Log of OOC Meeting 2022-12-03

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Sat Dec 03, 2022 7:16 pm

Ghed asks, "Before we begin, folks, here's a reminder of the OOC Chat Pact: Everyone on TI does the best they can, given what they know at the time, their skills and abilities, the resources available, and the situation at hand. We will be respectful of this and each other at all times."

Today's Agenda is:
   - Staff Updates
   - Player Heartbeat
   - Player Topics

Is there anything anyone would like to add to the agenda to make certain we discuss it today? If you register a topic, please pre-write it so you're ready to present it when called upon.

Finally, who wants to scribe for today?"

Deedee states, "If no other takers."

Deedee says, "And I have a topic."

Errisar states, "I have a very brief topic."

Ghed nods at Deedee.

Ghed has awarded you 2> QPs: scribe

LurkyTurky claims, "I have a topic."

Ghed nods at Deedee.

Ghed nods at Errisar.

Ghed nods at LurkyTurky.

DARKSIDE says, "I have one too."

Ghed nods at DARKSIDE.

Kirale states, "I just have a plug for that forum post we discussed the other day."

Ghed nods at Kirale.

plague claims, "Avajain can't make it and gave me one, and I also have a tiny little craft thing."

Madlad says, "I have a minor feature request"

Ghed nods at plague.

Ghed nods at Madlad.

Ghed says, "Okay, time to start this week's Staff Update."

Ghed states, "This week I did some uni exams so I was not a lot around. I did do some things though:
-A million player requests
-A billion recommendations
-A trillion auction items (with help from a generous player
-And some puppets"

DARKSIDE claims, ":P"

Madlad declaims, "Oooh I'll have to check the auction house! Might be some stuff there to equip this new char with"

Ghed states, "Lotsssss, and the inventory is randomized each week"

Ghed states, "I've also dropped some General notes about things, specially to help new players"

Leta has transferred Jiraiya.  [OOC]

Deedee states, "Has been interesting seeing people walking around with old items I recognize from ages ago"

Temi gives a wide cookie iced with an inquisitor and shadow facing off to Jiraiya.

Jiraiya opens a very plain hooded cloak sewn from brown roughly-spun wool, revealing his identity.

Ghed nods at Deedee.

Ghed asks of Leta, "Alright! would you like to go next?"

Leta says, "Temi and Ghed said I did a lot of things but I forget what."

Leta grins.

Leta claims, "I definitely handled the usual requests, recommends and queries alongside the rest of staff, and I spent some time sorting through the piles of old historical stuff I keep laying around. I found a few books to trickle to grid."

Ghed says, "Oh yeah this game is so old that we sometimes re-discover books in some far flung, exit-less room that has unique lore"

Ghed states, "It's kind of like, Atlantis or Warhammer 40k"

plague says, "Wonder how those got there."

Madlad says, "I hope my erstwhile characters Magnum Opus is in there somewhere"

Ghed claims, "Usually bc someone leaves them and the area is disconnected, or some ancient staff plot"

Temi claims, "We try to at least save staff-side copies of anything we have/know about"

Ghed nods.

Kirale perks up at ancient staff plots.

Cal trails off, "So that is why the Inquisitors keep saying the Knights shall know no fear..."

Ghed chuckles

Ghed muses to Temi, "And what about you?"

Ghed has transferred Flower.  [OOC]

Leta just hordes abandoned bookshelves, journals, pretties and rename bags.

Temi claims, "About the same.  Trying to help keep up on plots and requests, and doing a little work on typos and such."

Temi states, "I did go through all the spices and make sure they can be used as embellishments."

Ghed states, "That's a work I really appreciate, same as Leta"

Ghed claims, "I don't have such a firm mental grasp on crafting and all its intricacies"

Flower cheers for spices. 

Temi claims, "Though we've adjusted the appraise messages slightly on some of the common herbs, so it better matches the list Leta made for help coded ingredients"

Errisar grins happily!

Kirale smiles in chandlery.

Temi finishes abruptly, "So mainly it should just be the special required coded ingredients that have the appraise messages to enjoy - and/or worry about"

Leta nods.

Titania says, "I cannot imagine how much stuff must go into managing this game tbh, you people are crazy talented"

Titania claims, "Also, while I'm here, Leta is genuinely one of the nicest, most communicative staff members I've seen on any roleplay game I've ever played"

Temi declares, "I know mint drove a number of new crafters crazy.  'Wait... why is this one randomly mint flavored....?  Aaagh!'"

Madlad claims, "Hopefully Eurus is automating some of it"

Leta shuffles her feet and blushes. "Aw, shucks."

Ghed exclaims, "Thanks. It's a fair bit of work, specially with more players!"

Ghed states, "Eurus does a lot to make our workload easier"

Temi nods in agreement.

Temi nods at Ghed.

Ghed states, "Automating house eviction for intsance, ooooof"

Temi claims, "Okay, that's about it for me.  Always a little more craziness this time of year with family and such."

Ghed nods.

Leta declares, "Eurus isn't here, but one big thing he did this week was implement items showing the skill of the maker on appraisal. There's a typo there that needs fixing, but it's in and the code is working!"

Errisar nods.

Ghed states, "That was such a needed thing imho"

Kirale exclaims, "That has been awesome to see!"

Nephrit claims, "That was cool to see"

Nephrit says, "Yeah"

Flower pontificates, "Neat!"

plague says, "I also love that"

Tomato says, "I'm really happy to see that added, I feel like it's going to make lower-level crafts more desired"

Lans wonders, "Does it work for magecraft? Asking for a friend"

Titania muses, "Lans sanctum member???"

LurkyTurky claims, "It does not."

Flower laughs.

Leta claims to Lans, "We have implemented safeguards to protect our sneaky friends."

plague states, "Report moral threats."

