Log of OOC Meeting 2022-09-10

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Sat Sep 10, 2022 6:42 pm

Ghed muses, "Before we begin, folks, here's a reminder of the OOC Chat Pact: Everyone on TI does the best they can, given what they know at the time, their skills and abilities, the resources available, and the situation at hand. We will be respectful of this and each other at all times."

Today's Agenda is:
   - Staff Updates
   - Player Heartbeat
   - Player Topics

Is there anything anyone would like to add to the agenda to make certain we discuss it today? If you register a topic, please pre-write it so you're ready to present it when called upon.

Finally, who wants to scribe for today?"

Ghed questions, "No scribes?"

Deedee can.

Ghed states to Deedee, "Thank you"

Jennifer claims, "I have a more very strange question I've been itching to know the answer to than a topic. So like... if there are topics and we run out of time, that's totally fine. I'm more a last resort, we're bored and have time thing."

Ghed has awarded you 2> QPs: scribe

Dreams states, "Sorry, new laptop. Haven't gotten all set up yet. Not reliable."

Ghed muses, "Okay, should I jot you last?"

Jennifer says, "Yes"

Petal says, "I have a topic/question."

Ghed exclaims, "Okay! noted"

Ghed claims, "Okay, time to start this week's Staff Update."

Ghed has transferred Urtha.  [OOC]

Ghed states, "Gifties coming right up soon"

Ghed pontificates, "This week I continued with my work towards the Lothos Plot, which is starting to draw to a close. I have been busy IRL so I wasn't online all that much. But I hope you folks have been enjoying it!"

Ghed says, "I also created the Medical Lancet recipe, and started implementing new ambiances"

Ghed says, "Other than that, recommends, plots and requests as usual"

Ghed says, "Eurus deployed a big code update this week, getting rid of redundancies to improve our memory and processing issues"

Ghed claims, "This meant cutting an excess 5.000 lines of code. He also coded in a kick for people idling at login, which is something bots do to measure game statistics and kept crashing us"

Deedee questions, "Are lancets consumed when all charges are spent?"

Ghed claims to Deedee, "I've no idea, I suppose so, I didn't design them =)"

Deedee nods.

Ghed claims, "Finally he coded a new way for staff to create ambiance through a proper generator"

Effie says, "Oooh nice"

Ghed has transferred Ikeala.  [OOC]

Effie claims, "I have a topic as well, i missed where we asked for those"

Ghed states, "Gifties coming right up soon"

Ghed nods at Effie.

Ghed says, "This is cool because ambience is very, very time-intensive as it requires a huge script that was inefficient and resource-intensive"

Ghed claims, "The one at the Queen's has 23 levels of nesting, for instance"

Particles of light coalesce to form Leta. [OOC]

River boggles at the concept.

Ghed says, "Now I can deploy them with minimal work and no scripting"

Ghed declares to Leta, "Welcome! We're going through Staff Updates"

Urtha questions, "Can you deploy one here so we know what you're talking about?"

Leta waves.

Leta claims, "I miss Temi. Gifty-making is hard."

Deedee grins at Leta.

Leta has created a silk handkerchief stitched with a whip, dagger and tongue[12].

Ghed says to Urtha, "Sure, moment pls"

River states, "Pretty."

Leta gives a silk handkerchief stitched with a whip, dagger and tongue to Ikeala.
Leta gives a silk handkerchief stitched with a whip, dagger and tongue to Urtha.
Leta gives a silk handkerchief stitched with a whip, dagger and tongue to Petal.
Leta gives a silk handkerchief stitched with a whip, dagger and tongue to Dreams.

Leta gives a silk handkerchief stitched with a whip, dagger and tongue to NotACannibal.
Leta gives a silk handkerchief stitched with a whip, dagger and tongue to Jennifer.
Leta gives a silk handkerchief stitched with a whip, dagger and tongue to Anonymous.
Leta gives a silk handkerchief stitched with a whip, dagger and tongue to River.

Leta gives a silk handkerchief stitched with a whip, dagger and tongue to Deedee.
Leta gives a silk handkerchief stitched with a whip, dagger and tongue to Violet.
Leta gives a silk handkerchief stitched with a whip, dagger and tongue to Effie.
Leta gives a silk handkerchief stitched with a whip, dagger and tongue to Ghed.

