijul is sin, I can't rhyme."

Avajain queries, "Well, if no one else is going to speak- oh okay. Well, while they're doing that, is this the right time to bring up small suggestions, or should that wait?"

Tomato states, "Small things that aren't a whole topic"

Ghed says to Avajain, "For later maybe"

Charmin begins to count their money.

Ghed says, "Alright, time to move on to Player Topics."

Avajain says, "It is small, but I can wait."

Ghed states to Errisar, "You're first"

Errisar says, "My first topic is regarding people ignoring others in scenes yet again. While we had one character who emoted ignoring other people at the Hunting Festival events, which is the right way to do it if you want to at least be somewhat inclusive, we had a number of folks who repeatedly missed or ignored characters greeting them and asking questions of them. This happened to multiple folks, both when I was there and when I was not, and I heard about it from more than one other player. Another player who reached out to me about it expressed that it felt like people were deliberately ignoring or bypassing people who could not get them either prestige or immediate influence. (1 of 3)"

Errisar claims, "I will note that these folks were speaking to, greeting, and asking questions of the characters who did not respond, and often tried to follow up with them after the first pose that was missed or ignored. I want to emphasize that we are all working hard to make the game fun together, and yes, even antagonism can be fun. If you are missing people trying to speak with you, slow down. and reread. It is very much not fun to be ignored, and is one of the reasons we lose people and why this game has a reputation on Reddit and other sites for cliquishness and being hard to get RP. Many people are inclusive and work to respond, but it happens enough that it seriously impacts the play of others. (2 of 3)"

Deedee claims, "Okay, gotta go. my keepalive should keep me logging for an hour, but might not be around."

You are now in (AFK) mode.

Errisar states, "I want to specifically thank Yinadele for addressing when they missed people with a lovely post! Yinadele did an awesome thing to address accidentally missing folks, and turned an accident into being inclusive and helping to create understanding in the player-base. (3 of 3)"

Violet states, "I don't think there's an obligation that people emote saying hi to every single person in a room. It's nice, but not something we should shame people for"

Ghed states, "Okay, ignoring people is not good -- it's more difficult in crowded scenes, also Violet yes"

Edison is idle.

Avajain says, "I'm going to point out that if someone is in a crowded scene and misses that ur speaking to them, they probably don't realize there's anything to reread"

Lans claims, "I lose track in +8 people scenes frankly, it's why I have my name color-coded in my client"

Tomato claims, "I feel like the larger the scene the easier it is to excuse people missing emotes, but if its an on-purpose ignoring, yes we should be emoting"

Violet states, "Sometimes it's for IC reasons, and sometimes it's just because there's a 15 person scene, and it wouldn't make sense to respond to every person in it"

Errisar states, "Agreed with Violet, and what I saw was very much not that."

Yinadele says, "... i should do what lans does. truly ingenious."

Avajain says, "I'm not necessarily saying that's what happens, but in the hunting festival last night specifically, there were like. 8 ppl in there at some point."

Ghed has transferred plague.  [OOC]

Errisar says, "Again, not calling anyone out, but as I heard from three other players, I'm bringing it up."

Temi gives a plush blue whale with a little inquisitor mounted upon it to plague.

Tomato states, "It might be more prudent to do an osay prompting 'hey 'name' did you miss my post' or confirming if its IC"

Lans states to Yinadele, "It's great, I also have it for Silvia so I can know when it's time to go home"

Ruby is idle.

Avajain states, "If u r maliciously being ignored, that's different, but. yeeeeee. what tomato said."

Errisar claims, "Tomato, folks did that."

Yinadele states, "Pog"

Tomato wonders, "And was it rectified immediately after?"

Temi claims, "Definitely, we would like to reduce this as much as possible, but especially in big scenes, please be forgiving and do send tells if you think someone missed something you wanted a response."

Jacarys states, "I can't figure out how to color code on mudlet"

Errisar states, "With one person, yes it was."

plague holds a plush blue whale with a little inquisitor mounted upon it in his hand.

plague gives his plush whale a tight hug, squeezing it in his arms.

