Mar 02 2024 OOC Meeting

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Maeve says, "Please be kind during OOC Chat. This means be mindful of personal remarks, treat others the way you'd want to be treated, and don't share OOC information that ought not to be shared publicly. This space is for players to discuss the game with staff to make it better for everyone. Please bring personal grievances or story concerns to me outside of OOC Chat."

Maeve asks, "Anyone willing to be our scribe?"

Capitalism says, "Sure."

Eloxotzi waves his hand, "I am set up for scribe"

Maeve states to Capitalism, "Thank you :)"

Maeve has awarded you 2 QPs: scribe

Eloxotzi curses, "capitalism always winning is like a boot to the face."

Otbert claims, "Could rename the Bull and the Boar into the Bull and the Bear, become a trendy investor bar."

Maeve claims, "Announcements - I was scarce this week due to something going on at work, and next week I'm not sure if I'll be scarce or not because yours truly was selected for Jury Duty. I have no idea what that will look like, but if I'm not around, it's not because TI isn't in my heart."

Temi comforts Maeve.

Maeve smiles at Temi.

Maeve questions to Temi, "Any announcements from your side?"

Musketeer claims, "Pro tip: Eat before you go."

Temi says, "I primarily worked on building and requests this week, but I'm going to try to take on getting caught up on evictions this week, so should hopefully be more options on the real estate board soon"

Maeve claims to Musketeer, "Thank you, I've never done it before, so I will be sure to get a big breakfast."

Otbert states, "If you don't want to be on, and have a legit reason you can't, state it clearly. They just need it properly on record to let you go."

Maeve nods at Otbert.

Maeve says to Otbert, "Thank you :)"

Maeve questions, "Anyone want to register a topic?"

ThatBard stands up.

ThatBard says, "I gotta go."

ThatBard begins to descend.

ThatBard leaves down.

HIEROPHANT says, "There he went."

Maeve states, "I got some feedback last week that Staff moderation of OOC Chat was a bit weaker than some people would like, so if we stray too far from a player topic, I'll try to wind people back to it as best I can, but I also don't want to shut down normal organic evolution of a conversation because I think it's valuable - so I'll do my best to balance it. If you could help me know when we're getting off topic by suggesting we get back on topic, I'd appreciate it."

Maeve claims, "With no topics coming out of the woodworks today, though, I'll move onto Staff Updates."

Maeve says, "Last week, I was mostly absent, but I did log in and get some request boards and requests done as I could. After OOC Chat today, staff are going to meet to discuss a list of things players have brought to us, and I'll probably make some post or statement after that about any decisions we make to close the feedback loop. Then, er, Jury Duty."

Maeve claims, "I'll make an effort to get on at least once a day, as best I can, not knowing what next week will be like."

Maeve says to Temi, "Your turn :)"

Temi claims, "I think I mostly already said what I was going to. Anyways - we're running out of phome vnums, so definitely cleaning up on the evictions."

Temi grins.

Maeve says, "Oh my, yeah."

Maeve nods at Temi.

Sparkles muses, "Is that partially based on the like ... number of rooms per house as well as number phomes themselves?"

Maeve queries, "Okay, well, if we have no topics beyond that - what's the game been like this last week? I heard we had a Chalice Awakening Festival and a Talent Show?"

Temi says, "Yeah, that's just total number of rooms."

Maeve claims to Sparkles, "When we create any area in the game, you have to pre-allocate how many rooms are there. We're apparently running out of what we allocated."

Maeve says, "If we start breaking up phomes over multiple areas, some code functionality to search gets broken, and a few other things."

Temi nods.

Sparkles claims, "Talent Show as fun, was great to see folks participate or come to watch there. Otherwise, seems like its been a bit of a slower week."

Maeve nods at Sparkles.

Temi states, "Not an unsolvable problem, but we may not have anything to worry about if there's a bunch that aren't worth saving from evictions"

HIEROPHANT asks of Maeve, "Is there a timer or something until a phome that doesn't get purchased secondhand off the market just gets its room vnums recycled and reused, effectively demolishing it?"

Otbert claims, "Was sometimes a little slow due to quest locale being class-specific, but it happens."

