Log of OOC Meeting 2022-10-08

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Sat Oct 08, 2022 6:18 pm

Ghed questions, "Before we begin, folks, here's a reminder of the OOC Chat Pact: Everyone on TI does the best they can, given what they know at the time, their skills and abilities, the resources available, and the situation at hand. We will be respectful of this and each other at all times."

Today's Agenda is:
   - Staff Updates
   - Player Heartbeat
   - Player Topics

Is there anything anyone would like to add to the agenda to make certain we discuss it today? If you register a topic, please pre-write it so you're ready to present it when called upon.

Finally, who wants to scribe for today?"

Deedee states, "I think I've already done it two or three times in a row"

Deedee claims, "...but can do it again if no one else can."

Urtha claims, "I don't need the QP, so will defer to anyone that does, but otherwise I can"

Ghed muses to Deedee, "What say you?"

Deedee states, "Sure."

Ghed states to Urtha, "You're right on"

Urtha thumbs up

Ikeala says, "I have something quick if there's time uh topic time."

Ghed nods at Ikeala.

Ghed claims to Ikeala, "I gotchu"

Ghed claims, "Okay, time to start this week's Staff Update."

Tomato says, "Oh I have a minor topic as well"

Ghed nods at Tomato.

Ghed exclaims, "This week I just did normal requests, recommends, typoes, and not a hella lot more. I also helped Leta with her plot, retouched helpfiles, and that's it!"

Ghed muses to Eurus, "Would you like to continue while Leta is busy?"

Leta holds a spring-loaded wooden box etched with face-carved pumpkins in her hand.

Leta flips the lever and the box pops open. A ghost springs out!

Ghed squeak

Leta stops using a spring-loaded wooden box etched with face-carved pumpkins.

Leta has created a spring-loaded wooden box etched with face-carved pumpkins[10].

Eurus claims, "Not much to add here that news hasn't covered"

Leta declaims, "I'm so used to Temi doing this, I forgot to make one in advance! Oh dear!"

Ghed states to Leta, "Thanks for doing it =)"

Ghed nods at Eurus.

Leta gives a spring-loaded wooden box etched with face-carved pumpkins to Eurus.
Leta gives a spring-loaded wooden box etched with face-carved pumpkins to Ghed.
Leta gives a spring-loaded wooden box etched with face-carved pumpkins to Ikeala.
Leta gives a spring-loaded wooden box etched with face-carved pumpkins to Effie.
Leta gives a spring-loaded wooden box etched with face-carved pumpkins to Tomato.

Ghed says to Leta, "Alright, when you catch a breather give us your staff -- whoa"

Effie stops using a simple birch and paper fan decorated with colourful birds.
Effie holds a spring-loaded wooden box etched with face-carved pumpkins in her hand.

Effie flips the lever and the box pops open. A bat springs out!

Leta gives a spring-loaded wooden box etched with face-carved pumpkins to Elise.
Leta gives a spring-loaded wooden box etched with face-carved pumpkins to Urtha.
Leta gives a spring-loaded wooden box etched with face-carved pumpkins to Deedee.

Ghed squeak

Effie says, "I love him"

Effie flips the lever and the box pops open. A bat springs out!

Effie flips the lever and the box pops open. A cat springs out!

Leta grins.

Tomato states, "I love this"

Urtha stops using a festive Magebane noisemaker tied with bells and streamers.
Urtha holds a spring-loaded wooden box etched with face-carved pumpkins in her hand.

Urtha flips the lever and the box pops open. A ghost springs out!

Urtha flips the lever and the box pops open. A bat springs out!

Urtha flips the lever and the box pops open. A bat springs out!

Urtha flips the lever and the box pops open. A hare springs out!

Ghed s-s-s-squeak

Ikeala says, "Ah good, all mage approved friends."

Ghed grins.

Urtha claims, "Brilliant. Top tier OOC gift."

Ikeala says, "I approve."