Yinadele states, "If I ever seem to be ignoring you, please tell me, it really helps me out a lot, I'll see if I can't set up a trigger myself."

Jacarys claims, "My name i mean"

Tomato questions, "Perhaps we should make it policy to include all IC ignoring in emotes? This seems to have come up before, not just now but previous years as well"

Pauline states, "Me too. I try to ignore no one."

Tomato claims, "It's '''polite''' but making it policy would at least make it something to direct people to"

Yinadele says, "I also have narcolepsy IRL, and I can sometimes space out or conk out."

Avajain says, "Im going to prompt tells as likely more attention grabbing than osay, due to it being red and a different colour from the. rpxp gain thing."

Ghed states to Yinadele, "Ooof I see"

Ghed states, "I'm sure some people do their best in their OOC circumstances to stay alert and get everything"

Ruby is no longer idle.
Ruby has returned from AFK.

Ghed claims, "Some play from the phone too"

Tomato says, "Because I definitely ignore people IC sometimes, but if someone is ignoring emotes at them AND ignoring ooc prompting we might just need to make it a requirement to emote all IC ignoring"

Edison is no longer idle.
Edison has returned from AFK.

Lans claims, "Another trick I do is to color code my target in the middle of a crowded scene, just the first time I address them"

Tomato claims, "Also to consider if they are hemoting their 'I am ignoring x' pose, it might be missed"

LurkyTurky states, "I just get up in someone's face if they ICly ignore me *shrug*"

DARKSIDE states, "If someone is egregiously rude to other players, as described, I'm all in favor of calling them out via pboard to staff with a log."

plague says, "For me it's super difficult to include everybody in every scene in every emote which makes me avoid scenes with more than like three people but that makes life hard"

Lans approaches Yinadele to propose some hillman-lashing entertainment

Yinadele says, "Ohohoho"

Tomato states, "Again though, as I said the last time you brought this up, this might be something where you tell staff specific people if they are consistently doing it"

Sue queries, "SORRY?"

Ghed questions to Errisar, "Anyways, does this community feedback help?"

Sue asks, "Can we have the cat demon come back for Lans???"

Leta claims to Tomato, "Thank you for this."

LurkyTurky claims, "We can have sue do the lashing."

Tomato claims, "If its just random people occasionally missing stuff, that sounds more like an accident, if its the same person doing it that might be more a policy concern"

Ruby states, "Yeah, I feel like bringing it up as a generalized topic doesn't really after a certain point and it has to be specific and to mods."

Lans states to Sue, "Kitty and I have history"

Leta states, "Yes, if there are specific people, please inform staff. It doesn't need to be a punative thing, but I doubt this is malicious and people can't fix what they don't know."

Errisar says, "Not super much, because we're going around again with the same responses. I will state that I like Tomato's idea, and will also say that most folks are great about this. We can move on."

Leta says to Errisar, "Particularly as you've brought this up repeatedly."

Temi states, "I don't think we know if it's intended snubbing or mistakes at this point, but yeah, report to us if it's repeated behavior."

Errisar nods at Leta.

Tomato says, "There's also a component of public opinion here, and we don't need to publicly shame someone if it is an accident or they're using a screenreader for example"

Brockolies nods

Tomato says, "Sometimes quietly bringing it up to staff is the best option"

Leta nods at Tomato.

Leta says, "Agreed."

Errisar says, "As a screenreader user, I agree. That's why I do my gentle reminders, and why I'm not using names."

Ghed claims to Yinadele, "Okay, you're next"

trogdor is no longer idle.

Trogdor has returned from AFK.

Yinadele starts, "Hello! I'd like to briefly talk about the steal command and the lack of a palm command, to reverse pickpocket. The steal command still cannot steal silvergold- I'd like to pray before Eurus on this one. For reverse pickpocketing, the mechanics for this should already exist, essentially."

 "Stealing what's in someone's inventory can often be a lot more detrimental rather than RP provoking than someone pocketing some coins to establish a bit of larceny. Additionally, being able to plant things and notes on people is a positive RP direction. Thank you for consideration!"

