Log of OOC Meeting - 2021-06-5

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Note: I was copying and pasting this from the buffer of my mud client, and apart from one small section that's stated twice, in the middle, I don't think I messed up anywhere else. I couldn't think of how to remove it without messing things up.

Temi says, "Alright, so Kin had to see to something today, so you've got us. Agenda for today: 1) Staff Updates, 2) Player Heartbeat, and 3) Player topics."
Temi muses, "Does anyone have any player topics to get on the list for today already?"
Temi has transferred Meow. [OOC]
Temi gives a disemboweled, Tubori doll with hair made of dark feathers to Meow.
Meow waves.
Meow meows.
Sparkles claims, "I have a topic."
Drystan says, "I also have a topic"
Temi queries, "Okay, got Sparkles and Drystan. Anyone else?"
Temi says, "Alright, considering that a no! Moving on then, I'll start."
Temi declaims, "No big updates from this week, but the new craft this week is a new drug for the Brotherhood. Hopefully you should be seeing some of that for some new and exciting fun!"
Temi claims, "And also created a new Physician-focused skill quest, on medicine. Our poor unlucky hunter here."
Anonymous peers about and hides his psychotropic frog elixir
Temi gestures at an injured young hunter with significant wounds.
Kitty says, "Physicians specifically? I only see the addict one."
Kitty says, "As a high medicine-er."
Temi claims, "Yeah, physicians specifically for this one."
Kitty nods.
Temi declares, "But that's about it besides some requests. Hopefully more again next week!"
Temi queries, "How about Eos now?"
Deedee gets a deep clay canister of cooling, vegetable-based burn salve from a basic field supply kit crafted from water-proofed leather.
Deedee puts a deep clay canister of cooling, vegetable-based burn salve in a basic field supply kit crafted from water-proofed leather.
Deedee gets an oval jar of numbing wound salve from a basic field supply kit crafted from water-proofed leather.
Deedee gets a small surgical kit with several needles and catgut thread from a basic field supply kit crafted from water-proofed leather.

Deedee puts a deep clay canister of cooling, vegetable-based burn salve in a basic field supply kit crafted from water-proofed leather.
Deedee gets an oval jar of numbing wound salve from a basic field supply kit crafted from water-proofed leather.
Deedee gets a small surgical kit with several needles and catgut thread from a basic field supply kit crafted from water-proofed leather.
Eos states, "Last week we met to discuss some stuff regarding antagonistic play and how to encourage it - that will continue being discussed. Otherwise I've solely been focusing on my plot regarding the Tail and Teeth menagerie - I'm finishing up the area and if not today, it will be opened tomorrow. The corresponding event will be next week Saturday."
(visnet) Player Kasa: How do I change my age?
Sparkles claps.
(visnet) Player Drudwyn: Just have to wait thanks to the linear nature of time
(visnet) Player Anonymous: What if your perception of time is circular?
Eos states, "And I've made penguins canon."
(visnet) Staff Temi: Purchase year age <number>. And please let's use serious answers on this channel.
(visnet) Player Kasa: One question. Why.
Smoke puffs and Ghed steps out from it. [OOC]
(visnet) Player Delana: See help purchase, age or year are options I think
Anonymous states, "Amazing"
(visnet) Player Rhoana: All of the things you can adjust are in 'help purchase', age included.
Ghed claims, "Ok we can start"
Temi gives a disemboweled, Tubori doll with hair made of dark feathers to Ghed.
Deedee muses, "Where the penguins come from?"
Eos claims, "Tubo"
(visnet) Player Kasa: Thanks! I'll bang my head a few times to recover now
Temi claims, "Very excited for Eos' plot! She's been putting in tons of work on that. Tubori tropical penguins and all."
Ghed claims to Temi, "Thanks"
Eos has created a short, stocky penguin with a yellow crest!
Deedee states, "Figured they'd have gone extinct when the mages heated it up"
Temi muses to Salem, "Okay, Salem?"
Anonymous states, "Aww it's a penguin"
Temi states, "Not all penguins are cold weather beasts."
Eos nods.
Salem says, "I read sooo much code and refactored a bunch this week. That will hopefully be done by monday and then I will do a system board and then I go back to the refactor grind. That was my week."
Lewllyn looks cross eyed at the penguin
Temi has transferred Kuzco. [OOC]
Temi gives a disemboweled, Tubori doll with hair made of dark feathers to Kuzco.
Kuzco waves.
Kuzco states to Temi, "Thanks"
Temi exclaims, "Thanks! Good to see some refactoring shaping up nicely!"
