OOC Meeting 7-6-2024

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InvestSouthside carefully considers a delicate sugarwork tree displaying autumn-colored foliage.

The following information is recorded about it:
Delicately crafted to honor the beautiful colors of nature and Urth during
the autumn season, this sugarwork tree is complete with bark detailed with
markings and grooves, as well as a myriad of yellows and oranges and browns
throughout individually crafted leaves placed to create a large plume of
foliage over the top of the trunk and on outstretched branches. There's a
subtle luminescence around the entire sculpture, reflecting every bit of
light in what looks like glass, but is definitely sugar.

It is priced at approximately 75 silver.
This 'a delicate sugarwork tree displaying autumn-colored foliage' is a kind of food.
It has 10 bites remaining, which should be about 100% of the original batch.
It appears to be made of food.
It looks to be in excellent condition.
It weighs around 0 pounds.
It can be worn as follows: take
It could be reasonably held in both hands. (Actual size: 15)
Its value should be approximately 75 silver.
This can be embellished.
It should provide 75 energy per bite.
Bitten with a crunch, this enticingly sweet dessert has been accented with the mint. Despite the
initial firm texture, once the sugar reaches the tongue, it melts delightfully into a sweet and
minty treat.

There is a subtle and tantalizing presence of mint.

InvestSouthside muses, "No doggo today?"

Karrin claims, "I swear, you all sniff everything."

InvestSouthside will now speak Lithmorran.

Rosenie claims, "Things are fun to sniff"

Rosenie lifts a delicate sugarwork tree displaying autumn-colored foliage to her nose and sniffs at

Karrin states, "Lochan is not here, but we can probably bring the dog."

InvestSouthside queries, "Isnt that the only way to make sure its safe?"

Karrin states to Temi, "You hear them. They want the pooch."

Temi has transferred a roly-poly white-bellied puppy. [OOC]

You do not have a pet by that name.

InvestSouthside states, "Play dead"

A roly-poly white-bellied puppy sniffs about distractedly for a few moments before it seems to
notice InvestSouthside's command. It flops over in exuberant death throes and then falls still -
except a peek up towards him to see if he noticed.

InvestSouthside states, "Its adorable you cant blame me lol"

Karrin says to Rosenie, "Tell it to roll over."

Rosenie claims, "That is illegally cute"

AlleyGirl lifts a delicate sugarwork tree displaying autumn-colored foliage to her nose and sniffs
at it.

InvestSouthside states, "Roll over"

A roly-poly white-bellied puppy enthusiastically flops over and rolls exuberantly over - straight
into InvestSouthside.

Karrin claims, "It represents our coder. And his many, many crashes on rollover one week."

InvestSouthside claims, "Oof"

(visnet) Staff Karrin: Have I missed anyone for the meeting?

InvestSouthside claims, "Quiet meeting today apparently"

Temi says, "Holiday weekend around here "

InvestSouthside says, "Same over here have had the dog buried in my bed almost every day this week
cuz of the fireworks"

Karrin has transferred Tiberius. [OOC]

Karrin gives a delicate sugarwork tree displaying autumn-colored foliage to Tiberius.

Karrin nods.

Karrin states, "We'll probably have few."

Tiberius sits down.

Karrin says, "That's alright, though. We'll go ahead and get started. I'll grab any stragglers."

Temi says, "Yeah, we go out camping to get away from it, but not far enough out this year"

Temi nods.

Karrin has transferred Sparkles. [OOC]

Karrin gives a delicate sugarwork tree displaying autumn-colored foliage to Sparkles.

Tiberius questions, "Is this real life, or am I dreaming?"

Tiberius laughs.

Karrin states, "OOC Chat Rules:

- Approach each topic with the mindset that each person is doing the best they can with the
knowledge they have, staff and player alike.
- Please avoid topics around current events. Nothing should be revealed in an OOC meeting that
others would prefer to find out in game ICly.
- This is not the correct forum for criticism of a specific player or a topic centered around one
player. If there are concerns about a specific player, or specific policy violations, please address
that with staff privately."

Karrin asks, "Any volunteers for scribe this week?"

InvestSouthside tentatively raises hand

Karrin states to InvestSouthside, "We can let you have it."

