Log of OOC Meeting (2/3/24)

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Maeve finishes abruptly, "OOC Chat Agenda:

- Reminder to be kind
- Pick a scribe
- Announcements
- Staff updates
- Player experience
- Player topics

[RPXP Gain: none] [HP:perfect MV:fresh P:walk]

Maeve states, "Please be kind during OOC Chat. This means be mindful of personal remarks, treat others the way you'd want to be treated, and don't share OOC information that ought not to be shared publicly. This space is for players to discuss the game with staff to make it better for everyone. Please bring personal grievances or story concerns to me outside of OOC Chat."

[RPXP Gain: none] [HP:perfect MV:fresh P:walk]

Maeve states, "Also, please remember that everyone is coming to this with the best intentions."

[RPXP Gain: none] [HP:perfect MV:fresh P:walk]

Maeve declaims, "Can I get a volunteer scribe? It's time to kick off the chat!"

[RPXP Gain: none] [HP:perfect MV:fresh P:walk]
say I can do it if no one else wants to.

Paprika states, "I can do it if no one else wants to."

[RPXP Gain: none] [HP:perfect MV:fresh P:walk]
Maeve states to Paprika, "Thank you! I endorse you."

[RPXP Gain: none] [HP:perfect MV:fresh P:walk]
Maeve has awarded you 2 QPs: OOC Chat Scribe

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You will no longer see prompts.

Temi has transferred Brando. [OOC]

Temi gives a polished pin bearing "400" in a fine, calligraphic script to Brando.

emote explodes happily all over your deviled eggs.

Paprika explodes happily all over your deviled eggs.

Maeve pontificates, "The biggest announcement that I have is - we've hit 400 SC!"

Brando says, "Cheers Temi"

Maeve says, "Wow. That's like... I think almost 100 IC years of gameplay. Almost."

Brando says, "Huzzah for 400"

Maeve states, "Thank you everyone for being here to celebrate this time :)"

Ikeala claims, "Whee."

Maeve wonders, "Does anyone else have any announcements? Any events or anything coming up?"

Maeve muses, "Shameless plugs for local shop discounts?"

Nevermore declares, "I'm relatively new but I'm glad to witness the 400 SC!"

Maeve beams and cheers with Nevermore.

ThatBard claims, "We will be having a feast and party at the Hollow Globe after this. I'm being Oppified."

say Tonight we are having an oppification party at the hollow globe after the meeting.

Paprika claims, "Tonight we are having an oppification party at the hollow globe after the meeting."

Ikeala claims, "Rumor has it there's an event after meeting."

Maeve declares to ThatBard, "Congratulations!"

Brando claims, "I have a special issue topic today. Please put me on the list of topics to discuss today. I have it prewritten ok. :)"

Nevermore claims, "Prewritten topic? That's going to my OOC meeting bingo."

Maeve states, "That's very cool. Please remember to recommend one another for throwing the event so we can pass out some sweet QP for the people who organize this stuff for one another."

Maeve declaims to Nevermore, "Yes!"

Brando laughs

Nevermore totally just didn't make up OOC meeting bingo for the sake of that joke

Maeve queries, "Does anyone have a topic they'd like to register?"

Brando trails off, "Yes ... i just mentioned that :)"

Maeve says to Brando, "I'm sorry, I missed it. You're on the list."

Brando says, "Thank you ;)"

Maeve wonders, "Anyone else?"

Maeve says, "If you have one, please send me a tell - I think we should do that in the future because then they come up bright red and are in my tell log."

Maeve says, "Let's do staff updates now."

Maeve states, "This last week, I was less active than the week before, but I did a bit with requests, answering questions, and the request queue. I'd also like to let people know that I am available to do demon work, but please request board me to set up a time if you want to summon a demon (er, for those very few who might have interest)"

Dalton claims, "Boo demons! (I'll hit you up later.)"

Brando states, "Very cool Maeve."

Andalucia wonders to Maeve, "Do you do birthday parties?"

Temi grins.

Ikeala states, "I'm available for birthday parties, if that helps."

Eeel says, "Do you do oppification parties"

Ikeala chuckles.