Temi pontificates to Ghed, "Okay, Ghed!"
Ghed muses, "Staff update?"
Temi nods at Ghed.
Ghed says, "Uhhh uhhhh uhhhh"
Ghed states, "Can someone else start I hadn't pre typed"
Temi claims, "You're last."
Temi grins.
Ghed laughs.
Ghed claims, "Okay so"
Ghed claims, "Recommends, phome retouches, typos, and uhhh"
Ghed claims, "Some plots and reworked some Real Estate agency thingies"
Ghed says, "Discussed the August plot with staff"
Ghed says, "Temi has been big assistance"
Eos says, "Temi good"
Temi says, "Alright, thanks! Lots of time for that plot to be nice and readied for folks."
Temi claims, "You're last."
Temi grins.
Ghed laughs.
Ghed claims, "Okay so"
Ghed claims, "Recommends, phome retouches, typos, and uhhh"
Ghed claims, "Some plots and reworked some Real Estate agency thingies"
Ghed says, "Discussed the August plot with staff"
Ghed says, "Temi has been big assistance"
Eos says, "Temi good"
Temi says, "Alright, thanks! Lots of time for that plot to be nice and readied for folks."
Temi says, "Hopefully everyone will enjoy."
Ghed rubs his palms mischievously.
Temi queries, "Okay, player heartbeat! How's RP this week, folks?"
Kitty says, "It's been a good week."
Drystan states, "Lots of fun RP on my characters, making the best I can out of limited playtime"
Anonymous says, "I have had some very interesting interactions."
Kuzco says, "I am Kuzco"
Anonymous states, "And i look forward to more of those."
Anonymous states, "No you're not, you're Oczuk."
Kitty peers at Kuzco.
Meow says, "Haven't really been into playing, I'm hoping that people reach out to me per mail when they need me since I'm not online for extended periods."
Temi nods at Meow.
Deedee claims, "Same here"
say lots of fun. Everyone is vey helpful
Lewllyn claims, "Lots of fun. Everyone is vey helpful"
Deedee claims, "Had a few nice scenes though"
Temi states, "Always a good reminder! Folks may be available as needed if you reach out, but may not be actively visible."
Meow says, "Exactly that, ill be there if I know im needed"
Deedee states, "Relatedly, the Epion slot is still empty if anyone wants to app in"
Temi claims, "And even if they're not available, they may be able to arrange something, always a good idea to reach out."
Temi nods in agreement with Deedee.
Temi states, "I think we need to add some other GL roles to the applications too"
Temi states, "So, if you're looking at starting a new character, or are a new character, do consider if you'd be interested in something there."
Cat is idle.
Wimpled is idle.
Temi muses, "Anything that's been bothering folks that you'd like staff to be aware of?"
Temi states, "That isn't already a topic, anyway."
Ghed states, "I want more rumors, folks."
Temi says, "I did notice there were relatively few today."
Drystan says, "People need to carry more money on them for the pickpockets to steal >:C"
Ghed states, "I'll bring the Jade Arrow back inside your homes if I have to."
Anonymous states, "I mean, I can pop a rumor off or two, but they won't be about anything IMPORTANT, lol."
Anonymous peers at Drystan.
Temi states, "I think most rumors don't need to be important."
Temi grins.
Anonymous claims, "Well get ready then cuz here comes a few."
Drystan states, "A man has alts, damnit, and they need to eat, and they can't, cause everyone is being scrooge mcducks over here with empty pockets"
Kitty states, "Rumors don't even have to be true."
Kuzco begins to count their money.
Anonymous begins to count their money.
Temi grins.
Meow states, "Youre just not picking the right pockets"
Kuzco says, "I have... a lot of of money on me. Bring it on."
Meow winks.
Anonymous claims, "I think you may have already picked my own pocket."
Kitty states, "That said, thanks to the someone who put up a rumor about one of my characters. It's caused quite a bit of interesting RP this week as it comes up at JUST the most interesting times."
Wimpled is no longer idle.
Wimpled has returned from AFK.
Lewllyn claims, "One thingsay in case I forget: I've missed the last three personal quests or whatever, but it hasn't been because I wans't interested. I just either missed them or was en route or something."
Kuzco says to Lewllyn, "Don't worry mate you're good and fun"
Kuzco states to Lewllyn, "The quests are automated anyways, you'll have plenty of chances for more"
Kitty claims, "The other person doesn't know if you get a QP quest."