Lans laughs.

Leta claims to Lans, "From you."

Lans states, "Good"

LunarEclipse claims, "That would be unfortunate if it did."

Lans claims, "Let's y'all have good fun =) I'm happy sneakies are protected"

LunarEclipse claims, "Not that I know anything about being sneaky :)"

Leta says, "It was something player-recommended in an OOC chat a few months ago, so it's exciting to see implemented =)"

Sue claims, "Report moral threats citizens"

LurkyTurky claims, "I'll send you a -special- melon."

Lans says, "Bring it on"

Titania states, "Do not report moral threats, repeat do NOT report moral threats"

Ghed declaims, "Anyways we have a lot of topics to cover so let's move on!"

Titania pontificates, "Okay!"

Deedee states, "Would be funny if a merchant stamped their magecraft item out of habit."

Ghed asks, "Alright people, let's move on to Player Heartbeat: how has the week been for y'all?"

Tomato says, "Lots of RP not enough time to fit it in"

Violet declares, "B U S Y! But fun"

Deedee states, "Busy busy, IRL and in game."

Yinadele states, "Busy! But in a good way."

Lans states, "Happy to see the knight ranks swelling -- and the other guilds"

Errisar says, "It's been full of ups and downs. I learned that my perception that I barely get play on my main is in fact true."

plague states, "I'm still thriving."

Flower says, "I managed some time this week."

Kirale states, "Very mixed. Got some good scenes, watched some people be iced out, and then stuff."

Tomato says, "Public RP is usually a good way to hook into RP if you feel you are not getting it"

Madlad says, "I've been totally off grid, building the new character. Will be on grid soon though"

Titania pontificates, "Great! I've had a lot of extremely character-defining scenes at the very tail end of my time as a cyan, and I'm very invested in where things are going for the little Tubori that could!"

plague states, "It was kind of wild when staff let me kill 3 PCs in the same scene, but I'm glad nobody heard about it"

Leta claims to Madlad, "We're excited to see what you come up with =)"

Titania states, "I was unfortunately one of the PCs"

Tomato claims, "RE 'icing out' please make certain to be there for your fellow players and if you think someone is breaking policy please reach out to staff"

RamblingSeert states, "I only just got here and plague personally skinned my PC alive."

Ghed declares, "I'm glad to hear it!"

Seraphite claims, "I've been having a wonderful time. Being a Troubadour? Absolute crack to the soul. I love it. Luckily, I only had to report on Plague's bloody massacre."

Ghed claims, "Just wash your hands after"

DARKSIDE claims, "Have had some super fun scenes and am looking forward to more."

Sue claims, "I punch"

Leta states to Sue, "Punch good."

Madlad states, "I miss being a troubadour. But maybe again soon. I know that GL position is still open. :|"

Deedee nibbles on a wide cookie iced with an inquisitor and shadow facing off. 

Ghed nods.

Ghed queries, "Alright, is there anything bothering anyone about TI that can be shared here and now?"

Tomato claims, "Its not anymore, don't worry"

Ghed declaims, "(and briefly!)"

Tomato claims, "I have a super small one actually"

Cal states, "I have been doing my best to keep up with things. Always a lot to do."

Madlad declaims, "It's not! ;_;"

Tomato says, "Can we PLEASE remember the humor system exists and stop using very modern terms for health etc"

Kirale exclaims, "Please read other people's responses when they name your character in them and do some sort of response or achnowledgemnt!"

Deedee states, "Yes please."

Tomato claims, "WE have tons of lovely books detailing it and a brief helpfile, please please use the terminology"

Errisar states, "I've seen a lot of modern references too, so yes, work on not incorporating them into IC."

Leta nods at Tomato.

Ghed states, "Humor theory and medieval health is a good thing to evoke"

Tomato says, "This can also lead you to fun RP to engage the physciians, your humors are unbalanced and need to be rectified"

DARKSIDE queries, "Can we talk about Icing, since that's been brought up? What can we do to work on that?"

plague claims, "I don't know what icing is"

Nephrit states, "Neither do i"

Ghed claims, "Me neither to be frank"

Tomato states, "Iced cake is an advanced cooking recipe, its very expensive, and it exists"

Ghed says, "I'm thinking of cakes"

Viper claims, "Er"

Ikeala states, "I do wonder if an in-code way to get pings and our notifies when you are tagged might help. I admit that in huge scenes it might not be on purpose there is just sometimes a lot going on."

Deedee pokes a wide cookie iced with an inquisitor and shadow facing off. 

Viper muses, "Waht is icing?"

Madlad says, "Icing someone out of a scene. Just ignoring them and emoting around them entirely (I think is what it is)"

Tomato claims, "Ohhhh"

Nephrit claims, "Aah"

Ghed claims, "I see"

Kirale claims, "Madlad has it"

LurkyTurky claims, "Icing is when occupants of a room don't acknowledge or ignore someone whom is present and trying to be invovled."

Titania states, "It is very easy in large scenes to end up not noticing when someone is trying to engage with you"

Titania declares, "And it sucks!"

LunarEclipse states, "Sometimes in massive scenes it's hard to keep track and I don't think people do it on purpose."

Kirale states, "It's happening in small scenes too"

Tomato states, "If you are ignoring someone ICly, you need to state it in an emote, but if you are missing an pose that does happen"

plague claims, "Autohighlight of mentions would go a long way"

Temi says, "There is definitely ways to do it with your client"
Leta nods at plague.

Tomato claims, "So if you are ICly ignoring someone, you do have to state it"

Lans says, "I sometimes forget about people when I'm, say, emoting while on the phone while cooking"

Tomato glances briefly to Ghed and then ignores him.

Deedee says OOCly, "Yes, I set my name to highlight in big scenes."

