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Ghed muses, "Before we begin, folks, here's a reminder of the OOC Chat Pact: Everyone on TI does the best they can, given what they know at the time, their skills and abilities, the resources available, and the situation at hand. We will be respectful of this and each other at all times."

Today's Agenda is:
   - Staff Updates
   - Player Heartbeat
   - Player Topics

Is there anything anyone would like to add to the agenda to make certain we discuss it today? If you register a topic, please pre-write it so you're ready to present it when called upon.

Finally, who wants to scribe for today?"

Deedee says, "I can. Oughta ask for them before you start though."

River lifts a simple farmer's pitchfork with a time-worn, wooden handle to their nose and sniffs at it.

PiousDavite stops using a simple farmer's pitchfork with a time-worn, wooden handle.

Claude rests.

Effie stops using a simple farmer's pitchfork with a time-worn, wooden handle.

Ghed exclaims to Deedee, "Okay!"

Ghed questions, "No topics? No problem"

Jasmine claims, "I had a small reminder but no topics"

Claude claims, "I could float an idea but it's not important."

Mutters states, "Uh, I was going to ask if there was a new player guide."

Ghed claims, "Okay, time to start this week's Staff Update."

Deedee claims, "I mean, I can probably think of something to complain about if you want"

Ghed declaims, "This week I began the Lothos Rebellion plot! It is something I've been thinking since november, and working on since february. It went through a lot of revisions and talks with other staffers, and I am very happy to unleash it now!"

Effie claps

Deedee says, "Having fun involving people so far"

Ghed states, "I hope it is something everyone enjoys taking part of, and rping around"

Claude claims, "I like it."

Ghed claims, "Other than that (and that is a lotta work) I've been doing a lot of player requests, a LOT of recommends, a few policy items, and some Tavern ambience. I slapped some new life to the northside taverns and added 20 random echoes to the southside ones."

Ghed says, "Tavern echoes now wait half as much more time before triggering again"

Ghed declares, "And I think that's it!"

Ghed questions to Temi, "How about you? After that I'll speak for Leta"

Temi nods.

Temi states, "I've been keeping pretty busy with requests and plots and such.  Trying to make some more progress on bigger things, but not a lot of luck on that so far."

Temi claims, "I did get a Daravi blurb for other staffers to look at, so we'll see what they think."

Deedee queries, "Bigger things?"

Ghed clears his throat

Temi claims, "None to specifically call out."

Temi nods at Ghed.

Ghed claims, "Pulls up a silver cilinder with a glass eye, "Please look into this device." as he wears sunglasses"

Mutters whispers to dee, "I think they said questions afterwords."

Ghed says, "Okay"

PiousDavite asks, "When is rollover again?>"

Ghed says, "Saturday night, so tonight"

Effie queries, "In 6 hours?"

Temi nods.

PiousDavite says, "Hmm."

PiousDavite claims, "Okay"

PiousDavite may have an issue

Ghed exclaims, "Leta has been busy with player requests and with a special plot for the physicians, which I think is being well received! Other than that she's been all over the place as usual"

Deedee states, "Yeah, having fun with that one, too."

Ghed says, "Eurus has been doing a lot of low key work including a trillion balance fixes and other things to support our plots"

Ghed states, "Also @desc_cloak can now be slapped for free to cloaks if they have none yet"

Effie states, "Slap it"

Ghed says, "Andddd other bug fixes, check help news."

Claude states, "Wow"

Ghed wonders, "Alright people, let's move on to Player Heartbeat: how has the week been for y'all?"

PiousDavite states, "Do the HK slap"

Deedee claims, "I thought adding @desc_cloak was already free if it didn't have one, but good to know"

Temi states, "We'd discussed it before, but it's been implemented now."

Jasmine claims, "It's been quite fun lately, getting into the plot and getting into guild activities"

Deedee states, "Jet lagged, so been playing TI more than I probably should be"

Ghed says, "I feel you"

Mutters "Uh, I'm in my first week and I met a bunch of nobles, I joined a guild, talked to the head of it, and like...learned some skills. I qualify for a phome now? So I'm having a ton of fun as a uh...gray or something. I'm a peasant or like just above it.

Particles of light coalesce to form Leta. [OOC]

Leta waves.

Jasmine claims, "Enjoying having a social alt who is not having to deal with any of these issues as well, so that I can still relax and talk about nothing lol"

Ghed waves.

Urtha states, "Kinda meh. Been looking for a couple PCs that haven't been loggin' in. C'est la TI vie"

Ghed muses, "Sometimes that happens, have you tried reaching by pboad or mail?"

