Log of OOC Meeting: 2022-10-22

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Sat Oct 22, 2022 6:15 pm

Temi states, "Alright so, agenda for today as per normal: 1) Staff Updates, 2) Player Hearthbeat, 3) Player Topics. Does anyone have any topics that they want to put on the list now?"

Deedee claims, "Nothing comes to mind at the moment."

Temi states, "Alright! I'll assume that's a no for now. If anyone comes up with any ideas, please let me know and I'll add you to the list."

Brando nods.

Gnomely was transferred and given the meeting gift.

Temi says "We were just asking for topics, nothing sofar."

Temi pontificates, "So, staff updates!"

Temi claims, "I think Leta is about ready to start her plot, but I'm not aware of any other updates form the others besides normal plots and recommends and requests."

Temi declaims, "So, watch for details from her on that!"

Deedee nods.

Brando nods

Temi claims, "I am now back from my travels and recovered from the covid I found there (luckily mild). And I've been putting together details on the plan for the next big plot, which will follow Leta's lighter weight one."

Deedee says, "Glad you're feeling better"

Temi pontificates "We'll play it by ear on when people are done with Leta's plot before starting mine, but I do have plans for the next couple weekends, so I'll be a little more scarce. Not completely gone, though, this time!"

Temi queries, "Any questions on any of that?"

Brando claims, "Goodstuff :)"

Kirale says, "No questions from me, and I'm glad you're feeling better."

Temi wonders, "Alright then. Player heartbeat! How's RP been this week?"

Temi claims, "I saw that the Yule Faire was a grand success again"

Gnomely claims, "It has been alright for me, a bit slow, otherwise."

Ikeala says, "Some people were kind enough to reach out via tells when they got matchmade to set up some Invite scenes that wouldn't have otherwise happened so that was nice."

Temi states, "That's very nice! I think I saw some recommends to that effect. I know that our spooks appreciate being included too."

Urtha was transferred and given the meeting gift.

Temi states, "we were just going over player heartbeat."

Brando claims, "I did the minimal and had some time off to recover form burning the midnight oil form the previous weeks play. But I intend to be back at it this coming week."

Temi nods at Brando

Temi states, "That's fair. Can't go all-in every week."

Errisar states, "I had a few good scenes, but it was hard to find people to play with at times that didn't risk crossover between alts."

Temi nods at Errisar.

Temi states, "I did see some quiet spots. Hopefully activity will swing back up again soon."

Kirale states, "I'm trying to get on more during mornings PST, though the youngest makes it hard to carry on RP sometimes."

Urtha claims, I been kinda away and busy, but should get going again soon"

Temi claims, "But we find that having stuff going on is usually the best thing for that. And if there's no one else on, if people can stick around, sometimes that helps from people who log on and just look around to see if there's others on"

Temi nods at Kirale.

Temi nods at Urtha.

Temi declares, "These things happen!"

Temi wonders, "Any problems bothering anyone that staff ought to know about?"

Brando says, "I try to use that time when its only me online in the game ... to learn more ... university library books area godsend."

Temi nods in agreement.

Temi says, "Lots of good books out there, nice contributions form lots of people over the years"

Brando queries, "Yes Temi ... my alt has issues that i will bring to staffs attention using the in game boards, after this meeting. I dont want to talk about them until i have talked with staff privately. is that ok?"

Temi claims, "Sure, that's just fine"

Temi nods at Brando.

Temi says, "Depending on the issues we might need Ghed and Leta too"

Brando claims, "Indeed. cheers ;)"

Temi asks, "Alright. Anything else on anyone's mind?"

SpookySkeletons says, "I just want one person to come up to me and say 'Potion Seller, I'm going into battle, and I want only your strongest potions."

Temi asks of SpookySkelectons, "But I assume you won't tell them who to come up to?"

Temi grins.

Brando laughs and nods at Spooky

SpookySkeletons states, "It'd be very obvious wiht the ominous cloak and market stall full of mysteriously colored tinctures and elixirs."

Ikeala states, "Folks arn't smashing enough pots to be able to buy potions from mysterious wizards in caves, clearly."

Temi grins.

Temi muses, "I didn't have any topics on the list so far... any topics anyone has though of? Or other things people would like to discuss?"

Ikeals states, "I have a follow question to something if there's a moment."

Temi states, "I think we have an abundance of moments at the moment"

Temi grins at Ikeala.

Temi states, "Go ahead"

Ikeala says, "I think it came up the last few at a previous meeting but is there any thought about being able to 'notify' or messenger via courier aliases? There's folks who are pretty good sports about not being meta sometimes while also being inclusive but sometimes I wonder if that would help."

Deedee claims, "I think that was planned"

Temi trails off, "Hrm, I don't see any posts to do so... I'll add it onto the staff talking points list"

Ikeala nods.

Gnomely states, "I think in general, the alt policy might need to be looked at a little bit to work better with the currently small Pbase."

Gnomely claims, "We don't gotta discuss that right now, without Ghed present. But that's the only thing on my mind. Lol"

SpookySkeletons needed to leave and was ported out.

Temi states, "Probably they meant to do some discussion or put it on the list but forgot"

Temi nods at Gnomely.

Temi claims, "I put that down for more discussion too"

Temi muses, "Anything else on people's minds?"

Kirale shakes her head.

Brando claims, "Id like to recommend my fellow players recommened each other ok."

Deedee wonders, "How about an OOC date option for the prompt?"

