Log of OOC Meeting 2022-09-17

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Sat Sep 17, 2022 6:12 pm

Ghed asks, "Before we begin, folks, here's a reminder of the OOC Chat Pact: Everyone on TI does the best they can, given what they know at the time, their skills and abilities, the resources available, and the situation at hand. We will be respectful of this and each other at all times."

Today's Agenda is:
   - Staff Updates
   - Player Heartbeat
   - Player Topics

Is there anything anyone would like to add to the agenda to make certain we discuss it today? If you register a topic, please pre-write it so you're ready to present it when called upon.

Finally, who wants to scribe for today?"

Ghed queries, "No one wishes to scribe? We give 2 qp for the first volunteer"

Ikeala claims, "I can if no one else can but happy to let someone else."

Temi says, "Deedee said she could and started it up"

Ikeala nods.

Ghed says, "Oh right! Right. Right."

Ghed has awarded you 2> QPs: scribe

Ghed claims, "Alrighty"

Ghed says, "Okay, time to start this week's Staff Update."

Ghed claims, "I'll begin"

Ghed declaims, "Staff plot! The Lothos Revolt is over, and I am so glad for the enthusiasm and participation. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!"

Ghed states, "With that said, I did a lotta recommends, typoes, and not a lot else since I was so busy with Lothos"

Ghed states, "Congratulations to the winners of the plot btw"

SpookySkeletons questions, "Who were the winners?"

Ghed claims, "The Disablers"

SpookySkeletons claims, "Cool"

Ghed says, "Now I can relax and work on deploying more ambiance echoes"

Brando says, "Indeed ... well done to all involved in that plot."

Jasmine states, "Secret faction blew everyone else out the water"

Cal claims, "Secret Squirrel FTW"

Ghed states, "And maybe work on some thingies like mobprogs"

Effie nods.

Ikeala says, "Good job whoever you are."

Ghed queries to Temi, "Alright T, what do you have for us?"

Ghed has transferred Tomato.  [OOC]

Temi gives a drum with a painted courtroom scene and a gavel drumstick to Tomato.

Leta states, "It was fun to see some of the less-visible groups like the heretical religions active in Ghed's plot. "

Ghed claims to Leta, "We don't talk about Bruno, no no"

Leta grins.

Temi claims, "I am now back from a couple of busy weekends and should be more normal again for a few weeks."

Ghed nods at Temi.

Temi says, "I'll be more thoroughly gone ahead for the first couple weeks in October, so trying to get things in order for a future plot before then."

Temi states, "And trying to finish some of the Daravi background stuff."

Ghed nods.

Temi nods at Ghed.

Ghed nods.

Ghed declaims to Leta, "Okay, you're up next!"

Ghed pontificates, "(btw, I think I have no player topics registered!)"

Petal states, "And lots of players attending too."

Ghed nods at Petal.

Brando claims, "I have a minor topic ok."

Ghed says, "Oh wow yeah"

Ghed nods at Brando.

Ghed says, "Registered"

Leta states, "Hello! I have continued my history-sorting. I found a few books otherwise lost to time and have been sorting objects so that future app-in nobles have historical items to work with. I built several phomes and also handled requests, recommends, and questions alongside Ghed and Temi."

Leta states, "Now that Ghed's plot has wrapped up, I am the next staffer to host a plot. First one after the Demon Summer, so looking forward to storytelling with all of you =)"

Temi states, "More light-hearted, too.  I think you guys will like it."

Leta nods.

SpookySkeletons states, "Will there be balloon animals"

Leta states, "To facilitate the plot, please consider answering this google form: https://tinyurl.com/4hczz7wa"

SpookySkeletons claims, "If there are no balloon animals then im lodging a complaint right now"

Leta claims, "It's just one question, and I will reward with QP =)"

Temi claims, "Feel free to address the balloon animals in Leta's form"

Leta nods seriously.

Ghed claims, "It's gonna be a lot of fun"

Petal states, "Damn, no lasers tho."

SpookySkeletons says, "Im sorry but your form says no mcdonalds"

SpookySkeletons states, "You have violate dmy code of ethics"

Ghed states, "Eurus is busy right now, but he did a lot of memory fixes to improve stability and performance"

Leta says, "Sorry, no lasers. We have to save the alien invasion for 2023 xD"

SpookySkeletons says, "I am obligated to put in burger king"

Ghed states, "This is invisible work that doesn't get credited as it should, but he's been working very hard"

Ghed says, "In addition he did a lot of other stuff such as making new projects check if you have an older one ongoing"

Temi states, "Leta reserves the right to not give QP for not taking it seriously."

Ghed says, "Or fixing cnote list, or ambiance which was finicky"

Petal states, "Memory leak hunting is not a lot of fun, and a big job."

Temi nods in agreement with Petal.

Leta claims, "Also a new spell."