Ronan is idle.

DARKSIDE claims, "Yes, yes, yessss."

Leta states, "Sounds cool =)"

Temi states, "There is a palm command."

Edison drops a plush blue whale with a little inquisitor mounted upon it.

Tomato claims, "Support the reverse pickpocket command, we can already do this by magic and it should be possible to do it mundanely to disrupt meta-gaming about it"

Edison surreptitiously picks up a plush blue whale with a little inquisitor mounted upon it.

Tomato claims, "But palm does exist, yeah"

Edison says OOCly, ":O"

Yinadele says, "Oh, oops, right. That does something else."

Temi says, "But it's not for reverse pickpocketing, which seems more like a plant like thing"

Eurus states, ""slip" is what that command is typically called in these sorts of games"

Ghed trails off, "The stealing money is because... code for stealing money exists, but apparently there's no override for the word silver, which will target silver items in the target's inventory instead"

Edison states, "Perhaps a 'plant' command, one that doesn't pertain to actual plants"

Sue claims, "I can't wait to plant temijul on criminal suspects I mean what"

plague claims, "Me in my garden, accidentally committing larceny instead of harvesting temijul"

Temi states, "Slip exists too, also for something else."

Tomato claims, "Staff are aware of that and I think a work is on the way"

Temi grins.

Tomato says, "'hand' maybe"

Leta exclaims, "WELL. We can think of a word!"

Sue says, "Sir, have you been drinking tonight? I smell weed in your vehicle. Step out of the car please."

Tomato says, "Or just pocket lol"

Eurus states, "Steal + eavesdrop in general are due for reworks, none of what currently exists is anything i wrote so"

plague states, "I like 'plant' as in 'planting evidence'"

Temi says, "Plant could work. Immplant already exists for staff."
Leta muses to Ghed, "I'll add it to staff talking points?"

Ghed nods at Eurus.

Ghed claims, "We'll get to it, folks"

Leta states, "Oh, yes. We do have immplant."

Tomato states, "Plant exists for planting plants"

Ghed declares to Leta, "Sure!"

LurkyTurky says, "Hmmmm"

Eurus says, "There's a mental buildup stage for preparing to untangle somebody elses terrible writing etc etc, sorry for the delay on getting those updated tho"

Yinadele claims, "Sounds like an easy fix. slip and money stealing would be a really positive thing. Thank you though, Eurus. orz If you can fix that up, it'd be wonderful."

Temi says, "Right."

Temi nods.

Yinadele claims, "That's all for me."

Sue states, "Plant poppy plague"

Ronan is no longer idle.

LurkyTurky trails off, "You know, everytime I give someone a 'gift' they promptly pull it out and stomp on it with their boots..."

plague states, "Maybe it can detect you're trying to 'plant' on a person if you target them instead of a seed object"

Leta declaims to Yinadele, "Thank you for sharing it!"

Sue claims, "Plant bloody dagger plague"

Lans claims to LurkyTurky, "Happens with my secret ashy glitter"

Temi claims, "Or just make it an option for steal.  steal plant <thing>"

plague trails off, "But then, what if you want to steal a plant..."

Ghed pontificates, "Okay, we all agree this would be a great feature!"

LurkyTurky says to Lans, "Most unfortunate."

Ghed questions to Yinadele, "Think this is addressed properly?"

Yinadele pontificates, "Yep!"

Yinadele declaims, "All good!"

Ghed nods.

Edison claims, "Not unless we name it >:C"

Ghed says to RamblingSeert, "You're next"

Konaa is idle.

RamblingSeert states, "My absolutely bottom of the barrel issue is that TI doesn't haunt my dreams enough, is that a me problem or is everyone effected? I was promised trauma. Wait and see? When will I know it's too late and am infected? (Yes this is why I said I'd go last, this is SUPER serious guys)."

Pauline says, "Oh man ours dos that"

Leta claims to RamblingSeert, "I can fix that real quick for you =)"

LurkyTurky claims, "If it's dreams you need"

LurkyTurky states, "We can fix that."