Maeve says, "This coming week, I need to actually get activated on the forums - I do birthday parties, funerals, and other events with a sliding scale of payment. Please be prepared with more than one soul should children be present - and I plan to not let Temi get stuck doing the request queue this week on top of the heap of other things she's been doing."

Maeve pontificates, "That's me! Temi, all yours :)"

Brando declaims, "Cheers Maeve ... good job!"

Temi claims, "I had the big on-grid battle for the crusade last Sunday, which took pretty much that whole day, and I've worked on some finalization stuff. We've got the one real legion left out there and planning to close it out tomorrow and start reaching out to our new Seneschal and appropriate people for results stuff."

Temi claims, "After that, some requests and recommends and things, but mostly a little bit of recuperation. So probably nothing else big for a bit"

Maeve nods at Temi.

Brando says, "That is great Temi, thank you."

Maeve says, "I totally forgot we have a new Seneschal. May need to do some setup for them."

Musketeer declares, "That battle was absolutely exhausting, I- and OOCly. But it was a great time Temi, big thanks again for that!"

Maeve nods at Musketeer.

emote made so many rations.

Paprika made so many rations.

Temi nods at Maeve.

Maeve says to Temi, "You're a champion. Thank you for running big events."

Dalton pontificates, "Indeed!"

Brando nods

Maeve muses, "Next is Player Experiences - how is the game going for everyone at the moment?"

Dalton trails off, "Um..."

say Things seem to be picking up!

Paprika exclaims, "Things seem to be picking up!"

Souless says, "Just excited to get back on grid."

Souless says, "Very eager to drag my friend into this game. :)"

Dalton trails off, "In the course of the last week, a few players we got started with... Got one of them to lose their Cyan"

Andalucia says, "First week on the job as an Inquisitor. No complaints. :)"

say Thank you for picking up that job!

Paprika declares, "Thank you for picking up that job!"

Maeve says, "Last week, people asked to focus on Order. I want to thank those players who decided to take up Order roles in response to their peers' request."

Andalucia smiles. "My pleasure!"

Dalton states, "And also Merchant things are doing Merchant things. We always have more work to do to sell."

HIEROPHANT states, "I have had a fantastic week and am happily engaged with many things to do and people to see and so on every day. :)"

Eloxotzi "i may be the addict with most hours atm..."

Brando says, "It goes well for me, i have put in an effort to carve out more time for me to play and i thank everyone who played with Hulda, my character, this week. I got in 24hrs of game play and 8hrs of RP. I hope to repeat that newxt and forthcoming weeks ok."

Maeve claims, "Staff didn't have much to do with that, so it really felt nice to see the community responding to one another's needs."

HIEROPHANT states, "I even had time for a spot of mischief."

Maeve smiles at Eloxotzi.

Andalucia states, "Right place and time for me, I needed a character to play."

Maeve asks, "Say is there anything that needs addressing? I'm creating a list of priorities. Right now, the biggest things on my radar is minigames and how roles work (or maybe don't work well?)"

Nevermore wonders, "A lot of new experiences and expectatiosn, a bit overwhelmed but also... Excited?"

Maeve nods at Nevermore.

Brando states, "Yes but thats for my topic ok Maeve."

Nevermore says, "Oh Lord-Mother I think I accidentally sent a helpfile to someone."

Maeve claims to Brando, "I'll try not to get ahead of you :) Maybe we should do topics first, then swap to Player Experience."

Nevermore says, "Sorry if you're that person."

Maeve takes a note to swap those so she stops asking for people's topics during player experience.

Maeve comforts Nevermore.

Brando nods

Maeve pontificates, "We can move onto player topics now though!"

Brando says, "Cool"

Maeve claims to Brando, "Please tell us your topic? You're 1st."

Brando states, "Ok, 1 second please as i have several sentences to post in quick succession ok. "

Maeve nods at Brando.

Dalton says, "Only thing I have on the list would be helping with plots, but I think that can kinda wait til after Temi's relaxation."

Maeve nods at Dalton.

Brando declares, "As my character is a Jeweler ... it has come to my recent attentionspan, after deep investigation, that RAW gemstones and Ivory are not available for normal coin purchase in shops on TI-Legacy!"

Brando trails off, "So I suggest 3 solutions to that problem ..."