Ghed says, "Oh that too"

Ghed claims, "That tiny weeny little detail"

Leta says, "Eurus added a new spell, which we will be implementing helpfiles for shortly."

SpookySkeletons says, "Very curious"

Ghed states, "Expect the unexpected"

Ghed asks, "Alright people, let's move on to Player Heartbeat: how has the week been for y'all?"

River muses, "New shinies?"

SpookySkeletons queries, "What uh, element is it in?"

Ghed says, "Shhh"

Effie says, "I think everyones recovering from lothos"

Tomato says, "I've had some lovely scenes, very appreciative of our nobles to enable my hanging on"

Ghed says, "Nobles are 10 per cent of the active pbase but they have been very active"

Petal says, "Very quiet offpeak over the last week and a little harder to find RP."

Effie nods.

Trogdor states, "I have been absent due to personal commitments this week, but should be more active this week"

Ghed says, "Dang, sorry to hear it"

Ghed claims, "We have a few new character apps"

Trogdor states, "Err.. last week"

Ghed declaims, "And we had Claude's trial too!"

Brando claims, "I achieved 305 RP hours out off 779 total hours for my character. i am at a weak but high for me IP level and ihave not yet begun tospread rumors so wow."

Ghed claps claps claps

Ikeala says, "It's been an okay week. I've been a touch under the weather IRL so feeling a bit blah. "

Cal states, "Same with me. Work sucks but I try to remain involved "

Ghed muses, "Alright, is there anything bothering anyone about TI that can be shared here and now?"

Effie states, "Please respond to letters rofl"

Petal claims, "Think it's probably been a stressful week for quite a few people. And yes. Please, please make use of the letter system."

Brando claims, "Oh and i earned a recommend too .. which reminds me to remind everyone else.. do your recommneds ok please. "

Ghed exclaims to Brando, "Congrats!"

Ghed nods at Petal.

Ghed nods at Effie.

Ikeala claims, "Yeah maybe letter sending needs more than just the flat 100 XP bonus or something."

Deedee states, "Looks like I managed to get 1 rp hour in, been totally swamped with work this week"

Effie claims, "The lothos plot was grreat but we were definitely kneecapped by being unable to get ahold of our partners once we'd done all our tasks"

Ghed asks, "Partners?"

Cal nods at Effie.

Jasmine states, "I did a fair bit of sabotaging the opposite side via plots"

Deedee claims, "Plot was fun"

Effie states, "Troubadours and order were partnered in the lothos plot and i couldnt get anyone to give me a list of orderite tasks"

Effie states, "To do for them"

Trogdor says, "*cough* "

Petal nods at Effie.

Jasmine states, "I'm not certain how it ended up mechanically but once the mechanical goals were hit, you can just follow RP-oriented goals"

Trogdor says, "Totally my bad, sorry"

Effie grins.

Petal states, "It's okay, we'll assign pennace."

Effie states, "Excited to see a new inquisitor too"

Ghed claims, "Every faction except the disablers had a guild that wasn't super active"

Ghed states, "But okay"

Ghed states, "Alright, time to move on to Player Topics."

Ghed claims to Brando, "You're next"

Ghed says, "Or rather, first"

Trogdor says, "That's ominous sounding"

Effie declares, "Thats why they won !"

Petal says, "I think troubs did good considering."

Jasmine states, "(I think the disablers were multiple smaller groups, rather than a single guild, and also stalling a war is easier than winning a war)"

Effie claims, "The travel plot was super fun"

Ghed has transferred Jennifer.  [OOC]

Jennifer declares, "Sorry for the late entrance!"

Ghed questions to Brando, "Are you there?"

Brando states, "Can admin please change the order of listed injuries, from least damage to most damaged on the affects/status page ... so that the most worst wound is treated first instead of the least worst wound being treated first by the NPC healer at the madison hospital. the reason i am asking is because my character got hurt and I triedusing the NPC healer for a change and to my horror the NPC did not parse all my wounds and their level of damage and ipaida lot of silver for the NPC to heal a wound that did not need treatment. That kinda made me go there is a better way to do that codedly speaking. "

Temi gives a drum with a painted courtroom scene and a gavel drumstick to Jennifer.

Ghed nods.

Jasmine asks, "I thought the NPC treated all wounds in one go?"

Gnomely is idle.

Ghed claims, "No, by design back in the day"

Petal claims, "I had that happen to me too. Healed the 10hp scratch and not the 200hp one. ;_;"

Ghed states, "But this is a good proposal"

Ghed states, "(the npc healer is suboptimal, but the price is determined by the physician GLs)"

Jennifer questions, "Wait, you want tomake it so it treats all wounds in one go?"

Petal says, "I think the idea is to treat worst first."

Ghed nods.

Jennifer says, "Oh worst first yeah absolutely."

Ghed muses to Brando, "We'll see what we can do about ordering the wound treatment, ok?"