Anonymous holds a silk handkerchief stitched with a whip, dagger and tongue in his hand.

Effie stops using a simple birch and paper fan decorated with colourful birds.
Effie holds a silk handkerchief stitched with a whip, dagger and tongue in her hand.

Effie wiggles their handkerchief, flinging the embroidered weapons about.

Leta asks, "Did I miss anyone?"

Anonymous wiggles their handkerchief, flinging the embroidered weapons about.

Anonymous lets loose a loud 'achoo' into his handkerchief.

Anonymous lets loose a loud 'achoo' into his handkerchief.

Anonymous stops using a silk handkerchief stitched with a whip, dagger and tongue.

River lifts a silk handkerchief stitched with a whip, dagger and tongue to their nose and sniffs at it.

A silk handkerchief stitched with a whip, dagger and tongue has no noticeable smell.

Urtha says OOCly, "Are freman allowed silk like this if we're not wearing it?"

Urtha queries, "Are freman allowed silk like this if we're not wearing it?"

Effie stops using a silk handkerchief stitched with a whip, dagger and tongue.
Effie holds a simple birch and paper fan decorated with colourful birds in her hand.

NotACannibal says, "Birdies"

Effie sneezes loudly.

NotACannibal states, "See? Should have stuck with the hanky."

Leta states to Urtha, "Freeman can have silk furniture, items, etc, just not clothing"

Urtha nods.

Leta states, "OOC items are also generally considered 'not fair game'. As we give you lots of spooky stuff."

Ghed nods.

Deedee says, "There's not really anything showing them as OOC though"

Ghed asks of Leta, "Would you like to give us your staff update, please?"

Urtha claims, "I like when it's an item I plausibly could own or make use of. This is a nice prop"

Deedee nods.
Ghed states to Deedee, "Fair, something to be added in the future"

Ghed states, "Like a staff-only trademark"

Ghed questions to Urtha, "Right?"

Effie nods.

Dreams questions, "I think if you used the current code with just a stamp that says 'staff' or something like that, like what the merchants have, that'd probably work without coded changes?"

Leta claims, "I spent most of my time trying to catch up on player requests. I also worked behind the scenes sorting through old items and classifying them by guild, domain, etc."

Dreams claims, "We see 'stamped by master crafter Leta', we knowhands off."

Leta says, "I've found several books that would otherwise be lost to time this way, as well noble relics."

Ghed states, "She's an efficient archaeologist"

Effie states, "Leta found my horrible mothers bling"

Ghed claims, "Or hoarder"

Leta muses to Ghed, "Why not both?"

Leta grins.

Ghed grins.

Urtha pontificates, "Spruce up the museum!"

Ghed smiles.

Ghed wonders, "Alright people, let's move on to Player Heartbeat: how has the week been for y'all?"

Effie states, ""the Batarostran diamond dollar sign upon a heavy gold chain""

Effie states, "Im joking staff took that away from me"

Urtha says, "I was active for 1 hour this week. So I have no idea. Other projects took my time but I'll hopefully be around more going forwards"

Violet claims, "The Big Batarostran Bling"

Deedee claims, "Haven't been around much, swamped with RL stuff again"

Petal says, "Grid has been a bit quieter this week."

Ghed exclaims, "It has! I noticed"

Ghed states, "Everyone is going back to school and work"

Ghed states, "At least in the northern hemisphere"

Ghed muses, "Alright, is there anything bothering anyone about TI that can be shared here and now?"

Ikeala claims, "We did have some downtime this week so I think that might have affected some folks being on too as sometimes after a crash folks get settled into other stuff for the evening."

Ghed states, "That's fair, we had some bad ones"

Effie says, "Lets open more noble slots"

Effie oubliette

Ghed chuckles

Ghed muses, "Alright, no complaints? good"

Ghed says, "Alright, time to move on to Player Topics."

Ghed states to Petal, "You come first, I think"

Petal questions, "Okay so.. A bit of a question to check in on how best to handle things like confessions. If you have a pious character who would typically be attending, but can't due to OOC reasons, is it okay to handwave this? How do other players handle things like this, not just for confessions but also similar issues?"