Maeve claims, "I want to say thank you to the players who ran events this last week. I know one or two organizing parties through recommends and the requests board, but if someone can give me a list of the people involved in organizing, I'd appreciate it."

Temi says, "When taxes aren't paid for three months, they get 'evicted' and published to the staff board"

Temi claims, "And then we need to go through and process those. We have some commands to help now, but we'll need to decide what to delete"

Maeve claims, "If we get a quest locale that's kinda shitty because it's locked up somewhere, please let staff know. We can 'reroll' the locale to be more accessible."

Temi says, "And we should remove it as a possible one"

Maeve nods at Temi.

HIEROPHANT finishes abruptly, "Yeah, I mean after that. There's houses on the board in the townhall that have been there for a rather long time - ones that have already been processed but that nobody's buying"

Otbert claims, "No, its just when its a Freemen bar and such, or a Noble only bar, I don't go as Gentry since my character has no expectation to."

Temi finishes abruptly, "But... that doesn't mean we should remove them because they aren't good for you - ie Southside should be a valid option"

Otbert claims, "Which is fine."

Maeve nods at Otbert.

Maeve nods at HIEROPHANT.

Maeve nods at Otbert.

Capitalism claims, "The issue with that would be more I believe, "You can't get here." because Southside vs Gentry / Noble."

Maeve nods at Capitalism.

Otbert claims, "There was a non-Southside Freemen locale this week, anyway."

Sparkles claims, "There's are some older houses that I admit, given the changes to economy etc that I wonder if might just be priced out of the current playerbase. And I wonder if like, turning some of those into apartments or smaller phomes might be more useful."

Musketeer states, "They don't much like the boys in blue, unfortunately."

Temi says, "But occasionally they have been places like event zones that aren't accessible. Those shouldn't be included"

Maeve nods at Sparkles.

InvestSouthside says "theres plenty of freeman who can use those on grid if you check census."

Maeve says, "Or just removing them to make way for fresher homes that people might be more attracted to, or for people to make their own"

Otbert says, "I would ask, CAN it hit churches, almshouses, shrines, the cathedral? I havent seen a religious one hit yet."

HIEROPHANT claims, "The Argent Swan comes to mind for that sort of phome/pshop that is essentially too large to be rent-able. Anything that was built when you could arbitrarily buy silver with XP tends to be too big."

Temi claims, "It can hit any public room"

Temi claims, "Ie, ones with the 'public' flag, ie where you can't turn whererp off"

Maeve nods at Temi.

Temi says, "There should be religious ones in there too, I believe"

Maeve nods at HIEROPHANT.

Temi says, "And, if you let us know in advance, we can switch it to a specific location for a public event"

HIEROPHANT says to Otbert, "It lands on By the Altar and the Grand Nave sometimes, or Church Square or the Steps. It's just a statistical thing - there's a lot of bars, shops, other street intersections, public squares, etc."

Temi states, "We'd rather not do that half way through the day when people are already starting to plan rp in those locations"

Maeve muses, "Right now, from a scale of 1 to 10, how scarce is silver, where 10 is it's super hard to get it and it's a huge motivator to 1 where you're like 'I don't care about silver, I absolutely don't need it' is the game sitting atm?"

HIEROPHANT says, "I don't think it's weighted by metrics? It seems completely random."

Maeve nods at Temi.

Musketeer says, "Keeping it wholly honest in my personal opinion, probably about an 8. But that's just from me."

Maeve nods at Musketeer.

Maeve says, "Yeah, it is an opinion thing. Some people may play the game very differently and have different needs."

Otbert claims, "It does feel quite guild and class related how hard it is."

Capitalism wonders, "For how scarce is silver is... Freemen who aren't apart of the Merchants? 6 to 8 maybe? If you're a Gentry with assets or a Merchant who sells items quasi regularly? Like a 3?"

Maeve queries to Otbert, "Can you expand on that a bit for me?"

Maeve nods at Capitalism.

Otbert states, "Well, like capitalism said, Merchants obviously gain a lot there, not just from the obvious income from the crafts, but also covering ingredients for practically all crafts, including non-guild skill ones."

Maeve nods at Otbert.