Brando states, "Cool cheers for letting me vent and state that stuff ok ;)"

Deedee claims, "I'm a little amused by that. "Okay, I put a little salve on your stubbed toe. Stab wound? that's another gold.""

Ghed declaims to Brando, "Absolutely! That's what these meetings are here for"

Ghed declares to Deedee, "Just like real life!"

Temi grins.

Deedee grins.

Ghed queries to Jasmine, "You had something for us as well?"

Gnomely is no longer idle.
Gnomely has returned from AFK.

Leta starts writing a note. (This is an OOC action)

Leta finishes her note.

Jasmine states, "I would like to bring up visnet and how we handle it--it is one of the only ways that new players can ask questions, particularly mechanical ones. We've recently gotten some pretty harsh feedback on how people respond to questions, so as a community I'd like to remind everyone to try to consider why someone's asking a question (or outright ask them) and try to help accomodate newbies. If you're prompting them to find out in character it might be prudent to explain why you're denying their question, rather than just drop 'find out IC' since that rather quickly became a joke at our expense during a recent critiscm."

Ghed declaims, "I admit I made a mistake this week or the last one about this (can't remember well) and I already personally apologized to the player. Even staff blunders every full moon!"

Deedee claims, "I haven't seen so many 'find out IClys' in recent years"

Effie nods.

Ghed states, "It's very rare"

Leta asks, "This might bring up an interesting question for us to ask you. What things should we refrain from sharing over visnet, and what should we as a community work to share?"

Deedee nods at Leta.

Jasmine says, "I haven't either but there are strident claims that they were given, so I thought it was prudent to bring up community wise"

Effie states, "I tend to err on the side of sharing more information than not, particularly if a character's coded skill would justify them knowing it"

Petal states, "I think this is a tricky topic. Often times there are things characters would know that the players don't even if it's IC."

Ghed queries, "I tend to rule out 'would anyone pay dearly to know this? would anyone get killed for knowing this?'"

Temi claims, "It's a joke among the whole genre, really, but it would be good for us to keep in mind sharing knowledge in a newbie-friendly way."

Jasmine states, "As far as what's acceptable, anything mechanical, lore (that is commonly known) or perhaps things that can be assumed as 'common knowledge' probably would help"

Effie nods.

Cal claims, "I would argue unless it is covert organization (Crime, Mage, Heretical)related, it can probably be easily disclosed "

Ghed nods at Jasmine.

Effie claims, "I wont lie "find out ic" and "game on" trigger my fight or flight response from sindome days"

Petal states, "And the other thing is, sometimes ifnormation can be ... kinda gatekeeped behind oldbies too. Not sure if that is the right phrase."

Leta claims, "As a staffer, I have struggled with this in the past. For example, some objects are foragable only in hidden rooms, or in specific rooms, described in the room description but not noticeable unless someone uses 'forage list' or reads it."

Ghed says to Effie, "Been there, done that"

Jasmine says, "For example someone said 'the location of where an item can be bought on grid' or 'how much can x carry compared to y'"

Petal nods at Effie.

Deedee claims, "How about combat stuff? It's kept vague in help files, but there's an IC book that explains how it works."

Jasmine says, "The first is 'common knowledge' where you can find out if you just hit up every store, but that assumes everyone is willing to make that time investment"

Petal states, "I think one of my first questions was where to find rabbits."

Petal states, "Because I genuinely couldn't find them and I was looking everywhere."

Jasmine states, "The latter you can literally compare the items with a command and is a purely mechanical question"

River queries, "Is it somewhat normal to have things be forageable but not in the forage list?"

Jennifer states, "Yeah I always thought when it comes to like where do I find x? And it's a normal item, that it wouldn't matter if it's shared over visnet."

Temi states, "I wouldn't share info on where to find objects being sold, but now that we have the directory, telling them about that is good."

Jasmine muses, "If it is a hidden or not-easily accessible shop, no, I don't think it should be shared, but why is it neccessary to shoot down a harmless question of finding a common thing?"

Leta claims to River, "Everything foragable in a room is on forage list (if you have enough skill). But some special items are only available in specific rooms. I try to ensure the rooms have something in their desc that hint at the item."

Petal claims, "Yeah.. though perhaps then that might be a hook to tell newbies on visnet about directory."

Ikeala says, "Yeah, there is a lot of discovery that can be made in non-coded ways like reading room descriptions.  "

River ponders.

Ghed claims, "A lot lot"

Petal says, "I didn't know directory was on TI, took me a bit to learn that."

Ghed states, "Including hidden exits or portals"

Leta nods at Ikeala.

Ghed states to Petal, "It's fairly new"

Temi says, "More useful to give the ways to learn it than teaching them to come back to visnet for it."

Temi grins.

Petal claims, "Lore gives a lot of hints about secrets."

Ikeala nods.

