Log of OOC Meeting - 2020/08/01

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Sat Aug 01, 2020 6:06 pm

Log session starting at 00:00:47 on Sunday, 2 August 2020.

Kinaed has awarded you 2 QPs: Scribe

Kinaed has transferred phoenixdoll. [OOC]

Kinaed states, "A reminder of the OOC Chat Pact: Regardless of what we discuss, we understand and
truly believe that everyone on TI does the best they can, given what they know at the time, their
skills and abilities, the resources available, and the situation at hand. We will be respectful of
this and each other at all times."

Kinaed states, "Today's Agenda is:

- Staff Updates
- Player Heartbeat
- Player Topics

Is there anything anyone would like to add to the agenda to make certain we discuss it today? If you
register a topic, please pre-write it so you're ready to present it when called upon."

Joel states, "Just a small entirely non controversial psa"

PrayTheMageAway says, "Yes please, I have several pre written questions"

Ilena gives a pineapple cut-out of a one-eyed knight, with a stern face to phoenixdoll.

Kinaed states, "Okay, Joel can go first, then PrayTheMageAway's first query, then someone else if we
have any, then we can circle back for 2nd and 3rd questions if we have a time."

Kinaed claims, "Though it is unusually quiet tonight, and I hope everything is okay :)"

Kinaed has transferred Aeglir. [OOC]

Kinaed says, "So maybe we'll just have a string of questions :)"

Ilena gives a pineapple cut-out of a one-eyed knight, with a stern face to Aeglir.

Aeglir pontificates, "Thanks!"

say I also have something small

OneWing states, "I also have something small"

Aeglir has returned from AFK.

Violet says, "Ah, I also have a small thing"

Joel doesn't.

Kinaed claims, "Alright, kicking off Staff Updates - last week, I did get to a lot of stuff stuff,
but only towards the end of the week. I had a few policy queries and checked some cnotes upon
request. I wrote some people asking them to be wary of OOC knowledge leading to IC confirmation
bias. Please remember any time you are drawing conclusions ICly using peripheral IC information, it
is a good idea to check with staff if we'd agree with the logic you're using to avoid RP being
unwound if there's a complaint."

Kinaed states to OneWing, "Got you"

Kinaed says to Violet, "Got you"

Kinaed states, "On my desk is still Turf Wars and another mysterious thing that is written in my OOC
Chat notes that I have to look up. Haven't moved on anything forward-looking."

Kinaed has transferred NotNaomi. [OOC]

Cat nods.

Joel muses, "Mysterious?"

TheHeresyAgenda says, "Hello notnaomi :D "

PrayTheMageAway loves mystery!

Ilena gives a pineapple cut-out of a one-eyed knight, with a stern face to NotNaomi.

Kinaed states to Joel, "It's a more marketable word than 'forget worthy' :P"

NotNaomi declares, "Hi!"

Joel snorts

Kinaed states to Temi, "Randomly, you're up :)"

Temi pontificates, "Okay!"

Temi claims, "So, I've been working hard on helping train up Ilena, and trying to make some progress
on the big plot stuff."

Temi states, "In addition to that, I finally finished this."

Violet declaims, "Yay Ilena!! Yay Temi for training! Yay plots!!"

PrayTheMageAway cheers for new admin support

You have had a helpfile queued to you by Temi. Type 'assist' without an argument to view it.

Joel says, "And winning a "funnies plot rejection award""

Kinaed declares to Temi, "Awesome! :)"

Ilena blushes! "Temi is great!!! And SUPER nice!"

TheHeresyAgenda claims, "Thanks for the assist temi :D but im not sure why"

Ilena pontificates, "It's a new help file, written up by Temi!"

Wimpled claims, "Love the Charali perspectives, Temi. "

Aeglir wonders, "Same?"

Ilena says, "From player input, of course."

TheHeresyAgenda says, "OH now i get it sorry"

Temi claims, "That's a new helpfile I put together based on the perspectives contest submissions,

Helpfile for Perspectives

These quotes generally sum up the Charali thoughts about those from other
regions from the perspective of Charali themselves:


"They slaughtered us once for our horses. Who says they won't do it


"They are a cold people from a cold land and they see us as nothing but trade
goods to ship off to Tubor."


"Impudent invaders who know nothing but greed. At least they wear their
character on the outside: the more pretentious their clothing, the more
worthless a person they are."

Hill Folk:

"Fierce little folk as sturdy as the mountains they come from."


"Keep your wits about you around them, else you will wind up a slave."


"Self-proclaimed 'honorable warriors' who buy our people to take them to
barren lands and throw them in the path of the Daravi."