HIEROPHANT claims to Maeve, "Urgency for coin tapers off logarithmically over time, in my experience. Need for it is very up-front, with spikes based on 'how much do I need IP this week' and 'how much is this plot going to cost me'.

When I'm just chilling, it's like a 2. When I have goals, it's a 6 to an 8."

Capitalism claims, "The Merchants have started to help offset it a bit by buying items from people who go out and collect materials. So hunters and lumberjacks and stone collectors."

Sparkles claims, "So I myself don't have an issue with silver, however, one thing I've noticed is that ... when there isn't a lot of money overall in the playerbase, it makes things more difficult on some concepts than others. Moreso because the people who -do- have money tend to have fairly discerning tastes on things like ... crafting quality, etc."

Maeve nods at Sparkles.

Otbert states, "The Order meanwhile generally doesn't disburse earned silver among members (at least right now). Though you get geared. And the class distinction obviously is the asset limits, but also starting money, since the starting bulk money basically turns into recurring payout money via assets."

Maeve nods at Capitalism.

Meiari says, "I feel like money is constantly exchanging my hands and saving for longterm goals seems rough. I also am not a legacy player, and idk how much that may change things."

Otbert wonders, "I will say, I have -never- felt I had the silver to spare to buy IP, even when I wanted to, so maybe 7?"

Kalana claims, "I remember it was scant getting started, but as an established crafter, much less so"

InvestSouthside says "i do note that merchants gaining a lot is wholly dependent on your trade, demand, and events. I sit at a 5-6 most days trying to scrape money by but when i have commissions come in i sit at a 3 or 4. Also what Meiari said."

Maeve questions to Meiari, "So you'd say higher than an 8 for your concept? 9 or 10?"

Maeve nods at Kalana.

Otbert states, "Merchant demand could also vastly alter based on which groups get money influx and then buy stuff -they- like."

Sparkles claims, "It's also rougher depending on whom is available for reaching skills versus needing to grind them."

Maeve nods at Otbert.

Meiari says, "Probably an 8 realistically but I'm carelessly giving at times so I pinned myself into may a 9.3 lol"

Maeve nods at Sparkles.

Sparkles says, "Teaching, rather."

Maeve grins at Meiari.

Maeve nods at Sparkles.

Maeve claims, "On the whole, it sounds like it's difficult, but liveable."

Meiari trails off, "It motivates me to be not so careless and to interact more. but then increased rp means less crafting time. I'm terrible with time management.... T_T"

Maeve states, "That means I'm unlikely to feel like it needs tweaking on the whole for the moment. I think we have bigger fish to fry."

Musketeer states, "Liveable might be a slight stretch."

Capitalism asks, "Which I believe is the intent of the system?"

Maeve comforts Meiari.

Otbert states, "I will comment on liveable after I try furnishing a Phome I suppose :)"

Sparkles claims, "One thing I have to note though, is we did in rather short order lose quite a few money heavy characters."

Maeve grins at Otbert.

Maeve declares to Otbert, "Please do!"

Temi nods at Sparkles.

Maeve nods at Sparkles.

HIEROPHANT states, "I divide coin urgency into a few rough groups:

1. New players who have not bought assets yet, and whose characters cannot afford to max out purchase wealth in chargen. This is rough.

2. New characters who have just bought assets, and thus bankrupted themselves doing so, but before those assets have paid themselves off.

3. Anyone who has just purchased a house, which always costs a huge sum to buy, improve, and hire merchants to furnish.

4. The same as #3, but for purchasing a pshop or expensive retainers plus the furnishings/gear. A single retainer can cost 40ish gold, if you max out their stuffs.

5. Folks who have existed long enough to buy everything above and max everything out. This is rare; people tend to AFK, quit, or die first. When they die, whoever gets their stuff has an unbelivable windfall. It's kind of wild."

Maeve muses, "Meaning money drained out of the economy, eh?"

Sparkles claims, "We lost quite a few nobles for example, who can afford to buy things just for the sake of buying them."

Otbert states, "There's maybe some thoughts as to tweaking what is an XP cost in chargen and what is a silver cost, for concepts? I know I have a noble concept idea but probably no way to fulfill both the XP and silver need, especially retainers."