Effie claims, "Ive always seen people just handwave it if they cant find a pc"

Anonymous states, "I've always just said that my character attends regular confessions on a certain day of the week and handwaved it, unless its ssomething I wanted to explicitly bring up with a PC"

Deedee claims, "You could schedule something via pboard perhaps"

Ghed states, "If you aren't confessing to an inquisitor something like magery or heresy, then it's alright to handwave it, maybe cnote it too"

Dreams says, "I think the general ideal would be - if you're confessing regular stuff, handwaving is ok. If you're confessing being a mage, or some other serious thing, then that is not a handwave situation."

Dreams defers to Ghed. 

Jennifer says, "Yeah, and given that according to the religion, we're supposed to confess, and also given how quickly time passes on ti, lastly the shortage of priests, I feel it's okay to hand wave it. Unless, there is something you feel has ic implications, then you'd need a player."

Jennifer states, "Confess weekly I meant to say"

Effie states, "Rping penance punishments is always funny"

Petal claims, "Even scheduling can be super hard, not many people typically around during my play times. But yeah, mostly fairly general stuff."

Urtha says, "RPing mundane confessions can be fun too"

Deedee nods.

Ghed nods at Urtha.

Ghed says, "Lots of character growth"

Effie states, "Making people get ass naked in the river"

Ghed claims, "For both confessor and priest/ess"

Anonymous says, "In the middle of the winter"

Petal wonders, "Is there a way to view a list of public players in a guild?"

Deedee states, "Gives Physicians something to do too."

Effie claims, "Guildlist guildname"

Leta says, "Guildlist <guild>"

Urtha pontificates, ""Forgive me Lord, I must confess I showed a hillman my ankles!""

s c a n d a l

Petal wonders, "I'm guessing Knights don't really do priesty kinda stuff?"

Anonymous says, "WHAT. father, get the whip."

Ghed claims to Petal, "Nope"

Anonymous claims, "No they dont"

Ghed questions to Petal, "Does this all answer your question?"

Effie says, "My knight got really good at gardening because whenever shed get in trouble the priest at the time would make her go work it off in the church garden"

Petal nods.

Petal states, "Yeah, all good, answered thanks."

Ghed nods.

Ikeala trails off, "I mean if people are feeling guilty about something and want to confess, I'm happy to listen. Probably won't go down well with the local priest but ... "

Ghed snorts

Ghed claims to Effie, "Alright, I think you come next"

Effie states, "Mine is a bit more of a downer topic here we go"

Effie says, "I'd like the sexual consent policy to be revised so that players are required to seek OOC consent before they begin leading a scene towards sexual roleplay (ie flirting with an agenda) and not only before beginning sexually explicit emotes.

This would avoid uncomfortable situations where the recipient isn't totally sure where someone is going, or if it's their fault for misreading things or overreacting until the aggressor has already overstepped."

Deedee says, "I assumed that was already policy"

Ghed wonders, "I think she means, way from the very beginning?"

Petal muses, "Can you define for me what flirting with an agenda is? For the purpose of sex?"

Ikeala wonders, "Is everyone always 100 percent aware that's where RP might go when you start it?"

Ghed nods at Ikeala.

Ghed states, "That's what I was thinking about"

Ikeala queries, "But also I feel like calling someone an 'aggressor' for flirting is a bit ... strong?"

Effie claims, "Either before or if you're not sure that's where a scene is going to go, at the moment you decide to lead a scene in that direction"

Leta states, "For context, our current policy states: 

Sexual tension may be RPed, within the following bounds: 

1. If a character expresses IC disinterest, the opposite player must get explicit OOC permission to continue. 

2. To progress to actual sex, the opposite player must receive explicit IC consent. 

3. If a player requests another player stop OOCly, the RP must immediately end."

Jennifer says, "I mean but... sometimes you're not planning for it to go in that direction. And it goes there during rp. It's kind of hard to state your intentions before the explicit part, given they weren't aware themselves."

Petal claims, "One thing I did like about AE was that you couldn't.. solicit someone for sex in RP if they are a cyan."

Dreams claims, "I think asking OOC consent for flirting is a bit much. Unless the flirting is going into the realms of forcing someone into sexual RP. Flirting is often how people gauge compatibility, and not all flirts lead to the bedroom."

Jennifer states, "Yeah, that seems self-explanatory enough as it is now."