Meow says, "Personal events are optional and serve as inspiration fooder"
Temi nods in agreement.
Kitty claims, "SO, the person doesn't know if you missed it."
Anonymous sits down and rests.
Deedee claims, "Yes, but you know."
Temi states, "They're to help you get inspired to get involved in RP, if you have the ability and just need a little inspiration."
Temi has transferred Murrmurs. [OOC]
Temi gives a disemboweled, Tubori doll with hair made of dark feathers to Murrmurs.
Kitty says, "Right, I'm just saying... the other person doesn't know, so there's not really anyone to... apologize to."
Temi questions to Murrmurs, "We were just wrapping up player heartbeat. Anything to add?"
Rey holds a disemboweled, Tubori doll with hair made of dark feathers in his hand.
Deedee says, "Except yourself."
Deedee nods.
Rey works at stuffing a stray yarn entrail back inside his Tubori doll's belly.
Anonymous states, "As for things bothering me, I do one teensy little complaint that it's been very, very difficult to arrange some scenes that aren't, you know, spontaneous"
Murrmurs doesn't have anything to contribute.
Rey gives a good shake of his Tubori doll, causing yarn entrails to spill out of a slit in its belly, only attached inside by a few strands.
Temi asks of Anonymous, "How do you mean?"
Meow states, "You contribute with your presence"
Deedee says, "I'd also like to remind everyone about the RP locales- I very rarely see anyone in one"
Lewllyn thinks to himself, "wonders if his doll's entrails are made from cooked spegetti"
Kuzco claims to Deedee, "I admit the QP bonus isn't enough for a lure for me given I game on a time budget now"
Temi says, "There's IP too"
Kuzco claims to Temi, "Well. Same lol."
Temi grins.
Eos states, "Brb"
Temi claims, "I understand the limited time thing though"
A gust of wind picks up and swirls around Eos, and when it settles, she is gone. [OOC]
Kuzco nods.
Deedee states, "Don't do it for the QP or IP, do it for the RP"
Temi states, "Sounds like Anonymous' problems are specific to a certain subset of RP."
Temi asks, "So, continuing on to player topics. Sparkles?"
Sparkles claims, "This is something that's come up a few times with our lovely influx of new players. But people have asked a few times about longer term rooms for rent. As when folks are first learning the lore/map/game they might not quite know where they might want their phome."
Temi nods.
Temi states, "We don't really have good support for short term rooms, now."
Rey says, "Maybe people can offer rooms for rent at their homes? Might cause interesting RP."
Temi says, "Well, longer term but not owning."
Temi nods at Rey.
Temi says, "That would be fun."
say airbnb?
Lewllyn wonders, "Airbnb?"
Deedee states, "That's not a bad idea"
Anonymous claims, "There's generally a player trust problem with that"
Meow states, "Ohhh"
Drystan states, "There ARE open rooms at the Almshouse and you can 'rent' a key in all of the ins"
Meow states, "Hahaha last time i did that-"
Deedee says, "We have dorms for the Physicians"
Meow states, "I would do it again tho gave me some top notch rp"
Sparkles claims, "You can't actually log out in the Inn rooms."
Kuzco states, "I have a suggestion"
Deedee claims, "An issue with lending a room though"
Temi says, "For coded options, the keys we generally have to have fade on logout and restocked, since there's no way to check how long a room has been rented."
Kuzco says, "Your phome/pshop has one different key per each room you rent"
Kuzco says, "The phome owner keeps copies of all keys"
Temi states, "Though... I have an idea that might work. Would require some extra mobprog fussing though."
Kuzco says, "Failure to pay means a BH thug smashes your kneecap"
Drystan claims, "I wouldn't necessarily stash items in public rooms like the Almshouse but it's very plausible for a character to 'live' in the Almshouse while new to the city"
Ghed perks his ears at the mention of mobprogs
Deedee states, "Well, I guess it's not an issue that doesn't exist in real life as well, but sometimes characters disappear without returning the key"
Rey wonders, "A player can always open up a pshop as a hotel or apartments?"
Meow says, "Oh my god"
Kuzco says, "It's what I meant yeah"
Meow states, "Pshop hotel. omg"
Wimpled states, "Owners can change the keys or just copy a new one and hijinks if someone shows back up later."
Temi says to Ghed, "A couple decaying objects in the room when they rent it. With a reminder to rerent before it gets opened back up"
Deedee says, "I'd kind of like to see jewelsmiths be able to replace locks"
Ghed claims to Temi, "Maybe walk me through it later. With sock puppets."