HIEROPHANT says, "Retainers (bodyguards and horses), and phomes/shops, are the big sinks, but they tend to be mostly a one-time expense, and then a drain on your income rate thereafter (but rarely so much that you take a loss from your assets, even with poor metrics, if you didn't go nuts on it)"

Maeve nods at Otbert.

Maeve asks of Otbert, "Even after earning XP to your account?"

Maeve says, "Nobles often need more XP, but they're geared towards older players."

Otbert claims, "Well, I still gain a lot of stuff on this character, and I haven't been burned to get the fat +30 percent payout :)"

Maeve says to Otbert, "Don't worry, luv, there's still time :P "

Maeve declaims, "Kidding!"

Musketeer states, "For the record, it's not just burning that does it. ;)"

Capitalism states, "The main thing you need for starting a non-petty noble is a whole lot of XP to spend on Wealth, Skills, and the such to begin with."

Temi grins.

Maeve claims, "Okay, well, I don't have anything else on my mind. What would you like to talk about? Otherwise, we can wrap it up early, and I can go off with Temi and poke a list of things."

Maeve nods at Capitalism.

Maeve states to Capitalism, "Yeah, that's why we see nobles as 'a character type designed for older players who have done a lot of other things already'"

Valora states, "I actually have a topic if possible. I know a few of our guild leaders and the like have had their keys missing and can't find them or had to break into offices belonging to them cause the key doesn't exist or is somewhere they can't access... is it possible to maybe make it so new guild leaders can get their keys with their rank or have a way of getting them that doesn't include busting into every locked door in our area and hoping the NPCs don't send us to the shadow realm."

Maeve says, "They're a hard concept to 'fund' with a new account."

HIEROPHANT states to Otbert, "If it helps your plans at all, titled nobility does get a free asset to represent income from their domain. It's usually T2 and so that saves you a solid 3000 silver off the bat."

Temi says, "It is T2"

Temi nods at HIEROPHANT.

Maeve claims to Valora, "Most of them should be able to by access to their guild shop."

Temi says, "Not usually, but what it is set as"

Otbert claims, "Well, it's a noble that's sort of high in conflict generation via legitimacy issues, so its... got some specific needs."

HIEROPHANT says, "Mine was, but I figured a March might be a T3."

Maeve states to Valora, "I have the impression that some GLs have no idea where their guild shop is."

Otbert states, "I got a t3 from the market, but it is proving buggy and we're just kinda keeping an eye on it to see if it explodes now, I think :)"

Sparkles says, "Sometimes they are behind doors you need keys to get to ... keys sometimes people don't have."

Temi says, "Nope, Marches don't lead to more money, just more respect and problems"

Temi grins.

Maeve says, "If it keeps being buggy, we can help a swap out, I think."

Capitalism says, "The thing about Guild Shops is they are in or near their guild office. The Justiciar for example I believe is the Evidence Locker which requires a special key to enter which he doesn't have access to if the last Justiciar quit."

Maeve says to Sparkles, "I'm happy to give GLs keys to rooms they should have access to."

Otbert states, "Do all guilds have a proper key helpfile, btw? Just checking on y'all. Order has a key list."

Musketeer says, "Temipls. Temi no."

Temi says, "I don't know that they all do, though a lot certainly don't have the same craziness as the Order or Merchants"

Maeve says to Otbert, "I don't know if they do. That's a good idea. Meanwhile, we have some template keyrings for various GLs."

HIEROPHANT states to Valora, "I'm reasonably certain you can poke staff by tell or request board for keys your role reasonably should have, because presumably the NPC that exists to run the gshop would from an in-universe perspective probably know they are supposed to come out of that back room and hand you a key. They're just static mobs (or invisible mobs in some cases) because they have to be for code function."

Capitalism claims, "I have no key list aside from one that was shared with me by a wonderful person."

Musketeer says, "Craziness? I was crazy once. They put me in a room. With chains and sand. And a false sun."

Maeve states, "At the moment, as a worst case fallback, please Request Board from the room where the locked door is. This will give staff the vnum, and we can load the key and put it in your inventory."

Maeve wonders to Musketeer, "Did it drive you crazy?"

Musketeer says, "Maeve. That's a long story and there's not enough absinthe on grid."