"Cursed people that ride the sands south of Farin, bringers of war and


[ Press (c)ontinue, (r)efresh, (b)ack, (q)uit or hit (h)elp ] (52% complete)

"Remember who Dav was and what he did to us, and know that is who Davites
look up to. That is all which needs to be said about them."


"The reeves seek "justice", but not yours. It is better to see to your own
than waste your time speaking to them."


"It is a worthy task, to commit the histories to song and memory."


"They are more honest than reeves. They're not so pretentious as to say it
is justice when they rob you blind."


"Most are greedy children who would sell their own mothers for wealth.
Remember this when you deal with them."


"These understand the benefit of the plants and flowers that the Urth
provides. Strange are the potions and pills they ruin them for."


"The only thing worse than a self-important fool is a group of them."

(Subject area: charali Last modified: Sat Aug 1 17:10:10 2020)

Temi says, "Thanks to Ilena and Niamh for helping me vote on the ones to pick too."

PrayTheMageAway pontificates, "Oh, very interesting! these are so useful for RPing with cultures
that I OOCly cant figure out where to start or whats going on"

Joel says, "I resent brotherhood being non-pretentious."

Kinaed has transferred Kuzco. [OOC]

Temi says to Joel, "They don't have to be right. Just opinionated from the right view."

Temi grins.

A small arctic fox darts past you, then pauses and grins. Nine tails flutter behind her as she
stands and becomes Azarial. [OOC]

Kuzco bows.

Joel prants in his high skirt.

Phoenixdoll claims, "I should get a bigger fake mustache. "

Temi nods at Kinaed.

Kuzco claims, "Sup children."

Ilena gives a pineapple cut-out of a one-eyed knight, with a stern face to Kuzco.

Kuzco states, "Thanks"

TheHeresyAgenda says, "Oh boy oh boy the charali are pissed"

Kinaed states to Ilena, "You're up :) Please tell us what you did last week, and anything you're
planning to do next."

Joel trails off, "Probably why they prefer horses to people..."

Ilena declaims, "Hello! I'm new, and it's nice to meet you all! I'm excited and I've been enjoying
helping you all!! I can't always help, but if you tell me, I can do my best! ... And probably ask
Temi how. <3 I've been working on tackling all requests, phousing, and questions as much as I can,
and fixing the typos, with instruction!"

Joel exclaims, "I can hihgly recommend Ilena construction company!"

Kinaed claims to Ilena, "Thank you so much for coming on board, and we're grateful for your energy,
enthusiasm, and hard work. :)"

VyStarlit states, "Same! Ilena was great help."

TheHeresyAgenda pontificates, "Thank you for your help! and thanks temi for training!"

Violet claims, "<3 <3 <3"

NotNaomi says, "Ooh good, I have a large request for building things soon :P"

Aeglir pontificates, "I'm too new to have an opinion on many things, but thank you for your

Joel says, "As long as the doors don't have identity crisis"

Kinaed trails off, "Okay, so quickly checking our changes board to see if we have any code

Aeglir salutes.

Ilena declaims, "<3 Thank you everyone!!"

Kinaed starts editing a note. (This is an OOC action)

Kinaed finishes her note.

Kinaed states, "Okay, we've apparently made a few changes to the 5 min rpxp warning to gather some
additional data around it, and we've changed the color of the text."

Preposterous states, "Thank you. Red was frightening and mean."

Kinaed claims, "... I wonder if we're waiting for a reboot on that one."

Kinaed smiles at preposterous.

Violet declares, "What sort of changes? I noticed the color change. Much improved, less scary!"

Temi nods in agreement.

PrayTheMageAway claims, "Felt like the grand inquisitor was banging on my door for smaller faster
emotes xD"

Temi states, "It's not supposed to be scary, just gentle."

Sparkles states, "Also I might have noticed a bug with it I might need to report."

Kinaed claims, "Well, we added a data collector so that we can see some things that I don't want to
tell people because it can be gamed :)"

Temi says, "Please do report bugs if you see them."

Kinaed states to Sparkles, "Please do :)"

Joel gets his metagaming hat.

Sparkles says, "Performance emotes might not be counting for the timer, will do more testing to

Kinaed claims, "Anyway, we're actively monitoring it for adjustment."

Preposterous claims, "I had noticed that eating emotes and drinking emotes don't count - they make
the next person have a warning."

Kinaed states, "Interesting. Please bug that, particularly with a log if you have one."

Violet states, "Oh, also local echoes in messengers? A lot of folks emote through those, I don't
think they count."

TheHeresyAgenda muses, "Theres eating and drinking emotes?"

Preposterous states, "I think I did."