Ghed claims, "Like even I forget about directory often"

Jasmine claims, "Like if a player is having a hard time finding a common item like 'which of the 5 seed shops sells this seed' does it add anything to their experience to tell them 'shove off, find out yourself'"

Petal states, "Pets/etc isn't on directory and I think it's missing some shops."

Jasmine states, "Because that's how its being interpreted"

Leta nods at Petal.

Effie claims, "Dragging your butt to the merchant's guild to use the directory every time you need to find something is a grind too"

Petal says, "I think generally anything in public shops should be shared on visnet."

Leta states, "When we implemented it, I had to manually comb through every shop flag and shop mob on grid"

Leta says, "Removing and adding the flags."

River claims, "You can drag yourself to a merchant and ask them."

Leta says, "Because private shops and rooms that shouldn't be shops had the flags"

Leta claims, "And rooms that didn't have the flag didn't show up"

Jasmine questions, "I have personally never used directory--you have to know the exact item you're looking for, right?"

Effie says, "If its just like "where is brewers yeast" though"

Leta states, "And then as well, every room that we wanted to show needed the (null) replaced with a name."

Temi claims, "A keyword or such"

Leta says to Jasmine, "A keyword. You can do 'directory bean' or 'directory pie'"

Petal claims, "Even with directory, the grid is very large and yeah... it can take a bit for a newb."

Ghed claims, "Leta did a really, really big job there"

Ikeala claims, "I fully admit sometimes as someone with a character that can struggle to get RP hooks, sometimes the thought of suggesting folks find out some secret secret stuffs IC is a secret hope it might give someone a reason to RP with me. "

Ghed nods at Ikeala.

Petal claims, "I'm using secret exploration hooks with some people, it's fun."

Jasmine says, "I don't think secret things should be shared, but if its common things that a newbie might be asking about, we might want to be a bit more welcoming"

Petal nods.

Ikeala says, "That said while we are on the topic of newbie friendly things."

Jasmine states, "Or like, the special forageables that are easter eggs to find, those probably shouldn't be outed. But 'honeycomb can be foraged in the grasslands' is probably alright"

Petal states, "It took me forever to figure out what clumps were going to protect against animals and then where to find it."

Jennifer still wonders where to get clay. lol

Violet states, "Ugh, the clumps of scent thing really needs to b e better publicized"

Tomato is idle.

Jennifer states, "Yeah, I still don't know about the clumps."

Ikeala asks, "Can we get a more obvious suggestion in chargen, as a tip, or a helpfile or like ... all the above to suggest newbies buy the hunter's musky thingie to not be eaten by angry wildlife?"

Violet claims, "I must have gotten hospitalized like 20 times IC before I figured that out"

Jasmine queries, "I thought we had agreed to put it in a helpfile or a newbie tip?"

Tomato is no longer idle.

Tomato has returned from AFK.

Petal wonders, "Everyone kept telling me get clumps. And I was like. What? Clumps of grass?"

Ikeala claims, "Great minds think alike, clearly."

Ghed says, "Posts have been added at all gates except the south"

Petal says, "It took me ages."

Ghed says, "It was meant as a semi secret frankly"

Petal says, "And 1 bob cat, 3 boar and a wolverine attack later."

River says, "The post on the west gate looks like a very interesting statue if you look at it from the right angle."

Jasmine states, "I'm personally happy to do away with the meme of every new player ever getting mauled half to death"

Jennifer states, "I mean it mentions clumps, but like... not where to get said clumps. lol"

Leta nods at Jasmine.

Petal says, "It was really rough, because I couldn't get healed."

Petal claims, "And I had so much damage I couldn't move."

Petal claims, "But I didn't know anyone on grid yet."

Gnomely asks, "Maybe we should get a helpfile, with a list of 'common knowledge' if we don't have one already?"

Deedee claims, "Crawl is always possible by the way"

Petal pontificates, "I made a guide! :D"

Ghed claims to Gnomely, "We have so many helpfiles already"

Gnomely says, "I might be late to the party, I was reading backlog."

Ghed nods at Deedee.

Effie says, "I like common knowledge helpfiles"

Petal muses, "Https://ti-legacy.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=2587"

Brando claims, "I think the idea of visnet is to be 1 welcoming 2 answer any mechanical game questions they ask and 3 there is a common saying that if one cant say something nice then please don't say anything at all ok. methinkstaht telling somebody to find out via IC is a little rude and off putting unless they are directly fishing for illegal IC info via visnet, in which case do warn them thats against the rules etc. "

Saga states, "Your guide is incredible"

Petal says, "Includes clumps. And kinda all the things I wish I knew in my first week."

Effie says, "It seems fairly common for newbies to feel penalized for things that weren't written down where they could see them and know what to expect"

Gnomely says, "The thing about guides though, is that not everyone wants to join a forum."

Deedee says, "You don't have to join to view"

Violet states, "Everyone can view it tho"

Jennifer says, "Yeah, I never look at the forum. I only go there literally fi there's a poll up."