Ghed muses to Leta, "So! You had an update for us after this wonder?"

Leta pontificates, "Update! Yes!"

Leta says, "I am mostly working on the plot. I am hopeful we will be ready to start this week =) Thank you all for the 63! submissions on the form."

Leta says, "I also helped our Magebane party-planners with special items and the Sanctum guild with rare restocks for their spooks."

Leta claims, "What else... Oh! I also wrote help demon summer."

Leta states, "I believe that is all."

Ghed has transferred Brando.  [OOC]

Leta gives a spring-loaded wooden box etched with face-carved pumpkins to Brando.

Urtha declaims, "Don't help people do THAT!"

Ghed claims, "She's been working like crazy"

Ghed exclaims, "Alright! Temi's on vacation so we'll give her a pass"

Leta claims, "It is a history helpfile summary of my first plot. Though if anyone wants to summon demons... =) I am happy to set something up. I love puppetting demons."

Ghed grins.

Tomato states, "We have had a lack of demons lately"

Ghed muses, "You mean to say we NEED demons?"

Ghed can arrange that

Ghed questions, "Alright people, let's move on to Player Heartbeat: how has the week been for y'all?"

Ghed pontificates, "(I've heard there was some bloody action on the low!)"

Deedee states, "Managed to get one scene in this week"

Ghed thumbs up!

INFO: Ashanna has just created!

Effie says, "My thing might be better as a topic"

Ghed declares to Effie, "Okay!"

Tomato states, "I have had a delightful amount of RP around planning this party and i hope everyone has a good time"

Urtha claims, "I had been away from the game for a bit and am getting back into the groove but did so pretty easily. Excited for this evenings event"

Ghed has transferred Violet.  [OOC]

Ghed nodsnodsnods

Ghed says, "Sounds like it's been a good week"

Leta gives a spring-loaded wooden box etched with face-carved pumpkins to Violet.

Leta has created a spring-loaded wooden box etched with face-carved pumpkins[5].

Ghed queries, "Alright, is there anything bothering anyone about TI that can be shared here and now?"

Ghed peers left, peers right

Ghed declares, "Okay, let me know if you think of something!"

Ghed states, "Alright, time to move on to Player Topics."

Ghed says to Ikeala, "You're up first"

Ikeala wonders, "Would it be possible or a consideration if inspect and/or recipes for scented things could tell what the string others will see on people will be?"

Tomato says, "ATM its totally optional but a lot of people do that by adding a smell desc"

Ghed has transferred River.  [OOC]

Ikeala claims, "True but what gets added to folks descriptions in rooms is hard coded and not something crafters can edit/tool."

Leta muses to Ikeala, "Do you mean the room flag or the pmood-like addition?"

Effie says, "The @soft_aff could be added to the craft description"

Leta gives a spring-loaded wooden box etched with face-carved pumpkins to River.

Ikeala claims, "Ah, the room flag."

Leta nods at Ikeala.

Leta says, "I can certainly make sure all of the recipes have it included. I think at least some do."

Ghed nods.

Ghed wonders to Ikeala, "Does that sound good?"

Ikeala nods.

Ghed declaims, "Okay!"

Ghed states, "Smells are a powerful vector of immersion for sure"

Ghed says to Tomato, "You're up next"

Tomato says, "Eep im almost done typing"

Ghed chuckles.

Tomato says, "Super quick topic! just that all of the art shops IC sell an item that is a sketchbook, and currently it is a 'board' so like a normal book that you write in. However, sketches/art etc cannot be added to boards like letters do, so essentially it is a worthless item for storing sketches or art in, and instead is essentially encouraging you to work around the art system in general and just write your sketches into it and not interact with the art skill at all."

Deedee lifts a spring-loaded wooden box etched with face-carved pumpkins to her nose and sniffs at it.