Brando states, "1: Since RAW gemstones/ivory are ONLY available for purchase using QP at the auction house, and QP is rare ... I suggest that one be able to BUY QP for a reasonable price, lets say 1 gold piece each."

Ikeala claims, "There are gems and ivory that load in IC shops based on metrics."

Maeve claims to Ikeala, "I think so. I think they're 'rare restocks'."

Dalton claims, "Some of them are... Ivory itself stocks with High Race Relations over in the Farin Quarter in 'The Traders' Bazaar' room. Other gems do as well."

Brando states, "2: OR that one may purchase QP using XP ... say 350+RPXP per 1QP."

Ikeala nods at Maeve.

Brando claims, "3: OR that raw gemstones make a comeback for silver/gold coin purchase in an appropriate shop on GRID."

Brando says, "Because foraging for raw gemstones/ivory is hard and haphazzard and frought with danger and earning enough QP quickly is problematic as well."

Brando claims, "The 1st two solutions would require new command codes where as the later solution would be immediately doable by staff."

Dalton claims, "It's a matter of exploration and finding them. You need to find the specific stores and such for them. My recommendation would be hit up another crafter or possibly swing by the Crafting Wing as we have a stock there too as a side note."

Maeve states, "I'm going to step aside and let Temi answer this because she runs the craft system and set a lot of the restocks."

Brando claims, "I recommend that all 3 solutions become available to players."

HIEROPHANT states, "There are broadly two kinds of gemstones, though Ivory I will agree has no 'generic' version as far as I'm aware:

There are gemstones that fulfil basic recipes but are generic and have no special flavor text, that can be tooled as any gemstone that does not specifically have one (so not rubies, for example);

And there are specific gemstones available in the QP shop, as they are either very rare or are explicitly imports from nobles' domains of prior PCs that made that their domain's import resource item."

Temi says, "Gemstones - semi-precious or precious are generic and can be tooled as reasonable stuff, so there shouldn't be any plans that are completely disrailed by the lack of availability."

HIEROPHANT claims, "The generic types are available for coin, the latter are available either by QP or by using resources to import them."

say I know of at least one player shop out there filled up with nothing but retooled generic gemstones

Paprika states, "I know of at least one player shop out there filled up with nothing but retooled generic gemstones"

Dalton claims, "Oh... That reminds me. Where do Leman Malachite import from...? Haven't been able to find them in the QP Shop or a helpfile about the domain... I might have missed the domain helpfile somewhere."

Temi says, "More specific fancy stuff are intended to not be always available. The fact that they are available through QP is a shortcut around their normal availability"

HIEROPHANT says, "The latter can be pretty expensive, but it is a purely coin cost, no QP required. Both are very far out of reach of brand-new players, generally, just because of the cost."

Brando muses, "The merchants directory was not helpful in finding generic gemstones on grid i am afraid. that might need looking at eh?"

Dalton flips through a Merchant directory document, scouring some ink-scribbled pages.

Temi claims, "And the thing about QP is that it's specifically not available for coin, so I don't really see that changing. Otherwise we could just make everything QP-related cost a ton more silver."

HIEROPHANT states, "Exception being if someone apps in as a noble and makes a new one as their resource or takes over an existing domain that has an established resource, but that's a niche thing.

Generic gems are at Daylin's Gemstones for the most part, NPC shop."

A well-dressed gentleman flips through the stout, ink-scribbled tomes before him. After a few minutes, he provides Temi with a list.

HIEROPHANT states, "You can find that sort of thing with roster match <thing>, for reference. Directories are also a thing merchants can do, but anyone can use the roster."

Temi wonders, "Put a typo note up for them not showing up on directory?"

Brando declaims, "Cheers HIEROPHANT i shall check that shop out asap!"

Temi finishes abruptly, "But yeah, that's been a long standing availability for the generic stuff - and the rare stuff on a rotating basis depending on metrics"

Temi asks, "Was there other concerns or questions in there?"

Brando says, "Excellent. that should fix my problem. thank you all."

Maeve states, "Thank you for helping, everyone."

Maeve muses to Ikeala, "You had a question or proposition/thought?"

HIEROPHANT claims, "Yeah, the directory is automated but shops have to be added to it manually, I believe?