Effie questions, "Ive had a few good scenes! ive been having a difficult time trying to find finding rp threads to pick up to follow up on some conflict im vaguely aware of that seems peripheral to me?"

Deedee says, "Freeman. peasants are around but aren't playable"

Urtha says, "Nah, not yet. Probably should"

Effie states, "So that has been a bit confusing and im not really getting a ton of rp out of it, but i think im figuring things out"

Mutters says, "Right, so I'm like a Free dude and so far it's so good, but I'm running out of money quickly. XD"

Effie has been gone for a really long time and forgot how to TI

Deedee claims, "There's a number of hussles, gotta find your niche"

Ghed states, "Excellent"

Ghed wonders, "Alright, is there anything bothering anyone about TI that can be shared here and now?"

Ghed claims, "Okay, seems like a no"

Ghed nods.

Jasmine claims, "It bothers me constantly that the roof to the bear and boar is RIGHT in the description of the closet but you can't find it by searching"

Deedee claims, "Need more people."

Mutters "Oh, like a newbie guide? I know there's forums but I haven't really delved into it. I figured out how to forage and start crafting, and I fought something and like it hurt me, so is there somewhere I can like figure some of that out if I'm missing anything?"

Ghed claims, "Wellllll there's help newbie commands"

Effie states, "More noble slots </personal agenda>"

Leta grins at Jasmine.

Deedee claims, "I'm cuious what caused the bard boom. all the other guilds are practically empty, hah"

Claude claims, "I found that surprising too."

Temi claims, "We do have a pretty good ratio of nobles to all active characters now, though we will keep an eye on it"

Ghed nods.

Ghed states, "Alright, time to move on to Player Topics."

Ghed questions to PiousDavite, "I think you had a topic? Amirite?"

Jasmine states, "It seems a large group of the bard are ooc friends slash joined together, and all joined the same guild"

Jasmine says, "Not surprising, glad they brought friends in to play with them"

Leta states to Mutters, "Hm... we do have some overview helpfiles, but probably nothing exhaustive. 'help match <keyword>' or 'help <keyword>' is a good place to start, and of course visnet is useful"

PiousDavite says, "Nay, I have no topic. I do have a plot for the rebellion thing which I'm hoping will count for this initial week and not next week's header plot because it took a while to hunt down the PCs and get them involved on grid."

Ghed nods at PiousDavite.

Ghed says to PiousDavite, "Excellent"

Ghed nods at Leta.

Ghed nods at Jasmine.

Ghed muses, "Okay, so no topics? Anything anyone wishes to discuss?"

Eurus claws his way out of the codebase. [OOC]

Jasmine says, "I had a reminder if there are no topics"

Effie states, "I have my event tomorrow and i dont mind if its a disaster"

Claude states, "I was wondering if there's a way to make a wheelbarrow that helps relieve some weight. Maybe it could have the diremote automatically the way boats do when used. Mine can wait though"

Temi says, "I think a couple people mentioned little things"

Deedee claims, "I could bring up the pain to RP while teaching."

Flower claims, "Can I get send back out? RL calls.. about 5 times apparently. "

Temi states to Claude, "Should be able to use drag on containers, though we don't have specific containers for drag"

Ghed states to Deedee, "Is that a serious request"

Leta says to Deedee, "It is definitely on our radar, promise."

Deedee nods.

Mutters "I just had a teaching this morning and it seemed cool? Is it bad on the teaching end or the listening end?"

Leta says, "Teaching being a pain in the butt."

Jasmine says, "Just a reminder to returning players and oldbies that the rumor system has changed over the years, help rumor covers the new policy but I'm seeing a lot of 'old style' rumor promotes and thats not how they work anymore"

Flower has been transferred out by Ghed.  [OOC]

Ghed states to Mutters, "Teaching is excellent"

Deedee states, "I've noticed a few of those"

Effie nods at Jasmine.

Ghed pontificates to Jasmine, "Thanks!"

Jasmine claims, "Rumor promotes now need to entirely restate the rumor. It has to make sense as a standalone statement, as old ones fall off now, you can't just reply to previous rumors"

Ghed states to Claude, "Not a bad idea for the future"

Effie claims, "I like the new rumour system more than the old one"

Effie states, "It feels like telephone"

Deedee claims, "Teaching has an issue where it blocks a lot of other actions. Like if you're trying to describe a recipe, you can't view the recipes. Or you can't take items out of containers, or give somehting to someone"

Eurus claims, "We've got some updates for teach on the docket, just a matter of working through some other stuff first"

Leta says to Mutters, "It's an awesome system, but it has some limitations like being able to manipulate objects, take notes, or teach by crafting that players have expressed complaints about-- yes. What Deedee said. It's on our radar, just.. there's a lot on the list."