Tomato states, "Essentially I just want to ask if we can have those items turns into containers instead of boards"

Tomato claims, "I had it done to mine with QP because I BOUGHT it dangit but"

Tomato claims, "It should be a useful item and not a total waste of silver"

Ghed nods.

Tomato gets a large, leather-bound sketchbook tying with lengthy ribbon from a soft woolen satchel embellished by nacreous shell buttons.

Tomato opens a large, leather-bound sketchbook tying with lengthy ribbon.

Tomato gets a simple chalk sketch on a sheet of square-cut paper from a large, leather-bound sketchbook tying with lengthy ribbon.

Tomato claims, "Seeeee handy"

Ghed questions, "How about we add folder items to npc shops?"

Deedee claims, "Art portfolio kinda thing? makes sense."

Tomato says, "I question why the item exists and is tooled as a sketchbook if it is functionally useless and /or people can only write in it"

Ghed nods.

Tomato claims, "If you don't want to change the actual item, remove it or something, it's fairly expensive"

Ghed muses to Leta, "What do you think?"

Deedee claims, "The sketchbook is useful as is IMO"

Tomato claims, "Its just a more expensive journal, go buy a journal then"

River states, "Do canvas portfolios from artwork function like that? Open-closeable? No idea. Never made one."

Leta has created a shiny, bronzed coin with a Lord and a Lady on either face[1].

Leta has created a canvas portfolio!

Leta opens a canvas portfolio.

Leta closes a canvas portfolio.

Leta nods at River.

River claims, "Could just make it into one of thooose."

Tomato says, "IRL you don't write in sketchbooks unless you are a disaster like me and dont have anything else handy. I bought the item because it seemed to be something you could stash your art in"

Urtha states, "I would expect a portfolio to be open/closeable, and a sketchbook not to be. But I would also expect them both to work with the art skill and be functionally built for purpose to hold art and not text documents."

Ghed muses, "We can lower the cost of sketchbooks for sure if they are indistinguishable from journals, no?"

Ghed nods at Urtha.

Tomato says, "The description is sketchbook where people put sketches in"

Tomato claims, "Not bookbook where you write letters"

Deedee claims, "Only reason for them to be more expensive is if they're larger than journals"

River states, "Bookbook."

Leta says, "I think replacing the sketchbook with a portfolio-type may be our best option."

Effie states, "Bookbook"

Leta says, "There are plenty of journals and tomes of various sizes around grid for the bookbook-inclined."

Tomato states, "My main concern is people might buy the item, like me, to store sketches in, and then realize you can only write in it, and then go around the art skill"

Leta nods at Tomato.

Deedee says, "I think some would prefer using the writing system in a journal-type item for their art since you can make changes more easily."

Tomato says, "I've seen sketches in normal books as an extra thing, but we have sketch crafts. And since they can't be added to boards--I tried--the sketchbook has no purpose"

Ghed declares, "Fair enough!"

Tomato says, "You can retool anything you made for 1 silver"

INFO: Shai has just created!

Ghed says, "We'll add it to staff discussion but consider our interest piqued"

Tomato nods.

Urtha says, "Maybe the sketch or art commands should be able to work on the pages of journals as well? So that the sketchbook makes sense. But honestly.. I have no experience with making those sorts of art items."

Deedee nods.

Tomato states, "Torn out pages from boards don't count for art as far as I can tell"

Tomato claims, "They count as mail"

Ghed claims to Urtha, "Yeah, but that would require a heavy amount of coding atm, as far as I know"

Deedee claims, "The whole board system could use an overhaul honestly."

Tomato says, "Anyways, this is easier, just having it be a container so you can contain the sketches within it"

Tomato claims, "Instead of reading your art"

Tomato puts a simple chalk sketch on a sheet of square-cut paper in a large, leather-bound sketchbook tying with lengthy ribbon.

Tomato closes a large, leather-bound sketchbook tying with lengthy ribbon.

Leta nods at Deedee.

Urtha nods at Deedee too

Ghed nods at Deedee.