Preposterous states, "Yes. eat item emote"

Preposterous states, "Drink item emote"

Kinaed states, "I also read on the forums that people are doing something to force someone else to
take the hit, then emoting? I didn't really follow."

Deedee states, "Messenger locals don't count either"

NotNaomi claims, "I have given up on getting xp for any emote and turned autowarn off"

Kuzco has lost link.
Kuzco has reconnected.

Kuzco clears his throat.

Violet trails off, "Oh, it's just... when someone idles, then no one else wants to emote, Kin,
because they're the one that will get the XP 'penalty'"

Violet asks, "To my knowledge, at least?"

Kuzco claims, "You could emote twice."

Kinaed claims, "Hmm. Taking that note down."

Kinaed states, "Okay, thanks for that feedback."

Kuzco states, "There's been a mass prevalence of people who simply cough or fix their hair lately."

Violet trails off, "Yah, the solution is doing an emote then a think, or two emotes, but... that
feels a bit gamey"

Kinaed says, "Anyway, there will be adjustments over the next couple of weeks based on feedback and
the data we track. Thank you for patience and participation."

NotNaomi says, "A lot of us take turns rather than spamming emotes"

Phoenixdoll claims, "Yeah.. so like.. if someone just doesn't reply.. "

NotNaomi nods.

Preposterous states, "Right. If everyone is waiting for that one person, that person idles, people
wait until someone else takes the hit after that person idles before they will emote."

Aeglir eats a pineapple cut-out of a one-eyed knight, with a stern face stuffs his face with a one
-eyed knight, oblivious.

Violet states, "Yah, that's the issue. If someone lags in turn-taking, then the next person to emote
is the one who gets the XP dock."

TheHeresyAgenda says, "Oh yea today was really frustrating :("

Kinaed nods at Violet.

TheHeresyAgenda states, "Usually i dont struggle with it but today, aaaa "

Preposterous says, "And, even 2 seconds over 5 minutes... boom. It's kinda rough."

NotNaomi nods.

Kinaed nods at preposterous.

Phoenixdoll trails off, "I've honestly noticed myself just not taking turns anymore, which is
probably annoying to people, but I struggled to keep track of the turn taking anyway..."

Joel states, "You don't need to address everyone in single emote."

Joel claims, "Especially if the conversations are mostly seprate."

TheHeresyAgenda states, "But double emoting is bad bad"

Kinaed claims, "We will likely extend the timer once more of this data comes in. As it is, we felt
we could go from 5 to 6 min without people in arms, but we felt going from 6 to 5 wouldn't be
acceptable in a protracted process to figure out where to set the bar."

NotNaomi trails off, "But if you're taking turns, and many are addressing you... yeah"

Violet trails off, "I'd second Phoenix. Less turn-taking. Whether that's a good or bad thing...
*shrugs* Depends on personal preference, I guess"

Kinaed nods at Violet.

Preposterous says, "I have never seen a problem with not taking turns. As long as no one is being
purposefully written out of a scene and ignored - it should be fine. It's when someone uses the
'turns' command, usually in a tense or delicate situation, that turns are necessary."

Kinaed nods at preposterous.

NotNaomi says, "6 would be great, as my longer emotes average 6 minutes on a good day"

Kinaed nods at NotNaomi.

Temi nods.

Temi says, "We're definitely keeping an eye on it and not ignoring what people are thinking of it
and how they are reacting."

PrayTheMageAway queries, "What is this turns command? I has not encountered this beast on south road

NotNaomi nods.

[TURNS]: Joel requests all RP partners take turns.

Joel says, "That"

Joel says, "It is pretty rare, usually done in tense rp or when you feel written out"

Kinaed states, "Once we've sorted the data, we will figure out where the right point is. We chose 5
min as a default because it's the amount of time people have to accept an arrest, so we had an
existing precedent for it, rather than because we feel that it's the correct time per se."

Deedee says, "You can see help turns. It can be useful in high stress scenes"

PrayTheMageAway states, "Ok so its just an OOC request for people to calm their tits and get in

Joel states, "Very much so."

NotNaomi laughs.

Violet queries, "I thought arrest was 10 min?"

Kinaed says, "Anyway, thank you for the feedback thus far."

Temi states, "It mainly only comes into play in tense RP, like where things might result in a fight
or an arrest type situation."

Temi nods.

Phoenixdoll claims, "Well, not really a request. You have to do it if it comes up. And yeah the
helpfile says 10 minutes about arresting, I thought.."

say I also keep remembering that arrest is 10minutes.

OneWing says, "I also keep remembering that arrest is 10minutes."

Azarial claims, "Arrest should be five, like combat."