Deedee says, "Nod"

Leta nods at Eurus.

Mutters says, "Aah"

Urtha , is not a fan of new rumor system

Effie asks of Urtha, "How come?"

Eurus has returned from AFK.

Deedee states, "I'm not a fan of it either."

Mutters says, "I'll probably have questions next month once I get the hours in. XD"

Ghed states, "It's a love-or-hate thing, the rumor system"

Deedee says, "No rush. :)"

Jasmine claims, "I played when the old rumor system was around, and I find the new one doesn't devolve as much into insult-slinging, so I like it"

Ghed exclaims to Mutters, "That's okay!"

Urtha claims, "Less dynamic, less interesting things to find. You just get to rewrite the rumor that is already there. "

Ghed states, "I admit the old one had the potential of getting way too nasty"

Jasmine claims, "As long as you are stating the general information you can say it however you want, and even radically change the rumor"

Effie says, "Ahh fair. i agree with jasmine that the old one had way too much vitriol"

PiousDavite states, "I often feel that the rumor system fails to be a way of informing players of known RP that happened on grid and ends up just being a way to shit-talk characters anonymously."

Effie claims, "It made the game less fun"

Ghed nods at PiousDavite.

Ghed pontificates to PiousDavite, "Huh! Okay, noted"

Claude slaps his knee and laughs

Jasmine states, "The old one was WAY worse about shittalking so if that's the issue, this is better"

Temi states, "We do have updates that have been planned for the rumor system for... a long while.  But they haven't reached highest priority"

Deedee states, "They do often get rewritten into the opposite thing though. I think a seperate rumor should be started for opposite opinions entirely"

PiousDavite queries, "Now granted that shit-talking has its place. But they go up for really petty and not really justified reasons sometimes. Like, doe sthe public really care that xyz noble's hair was way worse than zyx's nobles?"

Effie says to PiousDavite, "I do"

PiousDavite states, "Okay fine you do."

Jasmine says, "I'd say people just need to start more rumors. If you do something on grid and you imagine it should be a rumor, just start it yourself"

Saga is idle.

Leta nods at Jasmine.

Saga is no longer idle.
Saga has returned from AFK.

River states, "I don't really interact with rumors beyond reading them. The help file is long and vaguely intimidating."

Jasmine states, "They don't even need to be true, they're just rumors"

Eurus claims, "People have been better about rumors lately, definitely way more than usual in the system"

Effie states, "The best way to undermine a nasty rumour"

Mutters "As a low class dude? I actually don't care about their hair, but that's pretty warranted, due to station?"

Effie says, "Is to spread a bunch of even worse rumours about yourself"

Effie claims, "So nobody believes any of them"

PiousDavite claims, "Shush effie dont tell our secrets"

Jasmine claims, "Or pay the bards to sway the rumor"

Effie had a polarizing character once upon a time

Jasmine claims, "Or even quash it out of existence, that's still a command"

PiousDavite states, "Tried it once. Bards took my money then spun it even worse. And kept doing it for several IRL months."

PiousDavite dies.

Effie says, "Looool"

Deedee states, "I don't like how quash works though."

Urtha claims, "I once wrote a reply to a rumor that was about the same scene that rumor described, but referenced some other things that happened in it. It got rejected. Feels like all that's wanted is the same rumor with a thesaurus, and I'm less interested in engaging with it in that manner."

Effie states to PiousDavite, "At least theyre not writing slam poems about you"

Ghed nods at Urtha.

PiousDavite states, "Well"

PiousDavite states, "Actually"

Claude says, "Rumors used to get one of my old chars in trouble. :)"

PiousDavite claims, "Someone once did."

Jasmine states, "Quash just lowers the popularity of a rumor until it gets removed, with extra weight to bards. Enough people quash and a rumor is just gone"

Effie states, "I think we should have public bardic rap battles"

Deedee claims, "But you can't interact with a rumor at all after it's been quashed"

Effie claims, "Hire champions to represent you in the ring"

Effie states, "Instead of the rumour system"

Effie claims, ".."

Jasmine claims, "I've never had a rumor promote be denied, but it depends on what you're saying I suppose. The core details have to remain the same, even if you're shifting the way you're presenting them"

Leta claims to Deedee, "I think the idea is that you can either engage with the rumor and try to twists it in your favor, OR you can use your authority to get people to stop talking about it. If you do the latter, you sacrifice the ability to influence the narrative, but it will go away faster."

PiousDavite says, "Id like it if dueling became a much more common thing for settling disputes"

Leta declaims, "We do have a dueling ground. Please use it!"