Ghed states, "Noted"

Effie asks, "Can't pages torn from sketchbooks be used as paper in art crafts?"

Deedee nods.

Effie says, "I prefer the idea of a new item that functions like a portfolio but j/w"

Tomato claims, "They count as mail in my experience"

Deedee says, "They can be used to make pulp at least"

Tomato says, "You can make paper pulp with enough of them and turn it into paper which works"

Effie says, "Ahh"

Ghed declaims, "It's kind of a long way to get paper!"

Ghed claims, "We'll discuss it as soon as we can, for sure"

Deedee nods.

Urtha states, "When I need paper I just cuss a lot instead of using the 3 seashells"

Tomato claims, "Lmaoooo"

Deedee claims, "Being able to post sketched might be a good addition if that's not working currently."

Deedee claims, "Would be good for creating art books, if people don't want to use the write system for some reason."

Ghed chuckles at Urtha 

Urtha claims, "That sounds like a good idea as well"

Ghed asks of Tomato, "Okay, was there anything else?"

Tomato says, "Nah that was it"

Ghed nods.

Brando is idle.

Ghed says, "We want to encourage people using the art skill for sure"

Brando is no longer idle.
Brando has returned from AFK.

Ghed exclaims to Effie, "You're up next!"

Effie pontificates, "Ok!"

Effie claims, "So I'm still afraid to play rofl because i keep flubbing the strict crossover rules, and was wondering if staff would consider talking about/revising them. I personally think they should be loosened up more like it used to be, because it's starting to feel like I have no option but to liquidate my crafter and just make my noble into a crafter instead of spreading the same effort across two characters in order to feel like im not breaking theme. and apparently people are getting fed up and dropping off the game because they get yelled at for unintentional crossover too often."

Effie says, "I dont have as much of a horse in this race now, but would be super stoked if it'd be considered"

Elise states, "Lol"

Tomato says, "I do feel like the crossover rules have gotten a little stricter but they did add clarifications when I had some issues with it myself and like I said I asked for staff's advice when I butted up against it, and did not act until I heard back and have yet to actually egregiously break policy on it"

Tomato claims, "I think the main thing is if you are not sure if you are breaking crossover it is paramount to not do the thing until you hear back"

Effie states, "I asked for clarifications a couple times and was told they were intentionally ambiguous, or got in trouble for not thinking about it quickly enough"

Effie states, "So ive been kind of paralyzed"

Ghed states, "I'm sorry you feel uncomfortable with our current setup. With that said, we only rarely have crossover issues. They got more frequent this year, but in the past it's been low in the ladder of policy problems. Blackballing or not cnoting are more prevalent."

Ikeala queries, "I think the first question about crossover should be 'Am I always focusing my efforts to/with one person(s) on mulitple characters' if the answer is yes, there's a pretty good chance something is wrong. So I'm curious what changing the rules would fix more than ... branching out?"

Ghed says, "Some folks have it easier than others (I sure slipped a couple years ago and Kin set me straight)"

Tomato questions, "I obviously can't speak to your situation since I do not have all the details but it is possible that you simply have 2 character in the same niche/circle? That would cause more friction than others"

Tomato states, "I have a noble-lover and a noble-hater and that makes it very easy for me not to do crossover, and I did that on purpose"

Tomato states, "I made Tomato here so I could play with people I couldn't really on the other because she didnt like anyone not a freeman"

Effie says, "I play a noble and a freeman tailor but the pbase is small and it feels like a lot of paperwork to advertise or take commissions and stuff"

Effie says, "If its just me its cool though"

Tomato asks, "Is the issue solely around commissions? If an alt holds a craftsman position, I thought they had a small loophole if they were the only one"

Deedee claims, "I've not really had issues since I don't have time to play one character much less multiple."