Violet claims, "Help restrain says 10"

Kinaed states, "I think the help file is wrong. We checked the code. Will fix that."

Temi states, "That may be outdated then, prior to 5 minute combat rounds."

Joel states, "Usually arrest, but I did call it in not so tense RP when it turned into speed typing

PrayTheMageAway says, "Someone needs to tell the wolverines that combat turns are five minutes long"

Kinaed nods at Temi.

Phoenixdoll states, "XD"

Kinaed states, "I'll also update combat help files to make it clear they're 5 minutes also."

Azarial states, "At most, five. it's the antelopes that hve trouble with that. still need data
collection on that"

Joel muses, "Are antelopes cheating?"

Kinaed states, "Okay, so - that's what staff are working on. :)"

PrayTheMageAway asks, "Have you ever met an antelope who wasnt a cheater?"

Aeglir questions, "What are antelopes?"

Kinaed claims, "Feedback is still welcome, and I'm happy to take it in any medium from Discord to
tells to notes. I am also reading the forums."

Violet claims, "They're bastards, those antelopes. The whole lot of 'em"

Kuzco claims, "Thanks, Kin"

Temi claims to Aeglir, "Deer-like creature"

Kinaed questions, "Okay, so that's everything for Staff Updates. Next up - Player Heartbeat :) How
was the game this week?"

Preposterous says, "Good for me."

Kinaed says, "That's good to hear :)"

Joel claims, "Good and weird. Some avenues of RP happened that I enver expected to happen on TI, but
well, there it was."

Aeglir claims to Temi, "They don't have a helpfile on them."

TheHeresyAgenda states, "Very exciting, very good. realized i need to learn a lot more about how
this world works."

Kinaed claims to Joel, "Sounds cool :)"

Cat says, "Big scenes. Exciting,but also scarry."

VyStarlit says, "I had a lot of interesting RP. Fun conflicts and fun conversations."

Kinaed nods at TheHeresyAgenda.

PrayTheMageAway claims, "Doing wonderful, enjoying the game, still learning"

Violet states, "A bit quiet on my end, but overall good"

NotNaomi declaims, "Better than the last few weeks! I kinda took an impromptu little break last

Kinaed states to VyStarlit, "Glad to hear it :)"

Kinaed smiles at Violet.

Kinaed claims to NotNaomi, "We're glad to see you back :)"

say I reached a point of exhaustion this past week. Talking at length with another player helped
alleviate that, fortunately.

OneWing says, "I reached a point of exhaustion this past week. Talking at length with another player
helped alleviate that, fortunately."

Kuzco claims, "The week was good."

Kinaed nods at OneWing.

Kinaed claims to OneWing, "Understandable, and it happens to everyone upon occasion."

Kinaed claims to Kuzco, "Glad to hear it :)"

Sparkles says, "Had some interesting RP this week. The birthday party was a blast."

Kuzco states, "Norrig and Theo celebrated 8 years of marriage."

Kinaed smiles.

Joel wonders, "By means of violent divorce?"

Kinaed claims, "I did want to say - I peripherally got wind that some players held some events.
Thank you for doing that for your peers."

Kinaed pontificates, "On that, please don't forget your recommends everyone!"

Phoenixdoll states, "I've found it difficult to get my XP up to Legendary, when it used to be easy.
But.. I've managed to find that if I go and seek public RP in large rooms that it is easier. On the
positive, I think I did meet a new cyan this week who was amazing. I almost died of laughter when
Temi got back to me to ask me about a plot I'd submitted about standing over a shop owner and
demanding to know who their supplier was and why they weren't paying their protection money. Turns
out I'd submitted a plot to extort my own shop owner and to create a meeting with myself. On the
negative, I've been feeling a bit paranoid/weird/affected by some bad vibes. I keep going to get a
sandwich when that happens, but I suppose the issue is that in previous times I'd be using that
energy to plan some guild stuff, instead I've had to disengage. "

Kinaed comforts phoenixdoll.

Joel claims, "Ah yes, the best plot rejection award :D"

Temi grins.

Joel says, "I almost fallen of me chair."

Kinaed chuckles.

say Wow. That is actually amazing.

OneWing claims, "Wow. That is actually amazing. "

Phoenixdoll claims, "I almost died IRL, I was gasping for air I was laughing so hard."

PrayTheMageAway questions, "Maybe you should have paid your extortion fees, you ever thought about

TheHeresyAgenda claims, "Poor shop owner"

Temi states, "It really is hard for guildleaders to keep track of guild assets at times."

Joel states, "I still think staff should've processed this one and just make a rumor that your PC
has dementia."

NotNaomi nods.