For most imports you're looking at Economy and Race Relations metrics, for rare commodities and rare imports respectively.

A generic source of ivory would be very helpful to have, that's my only other note, Temi. The only one I know if is the Sepha-Raya import, but there's quite a few crafts that want ivory and presumably ivory comes from more than one domain."

Brando claims, "Maybe an animal on grid could supply ivory to hunters willing to take on such a beast eh? just a suggestion ok."

Ikeala claims, "We seem to be having returning folks/folks looking for new concepts, etc, I'm curious about revisiting the idea about posting wanted concepts/connections etc in some way."

Maeve makes notes of the suggestions.

Temi states, "We can take a look at it. I think it'd be intended to be rare, though, still"

Souless states, "I would love that."

Maeve wonders, "I have no issues with that. How would we go about it?"

HIEROPHANT wonders, "Like, a classifieds board?"

Temi says, "I know we've had people post it on the general board before and not necessarily opposed to that, though I don't know how everyone feels about it"

Souless says, "Last time I played, I played with a background connection with a player kind of randomly. It was good fun."

Ikeala queries, "A classified board that's in chargen maybe? Players could request staff add something there?"

Maeve says, "I think the Announcement post with roles that are open kinda does a bit of signaling, but maybe isn't everything TI needs to connect players to desired roles."

Brando questions, "There is a blackmarkets board if i recall correctly?"

Maeve nods at Souless.

Maeve nods at Brando.

Ikeala trails off, "That tends to be for GL roles or Big Ticket things, but ..."

Maeve claims, "I think it's a jobs board now instead of blackmarket."

Temi nods.

Dalton says, "I think the problem with the Blackmarket board is that it's not available in Chargen."

Brando states, "Noted Maeve. cheers."

Maeve says, "I don't think it's very visible for new players though, so might not fill the need."

HIEROPHANT claims, "I don't use the forums much at all myself, but that sounds like a good subforum category to me maybe?

The Announcements post covers game roles, but it doesn't cover something like, 'I want someone to play my brother-in-law and will spend the QP for the connection, apply here if you are interested, here is some info about them', etc."

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Souless claims, "I think it's good fun because it helps to tie you into the grid, especially apping in with family, etc."

Maeve nods at HIEROPHANT.

Dalton says, "I mean that could work too."

Ikeala says, "Well or an open sort of background thing, we've had (for example) some big IC events the past number of IC years that might be things people could include in their background that would give them a connection to other folks, but people might not otherwise know is a thing."

Maeve wonders, "Maybe we should create a dedicated OOC Board for people to ask and share?"

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Eloxotzi has reconnected.

Brando nods

Ikeala claims, "And "connection" meaning "something in common" and less "offical background connection stuff""

Maeve muses, ""Classifieds"? "

Ikeala nods.

Souless claims, "Yeah, absolutely. A dedicated board with a few pinned messages would be fun."

Dalton says, "Make a dedicated OOC Board where you post, "Hey. Pboard me about this connection. We can talk about it.""

Maeve nods at Dalton.

HIEROPHANT queries, "Ahh. Okay, so like - a Major Events room in chargen to give people ideas of things to include in their background?"

Maeve states, "I like it a bit better than forums because it doesn't require people to look outside the game."

Souless states, "I'm even considering spending a few QP for additional background connections."

Souless says, "On this character."

Ikeala claims, "The Major Events thing could be some posts on there."

Maeve says to HIEROPHANT, "Hmm. I'd need some help figuring out what to put in there."

Temi states, "We do ask people to keep to one background connection active at a time"

Dalton asks, "Don't we have Timeline helpfiles occasionally?"

Musketeer is idle.

Dalton wonders, "Or have those not been updated?"

Ikeala claims, "But things like 'Hey your character might have fought in Lothos or the Crusade'"

Maeve states, "I may need to have a look at the timeline stuff."

HIEROPHANT says, "We have timeline helpfiles but they are very detail-rich, which is great but they are not brief and no, they are not updated since I think SC 389"

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Brando says, "That can go in ones character help file and character hooks eh."