Temi says, "I might try it in the boarding house, since we were talking about making keys available there"
Temi claims to Ghed, "We can try that out when you have some free time"
Sparkles exclaims, "Thanks for considering it!"
Ghed claims to Temi, "Thanks T"
Temi claims to Deedee, "We've had some ideas for it, before, but unfortunately the crafting system doesn't have support for keys now, due to the vnum issues"
Sparkles nods.
TI-FACT 46: Character alts may not interact in the same line of RP with one another, especially if the action of one alt may benefit another. Please contact staff if you require an exception. [See HELP CROSSOVER]
Ghed claims, "Each key is an entirely separate item"
Temi states, "I think that wraps up that idea though. Encourage people to rent out rooms, and we'll try some mobprog options."
Deedee states, "Yeah, they'd need to have access to code to set the key to a lock"
Ghed claims, "It's why processing evicted houses takes me time"
Temi asks, "Alright then. Drystan you had a topic too?"
Drystan claims, "Ye"
Drystan claims, "Mostly real simple, I just wanted to bring up the fact that looking at an item on someone else echoes to the WHOLE room. 1) it can get pretty spammy, and definitely discourages people looking at the extended descs on tiems, which is a shame because people put hard work into that, and also those have a lot of details somethimes that might not be encapsulated by the short desc and 2) I don't think it makes sense particularly for every single person to notice someone looking at an item. At best that's a lean forward and a squint. If I'm halfway across the room, my character probably not notice someone staring at Baroness McBooby's chest, much less intricately examining the details of her necklace."
Drystan claims, "I'd like to propose it instead just echo to the person being looked at, possibly as a wisdom check, instead of just automatically echoing to everyone in the room, or be a wisdom check for those close by if we want to get fancy with code. It might make sense for ME to notice someone looking at my stuff since, you know, it's my stuff. The only REAL negative thing I can see from losing the automatic is a fairly rare circumstance where someone looks at an odd item and literally everyone else in the room does also, which can easily be achieved by an emote."
Ghed states, "Oh Dav yes"
Temi nods.
Ghed claims, "Also Baroness McBooby lmao"
Temi queries, "Interesting idea. What do folks think?"
Kuzco glances aside at Sparkles
Deedee looks closely at long rippling skirts stitched with large ocean fish belonging to Temi.
Anonymous states, "I'm fine with that"
Kitty states, "I think EVERYONE should notice people staring at Baroness McBooby's chest. That said, I.... agree."
Ghed states, "I agree"
Deedee muses, "Perhaps it can echo to the target only?"
Temi has transferred GeeBee. [OOC]
Temi gives a disemboweled, Tubori doll with hair made of dark feathers to GeeBee.
Drystan claims, "That was a suggestion, either just automatically or if we want to get fancy, as a wisdom check"
Ghed states, "Yeah it's what he said"
Ghed claims, "I like it"
Temi states to GeeBee, "We were just talking about seeing when people look"
Temi says, "At specific items"
Deedee claims, "Oh yeah"
A gust of wind picks up from nowhere, and swirls on the spot. In its center, Eos manifests. [OOC]
Deedee says, "I do kind of chuckle when one person looks at something, then suddenly the whole room looks at it though"
Ghed says to Anonymous, "Not when you're staff"
Ghed states, "Huehuehue"
Kitty says, "Depends how far away the person eyeing her chest is."
Anonymous rolls his eyes, "Your staff privilege"
Sparkles says, "Maybe a check for Peek in there too? IE if you are better at 'Peeking' you'd think you might know how to be more subtle about it."
Drystan claims, "So super minor, not the end of the world, pet peeve"
Temi claims, "True, it can spur interest in specific pieces. Though maybe people should comment on it, and that can spur attention."
Ghed states to Sparkles, "That's reasonable but it might make it too complicated"
Drystan claims, "And I feel if you want people to look at something also, you'd emote it and advertise that interest in the item with emotes"
emote notes to self the good baroness notices
Lewllyn notes to self the good baroness notices
Norrig tells you, "Lol"
Temi muses to Ghed, "An you add that one to staff discussion topics?"
Ghed says, "Aye"
Wimpled has left the game.
Rey says, "The Baroness will remember that."
Temi muses, "I think that handles that topic then, which was the list we had today. Has anyone else thought of anything they'd like to discuss?"
Drystan piously does not look at Baroness McBooby's chest. Dav bless.
Kuzco states, "Hmmm"
Kuzco questions, "I don't think so?"
Temi muses, "Other topics, or things people are curious about? Any reminders?"