Karrin has transferred HIEROPHANT. [OOC]

Karrin gives a delicate sugarwork tree displaying autumn-colored foliage to HIEROPHANT.

HIEROPHANT falls in.

Sparkles says, "I love the tree."

Karrin asks, "Ok! So, with that, how was RP this week?"

InvestSouthside drags HIEROPHANT away

Karrin says to Sparkles, "Thank you! It's been really quiet this week, so I went for time of year
and had fun with it. Since the autumn is coming."

Sparkles states, "Has been kind of quiet, but I managed a few good scenes."

Karrin claims to Sparkles, "Awesome. Glad to hear it."

HIEROPHANT states, "Got up to some funny business."

InvestSouthside states, "Its been a good, a little tired from a few nights of late night scenes but
good "

Karrin claims to HIEROPHANT, "As you should."

Rosenie states, "I haven't RPed.... -yet-. This is a threat. I will find you"

InvestSouthside claims, "Bet "

Karrin chuckles.

Sparkles states, "Have some stuff I need to push this week, likely."

Karrin wonders, "Any topics we ought to know about?"

InvestSouthside questions, "Is this where i register the idea to burn down the whole of the market
square and collect on the insurance?"

Karrin states, "No worries, just send me a tell if something comes up. We are ignoring Invest."

Karrin asks of Temi, "I know you've been out, but do you want to do a quick update?"

Sparkles claims, "Mostly a question about planning. I tend to feel bad if I do something that
crashes but not sure how best to coordinate so its least disasterous."

Karrin claims, "Lochan is gone right now, and Temi is here now but isn't back yet. Crashing does
currently have the risk of me not being able to bring us back up. But, that said, I have tutorials
from the last time I needed to bring the MUD up that I can refer back to."

Karrin says, "Lochan should be back after the weekend."

Temi says, "Not too much up from. e"

Sparkles nods.

Sparkles says, "I'll contain myself til Monday."

Temi claims, "Ahem, from me. Still out camping and remote, but should be home tomorrow at some
point "

Karrin states to Temi, "We will be glad to have you back."

Temi grins at Karrin.

Karrin says, "I haven't been as present this last week as I've wanted to be, but have gone through
and cleared everything off of requests and typos that I can. A few things I'm leaving for Temi, but
otherwise all is taken care of. I have a book I still need to review, and I'll try that today or

HIEROPHANT says, "I may have gotten through my own backlog of ideas this week."

HIEROPHANT states, "And bugs. and other things."

HIEROPHANT says, "I write a lot of board notes. "

Karrin claims to HIEROPHANT, "Uh oh. That board is still full, as most of it involves coding. And
we've prioritized bugs over new things for the most part."

Karrin claims, "The ideas board, I mean."

Sparkles nods.

Karrin claims, "But do post ideas! They are definitely welcome. Our main goal is game improvement,
so if it will improve the game, have at."

Temi says, "It should likely be considered a backlog for discussion, rather than for note responses"

Karrin nods.

Karrin says, "Have we been liking being able to look at things in containers now? Lochan put that
one, and displaying the contents of a container, in super quick."

Sparkles states, "It has some situations it isnt working but otherwise it awesome."

Karrin claims to Sparkles, "Oh? Be sure to let us know about that."

InvestSouthside states, "I use it to show off my collections"

HIEROPHANT states, "I had some trouble making the latter feature work earlier, though figuring out
why has been a puzzle I haven't gotten to yet"

Tiberius tries to look into people's eyes

Karrin states, "I've seen it work and tested it, but there may be some things still that need a
little tweaking."

HIEROPHANT states, "Yeah, it was late night when it wasn't working and I went 'I will test this
later' and clearly, it isn't later yet, because I haven't."

Karrin states, "Still on the same day. Noted."

Karrin questions, "Alright, well unless there's other topics or discussions, I imagine I can send
you back. Anything hanging out on someone's mind?"

Sparkles says, "Seems not."

Karrin trails off, "Apparently! I was just trying to give some time. Alright, you all are loved and
appreciated, but remember that I am evil. So. Sending you all back in 3...."

Karrin trails off, "2...."

Karrin trails off, "1...."

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