Urtha says, "Its possible story arcs could lead two characters towards a romantic relationship when that wasn't initially intended. It might not always be clear when to say, "Hey I think our PCs are getting flirty and headed towards more explicit stuff""

Effie wonders, "I got tripped up on #1 where I attempted to express IC disinterest and wasn't sure if I'd done enough? And then I wound up being really uncomfortable in a scene and it turned into a policy thing"

Jennifer says, "Agreed."

Jennifer nods at Urtha.

Leta nods at Effie.

Leta says, "I'm sorry you had that experience."

Petal states, "I've had this come up too. Where I've even explicitly said, my PC isn't interested but... it wasn't enough."

Urtha claims, "But avoiding situations like that should be the #1 priorty of policy"

Urtha says, "This makes me think of a request I'd like to propse after this topic"

Ghed muses, "After this topic I have Jennifer, then I can write you down?"

Petal says, "I just then avoid after >_>"

Jennifer says, "No write her down first. Mine is pointless. Trust."

Urtha thumbs up Ghed 

Jennifer says, "It's literally like a last minute, we're bored, anyone have topics kind of thing."

Ghed nods at Jennifer.

Dreams states, "I think there's a fine line here, honestly. We can't tell people how to RP, but there can be very real consequences for RPing something that is very wrong. I mean, except where the current policies stand. This is a non-consent game, uncomfortable RP is uncomfortable, but not against the rules. Torture RP could be filed into the same thing - uncomfortable. If they are forcing EXPLICIT, that's different and not allowed. But if they are just making your character uncomfortable, well."

Ghed has transferred Jiraiya.  [OOC]

Jennifer says, "Yeah, I mean I like the policy how it is now. To have to get consent, for just flirting is like... a little too far? In my opinion. Especially since as mentioned before, not all flirting leads to explicit content."

-- Reboot --

Ghed huffs

Deedee queries, "Who dunnit?"

Ghed has transferred Jiraiya.  [OOC]

Leta has created a silk handkerchief stitched with a whip, dagger and tongue[4].

Ghed claims, "It was a weird reboot, not a crash per se"

Deedee states, "Hm."

Leta gives a silk handkerchief stitched with a whip, dagger and tongue to Jiraiya.

Ikeala wanders into the vicinity. [login]

Drea>ms wanders into the vicinity. [login]

Leta claims, "We'll give folks a few minutes to trickle in before resuming."

Effie claims, "Rip"

Jennifer declaims, "Uncalled for! lol"

Effie states, "Anyway consent for flirting wouldn't be required, i didnt say that, it would be required if someone wanted it to end in a sex scene"

Dreams says, "I also think that creating a rule like this could create a lot of confusion. How would flirting be defined, exactly? There are a lot of behaviors that some people might see as flirting, that other people see as completely innocent, even based on culture differences. Whereas needing consent for explicit RP is very easy to define. No getting nekkid without consent."

Urtha says, "I think theres a difference though, in having a character that is flirty generally, and someone who is flirting explicitly to romantically link their PCs one way or another, and/or drive RP towards that direction And I wouldn't be against requiring you to flag your intention that you're aiming towards courtship/an affair/etc. But not when you just waggle your brows at the 5 appearance characters"

Deedee says, "It sounds more that the policy wasn't being followed than an actual issue with the policy. It's possible the one in question wasn't familiar with the policy. I've seen the policy posted more publicly in recent times though"

Leta claims, "I think this is the sort of topic that requires more thought than OOC chat can provide. We've written it down to discuss at staff meeting and will follow-up with the people involved"

Eurus claws his way out of the codebase. [OOC]

Leta nods at Deedee.

Effie nods.

Jennifer states, "Yeah, I'm with dreams on this one. Sums it up perfectly."

Leta states, "Thank you all for sharing your reflections on the topic, and for doing so in a conscientious and respectful manner."

Ghed claims, "Alright, thanks for politely sharing your thoughts on this matter, everyone"

Ghed says to Urtha, "Alrighty, you come next I believe"

Urtha states, "Along the same lines, but maybe also for torture and other scenes that one or both parties don't want to explicitly RP out. Could we have a 'Fade to Black' command. "

Effie questions, "We have 'graphic' for that i think?"