Edison states, "Just wait until your first pyre-ing :C"

RamblingSeert says, "I missed Urtha and Lillikoi's, my bad."

Tomato says, "Once you get really invested in a storyline that's usually when you get hooked"

Violet states, "The burning flesh smell does snap you into it real fast"

Violet claims, "Sometimes brands are worse"

Edison says, "It was the violently loosing of the bowels that got me :|"

plague declares, "Hey speaking of burning, watch my next trick!"

Sue states, "Kill"

plague double jumps in a particularly aeromantic manner

RamblingSeert states, "WITCH"

Sue claims, "'ate wizards, 'ate criminals, 'ate southsiders (not classist just don't like 'em)"

Edison raises his hand, "Might I bring up an issue, if there's still time O' 

Pauline trails off, "Can't unsee that..."

RamblingSeert claims, "Also decidedly no fire, plague."

LurkyTurky says, "Sue you break my heart."

Leta exclaims to Edison, "Can add you to the topic list!"

Sue says, "My only love is the law."

LurkyTurky states, "I obey the laws of the universe"

Civetta says, "The Law loves you too/"

RamblingSeert states, "But yes, thank you for answering my super serious question, see you all in my nightmares."

Ghed claims to RamblingSeert, "We'll be there for you."

Konaa is no longer idle.
Konaa has returned from AFK.

RamblingSeert states, "I'm sure you will."

Trogdor says, "Heh"

Trogdor states, "There is most certainly an expressway to horror"

"Mostly just curious about combat - it feels a little bare bones, especially compared to the (admittedly overly complex) combat system of old. I was wondering if techniques like disarm and trip were ever going to make a return <_< [Edison]

Ghed pontificates to DARKSIDE, "You're next!"

Edison says OOCly, "Whoopsie"

DARKSIDE queries, "Alright, here goes. I chatted with Leta a bit about this topic last week, but wanted to toss what we talked about out for an airing with my favorite people: you guys.

She let me know that she had recently received some negative feedback from use of the 'join' mechanic in a large group setting, and that it led to some people feeling ignored. I'd like to apologize, first, and explain a little bit from my perspective while I work to learn also from those held by others. To wit, big scenes scare the bezeesus out of me. They fly by too fast, I can't keep up, and retracting to a 'join' locale permits me to quickly parse anything outside of it for my name, and otherwise just focus on the people who use the 'join' spot. I tend to make these for 10 people, so that anyone who looks at the spot will be encouraged to use it and share a mini-scene with me inside of a larger one. This has NEVER been intended as exlusionary on my part, and it took me by surprise that it was perceived that way. I'm so sorry!

So, what's the deal with join? I thought it was there for exactly the way I've been using it, but have learned that others have different expectations. Can I hear from you guys about it?"

Leta states, "Ah! I didn't get a chance to follow up with you about this."

Leta says, "Staff is drafting policy guidelines for join locations"

Ghed claims, "The situation has changed."

Trogdor claims, "Wow, what a great topic darkside, thank you."

Edison claims, "Oh dang that's a good one :O"

Tomato questions, "Join literally exists so you can RP without spamming the room, exceptional for large scenes where people tend to bunch up. Why are people feeling excluded?"

Ghed claims, "We'll give clarifications and expectations so everyone is on the same page"

LurkyTurky states, "I only get annoyed with join because it outs me when I eavesdrop. *sneaky problems*"

Trogdor says, "TL;DR: from my perspective, i will do whatever the community/staff thinks is best. i see both sides of join"

plague finishes abruptly, "Uhh - yeah, I think join is meant to be used for exactly what you mean, and I hope nobody feels excluded either, it's absolutely essential to maintain sanity in 5+ person scenes"

Ghed says to Tomato, "Some people felt like "joiners" were secluding themselves from scenes and banking on being shielded from scrutiny"

Tomato claims, "You ARE supposed to emote occasionally so people can see you like, doing something large, but its literally just leaning in to quietly talk to the person you're sitting next to"

Edison claims, "Tbh, I've never been 100 percent on how join scenes work D:"

DARKSIDE states, "It totally backfired on me in that event, with IC repercussions, which actually really scuked."

plague claims, "Eavesdrop rework is in the works however, and should help with these issues"

Ghed claims to Edison, "A problem we'll look to fix"

Tomato claims, "That is a coded strength of join, it allows you to not be, for example, eavesdropped from outside of the room"

Temi states, "A big problem with join rooms is when the main chatty people are in a join scene and everything else in the big group is just left with silence."