HIEROPHANT says, "The effort to update them up to 389 was a monumental project itself"

Dalton says, "380"

HIEROPHANT claims, "Even worse, lol"

Dalton trails off, "I just checked it... XD"

Ikeala claims, "People won't know to randomly look at people's character profiles when they don't know people. And randomly sending tells to strangers can intimidate new players."

Maeve nods.

Musketeer claims, "Can confirm, from my time as a newer player. It's a bit off putting."

Temi claims, "We probably should update the timelines again, but yeah, that can be a lot to wade through anyways and some would be good background stuff and some wouldn't"

Dalton says, "Maybe a recent events helpfile"

Maeve wonders, "Do you think maybe it'd be good to let people advertise in their Help Character files? Maybe a section for "If you would like a background with me, here's the types of things we could set up?""

Ikeala states, "In general, it's just a thought of "how can we make newer folks have some easier ways of fitting into the world/feeling welcome etc" as I know I've heard over time that's a thing we could maybe work on."

Maeve muses, "Or some variant of that?"

Dalton states, "For the last 10 years of events"

HIEROPHANT states, "A room that provides a prompt that says essentially 'here are the major events of the last 50 years, these are things to consider when thinking about your character and how they might have been impacted by them' and then just a collection of history helpfiles for folks to read? That could go a long way."

Maeve nods at HIEROPHANT.

Dalton declaims, "So we can have it be, "Hey. This is what happened recently. You could use some of this as part of your story tie in!""

Brando nods

Maeve claims to HIEROPHANT, "I'll make a crack at updating what we have at the very least."

HIEROPHANT states, "We had a very cool character that built herself around being a Lothos war veteran for a while and it was fun to see, for example"

HIEROPHANT muses to Maeve, "The IC Event archives on the forums and the header plot records are probably your friend there?"

Maeve nods at HIEROPHANT.

Temi nods in agreement.

Maeve says, "Definitely. It's tedious rather than hard."

HIEROPHANT claims, "It'll be a lot of filtering out the more mundane stuff for the really big things that are kingdom-wide impactful"

Maeve claims, "I am happy to take on that project, especially since some players have very kindly offered me help in tells."

Musketeer says, "If you ever think your task is tedious, think of Sisyphus."

HIEROPHANT claims, "I'd love to see fresh characters that have Crusade-related backgrounds, be that this Crusade or the last one"

Temi has transferred trogdor. [OOC]

Ikeala nods.

Temi gives a polished pin bearing "400" in a fine, calligraphic script to trogdor.

Maeve says, "Thank you for the suggestions. I have two items - set up a Classified OOC board, and get a 'last 50 years' room in chargen + update the timeline."

Ikeala wiggles slightly away from the arriving Trogdor.

Dalton declares, "Trogdor!"

Trogdor declaims, "Hello gentle and beautiful people!"

HIEROPHANT says, "Hey man. Glad to see you back around"

Eloxotzi muses "beautiful yes but gentle im unsure of."

Musketeer states, "I am neither gentle or beautiful, but I shall accept your greeting the same, and offer only cheese in return."

Maeve queries, "I think someone mentioned something about helping with plots?"

HIEROPHANT questions, "I think that about covers that? Anything else to add here Ikeala?"

Maeve says, "That's the list of planned topics, but I was hoping to delve into that topic a bit more."

HIEROPHANT muses, "Other than me realizing just now it's been over a year and I have no idea how to correctly target other players in the OOC room?"

Maeve claims, "It's /<keyword"

Maeve claims, "/maeve for example."

HIEROPHANT states, "See I try that and it's not liking me."

Dalton states, "I just wanted help with plots but if I can help with them somehow, please let me know and I'll do what I can."

Maeve says, "Uh oh."

Maeve wonders to HIEROPHANT, "Send me a log on the bug board?"

HIEROPHANT says, "Yeah, later. Don't mean to detract."

Dalton glances at Maeve.

Dalton trails off, "Hmmm..."

Dalton glances at Maeve.

Ikeala claims, "And yeah, that's it."

Temi states, "I don't know that it's always happy about when people's OOC names don't match"

HIEROPHANT says, "That's the issue I'm having, yes"

Maeve trails off, "Yeah, don't use OOC names, use a target keyword that seems unique..."

Dalton glances at Ikea.

Brando says, "Looks at /brandon"

Dalton glances at Ikeala.