NotNaomi says, "Especially like 20 of them. :P"

Kinaed muses, "I think it might be worthwhile to set up a help file for each guild with their list
of assets so all guild members can just type 'help Troubadours Assets' and see everything the Troubs
have, for example?"

Temi says, "The merchants definitely have it worst."

Kuzco says, "I recall the bloated abomination the Globe was when I joined the bards in 2018."

TheHeresyAgenda wonders, "The troup has assets???"

PrayTheMageAway trails off, "Damn, GLing seems overly complex... thanks for what you guys do to make
this amazing world come alive"

Kinaed states to TheHeresyAgenda, "Well, they have a guildhall as I recall, at a minimum."

Preposterous says, "That would help new GLs, too."

Kinaed nods at preposterous.

TheHeresyAgenda states, "Oh thats an asset too"

Joel claims, "In some guilds tracking down those guild asset si... problematic."

Kinaed says, "I'll write a note to GLs asking them if they can help us kick off an asset file for
each guild."

Kuzco states, "Bards have the Globe, another small building, a town hall office and a black ops

Joel says, "As you don't know what you don't know, and no one knows."

Phoenixdoll trails off, "Hah... "

Temi has gone IAW.

Kinaed has transferred Jennifer. [OOC]

TheHeresyAgenda states, "Hell ya secrets to uncover"

Phoenixdoll says, "But yes, I think an asset list probably would be helpful. I'll write up an asset
list for my legitimate business tm"

NotNaomi states, "I'll do one for the Merchants (Or talk someone else into doing it) :P"

Sparkles states, "An asset list and something that could be helpful in that is 'what calculates for
your Guild's income'"

Phoenixdoll queries, "What do you mean, Sparkles?"

Kinaed says, "Apparently we do have some guild help files for staff use that might help too. :)"

Joel chuckles

Kinaed says, "Okay, let's kick off player topics :)"

Kinaed says to Joel, "You're up first :)"

Joel states, "Small call out for people to check out help RP culture every now and then, for new and
old players alike! It's a good refresher that explains a lot of common conventions in the game, like
who emotes first when joining a scene or whether it is okay to eat dinner while chasing down a
criminal to ensure that you will be fresh for the fight. So a small shout out for everyone to give
it a read! And maybe remember that in town the streets are usually crowded so mind the vNPCs when
recognizing someone by a relatively generic cloak, for example, even if not NPC-bought."

Kinaed states, "On that, RP Culture changes over time, so if we think that help file ought to be
adjusted, please let us know."

Aeglir eats a pineapple cut-out of a one-eyed knight, with a stern face.

Kinaed has transferred Anonymous. [OOC]

Ilena gives a pineapple cut-out of a one-eyed knight, with a stern face to Anonymous.

Anonymous holds a pineapple cut-out of a one-eyed knight, with a stern face in his hand.

Anonymous wiggles the thin pineapple cutout of a knight around, prepared to enact justice.

Kinaed wonders to PrayTheMageAway, "You're up :) Want to introduce us to your first question/topic?"

PrayTheMageAway claims, ""Are you ok? why are you crawling on the floor?" "actually, no I'm just
trying to move very slowly for whatever reason but codedly this thing says I'm crawling on the
floor." apparently if you are out of MV and still want to travel, a slow pace requires groveling. I
am requesting a modification to the crawl command. As I understand this is the slowest option of
many movement speeds, which allows for no mv cost at the expense of moving at a snails pace. could
this be changed to trudge perhaps? or just get rid of the literal crawling? if I'm over-encumbered
and traveling very slowly, it makes sense to be staggeringly slow, but it creates very odd
conversations when people find themselves literally dragging themselves across the floor... while
also standing up somehow, (type stand with crawl on... you're already standing) and never getting
dirty (bathed)... so PCs are dragging themselves from room to room, and then standing up again in
each room? I dont understand this. can you get rid of it? it only seems to break roleplay when
another PC comments on it. I think a character should be able to move at a crawling pace without
literally crawling on their bellies to do it."

Jennifer claims, "You missed me Ilena."

Anonymous wiggles the thin pineapple cutout of a knight around, prepared to enact justice.

Kinaed claims, "I have to admit, that struck me as odd too. I think it's fine to be moving at a pace
of a crawl, but the messaging probably ought not to be looking like actually crawling."

Temi has returned from IAW.

say Yeah, that confuses me soo much. I am imagining a superficial bruise but to save MV I... crawl
despite having a proper wound on the arm.

OneWing says, "Yeah, that confuses me soo much. I am imagining a superficial bruise but to save MV
I... crawl despite having a proper wound on the arm."

Kinaed wonders, "Anyone object to changes there?"