Leta states, "Join has been a pretty controversial mechanic over the years, particularly because eavesdropping is so desperately in need of a rework"

Tomato wonders, "Join the join spot then? Its not hard"

Temi claims, "But yeah, we'd like to clarify what to expect."

Brockolies nods

Ikeala claims, "I feel like part of the thing is that bigger public events/scenes can be the only times to catch people that are otherwise prone to be a bit more private. But if more private inclined folks come to events and RP only with their 'usual crew' so to speak it can feel like there's just no good way to engage with them."

Tomato says, "Its just like sitting at a table, codedly, you can jmote because its a join spot as well"

plague trails off, "I think in my case I'm just going to join the join spot from now on yeah B) eavesdrop is for... past me, who didn't realize it was very oddly implemented atm"

Tomato claims, "That's part of the use of the command, to keep things quietly to people also sitting"

Errisar states, "A challenge is that in big scenes, the spots fill rapidly."

plague hovers near the join spot and talks to you without asking for permission oin]

Tomato claims, "It sounds like people are upset that people are using the commands as-intended and that they aren't getting free entertainment anymore and have to RP themselves"

Konaa says, "You can create join spots on the fly right"

Tomato claims, "If the room is quiet, my friends, literally just talk to someone"

Ghed declares to DARKSIDE, "So bottom line! We know and we're fixing it real soon"

Ghed wonders to DARKSIDE, "Does this sufficiently answer your query?"

Ghed nods at Konaa.

Trogdor questions, "Is it going to be fixed, observed, and then a new policy or can we expect a new policy soon in parallel of it being fixed?"

DARKSIDE muses, "In part. Is staff taking player feedback in crafting the policy?"

Ghed declaims to DARKSIDE, "Staff is players too!"

DARKSIDE says, ":P"

Ghed claims to DARKSIDE, "So absolutely, yes, 100 per cent"

Temi says, "First round will be new guidelines, which Leta is working on.  Eavesdrop is on the radar for future fixing, though."

DARKSIDE questions, "Is staff taking feedback from non-staff players?"

Ghed says, "Lol, good one, still yes"


DARKSIDE states, "Okay. Clarification would be excellent."

Ghed nods.

Ghed pontificates to Avajain, "You're next!"

Charmin is idle.

Eurus says, "I accept feedback from players for bribes"

Charmin is no longer idle.

Civetta muses, "What are acceptable forms of bribery?"

Sue claims, "How's about a half eaten oreo and a capri-sun as a bribe"

Eurus states, "Give me stupid ideas for things to code"

Tomato says, "I look forward to the clarification. I feel that eavesdrop update will change how people use it as well, so we can look forward to that"

Sue states, "Reeve badges that I can thrust in people's faces to go I AM THE LAW"

Brockolies nods

Avajain says, "Alright! I have a pretty small suggestion about languages. So, we all know that higher ranks in languages mean you can speak larger words, right? Well- unless I've missed it, the actual letter count you can say for x ranks isn't publicly noted. I think it should be; it'd let us, OOCly, better know what words ICly our characters can reasonably be expected to know for how skilled they are at the language."

Civetta trails off, "Oh you accept feedback from players -as- bribes..."

Konaa claims, "Reeve badge that says 'sorry about her'"

Avajain says, "...and also might help abate the congratulations issue I've heard about but not experienced."

Ghed says, "It's not written because there's randomization"

Ghed claims, "It's like plus/minus 2-3 letters"

plague queries, "Ahhh, yeah, that'd be a nice QoL thing for the average, it's not like it's privileged info right?"

plague says, "I think there's also int/wis influence though, it might not be so simple"

Eurus claims, "Everything is privileged here"

Eurus claims, "Race relations also impacts it"

Ghed says, "This is not a joke, actually"

Civetta trails off, "I remember this being a thing..."