Deedee queries, "I think we do?"

Deedee nods.

Leta claims, "We do have a graphic command."

Jennifer queries, "Don't we already have a graphic command?"

[GRAPHIC]: Effie requests a censor of this RP.

Ghed nods.

Dreams claims, "I think that echoes to staff, too."

Ghed claims, "It does"

[GRAPHIC]: Anonymous requests a censor of this RP.

Leta says, "There is also help sandwich."

Deedee says, "Sandwiches are a little different I think"

Dreams states, "There's also a turn command that basically requests people to slow down and create a turn-based situation where people go one at a time. That can help ease the stress, too."

[TURNS]: Anonymous requests all RP partners take turns.

Urtha claims, "Ah ok. Yeah, I guess in my mind I was imagining something a little harder than graphic, and one that doesn't connote that anyone in the scene is repsonsible for making it graphic"

Effie states, "Ive seen people go to rolls for torture scenes and stuff"

Urtha says, "Yeah. Much like that Effie"

Effie nods.

Ghed asks of Urtha, "Like A player requests a censor of this RP?"

Ghed claims, "Ah I see"

Ghed nodsnodsnods

Urtha claims, "Rolls are done in Osays though and isn't always I dunno.. officical"

Leta says, "We could make graphic and turns anonymous."

Leta questions, "Would that help things?"

Ghed claims, "And you can cnote rolls"

Ghed claims, "Or logs of scenes"

Anonymous states, "Mine is already anonymous"

Anonymous grins

Effie states, "That would be cool"

Dreams claims, "Neither one should be taken badly, it just indicates that someone needs to either cut the gore, or slow things down a bit to focus/think/respond properlyl."

Leta states, "Similar to 'osay disable'"

Leta grins at Anonymous.

Eurus states, "I don't recall the last time somebody has used either unironically"

Dreams claims, "I've only done it once ever."

Dreams says, "Turns, I mean. And that particular scene ended up needing staff intervention, eventually. But, that was also years ago, on my first character when I came back."

Jennifer claims, "I have never used the graphic command. lol Even in my own chars' death."

Urtha says, "I was thinking like even for scenes where maybe a husband and wife are using breed. Neither player wants to RP it out, but also they don't want to imply that a player is pushing the scene towards something uncomfortable. They both just agree to Fade to black while their characters get their freak on or their torutre on "

Violet claims, "Last time I saw it used was the situation that got maiming added to pkill policy."

Dreams claims, "Oh, my character's death was so fast there was no need. Heh."

Jennifer has lost link.
Jennifer has reconnected.

Ghed muses to Urtha, "I think that can be arranged without coding in new commands, no?"

Deedee says, "I'd think so"

Urtha claims, "Perhaps. It's something I'd seen on other muds. "

Dreams queries to Urtha, "'I've always just handled that with osay?"

Petal nods at Urtha.

Dreams says, "Especially between only two people and a breed command."

Urtha says, "That was just one exampl."

Petal claims, "Sometimes people put that info on whois too. That they prefer to FTB sexual scenes."

Ghed nods at Petal.

Deedee nods.

Urtha says, "I guess I'm requesting that Graphic be a bit more feature rich and not neccesarily 'accuratory' "

Deedee questions, "Worth considering. Maybe post it on the forums?"

Ghed claims, "Can be discussed, but we'd love if you could post ideas and proposed features -- yes"

Ghed says, "I think there's ground to explore here"

Ghed questions to Urtha, "Would that be alright for the time being?"

Urtha nods.

Ghed claims, "Okay"

Ghed queries to Ikeala, "You had something quick for us? then katlyn"

Deedee claims, "Remember to use OOC names, Ghed."

Ghed claims, "Ya"

Anonymous claims, "Finally im not alone in being outed by ghed"

Deedee grins.

Ikeala says, "I'm not sure if this is going to be quick, but - I kind of want to bring up making sure that we are keeping things that are in emotes to things people can actually respond to in character. But I've been in more than a few scenes of late where emotes are kind of mixed in with 'above the table' commentary that can make it hard to parse out how to respond ICly."

Jennifer queries, "How do you mean?"

Leta asks of Ikeala, "Can you elaborate?"

