Log of OOC Meeting 2022-10-01

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Ghed muses, "Before we begin, folks, here's a reminder of the OOC Chat Pact: Everyone on TI does the best they can, given what they know at the time, their skills and abilities, the resources available, and the situation at hand. We will be respectful of this and each other at all times."

Today's Agenda is:
   - Staff Updates
   - Player Heartbeat
   - Player Topics

Is there anything anyone would like to add to the agenda to make certain we discuss it today? If you register a topic, please pre-write it so you're ready to present it when called upon.

Finally, who wants to scribe for today?"

Deedee peers around.

Deedee claims, "Hey if no one else likes QP, I'll do it again."

Ghed nods at Deedee.

Ghed states, "Thank you"

Ghed muses, "No topics btw?"

Deedee nods at Ghed.

Ghed has awarded you 2> QPs: scribe

Ghed pontificates, "Okay, let me know if anything changes!"

Ghed states, "Okay, time to start this week's Staff Update."

Ghed states, "I'll do everybody's part"

Jasmine gets the sock puppets ready for Ghed to use.

River states, "Do the voices."

Ghed states, "I did normal stuff this week, nothing too fancy, just requests, rumors, etc"

Ghed grins.

Ghed says, "Leta has been preparing the next plot with her poll about new technologies"

Gnomely declaims, "And the dances!"

Ghed states, "Temi's away but she helped a big deal with background stuff"

Ghed claims, "Eurus has been busy IRL but he slapped a couple bug fixes"

Ghed declares, "And I did a few policy things, and that's more or less it!"

Ghed nods.

Ghed queries, "Alright people, let's move on to Player Heartbeat: how has the week been for y'all?"

Gnomely states, "It's been alright. No complaints here."

Ghed says, "Seems like there was less activity for a variety of reasons, including a freaking hurricane"

Gnomely nods.

Ghed has transferred Effie.  [OOC]

SpookySkeletons claims, "Ian came to viset."
Ghed gives Effie some coins.

Deedee says, "Haven't had time to play, hoping to get a little in today"

SpookySkeletons claims, "Visit*"

Tomato claims, "I haven't been on as much because work decided to kill me"

SpookySkeletons states, "I told him that I had no hor d'eurves"

River says, "Yes... Ian had me without power for two or so days."

Tomato states, "But the past few days I've managed some very nice scenes"

SpookySkeletons says, "And he went away"

Ghed states to Deedee, "I hope you can manage =)"

Ghed says to Effie, "QUICK HOW ARE YOU"

Effie declaims, "Hi im good!"

Ghed nods.

Ghed claims to River, "I hope you're alright now"

River says, "I'm alright. My part of my county wasn't hit too bad, unlike the southern portion. I even had a nice scene after they got the lights back on."

Ghed has transferred Brando.  [OOC]

Ghed gives Brando some coins.

Brando says, "Cheers"

Ghed says to River, "Excellent"

Ghed claims, "I was worried for our Florida people"

River claims, "You should be worried for Florida people regardless of hurricanes."

Brando places a single gold coin into a little, evergreen coinpurse embroidered with a poinsettia.

Ghed snickers at River

Ghed asks, "Alright, is there anything bothering anyone about TI that can be shared here and now?"

Ghed peers left and right

River questions, "Where are them porcelain masks?"

Ghed wonders, "Whu?"

Tomato wonders, "Like adding them as a craft? That'd be neat"

River claims, "You guys approved them like 4 months ago."

Effie states, "I've been having trouble avoiding crossover and finding things to do with such a small pbase"

Ghed says to River, "Oops, I'll remind Temi and Leta"

Ghed nods at Effie.

Ghed says to Effie, "It's been a weird week for sure"

Tomato states, "Yeah the crossover policy makes it hard to interact with the same people on different characters"

Tomato says, "If there's a specific instance you can go to staff and ask their advice. I had to do that once and it made it easier knowing for sure"

Deedee states, "Maybe it would be good to go through the ideas forum and sort them. Maybe add Implemented to Accepted and Rejected"

Effie states to Tomato, "I did and i got a pretty aggressive reply/official warning lol"

Ghed says, "Dav knows I've struggled with it in the past myself, as a player, before I became staff"

Ghed claims to Deedee, "I do that from time to time"

Tomato asks, "Did you ask... before or after the crossover? If you ask before then that's usually fine"

Effie claims, "I didnt think to ask until after, but was more of a "double checking before i do this again""

Effie says, "Cause i'd been told it was fine"

Tomato states, "After, you sorta are telling on yourself, but I imagine staff would be more lenient if you're coming to ask about it"

Ghed has transferred Nikita.  [OOC]

Ghed gives Nikita some coins.