Errisar states, "I've seen it on both my chars. The big way to fix it is just to be cognizant about including everyone, even if it's a brief acknowledgement, so they don't feel invisible."

Viper claims, "Ah. Is person in room RPing doing broody looks or are they actively like... doing things to get noticed? I feel those are things that should be asked. I have seen alot of just people being stone face but not engaging and being proactive with RP, instead they're reactive."

Leta says, "If anyone is feeling iced out, please speak to staff"

Kirale claims, "I talk and emote and hemote up a storm and still get ignored in 4 person scenes."

Lans claims, "I sometimes highlight people like 'nods at Leta and smiles'"

Tomato states, "Though yes you can't just sit in a corner ignoring everyone else and expect not to be ignored. If you ARE engaging and its being missed, I think a brief osay to confirm they saw it is appropriate"

Cal states, "There is somethings that can't be helped being a Noble or Freeman limits the number of RP options though. "

Kirale claims, "I'm used to it and only brought it up because I see other people dealing with the same problem"

Viper muses, "If you're reactive, and nothing proactive comes, then that might... be why you should switch to a more proactive approach?"

Temi states, "I don't know how easy it would be to highlight someone's name to just them, but you can definitely easily do at least that on the client side.  Non-code mentions wouldn't be possible though like 'the knight'."

Deedee claims, "For myself, I generally set my action when entering a room, if a whole turn passes without anyone addressing her I'll pose, if there's still no one that addresses her I'll move on."

Madlad says, "That would be a great feature if it could be added though"

Ghed questions to Kirale, "Do you acknowledge and mention other people in your emotes and they still do not answer?"

Kirale claims, "Every time"

Ghed questions, "Can you share this with staff?"

Tomato claims, "That sounds like a possible policy issue then and should be reported"

Madlad nods.

Ikeala muses, "Also is it sometimes people falling into the 'waiting pattern' turn order hell?"

Kirale claims, "I have had this on every character I've ever made"

Pookstall states, "I try to do a non-acknowledging emote to help set stage, and then include them the emote after that, but yeah, big scenes are tougher."

Errisar says, "I've seen it happen to multiple folks and will be happy to reach out later."

Ghed muses, "Every character is ignored? wow"

Yinadele pontificates, "In big rooms btw, if I ever miss you! Please, poke me in a tell!"

Yinadele declares, "It's not intentional at all!"

Flower states, "I myself am distracted these days but do try to noy iggnore people in my limited scenes. "

Kirale claims, "That's what got Cedwyn retired"

Yinadele exclaims, "It will not offend me!"

Yinadele claims, "It's DEFINITELY not intentional."

Deedee says OOCly, "Osays are good if you've /targetted someone in a pose and don't get a reply, ask if they missed your pose"

Ghed says to Kirale, "Alright, please share this with us later and we'll look into it. I'm sure there's a good explanation."

Kirale says, "That said, there are some people that always are inclusive, and they get recommends from me on it"

Tomato claims, "I'd advise keep logs to provide to staff"

Ghed nods at Tomato.

Cal nods to yin "Samesies"

Bimbly is idle.

Yinadele states, "I often get distracted and when big scenes unfold I can be slow and miss people."

Ghed nods.

Pookstall says, "Agreed, if I don't respond to something directly to me, please send a tell or something.  I almost certainly missed it."

LunarEclipse claims, "Same, sometimes in big scenes I get overwhelmed and just miss things naturally. "

Tomato says, "Big scenes unfortunately missing people does just happen and its totally cool to move to osays or tells if its happening a lot"

Ghed claims, "Alright, time to move on to Player Topics."

Violet claims, "Oh yeah, what Yinadele said! Please poke me if I've missed something."

Deedee nods.

Viper claims, "Samesies"

Ghed claims to Deedee, "You're up first"


plague says, "Yeah, similarly I try to include everybody but I can sometimes get overhwlmed"

plague says, "Autism is a curse sometimes"

Deedee sshes.

Deedee says, "Teaching! It's great, and I enjoy teaching scenes, but the system could use some improvements. First, I'd like it to take into account the real rank of the skill, so grandmasters/champions could teach people to a more appropriate rank based on their knowledge. Idea's board post with more detail: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=2611 Second, I came across an old approved request that hasn't been implemented, which would cut down on OOC chatter involved in lessons, giving feedback on the learner's current pool automatically. post: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=2055 Would be a great addition."

Temi says, "I think teaching is on Eurus' list of systems he'd like to clean up the code on"

DARKSIDE exclaims, "Yay, Eurus!"

Tomato states, "I was under the impression that teach already worked off of the total rank"

DARKSIDE has returned from AFK.

plague states, "I'm in big support of this suggestion"

LurkyTurky says, "It doesnt. It only counts up to 75"

Deedee nods to LurkyTurky.

Ghed states, "Teaching is indeed in the docket and Eurus has been poking at it like a quite-not-dead rat, carefully and curiously"

LurkyTurky says, "If you have, say, 100 in a skill, you can still only teach up to 75 * (charisma score as percentage)"

Errisar says, "I had a scene with Deedee where she couldn't teach me because I was rank 52, despite her being much more skilled."

LurkyTurky claims, "Poodoo charisma"

Ghed claims, "Yes, this is working as intended, but we're looking for a rehaul"

Temi claims, "75 is the actual limit of all skills currently, and above that is supposed to only be for showing off"

Viper trails off, "But like..."

Viper claims, "You're 52 though"

Errisar grins.

Viper says, "At that stage you dont need a teacher, you just need experience"

Leta says, "Eurus has a significant overhaul on the docket here"

plague states, "I think teaching as a mega-grandmaster would be a very reasonable exception to that cap, personally"

LurkyTurky trails off, "Do keep in mind that in the interim, your friendly neighborhood potion seller might have an elixir that could help you..."