Leta claims, "The crossover complaints we've seen staff-side recently are things like: 

1. One alt purchasing another's items 

2. Two alts publicly and codedly defending/supporting the same character. 

3. Alt A is living with a player. Alt B is making items for that player to hand off to alt A."

Elise says, "It would have to be staff approved."

Tomato claims, "If the alt isnt the only tailor though, then it is expected to deny the commission for crossover reasons if its your alt's friend or there's a risk your alt will get the item"

Leta nods at Tomato.

Effie nods.

Effie claims, "I think given how i rp on effie it might be best to just liquidate the crafter then"

Ghed states, "We have had some egregious stuff like using alt knowledge to further your conspiracy, etc"

Deedee claims, "I think I've been on the other end of that a few times"

Tomato states, "I personally like effie and don't know your alt but I feel like your noble adds more but it really falls down to what you enjoy the most"

Effie states, "I like crafting ;_;"

Tomato says, "I love merchants and inevitably burn out on the crafting demands"

Ikeala muses, "Is that an OOC desire more than one that always makes sense IC?"

Effie muses to Ikeala, "How do you mean?"

Ikeala wonders, "IDK just as things have been presented it seems like the desire to craft/make characters to craft is causing trouble because the desire to craft is uh ... taking precedent over other things? "

Effie claims, "Yeah oocly i love to craft and string stuff"

Violet claims, "I'm sympathetic to the whole being crafting inclined thing"

Tomato says, "In that instance maybe it might be prudent to back the noble away from the crafting side of things entirely, if that is the source of the crossover"

Urtha asks, "I have seen a number of crafting characters over the years that I was certain was SOMEONES alt, but no idea who because these characters seemed to exist only to craft, run their shop, and probably earn XP for their main. They never really RPd outside of shop stuff, never got invovled in plots and were never seen outside their shop and backroom, and only knew enough gossip to small talk while taking orders. I would imagine as long as you're not breaking the rules by using your crafter to get cheap items for your main or your mains connections, you should be totally good with that kind of setup?"

Leta nods at Urtha.

Tomato says, "Play the noble for noble RP, and play the crafter for crafting RP, and keep them separate"

Effie queries, "Depends on if im taking commissions from effie's friends i think? i posted a req board question about it anyway"

Ghed says, "Plenty of people used to keep an 'easy merchant alt' on the side"

Effie claims, "But on effie i rp with everyone"

Ikeala claims, "I mean in the same vein there are probably IDK folks who love the idea of PvP or PK but I feel like we as a collective would be less sympathetic to the desire to change the rules so make that easier."

Violet states, "Yeah I do think that supplying crafting materials on one alt as money-making, then using crafting materials on another is a difficult position."

Effie nods.

Violet muses, "Because even if you aren't directly supplying your alt, you're supplying your alt's guildies?"

Effie says, "Not sure how else to make money on my noble alt since i was going by help how to make money"

Effie claims, "And i liked the rp around building lore for my demesne's exports"

Tomato muses, "Crafting materials are difficult there, as you can easily end up benefitting from your alt's actions. In that instance, on the crafter maybe stay away from anything you might have donated?"

Effie nods.

Tomato states, "If you sell vandagan wool or something, make sure to buy it from the vandagan quarter or have a higher up buy it at a possible discount for you etc"

Tomato says, "So you dont accidentally get your own wool"

Violet queries, "Like it puts you in a tricky situation to be selling the same kinds of materials as your using on another. You're existing in a weird grey area there, you know? Where your circles will necessarily overlap"

Effie says, "Yeah and that used to not be a big deal"

Ikeala states, "I mean the other thing is making the alt craft things completely seperate from what the other character is involved in."

Effie claims, "If you had something in a pshop for like a week or two at a fair price you could just buy it on an alt because it wasnt damaging the game, you were creating content to add to it"

Tomato claims, "I think unfortunately if you are actively doing something that might benefit your alt, you do have to take steps on the alt to avoid it"

Ikeala wonders, "Used to not be a big deal at what point?"