Violet trails off, "Huh. I... I admit I think crawl is certainly weird, and wouldn't mind a change
to the messaging"

Joel claims, "Nah, but we do need handcarts."

Preposterous claims, "I think it would save some confusion if changed. Because, since it says they
drag themselves across the room, I've always seen it as... just that."

Kinaed muses, "With no objections, can I get a volunteer to, after OOC Chat, just go for a crawl and
send me a Request Board with the messages from crawling in it so we can easily find them in the code
to adjust?"

Jennifer says, "Yeah, I think a change would be good."

PrayTheMageAway cheers

Preposterous trails off, "And a lot of newbs not used to this type of game go out and get themselves
hurt first thing, so..."

PrayTheMageAway claims, "Ill do that"

Kinaed states, "Okay, one objection. Still, I think the consensus is largely for adjustment"

Kinaed declares to PrayTheMageAway, "Thank you!"

Azarial states, "Huh. and here I thought that would be the sort of sight that would lead people to
wodnering where the party was, and was it still going."

Kinaed claims, "Okay."

TheHeresyAgenda trails off, "Crawling in my skin... "

Phoenixdoll states, "Yeah, it's always struck me as strange that it's a pace thing. I agree for
change. :) Thank you."

Kuzco claims, "Go for it"

TheHeresyAgenda says, "Ya pls"

Kinaed says to OneWing, "You're up. Please introduce us to your topic :)"

say Might have already been answered but is there a way to get rid of the 5minute thing under
emotes? It has been really bothering me when I've put just a bit more effort and care on my emotes
to be rewarded with that?

OneWing muses, "Might have already been answered but is there a way to get rid of the 5minute thing
under emotes? It has been really bothering me when I've put just a bit more effort and care on my
emotes to be rewarded with that?"

Anonymous stops using a pineapple cut-out of a one-eyed knight, with a stern face.

Anonymous gives a pineapple cut-out of a one-eyed knight, with a stern face to Jennifer.

Ilena gives a pineapple cut-out of a one-eyed knight, with a stern face to Jennifer.

Ilena gives a pineapple cut-out of a one-eyed knight, with a stern face to Anonymous.

Kinaed claims to OneWing, "Not at this time, but we are looking at the system for adjustments as was
mentioned prior. "

Ilena states, "Oops"

Jennifer gives a pineapple cut-out of a one-eyed knight, with a stern face to Ilena.

OneWing nods.

Jennifer claims, "There we go, all even."

Kinaed says, "I think in the next two to three weeks, we'll have made all of the adjustments we
require to feel it's doing what it should."

Violet states, "Oh, I think a way to not see the warning would be lovely. Not get rid of the code
itself, just a way to toggle the warning off"

Phoenixdoll asks, "In the future is the idea that you would be able to turn it off when turning
warnings off?"

NotNaomi claims, "Turning autowarn off will get rid of the message, though that's not helpful to
your xp (Sorry)"

Kinaed nods at Violet.

Kinaed nods at NotNaomi.

Joel says, "You can alwyas cut it out on your client side."

say Sweet! Then I will turn autowarns off. Thanks naomi.

OneWing says, "Sweet! Then I will turn autowarns off. Thanks naomi."

Kinaed claims, "We need to fix autowarn in general, and it is high on our priority list."

Joel says, "Its the same message every time, simple trigger, snip."

OneWing will no longer receive warnings about emotes that do not qualify for RPXP.

Jennifer declares, "Yea!"

Phoenixdoll states, "Oh! I didn't realise that autowarn could be turned off. xD"

Jennifer declaims, "For fixing autowarn!"

Jennifer says, "I'm all for it! sorry I'm done."

Kinaed smiles at Jennifer.

Kinaed claims, "All good :)"

Kinaed wonders to Violet, "You're up :) Please introduce us to your topic? "

Cat claims, "I might have a topic."

Violet asks, "Hi y'all! Obviously a minor complaint, but I've been noticing a lot of items scattered
about the wilderness and streets. I'm all for folks foraging (and potentially spying with sneaky
sneak things, if that's the reason!), but it's starting to feel a bit cluttered. Especially when
there are stones, sticks and straw hats in practically every room! I ended up spending some time IC
just... doing trash clean-up... Which was on brand for my character, I s'pose, but not all that

I don't know if there's an easy solution but I figured I'd bring it up for discussion. Maybe just...
a reminder for folks to be mindful about how many items they're leaving about?"

Kinaed says to Cat, "I'll add you to the list"

Joel claims, "Hire a freeman to clean1"

Joel pontificates, "Why are the gentry, oh so rich, not throwing coin at it?!"