Petal claims, "I know the kind of RP you refer to, where there's a kinda meta commentary? emote looks over at the idiot girl? And cause it's not said, you can't actually.. respond to it."

Deedee nods.

Ghed would of course never disrespect the Inquisition

Ghed queries, "Etc?"

Petal nods at Ghed.

Dreams questions, "That's actually against the rules, no?"

Deedee asks, "Should be?"

Ikeala states, "There's that stuff but there's also mentioning real life in emotes, mentioning movie characters."

Petal states, "I think there's a helpfile on it."

Ghed states, "That's frankly a little annoying"

Dreams states, "And, I'll tag in a quick reminder about the think command."

Deedee claims, "Not sure where that would be written. It's almost similar to closed emotes"

Jiraiya says to iklea, "Wait what."

Jennifer muses, "Oh that definitely is a no no. Mentioning movie chars/ REally?"

Petal queries, "Example for context on the real life one? "

Ghed states, "I've seen it infrequently enough, in unimportant scenes, and I don't mind it then"

Ghed heads for the exit because the ESPN game is starting

Petal throws down like the hulk?

Effie states, "Rofl"

Ghed trails off, "But in bigger scenes or when stuff -is- happening... ugh"

Jiraiya muses, "Isn't that what OSAY is for Ghed?"

Effie states, "Admittedly i mentioned vlad the impaler in an emote in a 1:1 scene once to draw a comparison i thought i was doing a bad job conveying"

Ghed says, "Yes"

Jiraiya heads for the gates -> osay sorry the game is starting

Eurus claims, "Probably best to use osays, or keep it to one on one scenes"

Ikeala claims, "I'm trying to be vague without calling out specifics but in general it can make it hard to stay in character when feels like others in the room ... aren't."

Leta states, "I think help roleplay culture is the best reference here"

Jiraiya nods

Deedee says, "At minimum, should parthenesis-out anything OOC"

Effie nods.

Ghed says, "So bottom line: don't use emotes to get around saying something (much less to twink out of activating speech code), don't break 4th wall"

Deedee nods at Ghed.

Ghed states, "Don't clarify something that isn't obvious physically"

Ghed says, "Alright"

Ghed declares to Jennifer, "You come last!"

Jennifer states, "Okay so mine is super trivial. But I wanted to ask it here, so I can get a proper concensus."

Jennifer states, "So we all use sir to address a knight. Which is great! But then how do you address someone, who might say be a mentor, or older, in a respectful fashion? For women, there is madam, since we refer to women knights as dames. But how do you do it with men? Because I've seen people get their feathers up about being called sir in like a respectful fashion such as "Yes sir," saying they aren't a knight. Which is fair, but is there another term we use on TI"

Urtha swaggers in like Jack Sparrow.

Violet claims, "I've always used Mister/Master"

Jennifer states, "Don't laugh, I'm genuinely curious. I've been curious for awhile."

Ikeala questions, "You mean a non noble, I'm assuming?"

Anonymous says, "Master/mistress"

-- Reboot 2 --

Ghed flails

River claims, "Welp."

Deedee says to Urtha, "You're quick. *makes accusatory eyes*"

Ghed claims, "Seems like a server issue is going on, not on our end this time"

Deedee nods at Ghed.

Jennifer pontificates, "Ungoodly!"

Drea>ms wanders into the vicinity. [login]

Jiraiya wanders into the vicinity. [login]

Deedee states, "Master/Mistress is for guild leaders per the titles helpfile, but should be fine"

Ghed states, "Anyways, Jennifer was asking about to address male authority figures other than 'sir'"

Ghed nods at Deedee.

Deedee says, "Lord/Lady is fine per the help files, but the game culture sort of discourages it"

Urtha claims, "If something is agreed on here, maybe it could be addded to help titles as a comment at the bottom as to what to use instead of sir"

Ghed states, "'master' is the one I use"

Jennifer claims, "Right but I meant like if it isn't subservient state. If they're a mental figure or father figure. Not a servant master relationship."

Jennifer asks, "Would you still use master?"

Anonymous states, "Master didnt used to mean just 'boss'"

Violet says, "Master is what you call guildleaders and fancy folks"

Deedee says, "You can. Master of something, not neccesarily master of you"

Urtha states, "I also thought master was used towards children a lot"

Petal states, "Ooooh help titles. *reads*"

River asks, "Is there not a difference between "sir" and "Sir" and a lady and a Lady. If you said "excuse me, ladies," are you necessarily implying that they're all noblewomen?"