Gnomely declaims, "True, but there are some people who avoid forums--Exactly!"

Jennifer says, "And it has to be a poll I care about, before I'm bothered to go on there."

Jasmine claims, "I think that there will always be a learning curve and part of the reasoning for the cyan period is to remind us of that"

River says, "The only thing I have to say about info is it would be nice if inspect showed everything that can be seen from appraise. Like the "can hold approximately 30 handheld objects" bit? I don't think the item number limit is on inspect, just the weight cap."

Petal nods.

Effie nods.

Brando sits down and rests.

Ikeala states, "Appraise ranks with Mercantalism I don't know if Inspect does."

Anonymous says, "I wish that I could somehow give an embellishing object a special appraise."

Temi claims, "Well, I think inspect is actually more precise"

Petal says, "I think being more newbie friendly is something that would definitely help with player retention and also the general vibe. TI is a big game, with lots of lore, and lots to learn."

Jasmine claims, "The craft inspect just shows you the exact info, rather than a generalization, appraise can be wrong with lower skill"

Temi claims, "And appraise translates it to more IC people understood things"

Petal queries, "Inspect?"

River wonders, "Ah, so that's not saying that you can only put 30 objects in something?"

Effie says to Anonymous, "Are you team gucci sword too"

Temi states, "Right.  It's a translation of size"

River claims, "I thought it was like... "can hold a maximum of 30 objects, up to 500 pounds.""

Jennifer states, "Oh no the container sizing and sizing in general is a little... convoluted. I never understood it."

Brando claims, "Wow never knew about isnapect coomand code before ... cool."

Jasmine says, "No, its specifically 30 'handheld' items like handkerchiefs, larger items will take up more 'space'"

Petal queries, "Can anyone use inspect or juse those with the craft?"

Violet pulls closed her cloak, hiding her garments.

Temi claims to Petal, "<craft> inspect <pattern>"

Deedee says, "Just with craft"

Petal nods.

Deedee states, "And only if you know the recipe"

Temi states, "Yeah, for the crafters."

Effie states, "I think you need to know the craft yeah"

Jasmine claims, "And containers with things in it will be 'heavier' so nesting containers will take more space"

River states, "Hmm. Okay. I was just interpreting it wrong, I guess."

Deedee claims, "Appraise really does need to work better with weight and size for containers though."

Jasmine says, "It's less that appraise doesn't work and more than some items have weird weights/sizes for what they are"

Deedee says, "It doesn't seem to show the current status right anymore"

Temi states, "Containers are... wonky."

Jennifer claims, "Yes they are. I've long since just stopped trying to figure them out."

Deedee states, "Always nearly empty even when you can't put anything else in"

Anonymous claims, "I put a chest of drawers into a satchel once."

Jasmine states, "You can also force some containers to carry more than they're meant to anyways, so its a bit hard to enforce codewise"

Effie states, "I accidentally pocketed a shrine and couldnt figure out why my mv kept going down"

Violet claims, "My puny character can carry 20 logs and a wardrobe"

Jasmine states, "On the other hand, do you really want to be immobilized when you buy a new bed"

Petal states, "That's taking pious to the next level."

River says, "Maybe nearly empty is referring to volume? No idea. The handheld object thing blew my mind."

Jasmine states, "Or take 20 trips as a merchant to restock your store"

Effie says, "I recall somewhere it's specified that inventory isn't necessarily everything hanging off your character's person but just things around them they're bringing with them as well"

They aren't here.

Effie says, "So you can drag 20 logs on a cart"

Deedee claims, "Oh yeah, drag does work with containers, so you can make a cart."

Ikeala raises a hand.

Cal claims, "Or you know just make a throne of kegs at church. "

Ghed wonders to Ikeala, "Yep?"

Deedee states, "(drag lets you carry items past your weight limit)"

Ikeala muses, "Can I bring up an unrelated topic?"

Ghed wonders to Ikeala, "Yes?"

Effie claims, "Ooh i didnt know there was an actual drag command"

SpookySkeletons muses, "If one drops 200 logs just outside the doors to the cathedral, do the clergy trip over themselves trying to get out? *deep thoughts*"

Brando claims, "I once had a character of mine carry a body back from the madison hospital to the reeves HQ with only them and their trusty horse ... that raised suspicions they were a mage so i cant recommend that one do that unlessabsolutely forced to. "

Anonymous states, "A horse would easily be able to carry a corpse"

Petal questions, "Or do they just make one big pyre?"

Deedee states, "Horses can't carry items anymore though"

Effie says, "Just burn everyone and get it over with"

Anonymous claims, "You can RP slinging the body over the horse's back"

Anonymous states, "I have before"

Deedee states, "True."