TheHeresyAgenda claims, "Oh hell yea id feel so insulted. itd be great, really fun"

TheHeresyAgenda states, "Anger is good"

Kinaed says, "We're a persistent game, which means literally every object in game will hang around
until it is acted upon to be removed."

emote (Complain to the Seneschal about the state of the streets)

OneWing (Complain to the Seneschal about the state of the streets)

Temi states, "Or decays - those foraged items often don't last forever."

Joel declares, "Yes OneWing!"

Joel says, "Streetsweepers the lazy sobs"

TheHeresyAgenda says, "New char concept"

Azarial says, "More decays wouldn;t be a bad idea"

Kinaed states, "I feel like there are IC solutions to this, and it may even be good for new players
to be able to pick up some odd jobs sponsored by specific people to enact cleanups"

NotNaomi nods.

Phoenixdoll questions, "RPA to find the litterbugs?"

say Magic Streetsweeper!

OneWing exclaims, "Magic Streetsweeper!"

Kinaed says to Azarial, "We'd have to be careful about where and how we implement them, but that
could be true as well."

Kinaed nods at OneWing.

Kuzco states, "I ran into 10 hats in a street room last week"

Kinaed states, "It might be worthwhile to release some streetsweeper mobs as well, though I doubt
that'll work as neatly in the wilderness."

Phoenixdoll says, "Obviously the aftermath of a celebration where everyone threw their hats in the

Joel claims, "What a sorry state the city is in... dumping hats on the streets. Disgrace of the

Azarial states, "Magpies"

Ilena states, "I think encouraging some IC action/jobs might be nice."

Kinaed states, "Making a note and putting that in Staff Talking Points"

Kuzco pontificates, "Streetsweepers that scale with Infrastructure!"

Phoenixdoll says, "Ooh. That sounds cool."

Joel says, "But yea, it was in the past and i saw people just making jobs for PCs to clean."

Kuzco exclaims, "So when it's Legendary they are Titans with three-story high brooms!"

Joel says, "It was pretty cool actually."

Jennifer laughs at Kuzco

Kinaed smiles.

Kinaed claims, "Thanks for raising the topic. I think we have quite a few suggestions that we can
approach this with"
Temi questions to Kuzco, "And it's a good thing infrastructure is so high, because you need it to
fix the buildings they accidentally step on?"

Joel says, "I mean, we have so few actual ic jobs for the newbies."

TheHeresyAgenda states, "My merchant picks up hats to trash, destroys wares instead :)"

Kinaed claims to Cat, "Okay, you're up - please raise your topic."

NotNaomi pontificates, "Mine too!"

Kinaed nods at Joel.

NotNaomi grumbles.

PrayTheMageAway states, "My next question gives IC jobs to newbies"

Cat muses, "I'm thinking about writing a fictional book on brewing history, leaning on actual
history facts and flavoring it for the game. Is that QP worthy? I would also like some opinions
about it?"

Kinaed states to NotNaomi, "Did you wnat to register a topic? I don't have you on my list atm."

Kinaed says to Cat, "From a staff point of view, yes."

Temi nods in agreement.

Azarial claims, "I think it was agreeing with the mistakes discarding hats."

NotNaomi exclaims, "No, not unless we're gonna talk at length about the dumb things I do like
destroying wares(Or my keys!) instead of the thing I meant to destroy :P"

Temi claims, "Make sure to not tie anything to RL regions, but we'd be happy to have an IC version,
I think"

Aeglir eats a pineapple cut-out of a one-eyed knight, with a stern face.

PrayTheMageAway pontificates, "So thats what happened to the key!"

TheHeresyAgenda says, "I think its a cool idea"

TheHeresyAgenda claims, "Regarding the opinions part"

TheHeresyAgenda claims, "Would make the world feel old and lived in"

Kinaed smiles.

Phoenixdoll states, "Cool idea, brewing book. :) "

Kinaed says, "I like it too, yep"

VyStarlit is idle.

VyStarlit is no longer idle.
VyStarlit has returned from AFK.

Kinaed claims, "Okay, next on the list - we circle back to PraytheMageAway."

Kinaed questions to PrayTheMageAway, "Would you like to introduce us to your next topic please?"

PrayTheMageAway muses, "Would it be possible to add the ability for a customer to sell things as a
listed option in a shop?
example: you go into a shop that specifically wants to buy your honey, and offers a standing price
of 1 silver per crock of honey you can sell them... and you have 50 crocks of honey, so you sell the
shop your pile of honey crocks and walk away with 50 silver.
Perhaps a shop owner could set a maximum quantity and once that many honey crocks are sold (or
whatever item) to the shop, they don't continue to purchase more. can this option possibly be made
codedly availabe to store owners?"