Otbert says, "The crazy thing is that, between GI and Archbishop, Zarif has 5 offices and makes up half the key list."

InvestSouthside shakes his head, "mostly lead to anger problems and violent tendencies."

Musketeer grins.

Sparkles claims, "I don't have a full topic, but I do have a thought related to previous stuffs."

Capitalism states, "I believe there might actually be. But that's a topic for another day my good Musketeer."

Maeve nods at Otbert.

Valora exclaims, "Alright! Just know it was a problem and if the solution is so easy that sounds good to me. I just witnessed it though so if any of the actual GLs they can speak up. Thanks for all the answers!"

Maeve says to Sparkles, "For sure, please share :)"

Sparkles says, "My thought here might actually relate to the money and locale of the day, presently you can't turn IP back in for a silver value. I wonder if being able to do so would encourage folks be helpful to people doing a lot of public RP scenes that frequently involve buying drinks, etc. as outside of noble project and Seneschal Election time, a lot of folks have no direct use for IP."

HIEROPHANT says, "IP does turn into silver upon rollover, but it's a pittance compared to the cost of buying it, scaling based on your social class"

Maeve nods at HIEROPHANT.

Otbert claims, "You can sell your IP to other characters."

Musketeer queries, "Wait, does the amount given scale, or the cost to buy scale?"

Maeve claims, "I was going to say - it does turn into silver if unused."

Capitalism asks, "1 for Freemen. 2 for Gentry. 3 for Nobles I believe?"

HIEROPHANT claims, "Amount given, cost to buy is fixed."

Sparkles says, "But frequently the money you spent in the scene to earn it is more than you'll get."

HIEROPHANT asks, "How much silver were you thinking it should be worth to resell, sparkles?"


Temi claims, "We never wanted the primary purpose of IP to be another source of income"

Temi says, "Though we are happy for people to manage such through RP"

Temi grins.

Maeve nods at Temi.

Musketeer stares at the IP he was supposed to put toward a project. Never had time for the project. Needs to manage his time better.

Sparkles says, "Which, I've heard some folks say is why they avoid locales of the day in some spots even if they want RP as they feel it requires buying things they can't afford."

Maeve says, "And if you're buying IP, it's probably because you are taking an IC action and need some."

Maeve muses, "Can you explain what costs go into showing up at an RP locale?"

Maeve states, "That seems a bit... odd to me. I'd just rock up and pretend I left my pants at home if I didn't hve any."

Maeve states, "Oops."

HIEROPHANT states to Maeve, "Go to the Queen's and buy an 11 silver beer and 5 silver bowl of stew."

Musketeer claims, "Man over here in my brain."

Maeve claims, "Nothing says you have to buy things though."

Temi states, "Not really anything required, just might feel a little awkward in some locations"

HIEROPHANT says, "No, but there's a social pressure and RP incentive to, y'know, drink when you are at the bar."

Maeve nods at Temi.

Musketeer queries, "To be entirely fair, would you go to a bar and not buy something?"

InvestSouthside states, "just makes the scene more natural then im just here to hangout no pants on"

HIEROPHANT states, "Not doing so is something people would notice. I'd notice that."

Temi muses to Musketeer, "Maybe if I needed to just warm up from the cold?"

Otbert states, "I buy rumors."

Maeve says to Musketeer, "Me? Bluntly, frequently IRL, yes."

Maeve claims, "I'm not much fun at parties, I suppose."

Musketeer claims, "Valid point. Neither am I. I hate parties. Except D&D parties. Because fireball."

Maeve grins at Musketeer.

HIEROPHANT states to Maeve, "I think the request for more uses for small IP (especially for non-GL Freemen?) who end up with, say, 3 IP from two locales and spreading one rumor? Beyond getting a miniscule amount of silver for it? Would be good to have."

Sparkles states, "Also given our pacing, having a food/drink item gives you something to do to keep from timing in between posts from others."

Maeve nods at HIEROPHANT.

HIEROPHANT states, "Eat and Drink commands do not count as emotes for rpxp, but they do avoid the AFK timer, yeah."

Otbert claims, "Maybe evaluate GL silver stipends if GL IP turns into cash, though? There is, already, a very high ratio of GLs to non GLs just based on the size of the player base."