HIEROPHANT claims, "But this is the OOC room."

Dalton trails off, "Yea..."

HIEROPHANT states, "I can't look at anything but OOC names, Maeve."

Brando says, "Looks at /brando"

Brando says, "Hmmm"

Maeve claims to Dalton, "Thank you. I'll chat a bit more with you about what you mean after OOC Chat, and we can discuss avenues that are appropriate to your interests."

Dalton states, "You can get it to target with Character names but not with OOC names."

Maeve nods at HIEROPHANT.

Maeve says to HIEROPHANT, "And OOC names aren't keywords. I get it. Thank you for alerting me to the problem."

Ikeala says, "I admit I've always daydreamed about being able to show on the Wholist with a different name, but in general 'the code of coded names' is itself a whole topic."

Dalton states, "Just targeted Ikeala with character name successfully. So that could be the slight issue with it."

Maeve nods at Dalton.

Ikeala claims, "That's because I have that as a mail profile, potentially."

HIEROPHANT states, "Not important, just funny that it took me this long to realize that.

There are quite a few things that are janky with coded names. I suppose I could make a topic relating to that if we're out of planned topics."

Dalton claims, "Oh no."

Maeve states, "Interesting."

Dalton claims, "I mean with YOUR character name."

Ikeala says, "Ah"

Maeve nods at HIEROPHANT.

Maeve says, "I think it's always a rough problem in games that programming takes more resources than social organizing changes. I'm very happy to discuss what changes we need in, for example the naming system, but there's a delay between figuring out what to do and implementing the changes."

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Maeve nods at HIEROPHANT.

say Anyone say anything after I went idle?

Paprika queries, "Anyone say anything after I went idle?"

HIEROPHANT claims, "Yep, my topic! I'll repost."

HIEROPHANT claims, "It's one I've brought up before, though this was months prior -

invite scenes! Just firstly as a reminder that they exist, and that policy around them was heavily relaxed near the end of the last year to be much more useful, especially for folks that are on opposite sides of the conflict fence. But there's still one issue with them -

There's still no way to invite anonymously, because the invite itself reveals your coded name to whoever you invite to the scene. This is fine for me, being, well, me, but not so for, say, a sneaky thief or a cunning wizard who wants to engage in some cloak-and-dagger concealed RP with the opposition. It's hard to try to bribe the Justiciar if inviting him to your hangout of choice tells him who you are. (reposted)"

Brando nods at HIEROPHANT

Maeve says, "Noting that down. Inviting anonymously shouldn't be hard because it's string changes."

Ikeala questions, "Add the option to 'anon invite' in some way?"

Ikeala questions, "Because combined with a messenger that should work?"

HIEROPHANT says, "I don't really have a horse in this race except that I'd also like it if people could anonymously invite me to places.

The concern that was brought up last time with this topic by Ghed was - people could misuse invite to essentially 'test' if someone is online or not, or to try to get around whoinvis."

Maeve says, "Wow."

Souless says, "Could use mail profiles for invites."

HIEROPHANT states, "Ah, but that would also confirm who owned that mail profile if they accepted the invite wearing anything distinctive."

Souless says, "But that would happen anyway."

HIEROPHANT claims, "Or could be used with the who list to figure them out, etc."

Souless claims, "Yeah, I mean that's already a risk."

HIEROPHANT says, "These aren't unsolveable problems, just things to be aware of."

Brando states, "Messages are already anonymous ... if you dont declare in the message from who its from, then the receiver doesnt know who sent it."

Dalton claims, "The problem with that is Invite has it's own set of rules I believe."

Dalton wonders, "Invite has a no conflict clause I think?"

Brando states, "A meet me here at xyz time, Anon ... would suffice. "

HIEROPHANT states to Dalton, "It does! However, those rules were very heavily relaxed to that point that, essentially, as long as it isn't behind a locked door, it's an acceptable place to invite someone.

It does, but only between the invited parties and their guild members."

say Could it be made that you can not invite someone if they are who invis? Like... someone that isn't online?

Paprika queries, "Could it be made that you can not invite someone if they are who invis? Like... someone that isn't online?"

Souless states, "I'm just saying you can already, if you're paying attention, deduce from who who someone is if you meet with them, even cloaked."