Effie states, "Im pro-dueling"

Ghed claims, "Kill each other pls"

Jasmine declaims, "So Lady x complimented freeman y could be respun as 'Lady X is so condescending giving fake compliments to freemen!' or 'Lady X has no taste! She's complimenting freemen!' "

Effie trails off, "I have bloodlust..."

Jasmine says, "Also yes, dueling"

Deedee states, "I'd like to duel, but"

Urtha states, "The old rumor system certainly had its own issues though. Especially when replies turned it into a conversation and made little sense on their own. But felt like there was more to engage with"

Deedee says, "The culture doesn't support it"

Leta declares, "Look. You want an easy situation to both the mage and noble cap? Killing some people will fix that right up!"

Jasmine says, "Every SINGLE rumor turned into smack-talking "

Deedee nods in agreement with Leta.

Claude states, "LOL"

Jasmine states, "Regardless of what the rumor was about"

PiousDavite claims to Leta, "YOu know you'd be surprised just HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE SAID THAT TO ME"


Effie claims, "I wonder if thats a thing we could like actively promote, culturally"

Leta grins.

Jasmine claims, "Be the change"

Claude says, "Lol again"

PiousDavite states, "Also dueling is a thing in lithmorran culture"

Effie claims, "Like even non lethal dueling to settle disputes so it doesnt turn into high school bullying IC"

PiousDavite claims, "Though not quite as prevalent elsewhere"

Jasmine states, "Nobles actually legally have the right to demand a duel, unlike everyone else"

Leta states, "First blood dueling could be quite fun, if you do not want to pkill."

Jasmine says, "Next time someone insults you, lash them and then threaten them to a duel if they do it again"

Effie nods.

PiousDavite claims, "You have insulted my honor, knave. i will now knock your teeth out with my gauntlet and then run you through"

Ghed "Choose a place to die where it's high and dry."
  Ghed appears to be a grandmaster at singing.

Deedee claims, "Maybe it should be a huge deal to refuse a duel even if not against a noble."

PiousDavite says, "It should be"

Effie says, "It is dishonourable"

Jasmine claims, "It is, if its, you know, face to face and not to anonymous rabblerousesrs"

PiousDavite states, "Historically speaking if you refused a duel then you were a coward unless you were of a higher station than the challenger"

PiousDavite says, "People of higher station can refuse duels without backlash, generally. according ot history anyway. game is a game."

Ghed states, "Refusing is for cowards, hire a duelist (nobody likes duelists)"

Ghed muses, "When was the last duel to the death we had?"

PiousDavite states, "Champions are indeed a thing"

Eurus says, "Bloodsport plot : )"

Deedee says, "Don't recall one since some random mage who ran away"

Jasmine asks, "Last duel I saw was between an npc and a pc I think? Nonlethal"

Jasmine claims, "They took off their shirts"

Deedee states, "Oh, there was the bloodspot plot yeah."

Effie states to Jasmine, "Tell me more"

Eurus states, "Hot"

PiousDavite states, "Oh boy"

PiousDavite claims, "Here we go"

Ghed states, "Okay, okay, that can be handled through tells"

Ghed grins.

Eurus says, "Say less"

Jasmine states, "Maybe we should start a dueling club. I encourage the higherborn"

Effie nods.

Ghed states, "Rule 1 is, you don't talk about the duel club"

Claude claims, "Lol"

Ghed declares, "Okay! If there are no other topics I think I'll send you all back to grid"

Urtha says, "Violence is bad. I challenge you to a dance off"

Effie claims, "Come to my event tomorrow im very insecure"

Effie waves.

Temi waves.

Leta nods at Effie.

Eurus states, "Maintenance tomorrow during Effie's event, sorry"

Effie says, "Rip"

Deedee grins.

Ghed declaims, "Mkay!"

Eurus says, "I will be adding sparklies to various parts of the server, very important"

Ghed declares, "Time to go!"

Effie claims, "Oh thats worth it then"

Eurus grabs his net and jumps into the code, ready to go bughunting. [OOC]

Leta pontificates, "Feel free to switch to OOC chan for further duel discussion!"

Claude tries to pick his nose with his pitchfork and clears some grid space.

Ghed claims, "Please remember to post rumors, cnote discoveries, and recommend each other for meaningful RP =)"

Urtha muses, "RTX mode when, Eurus?"

[>OOC] Leta: "Or sparkles discussion."

Temi states, "Dont' forget your bedroll"

Ghed states, "He gone"

Effie stands up.
Effie leaves a long, sturdy bedroll fashioned out of a heavyweight cloth. [OOC]

Ghed trails off, "Engaging warp drive in 3..."

Effie states, "I was sitting on it"

Ghed trails off, "2..."

Ghed trails off, "1..."

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