Avajain wonders, "Hm, that does make it a bit more complicated. D- it does????"

Tomato states, "The person who is listening also might hear something that you the speaker can't, also"

plague nods nods

Leta nods.

Eurus claims, "Yeah, when we were getting a lot of complaints about it being weird a week or two back"

Tomato claims, "You might think you flub something but a fluent speaker might understand you anyways"

Eurus says, "I was taking a look and learned that myself"

Pauline says, "Wow"

plague states, "Racism makes me worse at speaking Spanish. Fuck"

Avajain says, "I've had that happen to me. It's really funny that race relations contribute, though. That's all I wanted to suggest, thank u."

Civetta says, "Barbarian is an otomotopaeic, the people who go 'Bar bar bar bar'."

Sue says, "El racismo"

Ghed states, "People can't understand each other if they don't understand each other"

LurkyTurky claims, "Stupid hill people"

Temi states, "Racism makes the coordinated efforts to understand one another more of a stretch."

Temi grins.

Ghed nods.

Yinadele claims, "I generally am content with how languages work currently."

RamblingSeert claims, "Stop breaking my immersion plague smh"

Sue says, "Say that to my face you eekum-bokum wizard man"

Sue states, "I will fold you in half"

LurkyTurky claims, "You do not want me to say anything to your face and you know it"

plague states, "I think it's really funny when I damweedoweood"

Eurus grabs his net and jumps into the code, ready to go bughunting. [OOC]

Sue trails off, "The power of dav compels u....."

LurkyTurky claims, "What power"

LurkyTurky states, "OHOHOHOHOH"

plague states, "It's like when you write a five page essay and leave a major typo in the first sentence"

Ghed questions to Avajain, "So, did eurus' answer help?"

Avajain says, "I was specifically not suggesting changing them, just making it clearer what can be said- but there's more that contributes to words being understood than I knew. Uhm. Yes. It did."

Ghed declaims to Avajain, "Thanks for bringing your concern to surface! We appreciate being able to clarify and help"

Tomato claims, "TI also does tend to obfuscate the more intricate parts of code because it makes it less about a numbers game"

Ghed claims, "There is a tiny weeny bit of that too =)"

Ghed pontificates to Edison, "You're next! and unfortunately, last"

Avajain claims, "Reasonably so"

"Mostly just curious about combat - it feels a little bare bones, especially compared to the (admittedly overly complex) combat system of old. I was wondering if techniques like disarm and trip were ever going to make a return - or stances for that matter, being able to set up secondary and tertiary defenses was a consideration you had to take into account. It just feels like there isn't a lot of variety for combat centric characters, though I understand it's very easy to overcomplicate things and we want it to be easy to understand >_>" Edison wonders to the staff, handsomely.

Jacarys claims, "Techniques would be fun."

Ronan is idle.
Ruby is idle.

Tomato says, "I remember I was disappointed when I found out sneezing powder doesn't loose your opponent a turn"

Ghed states, "Combat is rather finely balanced, but yes it's not very complex"

Ghed claims, "The greatest thing is range and knowing when to defend again"

DARKSIDE queries, "I'm all about dat lacing weapons with poison. Is that a thing?"

Temi states, "Hrm.  We do rely on players being able to emote things out a lot to add a lot more of the interest to it."

Ghed says to DARKSIDE, "Hmm not as of yet"

plague states, "I like combat mechanics but I fear a future where character lives are decided on the RNG roll for a disarm/trip"

Ghed claims to Edison, "Something to be considered in the future, unfortunately it's a big tangle of stuff so we can't quite prioritize it"

Temi states, "Weapons doing other things than just damage has been something that's a bit of a complication, because of how things are balanced"

Jacarys finishes abruptly, "I put something on forums about flaming swords - should add in poisoned weapons too"

Temi claims, "I think we liked the idea of things like trip or whatnot, but didn't have any good specs at this point and it didn't get prioritized"

Yinadele states, "I think it'd be nice as a future review, but would need a design doc and a cleared code docket."