Dalton states, "Again... Messengers don't have protection. Invites do."

Souless claims, "Frankly, folks should just avoid paying attention to that kind of stuff."

Trogdor says, "Meta gaming makes trogdor sad :-("

Souless says, "Not that that's enforceable in anyway, but."

HIEROPHANT claims, "For sure, yes, and doing so is already against policy; but from the staff perspective when they make changes that create new avenues for abuse, it increases the burden of vigilance to watch out for said abuse."

Eloxotzi says "same trogdor same"

ThatBard muses, "Hm. I think it's a classic, trying to put a code band aid on something that is a policy issue. Because knowledge gained through the invite command would be OOC knowledge and using it would be Meta Gaming, no? "

HIEROPHANT claims, "It's enforceable indirectly through cnote discovery policy, mostly."

Dalton trails off, "As someone whose been around TI almost 9 years off and on..."

Maeve states, "I agree with Souless. It's OOC vs IC information, and theoretically we can code against a lot of that, but all we need to do is have a bit of trust for people not to take OOC stuff IC, otherwise we code against utility."

Dalton states, "Getting called out to the middle of nowhere in a messenger and getting ganked... Kinda is a risk you take when you take a messenger out to the middle of nowhere."

Maeve trails off, "Like, if we block whoinvis people from using invites... whoinvis people cannot invite, and you'd think it's better if they could find small, cozy RP"

Dalton states, "Invites mitigate that risk."

Souless claims, "That said, I'm not worried about this community doing that kind of thing."

HIEROPHANT claims, "Absolutely. My only point is that adding more ways people can do that, means staff have more things on the list of things to watch out for - and those policies only exist because people have, repeatedly, done that in the past."

Eeel is idle.

Maeve nods at Souless.

Souless says, "This community has, at least when I last played, been really good about not doing that kind of thing."

Maeve claims, "Not really. They more exist to calm fear in the playerbase and to set expectations about what is allowed and not allowed."

Eeel is no longer idle.
Eeel has returned from AFK.

Brando nods

Temi nods.

Maeve claims, "Most players aren't serial OOC abusers."

Nevermore states, "I like to think that the playerbase doesn't go for the throat when it means interacting with their IC enemies."

Brando says, "Dont meta game gank me bro eh. simple really."

Maeve nods at Nevermore.

HIEROPHANT states, "Respectfully, unless you are staff, you are not privy to when that happens, because policy is handled privately, yes?

So while I agree that it isn't common - those policies are there for a reason."

Temi says, "Almost all interactions are really adult and people do a great job of being shared partners in RP. However, the most likely time for people to make bad decisions is when they find themselves with their character on the line suddenly."

Dalton claims, "Granted some of them likely havent needed to be enforced in a number of years... There were times when they did happen."

Temi claims, "Which doesn't make it okay, but we do acknowledge it."

Ikeala nods.

Maeve says, "I have access to the policy files. The first thing I did when I joined was read through a very long history of what's there. My impression of the pbase is that it's pretty mature on the whole."

Trogdor questions, "Iirc, invite also leaves your npc horde behind, does it not?"

Ikeala claims, "Yeah, but that also kind of levels the playing field."

Ikeala claims, "Well, I guess on one side at least."

HIEROPHANT claims, "I haven't tried it with retainers following me, though as conflict between inviter/invitee is protected and it's by nature an arranged scene I think it's easy enough to just politely ask to step away 1 room and hail them if they should reasonably be there"

Nevermore wonders, "You can't gank people you invited though, so that isn't that big of a problem, right?"

Brando nods

HIEROPHANT states, "Third-parties are always a possibility."

Nevermore claims, "Oh, true."

Trogdor states, "Ambush opportunity on the way back, outside of the invite/invitee scene.. as the phant says"

Brando states, "Invite rules are that those who invited anybody must let 3rd parties who join KNOW its an invite scene ok."

Brando claims, "Using osay or tells"

HIEROPHANT states, "Sure, Brando, that is absolutely true, but that only applies to the guildmates of the inviter and invite-ee."

Maeve says, "I think that's the old rules. I just read the help file, and it says under the new rules, 3rd parties are exempt."