Anonymous claims, "Thats not unreasonable"

Ghed says, "Make sure the body is not a bear"

Ikeala claims, "So as much as I love the endless cycle of people 'junking' various corpses and animal heads (thanks for the free arts and crafts materials guys) and other various parts that have no use. The fact junking them just randomly moves them around the map makes me ponder if we don't need a command or craft to do something with them. Or work some of those things into the sausage craft."

Ghed says, "Or a bison"

Anonymous says, "*cough*"

Anonymous trails off, "I dont know what oyu're talking about..."

Ghed says to Ikeala, "We can just make it so they never reach the sewers"

Violet claims, "We do have an animal head use, it just... gets old quickly. Corpses are another story"

River muses, "A broth or stock recipe, perhaps? Demi glace?"

Ikeala questions, "Why do you wound me like this?"

Ikeala chuckles.

Petal asks, "Sausages?"

Violet claims, "WOuld love an excuse not to see skinned and butchered corpses junked everywhere"

SpookySkeletons states, "Burying requires a shovel and costs MV. Junking is free. Just saying."

Petal nods.

Violet states, "We do have sausages now for all the weird animal parts"

Jennifer claims, "Yeah, burying is timely."

Deedee states, "Nice."

Petal asks, "We could just add more weird animal part options to sausages?"

Ghed says, "You can't junk human corpses though"

Jasmine states, "I wouldn't mind a command or on-grid place to ACTUALLY throw away things to be deleted, rather than risking them popping up in the sewers"

Gnomely says, "We should be able to turn hooves and stuff into chew toys for animals. >.>"

River claims, "Maybe you could harvest bones from a corpse and it destroys the corpse item."

Ikeala claims, "Yeah, there's a sausage craft that can use all sorts of things. Don't ask what is in the stew at the Blind Horse it's better that way."

Deedee states to Ghed, "You can if you try hard enough."

Ghed states to Jasmine, "Bury, salvage, consign"

Ghed says to River, "Well, you can get bones from butchered corpses"

Jasmine claims, "Not all items are consignable, buried items run the risk of being dug up, salvage only works on some things"

Jennifer queries, "Why not put a cap on it? So after x amount, then it just disappears?"

Temi states, "Well corpses are what's left once you have harvested the useful stuff"

Gnomely claims, "I wish anything paper was consignable."

Deedee nods in agreement.

Gnomely states, "Like you can't consign envelopes."

Jasmine states, "I'd not mind an on-grid burn-pit"

Temi says, "I think not moving the animal corpses along makes more sense than giving another use"

River claims, "Ah. I have never killed a thing. I am innocent and unspoiled."

Ghed states to Jasmine, "It's a game design choice, some items are not meant to be easily disposable"

Leta muses to Gnomely, "You can use the recycled paper pulp recipe, at least?"

Petal nods at Temi.

Ghed says to Jasmine, "Like human corpses or magical items"

Gnomely states, "I suppose."

Jasmine claims, "Those you can't junk, anyways"

Gnomely claims, "But the image of setting an envelope on fire haunts my dreams."

Brando claims, "Sausages are cool...they convert ugly bits of food into raw meat bits ... ittakes 1 peice of raw unidentifyable peice of meat and three animal parts to create 3 suasage links and saussges can be eaten but better ofusingthem as the basis for other meat dishes ..roast those sausages i say."

Jennifer says, "Yeah, as someone who has to deal with human corpses, it's a problem. There's noe asy way to make them go away."

Ikeala says, "You need either of those disposed of, write me a letter. "

Ghed says, "You can bury them"

Jasmine trails off, "But as someone who does go through the sewers, it does get... tiring to see food just floating around down there forever"

Ghed states, "Or give them to, ahem, Them"

SpookySkeletons trails off, "I know a way to make corpses disappear..."

Petal wonders, "Consign corpse?"

Brando claims, "Eh wot.. bury the dead indeed. "

River claims, "They removed real food going to the fun tunnels, unfortunately. No more tasty sewer snacks."

Leta says to Jasmine, "We're actively working on filters for what's junked to make what ends up back on grid more useful"

Ghed says to River, "Ew"

River smiles.

Leta says, "Fewer sewer snacks indeed."

SpookySkeletons states, "Sewer snacks are great"

Leta grins.

Ghed claims to Jasmine, "We were getting too many newbie clothes"

Deedee says, "You can bury with the hide skill as well"

Temi states, "I think we did plan to cut down on what goes to the sewers and rubbish heap after junking, but not sure how much of that was completed"

Ghed nods at Deedee.

Ghed says, "We cut down a lot"

Petal asks, "There's nothing that can really be done with newbie clothes right?"

Jennifer says, "Make bandages out of them. lol"

Petal says, "They  always pile up at the rubbish heap."

Effie says, "You can make bandages out of them and staunch your bleeding when you get mauled"

Deedee nods.

Brando says, "At Deedee .. wow i did not know  that cheers."