DARKSIDE states, "I can do that, Jacary."

plague claims, "Poisoned weapons for thieves and flaming swords for mages, wonderful suggestions"

RamblingSeert says, "I haven't touched combat. I probably should. All the Cool Kids hang out at the training hall and Damien is proficient in the healing power of beating someone with his bare hands."

Edison finishes abruptly, "Maybe tie it into attacks - attacks to the legs or feet have a chance to trip, to the hands have a chance to disarm"

Konaa says, "I definitely feel a little lost when it comes to combat sometimes, but there is at least a fair amount of documentation.  but I'm a fightin boy at heart and I understand other people's priorities may be different"

Jacarys trails off, "No like... real flaming swords... oil... lol"

LurkyTurky states, "How about electrified weapons"

Ghed claims, "I don't look favourably to disabling combos and stuff like that"

Edison just wants his Spider Stance back :(

Ghed says, "So things that diametrically alter combat one way, besides magic and its counters, are to be taken with pincers"

Sue states, "I do like the combat simplicity because it means I don't die to funny rng shenanigans"

Ronan is no longer idle.

Jacarys questions, "Maybe disarm and trip don't make you disarm but lose a round?"

plague says, "Setting a sword on fire would in fact partially melt your sword and make it break faster"

LurkyTurky says, "With how the round system works, unless you -significantly- outskill your opponent, losing a round means you lose"

Tomato states, "Perhaps we could consider something that, for example, loses you a turn but makes it much easier for you to run away"

DARKSIDE states, "Right? I'm with Sue. I know if I up my stats and my skills, somewhere along the way I'll start winning battles. I'm not all that combat-savvy IRL."

Ghed nods at Sue.

Civetta states, "It's my understanding that fighting got streamlined to put more of a focus on the RP and less on the who can game the system more. Also kind of apprehensive about it getting over-engineered."

Tomato states, "Since fleeing is already very hit or miss right now"

Edison states, "Honestly, you can pretty much tell who's going to win/lose within the first round of combat, if not sooner :O"

LurkyTurky trails off, "Don't be so sure...."

Ghed claims to LurkyTurky, "Changing ranges or defending can have a tremendous math impact if you time it right"

Ghed claims, "But that's something that requires OOC expertise"

LurkyTurky trails off, "Some people have some -tricks- up their sleeves..."

LurkyTurky says, "Yeah no im not talking about that i mean just losing a round like they were saying .like it skips you. defend/charge is an action."

Ghed nods.

Jacarys states, "Hmm >.>"

Ghed says, "Fair"

Ghed declaims, "Okay! We're at the top of the hour"

Charmin waves.

Civetta claims, "Though, being able to use the flee command through portals would prevent a lot of repeat grimes."

Civetta claims, "Looking at you hedge maze."

Brockolies waves

Ghed chuckles

Ghed says, "Please remember to post rumors, cnote discoveries, and recommend each other for meaningful RP =)"


Pauline hugs her whale again before leaving.

Errisar states, "I'll do my other one later."


LurkyTurky claims, "Im on a cnote strike"

Trogdor muses, "I discovered to cnote discoveries, should i cnote that i discovered cnote discoveries?"

LurkyTurky says, "Yes"

Ghed pontificates, "Don't forget that there's a party at the Columbina right after this!"

Pauline documents everything about Lurkey Turkey in a cnote to learn their identity

DARKSIDE says, "I have more cnotes now than I've had in bloody years,and still I miss them. Sorry Ghed. ;;"

Sue claims, "Hey magebane is coming up right"

Ghed trails off, "Engaging warp drives in 3..."

LurkyTurky claims, "Yes it is"

RamblingSeert says, "AAAAAA"

Sue says, "Can you mail a pipe bomb to the grand inquisitor's office ty ty"

Ghed trails off, "2..."

RamblingSeert states, "Check your mailbox :flushed:"

LurkyTurky claims, "I cant mail one"

Ghed trails off, "1..."

LurkyTurky says, "But i can huck one in through the window"

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