Trogdor exclaims, "I'm not thinking nefarious, more a "whoa, they are by themselves for once... imma take advantage of that!"

Maeve queries, "Unless they share guild membership with the invitee?"

Temi says, "The idea behind that change is that we don't want people inviting a friend somewhere to give them immunity to natural consequences."

Brando states, "I wanst aware of that ajnd i dislike it very much. please change it back to how it was ok."

Maeve says, "I think the old rules were, if people entered a scene that was an invite scene, everyone had to be alerted and everyone had to abide by the no-arrest/pk/steal/etc invite rules."

HIEROPHANT asks, "Guildmates of either party cannot harm either side during an invite scene - but there are more than just two guilds, yeah?"

Dalton says, "Honestly... If I send an invite to someone and they show up. Someone else tries to third party the group, I'd tell them off personally."

Maeve nods at HIEROPHANT.

Temi states, "But also the knight can't invite the mage and then hint hint nudge nudge their knight buddy to come by"

Brando nods at Dalton

Maeve claims, "I think this is something I'd have to talk to staff about to see how we on the whole feel since it seems like some players don't like how it currently works."

HIEROPHANT states to Temi, "Righto, that's what it protects against - but it doesn't stop a Reeve from rolling up and causing a ruckus, for example."

Musketeer says, "Welp. I'm gonna go skydive to the almshouse."

Brando claims, "Invites are sacrosanct in my opinion. "

Musketeer stands up.

Ikeala claims, "I mean at that point you can both turn on the guy."

Musketeer begins to descend.

Musketeer leaves down.

Temi says, "Ie, no setting people up, but you also can't hang out in church square as a wanted individual and the Order is powerless to do anything"

Temi claims, "That was an issue that we were having"

HIEROPHANT claims to Maeve, "The policy regarding protections hasn't changed at all. What changed was the scene privacy rule - previously you were required to keep whereRP on at all times for the scene. I worked with Ghed to have that bit changed, which is also when this last came up in meetings."

Maeve claims, "That is an interesting conundrum to consider. "

Maeve nods at Temi.

Brando claims, "2mins till top of the hour ok."

Maeve says, "Yep :) Okay... I'll talk through the invite policy with Temi."

Temi says, "I think those bits might have changed at different times, but the protections are a bit different too"

Maeve claims, "If you have an opinion about what you think the invite policy should be, please Personal Board staff with your opinion."

Dalton states, "My opinion for what it's worth would be, If you invite someone to a scene and someone else shows up, through OSAY or TELLS you should let the person who just arrived know, "This is an Invite Scene. Please keep that in mind.""

Brando nods

Trogdor says, "My opinion is its too complicated with too many loopholes, so i'm staying as far away from it as i do middle east politics"

Souless asks, "What if you could only invite folks to private-ish locations?"

Maeve says, "Please do it in the next 48 hours so I know we've given players the time to speak."

Andalucia questions, "Perhaps post on the general board as well, to invite players that aren't here?"

Temi claims, "I imagine we can do that"

Maeve pontificates, "Also happy for people to continue to discuss this on the OOC Channel or privately before posting your thoughts. Thank you everyone for a rousing OOC Chat!"

Maeve nods at Andalucia.

Maeve declaims, "Yes, post on the General board is welcome as well!"

Souless says, "Or just have specific locations you can invite from."

ouless nods.

Dalton claims, "This way everyone involved is aware of the situation thus allowing for the third party to respect it. Last thing you want is someone walking in and attacking Hiero when he was just minding his own business in a scene."

Maeve nods at Souless.

Brando declares, "Cheers everybody!"

HIEROPHANT says, "You can choose where you have your invite scene pretty freely, it can be in private if you want - it just can't be in private rooms, which are anywhere behind xblocks or a keylock."

Brando waves

Dalton states, "I mean i'd feel sorry for the guy who attacked honestly... But still."

Maeve nods at Dalton.

Maeve exclaims, "Thank you once again for attending and giving us food for thought!"

Maeve states, "Wishing you the best RP - about to retrans the room now."

HIEROPHANT says to Dalton, "I mean. Speak for yourself. As far as I'm concerned if someone finds me when I'm up to no good they can do whatever they'd do."

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