Temi says, "I'd be more inclined to treat grandmasters differently, rather than make it count ranks beyond 75."

LurkyTurky states, "And it's barely even illegal at all."

Tomato says, "It sounds like that's on the list already so we can expect changes in time"

Lans clears his throat

Madlad says, "Teaching is generally faster. And still a good excuse for a scene. Especially if you're learning from a master. Even someone at 52 could have their techniques refined by a champ"

LurkyTurky claims, "Don't listen to Lans. It's totally innocuous."

Tomato states, "Teach did get a big buff too, you get a LOT of pool from being taught now"

Ghed states to Deedee, "So yes, we are aware of its limitations and we're revising them. Can't say we'll take in everything you want to, or hope to, but we'll do our best effort."

Deedee claims, "Maybe a bit too much"

Tomato states, "True but I have had people consistently pass up me begging them to teach them to grind out skills themselves, and now people do actually prioritize the scenes cause they're valuable"

Bimbly is no longer idle.

Bimbly has returned from AFK.

Tomato claims, "I really ENJOY doing teaching scenes and want them, and people were like oh i spent a weekend botting and now im better than you"

Ghed says, "Yes, teach got a little bit too buffed"

Deedee claims, "I got a single lesson that took me from rank 36 to 52.5, seems a bit overkil"

Ghed states, "But it needed an oomph"

DARKSIDE nods agreement.

plague says, "That's just what mechanically being a genius gives you Deedee, high mentals are OP B)"

Ghed wonders to Deedee, "Do you think your query is satisfied? can we move on?"

Leta says, "It's set to be rolled back a notch next rollover"

Leta says, "Last time I asked"

Deedee states to Ghed, "Sure."

Leta is being slow to respond, sorry!

Ghed claims to Errisar, "You're up next"

Errisar declares, "I want to briefly but thoroughly share my appreciation for staff. We got into some hairy and complicated discussions about policy this week, and they've been very willing to continue respectful discussions even when there is disagreement. So this is me publically saying thank you for being here and working with all of us. You are very much appreciated!"

Errisar says, "That's all."

Ghed bows respectfully.

Kirale states, "Seconded."

Deedee starts a round of applause.

DARKSIDE says, "Staff is the jam here."

Temi claims, "And just want to add, players being up for reasonable discussion helps make it possible for us to continue that."

Temi grins.

Ghed says, "Indeed."

Ghed thumbs up, "Thanks. With that said, we can move to the next topic, correct?"

Errisar says, "Correct."

Flower has been transferred out by Ghed.  [OOC]

Ghed says to Errisar, "Thanks"

Ghed claims to LurkyTurky, "You're next"

LurkyTurky claims, "I want to protest the decision to remove the ability to see Cloak of the Seven's duration unless you're natively a water mage, and petition for it to be restored. This is the ONLY spell in the game that functions in that way, and in practice it absolutely murders its usage for anyone except water mages, because you cannot control the pace of others and cannot tell when the thing will drop - and having it drop is practically a death sentence in most scenarios. It actively hurts the mage population as a whole in disallowing the duration to be seen. I have no issues with the duration being slightly randomized, but removing the ability to see the duration is like taking the spell behind the shed and shooting it in the back of the head. Cloak already has a -ton- of ways to counter it such as xblocks, the fact that it -still- echoes to players if you eavesdrop while using it, and more that I can't say here without revealing IC info about how the spell works. It's a vital tool of mages and responsible for a large amount of scenes that other players seem to find interesting and intriguing and exciting; and this change practically puts that to a full stop. We need to be able to see the duration."

Ghed scratches his cheek, "I don't think most players here know what you're talking about. Or didn't."

Seraphite wonders, "?_?"

Viper claims, "Prolly better for the mage board"

Bimbly says, "I am actively trying to forget it, actually."

Temi claims, "We acknowledge that the spell is a bit riskier now, which is the idea."

LunarEclipse whistles innocently.

Ghed says, "We received complaints from mages and mundanes about its use for the past... year? Every week of every month."

Titania states, "Uuuuuuh"

Temi says, "We're not sure it's balanced correctly now, but I think we would like to see how it plays out"

Ghed claims, "So this might be better for the mage board."

LurkyTurky states, "I can tell you right now that no one is going to bother trying to use it because of how its risk factor has skyrocketed."

Viper says, "Yes"

Tomato states, "I personally don't think that its that strange for a non-element mage to not have total mastery of a different element's spells."

LurkyTurky states, "Unless they're water"

Viper claims, "Which, some don't even know that exists"

Ikeala says, "It's not the only magical thing that functions that way, as a thought."

Deedee nods.

Ghed claims, "I'd rather not spoil the secrets of magic to our new players here. But I'm more than happy to discuss it elsewhere."

LurkyTurky states, "It's the only spell I'm aware of that requires the mage to be of a specific element to see its duration."

Tomato claims, "That seems to indicate one might play better to their element. It might be more prudent to balance more spells that way to make someone playing to their 'niche' more rewarding"

Leta nods at Tomato.

LunarEclipse says, "Not saying I am a mage or anything but as someone who has looked at the spell personally, it just seems cheap. Especially for snooping and ways to get around not interacting with players. Making it riskier, imo, is an improvement."

Tomato says, "Particularly as water mages are often listed as the most lame mages"

Viper says, "Yeah well"

Deedee claims, "Let's not get too much into detail on this in this venue"

Viper says, "They're technically the strongest.. i'll shut up"

Tomato states, "This is anecdotal I've never survived past 1 day as a mage"

Nephrit says, "Lol"

Lans claims, "It's true."

Ghed claims to LurkyTurky, "We hear you, but let's take it to the Mage Board."

Ghed claims to DARKSIDE, "You're up next."