Maeve nods at Otbert.

HIEROPHANT says to Maeve, "If the staff answer to IP being worth more silver is 'no', then we should explore other avenues for expenditure."

HIEROPHANT says to Otbert, "GLs already have an outlet for their IP: Their guildmembers."

Maeve states, "I don't think we intended to build the game so that GL was the default state of play."

Temi nods in agreement with Maeve.

Otbert states, "Social Nobility is also significant in how much of the base and how much of the nobility it is, yeah."

Temi states, "Though we need a certain number of GLs and everybody else is a little more extra on options"

Maeve says, "I think more avenues for IP expenditure, esp for non-GLs or for everyone, would definitely be welcome."

Maeve nods at Temi.

Sparkles nods.

Otbert states, "Guild wages? Spend IP on raises? Roster Shop managers Iunno though."

HIEROPHANT says, "The math behind support and IP for GLs ensures the GL will not have more IP than they have guildmates to spend it on, I'm pretty sure."

Maeve nods at Otbert.

Maeve questions, "How do GLs spend IP on members? As I recall it, it's more that GLs get more IP for more members, esp if they garner support, and they can use that to take actions on behalf of the guild?"

Temi states, "Well, a supported GL anyways"

Temi grins.

HIEROPHANT says, "At 5 IP per guildmate to bully metrics around, GLs should have outlets, if their guild is active. If their guild is inactive, their guildmates' support doesn't give them IP anyway."

HIEROPHANT says to Maeve, "You directly give them influence to spend on metrics - city support or subvert."

HIEROPHANT wonders, "Whether they actually spend it on that, you don't have any way of knowing, really, but, y'know. Maybe give it to people you trust?"

Maeve claims to HIEROPHANT, "True, but they get more IP by default than a non-GL, and they can still get IP without support via locales and purchasing with silver - and they have access to guild silver, which most players don't."

Otbert claims, "Maybe their approval is a way of knowing ;)"

HIEROPHANT claims, "They can support you and receive IP from you and then turn around and spend that IP on something else."

Capitalism claims, "A way of knowing how much your guild likes you? That doesn't bode well for the Grand Inquisitor right now."

Maeve says, "It does make sense to give extra IP to guild members to encourage them to participate though, mathematically."

Maeve says, "It does make sense to give extra IP to guild members to encourage them to participate though, mathematically."

Sparkles says, "Anyways, maybe a forum topic or just general brain storming about more IP use as a long term convo."

Maeve nods at Sparkles.

Maeve states, "That sounds like a lovely idea :)"

HIEROPHANT says, "The feedback loop of being supported and giving your members IP to spend on metrics that benefit their assets to incentivize them financially to continue supporting you is, I think, the... intended function of GL IP."

Maeve nods at HIEROPHANT.

Temi claims, "We do want it to maintain it's same theme as actually influencing things though"

Maeve nods at Temi.

HIEROPHANT states, "Also, guild income each cycle is metric-dependent, so, like, bribe your guildmates with your guild income."

Temi says to HIEROPHANT, "And I can assure you, we never thought of that as a desired use case. Not necessarily a problem, but not an intetnion."

Otbert questions, "Can we have Hierophant write a helpfile for guildleaders on Guild IP?"

Maeve states, "IP represents social power, so... should be spent on things that reflect social power."

Musketeer claims, "I admit, I'm still trying to figure out how to do all the IP shenanigans, but it's a bit of a troublesome web to follow for me."

Maeve states, "If Hierophant is willing, we'd be happy to get such a help file in place."

Musketeer is squirrel brained, and rapidly loses track of his thoughts.

HIEROPHANT states to Temi, "Really? It's such a succinct loop it seemed to be to be the intended way Guilds are meant to fight Metric Wars with each other."

HIEROPHANT claims, "Which some guilds are much better at than others, I'll admit."

HIEROPHANT says to Maeve, "I'd be happy to write a guildleader-category helpfile on this, sure. I, uh, had a good mentor who explained it early on, I thought it was common knowledge, apologies."

Meiari states, "Thank you for passing on the knowledge <3"

HIEROPHANT states, "I've always imagined the Earl Marshall and Justiciar to regularly squabble over recruiting new characters to have more people to give IP to to support their metrics and income :O"

Maeve nods at HIEROPHANT.