Dreams states, "I am on board with Master/Mistress - and, as far as I know, that's what has been used all along."

Jiraiya queries, "Sirrah is one too isn't it?"

Violet trails off to Urtha, "I do that too.... Master/Mistress for anyone under 16"

Deedee muses to Urtha, "Master Bruce?"

Urtha says, "Exactly"

Leta nods at River.

Jennifer states, "See? I wanted a concensus. Super confused."

Urtha claims, "Also there's Ma'am which works fine "

Ikeala wanders into the vicinity. [login]

Effie states, "I use master/mistress for everyone who isnt nobility"

Deedee states, "Which is short for Madam"

Ikeala states, "If you want to sound ye olden times you could also go 'Goodwife' or 'Goodman' for your favorite Freeman types"

Effie says, "You can also use my lord/my lady as a respectful form of address for non nobles"

Jiraiya oos at Ikeala. "I like that."

Leta states to Jennifer, "There's unlikely to be a consensus, because there are many possible acceptable options."

Deedee nods.

Jennifer says, "So i'm seeing. lol Thank you one and all for humoring me."

Dreams says, "Agreed."

Effie nods.

Deedee claims, "You can always make one up, too"

Urtha says, "Its a topic that has crossed my mind in the past as well. Would be nice to have a help file about it or refernce at the bottom of Help titles with suggestions"

Ghed declaims, "If you post a suggestion to typos I'll consider it!"

Jennifer states, "Really, because saying yes sir to a non knights gets people's feathers in a bunch. Even if it isn't Sir like to a knight."

Dreams asks, "Sounds like an IC thing to smooth out, honestly?"

River states, "Smack 'em around."

Deedee says, "More of a game culture thing"

Jennifer says, "What I'm calling you sir to be polite, not as a knight thing? It's hard to say icly. lol"

Effie claims, "I have noticed some people including myself have struggled with conflicting ic pushback to stuff that isnt codified"

Jennifer laughs.

Deedee says, "Similar with saying lord/lady to a non-noble"

Petal nods at Effie.

Urtha declares, "You're really putting me to work!"

Petal says, "There's a lot of unknown lore to get your head around."

Effie states, "It can be difficult to pick up all the unwritten cultural rules that seem to have crystallized quite a bit since the last time i played"

Petal nods at Effie.

Deedee nods.

Urtha begins to move north.

Urtha slows to a halt.

Urtha nods at Effie.

Ghed pontificates, "Alrighty!"

Petal says, "Sometimes feels like people try to catch others in gotcha moments with cultural rules."

Ghed says, "I think it's time to finish for tonight"

Jennifer says, "Yeah, sorry for the insanity. lol"

Petal nods.

Ghed declares to Petal, "Let me know if that happens!"

Urtha starts writing a note. (This is an OOC action)

Ghed says, "Folks, thanks a lot for coming to ooc chat"

Ghed claims, "Please remember to post rumors, cnote discoveries, and recommend each other for meaningful RP =)"

Ghed says, "(write cnotes or I'll toss you to the Abyss)"

Petal says, "And use mail :D"

He means it.

Effie pontificates, "Reply to letters!"

Deedee asks, "Can I get tossed into the abyss for a bit?"

Dreams grumps, "Don't wanna.

River says, "I wouldn't mind seeing the abyss"

Deedee says, "Sounds fun"

Ghed states to Deedee, "Not for a bit, no"

Leta states, "Also: help ascii! Be kind to our screenreading players."

Deedee snaps.

Ghed trails off, "Alright, gonna retrans.... hmmm I don't know if I can retrans after two crashes"

Jiraiya nods to Leta. 

Anonymous says, "Cnotes? PFFT. I LAUGH IN THE FACE OC NOTES"

Jennifer claims, "I have faith in the Ghed."

Jennifer declaims, "Energize!"

Ghed trails off, "Alright I'll give it a try in 3..."

Ghed trails off, "2..."

Ghed claims, "(sending you to the crossroads)"

Ghed trails off, "1..."

Ghed states, "(unless you have another place in mind)"

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