Viper trails off, "As far as mages and elements... none of you are Thankdok"

DARKSIDE pontificates, "Thank you! Mine is fast, and it's just a quick touch on a bug board note I posted.

To quote: It's really ICly jarring not to be able to pronounce the word 'congratulations' with consistency at a native speaker's level 61 rank in Lithmorran. Maybe native language speakers could start at a higher level to balance this?  Hoping that more tweaks will be made in this general direction.

Not at a particularly low INT or WIS rank either, with Terrific and Substantial. Hope that this feedback will be considered. That's all!"

Tomato wonders, "Maybe we can add 'congratulations' to the 'word just about everyone knows' list?"

DARKSIDE muses, "There's a list? :o"

Tomato claims, "Allegedly common words and name-words are always translated"

Madlad states, "That specific word had bugged me in the past as well. Maybe there needs to be a whitelist of words that anyone above a 20 or so can read"

Temi says, "I know we don't want everyone being able to say all words of congratulations' length."

Leta claims, "If it's not a big coding hassle for Eurus, we could see if a couple words could be whitelisted, yes"

Leta states, "There are a few others that come to mind as well"

Bimbly claims, "You can get around it by torturing your grammar a bit, but that's awkward."

DARKSIDE wonders, "...What level is then required for a native speaker in a language to be actually fluent? 75?"

Temi says, "I wondered if there might be a lore fix - a specific IC saying to fill that niche."

Ghed states, "We tweaked languages this year because languages at skill rank 36 were too easy, there was no need to use learn slots for them"

Madlad states, "Yeah, it's a really long word, but still not one you should need to waste a grandmaster slot on"

Ghed claims to Temi, "That's creative"

Ghed nods at Madlad.

Kirale exclaims, "I vote for new word!"

Tomato says, "You get lithmorran as a free grandmaster slot, by the way"

Ghed says, "But it looks like we might have overdone it"

Leta pontificates, "You don't need a learn slot for your char's native language and Lithmorran!"

Deedee states, "I think everyone recognizes damdwadoowadeamd by now anyway."

Ghed laughs.

Titania claims, "Congratulations are in order"

Ghed states, "Maybe 'damdwa' is the new word"

Ghed says, "Like 'grats'"

Ikeala claims, "If you don't want to embarass yourself in front of your friends and seem super smart with them big words, there are solutions to that. Send a letter for our mail catalogue."

Seraphite claims, "Important note: I think it's because periods and other sentence-ending punctuation count as letters for sentence length."

Madlad says, "The problem with an custom new Lithmorran phrase is people need to be aware of it. Newbies and oldbies that aren't aware that its been introduced will still use congratulations"

Leta grins.

Sue says, "What level do i have to be to say pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis"

Yinadele says, "Https://youtu.be/oyFQVZ2h0V8"

Tomato states, "I would say it would make more sense to just whitelist congratulations as the helpfiles indicate that is a thing"

Cal says, "I am a professional at a white collar job with two masters degrees, I still cant pronounce Congratulations correctly. "

DARKSIDE wonders, "No, but seriously. Will words still get garbled at level 75? Or is that what I should be aiming for?"

Leta says, "I appreciate all the sales pitches going on in this OOC chat."

Seraphite claims, "I encountered a dwoomafoo incident during the council meeting. The words were 7 and 10 long, they just only had ellipses between them and no spaces."

Ghed asks of Yinadele, "In english? weak"

Yinadele says, "Look you have to for this joke"

Tomato trails off, "Yes ... counts as 3 characters so hello...how is a 11 character word to the system"

Ghed grins at Yinadele.

Seraphite states, "Periods, I'm pretty sure, count as letters - so people not recognizing congratulations might be a !/?/. issue."

Violet says, "Anecdotal, I brought Lithmorran to 75 because of this and no longer see any dwhwhweeeanaawww unless it's someone who is bad at speaking"

Ghed claims to DARKSIDE, "I don't think you'll have problems at that level"

Tomato claims, "I just adjusted to always put a space after elipses but that does require you to remember"

DARKSIDE says, "That invites folks to game the system by writing out like this ."

Ghed says, "But we will look into it"

Tomato says, "But yes you can unblock lithmorran and spend a little bit of rpxp to just master it"

Madlad states, "There's a good arguement that punctuation shouldn't count towards word length when garbling text"

Tomato trails off, "It starts auto-blocked at..."

Ghed nods at Madlad.

Tomato wonders, "I think 61?"

Ghed states, "Yes"

Errisar nods.

Viper says, "Instead of congratulations, tell them you hope they die a horrible death instead. Mix it up. Geez."

Deedee states, "Somewhat tangently"

Yinadele claims, "Lithmorran  : Rank  75(  8)"

Deedee claims, "[w is broken."

Ghed wonders to DARKSIDE, "Okay, we'll look into it, okay?"

Bimbly states, "Starts at 61. You can do twelve-letter words consistently at 61, but more, you tend to garble."

Tomato exclaims, "'The Lord has truly blessed you, I am pleased to hear it!'"

plague claims, "I hope people aren't trying to game the language system, that would make me sad"

Leta nods at Tomato.

RamblingSeert is idle.

DARKSIDE declares, "Okay, thanks! <333!"

Seraphite claims, "You're a coward if you game the language system."

Ghed smiles.

Tomato says, "Or just kiss them with tongue, both works"

Leta claims, "It used to be lower for non-Lithmorrans, but we bumped it at the same time we increased starting XP"

Titania claims, "Slur your words in public you cowards"

Titania says, "Look like an idiot"

Sue declaims, "How fortuitous! "

Ghed states to Tomato, "Yes"

Ghed nods at Titania.

Bimbly claims, "I manually fumble words for the fun of it, but that's not most characters' shtick, I feel."