Tomato claims, "I was under the impression you couldn't buy your own shit at all"

Elise states, "I always thought that was a big deal."

Ikeala says, "Because that hasn't been okay the like 6 years I've played."

Eurus states, "I think that's been problematic and a policy breach for as long as I've played"

Tomato states, "I cant buy from my alt's guildshop at all because my alt put stuff in it"

Ghed claims, "Me too"

Effie nods.

Effie states, "With resources and stuff not crafts, i should clarify"

Tomato claims, "If it came from effie's assets or effie is making money off of it, alt cannot touch it"

Leta nods at Tomato.

Elise claims, "I was always under the impression you could not buy things from your alt no matter what they were."

Tomato claims, "Because effie is directly benefitting from the alt's buying the thing"

Ikeala claims, "But I do think that thinking about this as the game it is and not ... TI of 15 years ago and/or following policies of other games might help."

Effie says to Tomato, "Yeah, totally willing to roll with that"

Tomato says, "Yeah we all misunderstand sometimes. So just make sure to avoid on the alt anything that came from effie and you should be golden"

Tomato states, "And if you are not sure, you can ask staff but make sure to do it before and not after haha"

Deedee states, "I think you can always ask staff if there's no other way to obtain an item than from your own alt"

Tomato states, "When I was the only tailor I still couldn't buy from my alt, but if you are the only tailor your alt's friends might be able to buy from you, as long as they do not buy from your crafter specifically to give to your alt"

Ikeala claims, "Sometimes there's other ways but they might not be the easiest or most convenient. But there's usually other ways to get a lot of stuff."

Deedee nods.

Tomato says, "Essentially if one alt made it, obtained it, or profitted off of it, you can't have it on the other without express permission"

Leta nods at Tomato.

Leta claims, "That is a great summary."

Effie nods.

Urtha says, "Perhaps staff should be a little more lenient on letting people purchase items with QP in those situations instead of the blanket "That's available on grid and from crafters" so that there's another way to aquire those sorts of times/materials"

Tomato claims, "I support that"

Effie nods.

Leta says to Urtha, "We have been trying to shift in that direction, yes."

Deedee says, "That's been my experience"

Brando says, "That sounds like  an excellent suggestion urtha"

Ghed nods at Urtha.

Ghed states, "I have enabled recently acquisitons with QP for unique cases where there was not even a remote way to get the item"

Ghed says, "Enabled == approved"

Brando trails off, "Awesome ghed ... cheers"

Leta states to Effie, "If it would help to talk this through outside of OOC chat, we can definitely pop somewhere to do that"

Urtha says, "But that's the way its always worked, hasn't it Ghed? People could buy things with QP if there were NO other way to get them? I'm suggesting allowing QP to purchase items if there are other ways to get them, but those ways might be problematic for crossover reasons."

Effie says, "Id be open to talking about it more, but im also cool just liquidating the crafter if its like a hard policy"

Ghed states to Urtha, "Off the top of my head that doesn't sound bad"

Tomato says, "It sounds to me like there was just a misunderstanding on that intersection between providing materials and using them on the crafter"

Eurus grabs his net and jumps into the code, ready to go bughunting. [OOC]

Tomato says, "As long as you remember to not touch whatever your noble is selling to the merchants with the crafter, that should be fine"

Urtha says, "I also am not involved in this, as I very rarely have an alt, and haven't purchased an item out right with QP in ages. I'm just making the suggestion based on my very limited knowledge of this situation and the rules as I've encountered them."

Tomato states, "And as long as the noble's IC friends don't try to give the noble items from the crafter you should be fine"

Effie says, "Its also the buying off alt friends/commissions with friends/etc im not confident in my ability to navigate without getting in trouble again"

Tomato says, "If you are ever not sure, you can pause the RP and say 'This might be crossover, please let me confirm with staff'"

Ghed nods at Urtha.