Temi says, "I can add that to the discussion too"

Temi declaims to Brando, "Always an excellent suggestion!"

Ikeala asks, "Do people usually need to know the time every prompt?"

Deedee claims, "We have OOC time for the prompt, but not date."

Deedee says, "It's useful in logs."

Temi claims, "Yeah, I assume it would more be for logs, though I'd hate to filter it out of every log"

Temi grins.

Brando wonders, "Yes id love accurate date and time with my prompts ... how i toggle on eh please?"

Ikeala says, "Depends on your client."

Brando says, "I use MUSHclient"

Temi states, "There should be the prompt command which isn't client specific"

Deedee says, "See help prompt to see what you can add beyond the basics. Quite a few handy things you can put on it"

Brando claims, "Cheers Deedee ;)"

Ikeala claims, "But also ... I've had scenarios where folks have tried to bring knowing the exact OOC time into stuff IC which ... can be weird given we don't have modern clocks. Though who knows with the new plot maybe peasants will have no excuse for being late to Mass anymore, lol."

Temi claims, "You can set it with things like I think percent T is the one we were just discussing"

Temi says, "Well, time for mass is when the bells ring, clearly"

Temi grins.

Brando nods and grins

Ikeala queries, "Or is that like curfew ... if the street lights are on it's already too late?"

Urtha says, "Speaking of time, Help hours is quite interesting"

Temi nods in agreement.

Temi says, "Not something we use much, but fun to know about"

Temi wonders, "Anything else? We can always wrap up early and I can send you guys back to grid, if you like"

Kalana gives a shake of her head.

Ikeala says, "Only a possible talking point."

Temi wonders, "Yep?"

Ikeala questions, "I know there's been a lot of discussion/revelation about how to properly use embellishments, at what stage in crafting, and using them after a craft versus as an item -in- a craft etc and I'm just wondering if 'help embellish' or something like that explaining a bit more might clear some things up?"

Temi claims, "There's definitely some of that that is player preference, and some where it actually follows what staff expect."

Temi claims, "I do think people stress about it more than _I_ do."

Temi grins.

Ikeala states, "Mostly pondering the helpfile mostly implies it's for 'decorations' but there's a lot of things that can use it now. "

Temi nods.

Ikeala nods.

Temi says, "Well, we can definitely discuss it some. Though we will leave a lot of things open to player preference"

Brando asks, "Uhmmm how far does the game go to allow embellishments .... i dont think that pork pies embellished with pearls is going to pass muster eh?"

Ikeala says, "That might be 'pearls before swine' a bit too literally."

Temi states, "The game doesn't check that."

Temi states, "All things can have the can_embellish flag and they can have the embellish_with flag"

Temi states, "And the game doesn't know anymore than pairing those up."

Temi trails off, "So you could embellish a pork pie with pearls... I don't really recommend it"

Errisar states, "As in some points in history people have literally gilded food, it should be pretty flexible. Also dissolving pearls or floating gold in wine."

Deedee nods in agreement.

Brando claims, "Ok wow. then it behoves us players to behave with that and not go to far out eh."

Temi states, "But really, if you want to, I don't have a technical issue with it either. Maybe look where you eat."

Errisar states, "Hmmm, pork pies with cardinal red gravy. Now heresy tastes good."

Temi trails off, "Well, sumptuary doesn't really say what you can -eat-..."

Temi grins.

Brando mind boggles with the prospects of embellishing stuff.

Kirale states, "Next festival should be interesting."

Temi states, "Some embellishments definitely make more IC sense with some crafts than others though. Please make sure things make sense, or recognize where you're being weird."

Temi claims, "Cinnamon on your diamond tiara and whatnot."

Ikeala claims, "They recommended crushing emeralds into a powder and drinking it to cure Bubonic Plague so ... you know there's that. Would love to see that quack doctor char concept."

Brando claims, "Exactly Temi thats exactly hwat i mean."

Kirale takes notes for her next alt.

Temi muses, "Alright! Anything else from folks?"

Errisar asks, "Any ways we can increase recruitment other than public reviews?"

Temi states, "Telling your friends is great"

Errisar nods.

Temi wonders, "Did anyone have specific ideas? I should check in on the advertisements we were looking at"

Brando states, "Well in RL, i could sally forth and do a kinda wolrd domination take over and make a law that everybody must play TI-Legacy ... but that may take a while ok. lol"

Temi grins at Brando.

Temi says, "These things take time."

Urtha states, "Hostages"

Brando says, "I shall write that review at the website where ima supermoderator "

Ikeala claims, "In my experience, DMing folks who seem to be potentially looking for a game/theme like this one can have a better impact than public reviews that seem to uh ... draw targeted salt and pepper."

Temi nods in agreement.

Temi says, "We think we've generally been fair over the years, but there's definitely been people who disagree and they can be a bit salty."

Brando nods

Brando claims, "Thanks to staff for making the game possible in the first place. "

Temi states, "Players are important too! It's not much of a game without you."

Temi states, "Okay. Well, if no one else has anything, we can wrap up early."

Ikeala claims, "Also don't be afraid to reach out to more/different folks. When folks are slower people can tend sometimes to get insular and more prone to private RP and that can compound lonely feelings."

Ikeala waves.

Temi nods in agreement.

Brando claims, "Sounds good to me as i have alterior motives to badger staff pirvately about an alts issues"

Temi waves.

Brando waves

Gnomely places his right fist over his heart in salute.

Temi declares, "(Vandagan)Okay, sending you back!"

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