Ghed says, "Or say congratulations in your native barbaric non-lithmorran language"

Ghed says to Kirale, "You're up next"

Kirale states, "Looking for feedback on Adding a Little Unpredictability to City Metrics (viewtopic.php?f=12&t=2614). This was from a conversation in OOC regarding some fun RP fodder based on metrics. Please add some ideas if you have them! My imagination is shot this week."

Ghed states, "Ahhh good"

Ghed claims, "Thanks for that"

Tomato claims, "I am down for more stuff happening on grid for metrics, they need polish"

Sleek begins to descend.

Sleek leaves down.

Errisar claims, "I really liked Deedee's idea about wandering animals."

Ghed asks, "Maybe rats up north from low infra?"

Ghed states, "Rats in the south is a feature, not a bug"

Kirale declaims, "I included that and cited her!"

Ikeala says, "Pigeons pooping on statues."

Deedee says, "Rats already spawn I think"

Temi has transferred Pauline.  [OOC]

Temi gives a wide cookie iced with an inquisitor and shadow facing off to Pauline.

Deedee says, "I'm thinking more wildlife rather than normal city stuff"

Pauline sits down and rests.

Deedee says, "Wild animals coming in to scavange"

Bimbly says, "Oh, yeah. I was going to suggest something on that - altering the forage lists for city tiles based on metrics. At very low Piety, you might find people throwing away their Erra Pater, for example."

Errisar states, "Non-agro, but like goats, turkeys, rabbits, etc."

Yinadele states, "I don't mind additional metric effects, BUT."

Kirale says, "I like that idea, Bimbly."

Tomato states, "Probably extremely complex things will take a LOT of time"

Errisar declaims, "I love it, Bimbly!"

Errisar claims, "And maybe you get dirty faster with low infrastructure."

Yinadele claims, "Boy, is trying to herd the metric system hard! It's already a little randomized from the start. Player influence is difficult to consistently direct."

Ghed claims, "Altering forage might not be doable, it might require a total rewrite of the forage subsystem"

LurkyTurky says, "Infrastructure starts making you use more MV to move at low values"

LunarEclipse claims, "I would also like more wildlife please :)"

Yinadele states, "I love when that happens."

Seraphite queries, "Y'all don't walk everywhere?"

Leta claims, "I think there is already a metric that makes you get dirty faster =)"

Errisar grins.

plague claims, "It makes walking cost MV, Sera. It's great"

Leta declaims to LunarEclipse, "That is on my to-do list!"

Ghed winks

Sue says, "No metic only lawfulness (++)"

Deedee says, "Forage could probably use a re-write, but yeah, not sure what the priotity on that should be"

Titania claims, "I think we should have low in every metric"

Seraphite trails off, "But walking... already costs MV..."

Leta claims, "I DIDN'T MEAN IT THAT WAY"

Titania claims, "This city should SUCK"

Leta flails.

Pauline exclaims, "Lol!"


plague states, "No, walking is normally free"

Cal has lost link.
Cal has reconnected.

Sue says, "I HATE PIETY"

Ghed says to Titania, "We have had low on many metrics at the same time"

Kirale laughs.

Ghed states to Sue, "You're gonna love it back when it tanks"

Temi grins.

Kirale trails off, "After having to let Ghed know that Corsages were counting as shirts the other day..."

Ghed says, "Oof don't remind me"

Errisar laughs.

Sue claims, "The wicked don't need god they need the long arm of the law"

plague claims, "Eff the Reeves down from the Undercircle."

Temi trails off, "Well, carefully positioned..."

Seraphite states, "Related question: can noble projects LOWER metrics? I'm not a noble nor have a project. I'm just interested."

Temi nods at Seraphite.

Ghed laughs at Temi.

Leta exclaims to Seraphite, "Yes!"

Ghed says to Seraphite, "Yes but nobody does it"

Leta says, "We've just, for the most part, had benevolent nobles"

Deedee claims, "They CAN"

Tomato claims, "Yeah they can, but unfortunately its visible to everyone"

Deedee states, "But no one would support it"

Titania states, "Noble Project: Personally Beat Up Southside Residents"

plague claims, "They can but who's going to support a 'lower health' project yeah lol"

Leta says, "Nobles can also subvert projects"

LunarEclipse claims, "Also nobles can subvert projects too."

Leta nods at LunarEclipse.

Deedee claims, "I've always wanted the actually affect of noble projects to be hidden"

Ghed declaims, "So yes, I invite everyone to pitch in Kirale's forum topic and pitch in ideas! Preferably ideas that staff can reasonably implement and don't break the game"

Errisar says, "Operation Iron Boot sounds like a lovely noble project."

Deedee says, "Actual coded effect*"

Yinadele exclaims, "Hey, the help file on Noble Project doesn't have syntax for metric subversion!"

Tomato claims, "If you are looking to subvert a metric more than your personal one, you can submit plots, but staff historically ask for a lot of effort for that"

Yinadele claims, "I thought I was crazy, but that might be worth adding to the help file."

Ghed says to Yinadele, "Blame staff"

Ghed hides

Kirale states, "I want to credit Deedee and Ghed for most of that topic."

Yinadele trails off, "Aww, no... Shh"

Yinadele comforts

Ghed states, "I was just sleepy and chatty"

Ghed muses to Kirale, "Thanks for posting that and pitching it. Might we move on?"

Kirale exclaims, "Yep!"

Ghed declares to plague, "You're next!"

They aren't here.

Ghed has transferred Antonio.  [OOC]

Deedee claims, "Thanks for bringing it, and posting it"

Deedee looks to plague.

plague claims, "As a reminder this first bit is from Avajain, I'm only the last bit : )"

plague says, "Forenote: Hello! I (Avajain) ended up having a family dinner pop up unexpectedly, so I'm unable to be here tonight. That said, other than this forenote, the stats quoted in this suggestion are a week outdated. I considered amending it, but thought that they were minor enough to leave as-is and also it's a little bit funny. The suggestion otherwise remains the same!