Tomato claims, "You don't have to out your own alts but letting them know it might be policy, the other party should respect it and back off"

Brando nods at tomato

Deedee states, "If it's a commission ask staff first, if it's someone buying from your shop, let staff know."

Tomato claims, "But as far as commssions: OK to make things to Effie's friends, not OK for friends to comissions something from crafter for effie"

Urtha states, "This is probably... impossible. But since alts are shared on an account. It would be nifty if there was an account command to show which players are 'associated' with another chaaracter on the account. I think that's tracked in some part for RPXP gain."

Tomato states, "Your crafter isn't being hired because they like effie, so your alt is not benefitting from effie"

Tomato says, "And neither is effie benefitting from the crafter, as shes not the one getting the items"

Effie declaims, "Yeah, that just seems like more ooc to handle than i typically want in my roleplay, its totally ok! just not my style"

Effie states, "I can very happily be a one character player"

Tomato states, "I don't want people knowing who my alts are"

Tomato states, "In any circumstance that isn't me saying 'hey I play x'"

Brando trails off, "I agree tomato ... i think thats too much ooc info"

Deedee says, "I've unintentionally comissioned something from someone's alt a gift for their alt, and they got approval from staff for it. All without me knowing until quite some time later that they were even alts."

Ghed says, "That can happen and that's unavoidable"

Tomato claims, "At the end of the day, crossover policy is YOUR responsibility to keep your alts straight, and you need to go to staff when you see a possible issue to obtain permission, you can't expect other people to know"

Ghed says, "I've had food made by my alts gifted to my other alts without my knowledge"

Ghed nods at Tomato.

Ghed declares, "But unfortunately we're at the top of the hour!"

Urtha says, "It sounds like I didn't explain the idea well, cause exposing people's alts is not at all what i meant. I meant a way to track which characters the game considers connected to YOUR alt. "

Effie nods at Urtha.

Leta nods at Urtha.

Ghed says to Brando, "Understood, mind you, it sounds cool"

Deedee claims, "I think there's a command for that"

Ghed says to Urtha, "I meant you"

Tomato claims, "Its any character under account"

Tomato claims, "And its against the rules to have multiple accounts"

Ghed nods.

Brando says, "When in doubt please seek staff approval first ok. thats how i was able to retool all my characters clothes in chargen to silk items ... i just asked and was given the nod of approval."

Deedee says, "They show up as a different color on the remember list for one"

Effie says to Tomato, "I think she means a way to track which of other peoples' characters the game considers too familiar with an alt"

Tomato claims, "The game automatically turns off rpxp gain if you are in the room as them"

Effie says, "But you can check remember list"

Deedee says, "There's some command tied to finish as well"

Ghed declares, "Okay! we are at the top of the hour, folks, thanks for this good, respectful iscussion"

Leta says, "We do have the familiarity system, but it's unideal in many ways."

Tomato asks, "Oh familiarity? You just get that by being around people, that's not a good indicator for 'friends' or 'too close'"

Deedee nods at Leta.

Ghed nods at Tomato.

Tomato states, "Better to consider 'would I do something for this character'"

Ghed states to Tomato, "Or non-tracked rp like mail"

Effie claims to Tomato, "Ive had to separate characters for having too high familiarity because of a really long argument"

Ghed claims, "Please remember to post rumors, cnote discoveries, and recommend each other for meaningful RP =)"

Tomato claims, "If the answer is yes, the other character cannot also do things for that character and they must be nothing more than social acquantainces or business relationship at most"

Urtha states, "/tom no, /effie understood though."

Tomato says, "Aight. Come to magebane"

Deedee waves.

Tomato claims, "Im wearing a dress so you dont have to"

Brando waves 

Brando states, "Lol"

Leta waves.

Leta declaims, "Enjoy!"

Leta claims, "It was great to see you all."

Effie grins at Tomato.

Ghed trails off, "Warping you back in 3..."

Ghed trails off, "2..."

Ghed trails off, "1..."

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