Temi claims, "Or we can all just hang out here and party, or I can send folks back early."
Deedee breaks into dance.
Ghed states, "Remember that you can request up to 20 QP worth of Roleplay Assistance when running events"
Rey exclaims, "Remember to send gossip or ads to the Harlequin!"
Sparkles states, "Actually a question on the visnet inspired a question."
Temi queries to Sparkles, "Yeah?"
say could someone approve me for the FB group please? pretty please?
Lewllyn wonders, "Could someone approve me for the FB group please? pretty please?"
Sparkles queries, "Has there been thought about adding a Grandmaster craft to Medicine?"
Temi says to Lewllyn, "I'll take a look at that."
Deedee says, "There are wounds that require grandmaster I believe"
Ghed states, "A broken heart might"
Meow says, "Doctor stitch up my heart"
say oh wow. good one
Lewllyn claims, "Oh wow. good one"
Deedee states, "That's an outpatient treatment"
Temi says, "Hm, haven't really thought into it at all, but not opposed to one."
Kitty muses, "Since it is a skill that has two functions, both craft and command, I'm not sure it necessarily needs one?"
Drystan claims, "I am a fan of RP-effects but largely most of the medicines seem to be under lock and key"
Kitty states, "Herbalism doesn't have one, either, and it's the same thing."
Deedee says, "Yeah, medicine was originally command only"
Kitty states, "Craft and command."
Drystan muses, "Herbalism has the deadly poison, doesn't it?"
Ghed claims to Kitty, "Good point"
Ghed claims to Drystan, "Yeah"
Kitty says, "No, Sand Witch's Brew is 72, not 75."
Drystan questions, "Oh but its only 72. I think there's a plant that requires 75 possibly?"
Temi claims, "I don't think we should add it just because, though, but if we come up with a good idea, that isn't too restrictive for other doctors to not have access to"
Deedee examines the extent of the injured hunter's injuries, removing any existing bandages and the clothing in the way, tightening a bandage tourniquet around the still-bleeding arm.
Anonymous says, "There are several plants that require 75"
Temi states, "Herbalism does have high level plants, yeah"
Drystan states, "Ah yes, how could I forget, the rare but ultimately useless flowers"
Deedee works at cleaning up the exposed wounds, removing bits of debris.
With a quick assessment, Deedee determines which wounds will need to be stitched up and which will just require a bit of wound salve.
Deedee focuses first on the more severe wounds, carefully stitching them up and wrapping bandages over the closed up wounds.
Kitty says, "There are plants that require 75, yes. That's what I'm saying... the ones that are both craft and command, I don't see the need to have a GM craft. Because of the dual purpose."
Deedee carefully applies a dab of wound salve over the remaining injuries.
Anonymous trails off, "But... yes, they are decorative"
With the last of the wounds tended to, Deedee orders the hunter to a bit of bedrest.
The injured hunter thanks Deedee, leaving some payment and hobbling off for the ordered rest and recovery time. [Success]
Cat has left the game.
Deedee claims, "Oh, that didn't pool at all."
Drystan claims, "Now that we can actually GET the seeds with QP they're more accessible. Previously they were impossible to get."
Cat wanders into the vicinity. [login]
Temi claims to Deedee, "I could increase the difficulty, but you probably just had too high of skill"
Deedee nods.
Deedee says, "Already GM"
Temi says, "But yeah, not opposed to fleshing out medicine some, but we don't think it's highly necessary, because it is mostly about the treat command, with a few medicines"
Ghed states, "Make a check that involves sewing a head back into a live body"
Murrmurs is idle.
Deedee says, "Sounds fun for magecraft"
Sparkles says, "Even if nothing else, Help Medicine and Help Treat are already pretty long helpfiles but maybe one of them there could note that skill level affects what types of wounds can be treated."
Rey claims, "Mad scientist is a go."
Sparkles nods.
Murrmurs is no longer idle.
Deedee states, "Since the cap on crits"
Temi queries, "Is that not already there?"
Kitty says, "Pretty sure you can attempt to treat any of them if you have the skill. You will just do some heavy botches if you are too low. more chances to slip."
Deedee claims, "It's almost impossible for a PC to get a wound that needs GM medicine"
Ghed states, "I can fix that"
Deedee claims, "I think the scales might need to be readjusted"
Ghed claims, "Viciously"
Anonymous says, "Back when I had low skill level, I encountered a wound that simply said I was too low to treat that wound"
Anonymous says, "Also dear god ghed"
Kitty states, "But luckily, no matter how small, they will pool no matter what level you are until you have it blocked."