As you all know, in the past few weeks a lot of new people have started playing and a lot of new characters have been made. As of this week, a large majority of those characters have or are about to pass out of being cyan- as of writing this (the night before), I think I'm on 72 hours? By the time the OOC chat comes around, I very well could have passed the 75 mark.

This is relevant because of latency. It's something I've been thinking about, and have heard murmurings from others that they're also concerned about it, and specifically how to roleplay it. I've been told that latents don't get told what element they'd be if they were awakened, and only get a single line in chat if latency is procced or however you'd call it. For people new to this game, this is very difficult to roleplay around, especially without knowing an element; I have, however, been told that latents don't get told what element they are because their element is only generated if they are awakened.

To summarize, the problem is that, based off the information I possess, latents have little to RP off of. The solution I propose is something that I think would be simple but effective:

Use the pvent system and add a pool of pvents that are clearly marked as magical in nature and that can only be given to latents- minor, spontaneous effects.

This has the multi-faceted effect of providing prompts for people to RP off of latency wise, informing people that they're latent if they missed it at the time, and would provide a small reward other than potential death to actively roleplaying latency.

Thank you for hearing (reading?) me out. All complaints can be forwarded t"

Deedee says, "Limit hit there"

plague states, "O my HR team (also Plague). That was a joke, please don't actually forward complaints to him.


And mine, me, plague: I think there should be an alternate recipe for making vodka with potatoes, as they are and were a very common starch used for vodkas."

Madlad says, "TL;DR plz"

Temi has created a wide cookie iced with an inquisitor and shadow facing off[5].

Temi gives a wide cookie iced with an inquisitor and shadow facing off to Antonio.

plague questions, "Give latents pvents related to magic. potato make vodka?"

Tomato claims, "I support vodka from potatoes"

Titania says, "POTATO VODKA"

Viper trails off, "Mage board..."

Ghed says, "It's best if we have more concise comments, but yes potato vodka"

Tomato muses, "It was my understanding that latency was going to be reworked?"

Madlad states, "Potato vodka is superior"

Ghed states, "And maybe mage board"

Seraphite asks, "Wait, IS latency getting reworked?"

Deedee says, "On the mage thing, it's not getting hints on what your element would be before being awakened."

Ghed claims, "Something like it, there have been discussions with players"

Deedee says, "That's been discussed before"

Leta states, "Latency has been reworked to some extent, and is currently being worked on"

Tomato states, "Its come up a lot that latency is low-affect and that you have to RP out the effects and there have been discussions on possibly adding coded effects"

Yinadele states, "Tldr: Maybe latents could get to see more clearly that they're latents and what element they are to give other players cues."

DARKSIDE says, "Mage-specific pvents is genius."

Yinadele states, "That's what I'm reading."

Leta states to Yinadele, "We've actually gone the opposite way."

Tomato claims, "I would support more code-effects to not only clue in the player but the grid, as historically latents dont risk themselves"

Titania states, "If you're teleporting around at random you can actually canonically in character state that you're having a bit of latency problems"

Temi says, "I think we talked about automating dreams for them"

Sue muses, "Wait vodka ISN'T made with potatoes currently???"

Sue says, "What"

plague states, "To my knowledge latents do not have access to the mage board and could not post that there theoretically"

Deedee nods in agreement.

plague claims, "But with that in mind, yes, vodka is WHEAT PLUS HONEY"

plague claims, "Where potato"

Kirale cries in her vodka bottle.

Ghed claims, "Someone who should be staff instead of me has reminded me that the Mage Board does not exist anymore"

Leta says, "We've removed the helpfiles that suggested they should have known since the beginning they were helpfiles"

Ghed says, "So use the ANON board please, or the forums"

RamblingSeert is no longer idle.
RamblingSeert has returned from AFK.

Deedee asks, "Does mage work for a target on the anon board?"

Seraphite trails off, "The Mage Board... the Mage Board is (not) real..."

Titania wonders, "Minorly related question: What are the restrictions on spending QP to become a latent?"

Ghed trails off to Deedee, "I think notttt.... I'll check later"

LurkyTurky claims, "I don't think it does"

Tomato questions, "I think at the moment its broke?"

Deedee trails off, "Well, that's a..."

Madlad states, "That feels like a regression. Latency effects would generate RP "

LurkyTurky says, "I don't think you can buy latency with qp"

Ghed claims to Titania, "It very rarely is requested but I think it's contingent on the mage cap"

Ghed claims, "And I think we removed it yes"

Bimbly says, "The helpfile for QP says you can spend it on a new character to make them latent, or spend it to change your element."

LurkyTurky says, "You can start a new char as latent with 50 qp"

LurkyTurky claims, "But not get it on an existing one"

Ghed says, "And I think I updated it"

Temi claims, "If you're an awakened mage in chargen and would rather be latent, we can just set it for you, free."

Tomato says, "Latents do get an ooc message that they're latent but nothing else, you're supposed to RP out the effects, but that has been a product of some contention before"

Tomato claims, "The element is actually totally random when you are awoken so there's no way to know"

Titania claims, "Hmhmmmm, good to know"

Viper claims, "Thandok never had to be awakened Temi."

Ghed says, "But yes it's in the docket and we get that a single one-liner is unsatisfactory"

Temi states, "The more restricted direction is if you aren't a mage at all, especially because mage caps, and want to be latent."