Ghed says, "Bandages is a good idea yeah"

Leta claims to Petal, "Hm. That should not be happening, will jot that down."

Deedee says, "I thought newbie cloths poofed when junked or donated"

Petal claims, "Yeah I did that with some."

Leta nods at Deedee.

Leta states, "That should be the case, yes."

Petal states, "There's definitely looots there."

Ghed claims, "Good to know, thanks a lot"

Ghed states, "I'll do a manual fix later"

Jennifer claims, "I've definitely raided the donation chest for clothing, for the purpose of making bandages. lol"

Ghed says, "Maybe leave those for newbieeees"

Leta claims, "Looks like the Rubbish Heap also has a lot of animal parts ripe for sausages =)"

Cal says, "I need to order real clothes sometime "

Jasmine states, "Lmao maybe not highly suggested for nobles"

Petal nods at Leta.

Jennifer states, "It was only once."

Petal says, "It does right now."

Violet states, "Oh! Yeah. That was something I wanted to mention. Please y'all, donate stuff for your newbie and freemen friends? And as tempting as it is, don't be that rich gentry character who just HAS to steal all the goodies from Alms for the Poor."

Ghed states, "Yes please"

Petal states, "There's actually a huge amount of stuff in the donation chests at the moment."

Lans trails off, "The order donates whatever goods prisoners... no longer need"

Trogdor says, "Maybe consider reporting such behavior to the holy order"
Lans makes the sign of the chalice.

Brando says, "I got special permission from admin when i made my character to turn the linen clothes she came with for free ..into silk clothes because she is a rich gentry woman ... for free. ask admin ifin doubt about what you can and cant tool stuff into ok"

Petal says, "I've been sorting it and more and more keeps coming in."

Violet claims, "I made a big donation dump this week"

Ghed says to Violet, "Excellent"

Petal says, "There's like 10 full outfits."

Violet says, "I think 300 objects. It was a bit excessive"

Petal declaims, "I saw! :D"

Violet grins.

Ikeala asks, "I mean one way to stop that might be to class block the room, right?"

Gnomely says, "That's a good point."

Ghed states, "I'd rather let newbie nobles get something"

Anonymous states, "Then they can't get in there to donate things"

Ghed states, "Or newbie gentries who are learning"

Ghed nods at Anonymous.

Temi claims, "Well, we do want to help newbies, even if their classes are higher."

Temi nods.

Petal states, "I think gentry newbies come in poor too soemtimes >_>"

Leta says to Ikeala, "I suppose we don't want to disallow characters RPing out being destitute, or just trying to get settled, from using it."

Petal nods at Ghed.

Gnomely says, "You need to be in the almshouse to donate."

Ghed muses, "Alright we have 6 minutes left, did anyone have any additional topics?"

Leta nods at Petal.

Petal claims, "You can donate anywhere.."

Ghed claims to Gnomely, "Nope, you can use the donate command"

Leta claims, "You can use the donate command from anywhere"

Gnomely nods.

Petal claims, "Anywhere in the city"

Ghed says, "Anywhere that is not the wilderness"

Temi claims, "Not anywhere, but anywhere city, teah"

Gnomely claims, "That's what I meant."

Gnomely states, "Lol"

Leta says, "True."

Gnomely states, "I missed a word."

Ghed claims, "Phomes in the wilderness work"

Petal nods.

Effie states, "I see newbies online, in light of recent feedback let's try to hook them :D <3"

Brando states, "Lol the almshouse chest should be full.i donated quite a bit of food as penence for something my charcter did. its should be a coricopia of food."

Leta says, "NOT ANYWHERE. Mostwhere."

Ghed states, "Yeah go RP with newbies please"

River claims, "Gentry newbies can definitely be poor. I almost wonder if the newbie zone ought to encourage the purchasing of wealth more, considering it can be hard to get once you're no longer cyan and xp and skills are easier imo."

Ghed claims, "They give a LOT of xp for rping with them"

Petal nods.

Ikeala says, "Oh, I know I had a thought ... is there any possibility (at some point) that we could have a notify (someone) alias ability? Notify now being like Page and showing coded names makes it ... less useful for secret type peoples."

Effie states, "OH yeah"

Saga states, "In my experience there was not enough xp to buy a meaningful amount of money"

Brando claims, "Cyans rock my world ... oh to be a cyan again one day. "

Ghed says to River, "Definitely, it's not recommended to buy anything before you make sure you have a few thou"

Petal states, "I didn't find the newbie chests till too late and I bought a whole lot of stuff i didn't need to."

Leta states, "Assets is next up on the docket for big system improvements. We're hesitant to do anything in the interim while we're implementing."

Effie claims, "A note that we're expected to purchase wealth in chargen would be awesome because i didn't know until it was too late"

Deedee claims, "One note on the recent review, maybe we should consider asset purchases with XP in chargen again"

River says, "When I was brand new I just dumped it all into skills because I was like "skills must be good, right? I can just make money." NOPE."