HIEROPHANT says, "Or the Bards and Merchants and Physicians squabbling over the non-combatant types"

Musketeer states, "To be fair, that would require recruits."

Capitalism states, "I mean... Merchants have in fact won that battle recently."

HIEROPHANT states, "Everyone in the who list with a cyan name is a potential recruit, and it's an organic reason to reach out and engage new players/characters in RP."

Maeve nods at HIEROPHANT.

Sparkles claims, "Capitalism has indeed, won again."

HIEROPHANT pontificates, "And hey, if you don't take them, I will!"

HIEROPHANT claims, ":D"

Capitalism wins again.

Otbert says, "I'll call you when I need that 30 percent bonus death "

Meiari asks, "Lewd?"

Musketeer states, "That's it. Getting the not-so-blunt-instrument."

Maeve asks, "Ten minutes to go :) What would we like to discuss now? Or early wrap up? :)"

Otbert claims, "Can we have the mail daemon also give XP for packages? I like using envelopes."

Musketeer claims, "Can we go on another crusade? I liked the weather."

HIEROPHANT says, ":("

Maeve claims to Otbert, "I'll add it to my list."

Musketeer says, "Not the scorpions. Just the weather."

Sparkles says, "Oh! A reminder if fun/interesting/scandalous things happen, please post rumors."

HIEROPHANT wonders, "You get IP for posting it -and- for it being modified, up to what, 3 IP a week?"

Otbert says, "I am trying to give penances that will spawn rumors or IC sharing of experiences, or possibly books, so get in on those penance rumors."

Maeve claims to Musketeer, "It's very cool that you enjoyed the Crusade. It required a lot of staff effort and split the pbase for awhile. We do them every so often, but you'll probably have to wait for awhile."

Maeve claims, "Rumors are another good way to get IP also."

Sparkles claims, "It gives folks things to RP about, the randomness of the NPCs dropping hot tea at the wrong moment is hilarious, and please feed the Bard NPCs."

Temi grins.

HIEROPHANT claims, "And it's per week, so up to 6 per cycle, methinks."

Maeve nods at Sparkles.

Maeve nods at HIEROPHANT.

Temi states, "Any further things for a good while are more likely to be Lithmore focused"

HIEROPHANT states, "If it happens anywhere but behind closed doors it's valid to be a rumor, for the most part"

Maeve nods at HIEROPHANT.

Maeve states, "Or just make stuff up to color our world a bit."

Sparkles states, "Also if there's an NPC in the room, you can indeed name them the source."

Otbert says, "If it happens behind closed doors it can go into a non-Public circle possibly, too."

Maeve nods at Otbert.

Sparkles claims, "I know Lysander is a bit snitch."

Capitalism claims, "Sometimes just spreading non-sense rumors is fun too... Years ago there was the myth of the serpent in the lake."

Maeve says, "Surprised Lysander's lived so long with such a loose tongue."

HIEROPHANT states, "If you start a rumor on purpose or lie, it has to be you as the source, but you can blame any NPC in the room for it too, yeah."

Musketeer claims, "He's useful."

Otbert states, "It's fun doing ambient ones that have someone use a dialect you don't normally get to write in."

Maeve nods.

Maeve queries, "Can you use languages in rumors, I wonder?"

Musketeer claims, "To my understanding, yes."

Maeve says, "Interesting."

Otbert claims, "Oh no. Vavardipocalypse coming."

HIEROPHANT queries, "You probably shouldn't?"

Otbert claims, "Yeah, you don't know that the NPC sharing it speaks it."

Sparkles states, "If you put the Circle for that race it makes more sense."

Maeve trails off, "'cause only the Vavardi would be so crass as to gossip, of course... :P"

HIEROPHANT states, "Rumors are rattled off by random rumormonger NPCs that... probably do not know Daravi."

Maeve nods at Sparkles.

Musketeer queries, "Counterpoint, currently high race relations?"

HIEROPHANT claims, "I mean, if you say I can start rumors in Daravi, I'm going to go do that."

Musketeer says, "Do it. You won't."

Otbert claims, "Only if I pool daravi if an NPC shares it."