Leta claims to Tomato, "That's something we're working on, like Temi said with the dreams"

Temi nods in agreement.

plague states, "Noted Ghed I will pass that along to Avajain"

Deedee questions, "On original TI, being latent was a ticking time bomb where if you didn't get awakened in time you'd die. Would that be worth re-implementing?"

Tomato claims, "I personally think that latency should contain risk, at the very least that MAGES will suss out the latency"

Ghed claims to plague, "Thanks"

LurkyTurky says, "That would cause a lot of upset latents"

Ghed pontificates to Madlad, "You're last!"

Yinadele says, "Holy patooties that's intense"

Madlad claims, "The directory is pretty great. I've been using it to outfit this new char. But it would be really handy if there were an option for it to display the items it finds with their proper colored strings. "

Ghed states to Deedee, "Please no"

Antonio says, "I was going to say, it kinda seems that latency is something you could choose to not act on and mostly get away with. Something like DeeDee says would actually add reason to opt out of latency."

Yinadele states, "I think it'd be interesting if maybe it wasn't death, but to some sort of magical awakening on a random timer they couldn't predict, making them emerge publically."

Ghed claims to Madlad, "Hmmmmmmm yes I see, not sure how that works given I'm not a coder, but it's probably related to count not coloring words either"

Yinadele states, "Or rather, risk that."

Tomato states, "I think directory just directly yoinks item strings from shops"

LurkyTurky claims, "There are latents who just choose not to do anything about their latency yes."

DARKSIDE says, "Someone once tried to awaken a non-mage character of mine and nobody blew up, and it was severely disappointing. LOL"

Madlad says, "No idea. Just a feature request I put in the boards and was told to bring up here"

Temi says, "I assume there's a code reason it works the way it does now"

plague asks, "Sorry to interrupt the topic here - in the future though, magic stuff in general - it should go on the anon board, what, addressed to everybody? Or the Forums if not that? I admit I wouldn't know exactly what to do based on that so I'm clarifying"

Tomato queries, "Probably forums best, anon board to staff if its not whole-game wide?"

Ghed claims to plague, "Depends, if it's stuff that players don't know, ideally forums, or anon to, IDK sanctum and staff"

Tomato says, "I don't think you can add all to anon board posts for good reasons"

Ghed claims to plague, "If it's stuff like the mage cap, or widespread knowledge, it can be done here"

Viper says, "...mage board is anon board now? Then yes. I've been saying that for 30 minutes"

Ghed states to Viper, "You and me, old mate"

Temi says, "We should make sure mage works as a target on the anonymous board."

Tomato claims, "Staff could probably make an anon board to all active mages on request"

plague states, "Very well o7"

Ghed claims to Madlad, "Thanks for bringing it up, I'll mention it"

Leta claims, "And if you aren't sure where to post, just let staff know and we can direct you."

Ghed declaims, "Alright! We're at the top of the hour, and just in time"

Tomato declares, "Come to the charity ball!"

Ghed exclaims, "Yes! There's an event about to start, you're all welcome!"

Errisar claims, "You can go to it by traveling to 'lassider' from the north gate."

Seraphite declaims, "Come to the charity ball! It'll be fun! The Troubadours will be there! You should let us pool off you and give you EXP bonuses!"

Ghed states, "It's board ic, note read 13."

Viper states, "Oh that's tonight"

Violet declaims, "Charity balllll!!!"

Ghed nods at Viper.

Violet says, "We'll send out town criers"

Pauline asks, "Are you related to the putrid tomatoe at the south side market?... the one between the stalls?"

Ghed declares, "Free food!"

LunarEclipse states, "Yay ball time =D"

Viper trails off, "Aha... i thought it was two weeks... its TWO IN GAME WEEKS...bwahaha"

Ghed laughs.

Ghed claims, "Please remember to post rumors, cnote discoveries, and recommend each other for meaningful RP =)"

Ghed states, "Srsly I've seen some of you with no cnotes since 2020"

Ghed declaims, "Covid is no excuse people!"

Deedee states, "Sure it is- for playing more."

Leta grins at Deedee.

Viper says, "Cnotes saves lives"

Viper says, "ANd kills them"

plague claims, "I cnote every day"

Bimbly says, "I forget to cnote often. I'm not sure what I should cnote and don't think about it during a scene."

Ghed nods at plague.

Pauline says, "Wish I had more c-notes"

Ghed states, "Maybe a cnote per week for protocol is okay, unless you make a big discovery or are on your way to murder"

Deedee claims, "Be sure at least to follow cnote policy"

Jiraiya states, "I forgot the names of my kids because i didnt cnote them"

Viper claims, "I've started character profiles with mine"

Jiraiya states, "RIP"

Viper claims, "So just cnote a character and fill it in as you go"

Lans says to Jiraiya, "... now that's a good idea"

Bimbly says, "Oh, but, you can't edit cnotes after a short while."

Violet claims, "I forget the names of my char's kids and I -DID -cnote them"

Ghed declares to Bimbly, "You can update them!"

Deedee claims, "You can add to them"

Bimbly states, "Oh."

Yinadele pontificates, "Remember: Cnoting gives you more RPXP!"

Bimbly claims, "Heck."

Tomato has been transferred out by Leta.  [OOC]

Kirale declaims, "Thanks to whoever it was that mentioned Cnote Update!"

Ghed says, "Okay, we're ready to warp you all out"

Pauline stands up.

Pauline begins to descend.
Deedee waves.

Leta nods at Yinadele.

Pauline waves.

Ghed trails off, "Engaging warp drive in 3..."

Pauline leaves down.

Kirale exclaims, "Thanks everyone!"

Leta exclaims, "Play nice, make friends, have fun! <3"

Leta waves.

Ghed trails off, "2..."

Ghed trails off, "1............"

Seraphite declaims, "Weeeeee! o7"

Titania states, "OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"

Bimbly states, "Zoop"

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