Ghed says, "We're preparing something about assets to make a simpler, newbie friendly system, that still allows for some strategy"

Effie nods at River.

Jennifer clap claps for ghed.

Jasmine says, "If I understand correctly assets are being looked at for a rework entirely"

Petal nods at Ghed.

Jasmine says, "Yeah what he said"

Ghed says, "Yes"

Deedee states, "Oh, okay"

Petal wonders, "Are you looking to make it so resources can be.. removed?"

Jennifer further clap claps for ghed.

Leta grins.

Gnomely states, "I think buying with XP is a really bad idea. They're not something you get from experiencing the world. You get them from buying."

Jasmine states, "Resources are the best part about assets so I hope not"

Ghed states, "We'll address all concerns"

Brando states, "At effie ..i am makaing a post to the forums about that ok."

Leta claims to Petal, "In interim, I am happy to remove resources for people manually."

Petal nods.

Petal wonders, "Really?"

Ghed states to Gnomely, "Plus it benefits 'established players'"

Effie nods.

Jennifer considers playfully throttling said Ghed if resources goes away.

Petal states, "That's awesome. I know a few people that were worried."

Gnomely nods at Ghed.

Leta claims to Jasmine, "I think Petal is referencing how you can buy them but not get rid of them. Not removing the system all together"

Temi states, "Not being able to remove resources is more about not blithely swapped them in and out"

Leta nods at Temi.

Temi says, "But a one-time help is definitely something we can do"

Leta states, "But if you've made a mistake or need a bit of help, happy to assist."

Deedee states, "Well, they still cost silver to replace"

Effie states, "Im reaching a point where im content with the amount of fun stuff i can do but i think making money a bit easier to come by will be really good for the game and stimulating crafting economy"

Petal claims, "Yup, sorry sleepy so probably not being clear. "

Petal says, "It can be tricky sometimes figuring out what resources to get. You can buy it, then find out merchants get it cheaper."

Brando says, "2mins people .. pls recommend others ok. be well out there on the grid eh. "

Petal says, "So kinda waste the 1000s of silver."

Jasmine states, "The merchants usually get it cheaper from their own resources"

Anonymous claims, "I am curious to see how assets will be changed. hopefully we can retain our resources"

Violet states, "I know I sound like a broken record"

Temi claims, "Merchants shouldn't be able to get things cheaper than resources"

Temi says, "But they do have access to resources too."

Deedee says, "Prices have changed for some items, making the resource kinda pointless"

Violet exclaims, "But consider asking the Merchants what sorts of resources we need! there's almost always stuff we're searching for"

Ghed claims to Deedee, "It's a very, very delicate system to balance"

Deedee nods.

Ghed says, "Anyways, we're at the top of the hour, folks"

River claims, "You can get human bodies from a resource."

Ghed claims, "Please remember to post rumors, cnote discoveries, and recommend each other for meaningful RP =)"

Deedee waves.

Jasmine states, "I think there's a nice balance to be found  between AE's free money overinflation and what we have now"

Temi claims, "But we're looking at it, and we have started discussing today, more to come."

Petal states, "I am way overdue doing recommends."

Ghed states, "(seriously, cnote or I will set your App to 1)"

Cal states, "The problem is I like being app 1"

Petal questions, "Did we get a concensus on visnet questions?"

River says, "What if you're already app 1"

Anonymous says, "He will set you to app 0 and you will die"

Ghed states to River, "Then you get a stack overflow and you get 99 app"

Effie states, "At app 0 you lose your corporeal form"

River claims, "Literal frog."

Jennifer questions, "Does the converse hapen? If you cnote, he'll set your app 5?"

Jennifer laughs.

Jasmine states, "Yuo can be negative app"

Jasmine claims, "Its the extreme uggo"

Ghed states to Petal, "I think we got a consensus"

[>OOC] Effie: "Constitution penalty to anyone who uses the look command on you"

Petal nods.

River says, "App 0 is pillar of salt, lady lott style."

[>OOC] Effie: "Whoops"

Effie says, "Constitution penalty to anyone who uses the look command on you"

Brando says, "I agree temi.the resources in assets are already heavily discounted by 67percent if i recall correctly.to sellit for less than that makes no economic sense and merchants symbolis the gold coin, asif that wasnt obvious.. profit is key to sustaining lithmores economy eh"

Leta claims to Petal, "It sounds like the gist was, 'don't give away secrets, but let's try to give more than 'find out IC', even if it's just directing the player to the tools and commands they can use to find the answer'"

Cal states, "Let the wisdom of ancients guide your actions: Don't be a dick."

Effie says, "It just replaces your desc with "aaauuugh'"

Ghed says, "Lol"

Ghed claims, "Alright folks, get ready"

Ghed trails off, "3..."

Ghed trails off, "2..."

Ghed trails off, "1..."

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