River states, "How do you guys even time for alts. All I play is one person and I'm constantly procrastinating on all the stuff they gotta do."

Deedee nods in agreement.

Effie grins at River.

Ghed states to River, "Preach"

Tomato says, "Have one hermit and one social butterfly"

Ghed claims, "Alright, time to move on to Player Topics."

Effie says, "I had a noble and a crafter"

River questions, "Who could the noble be?"

River ponders.

Effie says, "Almaz"

SpookySkeletons says, "Almaz is the first hillish noble"

Effie says, "She didnt realize she'd wandered into a coronation, she just heard there was a buffet"

Brando states, "I spend over 20hrsa week just working with my character ooc chores ...i agree with River ... it boggles my mind that people split their focus withm any charcters. good luck to them i say"

Effie says, "Then she sat down in the most comfortable looking spot"

Jasmine looks out for the player topics

Ghed questions, "Anyone wishes to raise anything?"

Jasmine claims, "People need to carry more money so I can steal it"

Ghed claims, "This is true"

SpookySkeletons states, "I'm rich in love"

Effie claims, "Im broke"

River states, "I'd be more inclined to carry stealing money if it weren't difficult to get."

Brando states, "Oh ... please remember to recommend your fellow players characters for displays of excellent RPing eh ... its important."

Tomato says, "No topics, but I'd like to announce that I just put up the posters for Magebane, it's next Saturday, so if you're feeling spoopy come on over"

River says, "In your best drags."

Tomato states, "Yessss"

Ghed nods at Tomato.

Ghed claims, "Magebane is kickass"

Ghed claims, "Mages get crazy and everybody parties"

Tomato says, "Or you can come in a normal costume, you just can't win the contest prize for the theme"

Tomato says, "Mages also invited to Cause Some Havoc"

Ghed declares, "Always!"

Nikita says, "Is this an IC event or something happening OOC?  I thought magebane was in just a couple days RL."

Ghed claims, "IC IC IC"

Tomato says, "It's IC, but due to scheduling we're not having the party until next week"

Ghed pontificates, "Mages go crazy! and so do troubadours"

Tomato claims, "The holiday is a whole IC month, iirc"

Tomato says, "With a single week of moon bullshittery"

River ponders.

Ghed claims, "Alright if no one has any topics, I can just return you to grid unless you have an announcement"

Ghed claims, "Please remember to post rumors, cnote discoveries, and recommend each other for meaningful RP =)"

Deedee says, "I can come up with something I'm sure"

Ghed asks, "Srsly cnote or I'll swap your mind and body attributes -- yeah?"

River says, "Ew."

Nikita states, "I'm a bit confused on C-notes."

SpookySkeletons states, "Dont threaten to make me more powerful"

Ghed questions to Nikita, "'sup?"

River claims, "I'd be so dumb."

Nikita wonders, "I thought I read they were basically only for when you were doing something naughty toward another player and aren't really reviewed unless something comes up.  Are they expected or desired for more?"
Ghed states to Nikita, "I can talk to you in private and we can go over it if you want to"

Tomato claims, "The cnotes policy goes over what you NEED to do but you can use them for anything"

Deedee nods.

Tomato claims, "They're 'character notes' and can be handy for keeping track of information or opinons"

Ghed states to Nikita, "Yeah you want to add a cnote when you make some discovery like finding out who's a mage, who's a heretic, etc"

Ghed says to Nikita, "Staff does check them if you're getting into nasties"

Nikita nods.

Tomato says, "You do get a bonus to rpxp gain for using them so when in doubt you can cnote"

Ghed claims, "But we don't actively review them one by one, they are a lot"

Tomato claims, "I usually outline my characters' opinons and whats influencing it, if its needed, so I can refer to my motivation later"

Ghed claims, "Problem is when I find someone very active and doing shenanigans and their last cnote is from 2020"

Nikita claims, "I only bothered to write one, so I just wanted to make sure I wasn't overlooking something else."

Ghed states, "Which happens rather frequently"

Ghed queries to Nikita, "Did you have another question?"

Nikita declaims, "That's it!"

Ghed thumbs up

Ghed trails off, "Very well! returning you to grid innnnnn 3..."

Ghed trails off, "2..."

Deedee waves.

Ghed trails off, "1..."

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