Deedee states, "I'd be for the cap being removed again"
Temi queries, "How do people feel the balance is on bad wounds at this point?"
Anonymous says, "I... am fairly okay with how thing sare now. Except for leg and foot wounds. I don't think that insignificant leg/foot wounds should drain your MV when you move."
Drystan states, "I don't mind long-lasting wounds other than holy lunare the leg ones"
Anonymous says, "By insignificant I mean (no treatment needed) type wounds"
Kitty says, "I'm kind of in the mind of, 'if it's not broke, don't fix it'. Foot and leg wounds have always been a problem. But, as far as treating... I think treating is fine."
Meow says, "I have a topic"
Kuzco claims, "AGree with K-girl"
Temi nods.
Temi queries to Meow, "Yep?"
Kitty pats Kuzco on the head.
Salem claims, "I mean... the limb is like a wide spread sickness for older male pc's. XD"
Murrmurs says, "Hm."
Meow says, "Addiction code is way too lenient. I've spent ooc days just drinking and the tolerance barely moved. "
Drystan says, "I agree, addiction code is completely broken"
Meow states, "Let me be a proper addict, dammit"
Temi states, "The affect on tolerance is based on how addictive the substance is, I think"
Deedee states, "Yeah tolerance has been broken forever"
Meow trails off, "Even with the scary substances... nah"
Temi claims, "But, yeah, it's not been balanced well, I think."
Drystan says, "I had a character snort coarse ruby so they were high the entire time they were online and never got addicted or higher than a very low tolerance"
Temi wonders, "I think alcohol code was a higher priority for rebalancing first, though?"
Deedee says, "Also, alcohol should be added to tolerance"
Rey says, "Yeah. It's hard to get drunk, especially if you're rping while drinking. "
Murrmurs says, "Alcohol is on tolerance."
Deedee wonders, "Oh was it added?"
Meow claims, "Even the hard drugs dont do much honestly"
Drystan says, "Yeah the not getting codedly drunk on anything is a pain but it's easy to RP that"
Deedee states, "I've been playing a Farin so haven't been able to check"
Drystan says, "Addiction is supposed to have a physical effect when you go into withdrawal which you can't ever have"
Temi claims, "Normal drinking alcohol doesn't pair well with the addiction code. I think there's some alcohol concoctions that use the substance code instead of drunk code"
Kuzco states, "I remember becoming fatally addicted to tabac after the first puff"
Deedee claims, "Ah"
Murrmurs says, "I'd like to note... Addiction code tends to be more unfun than going out of your way to just play an addict if you want that story."
Temi says, "I think we may have toned it down at some point, but probably went too far."
Temi states, "But yeah, both are finicky systems that are a bit hard to balance."
Temi says, "I have a task to look at the drunk number balancing, but I need to get the code to do that at some point, and haven't had the time."
Ghed says, "Make it x5 more addictive"
Ghed states, "I want people selling their kids for meth"
Temi claims, "Probably ought to look at it again, but I don't think we want to just blindly shift the levers"
Rey says, "Does being drunk make speech garble. I had that happen in one game. Your sppech was gargle and you tripped a lot or got turned around when you tried to walk."
Meow states, "I'm gonna sell your kids for meth"
Drystan states, "I just want more consequences for using drugs so people actually might come back for more"
Drystan claims, "Or accidental addictions or dependancies on something that people decide to roll with. In other games those were sometimes a delight"
Temi says, "Hrm. There's some different levels of affects for drunk code, but they don't show up easily enough"
Kitty states, "I've seen a couple people play really good addicts. I think it ebbs and flows with what people want to do."
Temi nods in agreement.
Lewllyn claims, "I do like how this game gives the oppurtunity to explore the world form a different perspective."
Temi nods in agreement with Lewllyn.
Rey says, "I think it would be nice to have people be able to have a bad night and get drunk or do drugs for a night and have effects without addiction. While addiction comes with continuous heavy use."
Temi states, "That's my favorite thing, the ability to dive into different perspectives"
Temi muses, "Alright. Anything else folks have thought of quickly, or shall we wrap up?"
Temi states, "I think we have Eos' plot coming up soon so I'd like to help her with the last details."
Temi grins.
Temi exclaims, "Keep an eye out for that!"
Eos claims, "Thank you to the Troubs for the ad in the harlequin btw"
Ghed claims, "Yeah that was excellent"
Temi declares, "Alright, sending folks!"

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