Maeve says, "I suppose you technically can, but it'd likely be instantly reported, and I'd probably uphold that."

Capitalism asks, "But do they know the ancient written script to repeat?"

HIEROPHANT states, "It's audible speech, so you do if you already know at least 1 rank of it :)"

HIEROPHANT states to Maeve, "This is why you probably shouldn't, yes."

Temi says, "We probably should stick away from including language in a way that doesn't make sense for random NPCs to spread"

Maeve nods at Temi.

Meiari nods to Hierophant, "Please teach me some first? For historical interest, naturally."

Temi says, "Ie maybe a specific word translated over that would be what people might use, etc."

Maeve says, "In general, if a rumor doesn't make sense to go around, I'd quash/remove them"

HIEROPHANT says, "The majority of rumormonger NPCs on grid are explicitly Lithmorrans, who probably do not speak anything else."

InvestSouthside hums, "but didnt we just acquire a large population of daravi?"

Maeve nods at HIEROPHANT.

Otbert says, "That elusive first rank, I could have learned so much from having it accidentally spoken at me by now."

Maeve states to InvestSouthside, "That's a rumor :P"

Temi finishes abruptly, "There's the kingdom and the duchy - the Kingdom now has some Daravi again"

Temi says, "Lithmorrans from the duchy are still Lithmorran"

Musketeer wonders, "But are they ONLY Lithmorran?"

Temi says, "Most of them? Yes."

HIEROPHANT claims, "No, but it's the majority in the city by a good margin."

Musketeer questions, "I imagine Lithmore's becoming more and more of a melting pot and less.. Distinct, I think is the word I'm looking for?"

HIEROPHANT says, "There's a smattering scattered about of others but outside of the Quarters it is predominantly Lithmorran."

Otbert muses, "Shouldn't the rumormonger in the bar in the Vandagan Quarter be Vandagan?"

Temi claims, "Within the quarters they will be, but that's not the majority of the town"

Sparkles says, "Not if the other guy has better vodka."

Maeve states, "You'd think they probably are. I think anyone from Lithmorran occupied Daravi would be Lithmorran legally, albeit they'd probably have more of a Daravi physical appearance.. but their paperwork would definitely not say Daravi."

HIEROPHANT claims to Otbert, "There's more than one, but yeah - but all rumormongers pop rumors at the same time, everywhere.

It would be neat if non-Lithmorran rumormongers yelled their rumors in their native language though."

HIEROPHANT states to Maeve, "I can tell you from experience that, yes, it does say Daravi."

Otbert says, "Gonna need a rumormonger in the Daravi Embassy Chamber so I can learn Daravi off them."

HIEROPHANT claims, ":("

Maeve says to HIEROPHANT, "It will if you're set to Daravi and that might be based on your character's allegiance, etc."

HIEROPHANT claims, "Well. If you want your free native language in chargen to be Daravi, and you want to be restricted in social class as a Daravi, and you want NPCs to treat you as Daravi, you ask to be set to Daravi in chargen."

HIEROPHANT says, "Otherwise I suppose the typical choice historically has been 'pick Farin, purchase height -10'."

Musketeer states, "I think seeing an influx of Daravi as a result of the recent crusade would be kinda cool, to be fair. But that's just my two cents."

Sparkles says, "This feels like the required 'we've escaped the topic' reminder moment."

Maeve states to HIEROPHANT, "In which case... yeah, the game is going to treat someone like they're Daravi because of how the code is set up."

Capitalism trails off, "There will just be an influx of Farin soon is all... Yes. Just Farin... >_>"


Temi states, "Race should likely still be set to Daravi, even if we don't have good handling for their political membership"

Maeve claims, "We've hit the end of OOC Chat timeslot :) "

InvestSouthside nods to heirophant, "sadly i accidentally went the wrong way."

Maeve nods at Temi.

Maeve states, "Thank you for coming everyone, and sharing your thoughts, tips, and just having a good conversation. :)"

Sparkles places her right fist over her heart in salute.

Maeve exclaims, "Have a great week, and I hope to be around at least a little next week to see you again. Take care!"

Maeve declares, "Retrans in just a moment. Brace yourselves!"
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