Joel asks, "I think that is already possible just unused?"

Sparkles states, "You can do that now I think with mob prog options. Might be costly though."

PrayTheMageAway muses, "Orly???"

Azarial says, "Or the job system."

Kinaed claims, "At the moment no."

TheHeresyAgenda claims, "You can also use the job system - i know at least 1 character who would
love some cheap honey. ;)"

NotNaomi declaims, "I know another!"

TheHeresyAgenda says, "What if its the same"

Kinaed says, "In a lot of games, it's very easy to use spam to unbalance systems like that and 'farm
silver' - which we've actually seen happen on TI. "

say There is a market where you can exchange items for other items. But I have never used it.

OneWing claims, "There is a market where you can exchange items for other items. But I have never
used it."

Violet says, "Damn, I'm going to sell my honey"

VyStarlit says, "I always check the job board to see if anything interesting is there."

Joel says to Kinaed, "This is about pc shops I am pretty sure."

Violet coughs in 200+ crocks.

Temi claims, "You can check out help mobjobs for stuff mobs can do"

PrayTheMageAway queries, "So, i know about the jobs market but I thought a reverse transaction in
the listed shop menu might be handy... are you saying thats already possible?"

Joel states, "So you are not farming silvers, just facilitating the sale without needing a

Kinaed says, "For PC shops, you can approach the owner and make a deal, then transact through mail
and pay if required."

Azarial says, "Could do it with a mood, and leave a mailing address with your list."

Temi claims, "This would be an extra to purchase in code to put on your shop"

NotNaomi says, "There are also certain characters that are alllllways happy to buy things in bulk."

say Achan often opens rumors on things she needs, from what I saw.

OneWing states, "Achan often opens rumors on things she needs, from what I saw."

Kinaed states, "The only way it'd be different to farming is if there was a cap on the shop intake
based on how much silver the owner left in the backroom or their bank account, and I don't think any
shop owner would want to expose their assets to how many of an item someone could possibly make and
drop in their shop."

NotNaomi nods.

Kinaed says, "As it is, it can still be done with RP."

Kuzco claims, "Sorry, I can't say I think this would be good for the game."

Cat asks, "Have another topic/question?"

Phoenixdoll states, "I think that the intent is a good one, but I think that the potential for
someone down the line to misuse it would be pretty great. "

PrayTheMageAway states, "Ok, well possibly problematic suggestion. thanks for considering :)"

Kinaed smiles.

Joel claims, "I see where this is coming from though, buying in small amounts takes a lot fo time,
post office boxes can cost as much as the goods, and jobs require staff help."

Temi starts editing a note. (This is an OOC action)

Kinaed nods at Joel.

Phoenixdoll wonders, "Jobs require staff help?"

Azarial says, "Prolly best handled by jobs, when I can get a moment's peace to work on it."

Kinaed exclaims, "Yeah, I'm not suggesting it's a bad idea or bad for a player to think of it :)
Thanks for raising the idea!"

Violet questions, "Jobs require staff help?"

Kinaed says, "There's just reasons I'd not adopt it at this time."

Azarial states, "At the moment"

Kinaed says to Violet, "Some do."

PrayTheMageAway states, "I have topic number 3 ready to roll, if time permits"

Phoenixdoll muses, "Oh, right. Because you can't currently upload 50 honey to a job?"

Violet trails off, "Oh, Phoenix already asked that..."

Phoenixdoll states, "Ehehe.. "

Sparkles states, "The post office prices for boxes can be a real hinderance at times, I might
suggest that itself could get a peek and help some things for newer players."

Kinaed says to PrayTheMageAway, "It does. Please raise topic 3 since we don't have anything else in
the pipeline :)"

PrayTheMageAway says, "There was an incident where 2 players drowned at the same time and were stuck
in perpetual not-yet-dead status because the teleportation only works for people who drown alone.
could the code possibly teleport once all players present are mutually doomed? not sure how
complicated that change would be, two players were stuck for a while without admin help and ended up
asking for IC help via OOC channel due to the absence of any better options."

NotNaomi states, "Post office boxes are insanely expensive, for no real reason."

Cat states, "I have another topic."

Kinaed states, "Yeah, that's probably something we can resolve."

Kinaed nods at PrayTheMageAway.

Phoenixdoll trails off, "OH wow..."

Temi finishes her note.

Sparkles states, "I have a topic, if there's time."

Phoenixdoll states, "That's.. that's almost comical, the drowning issue.. "

Violet declaims, "Ah, yes. I agree that courier boxes are absurdly expensive and disincentivize
exchange of goods by mail!"

Temi states, "I think if someone is unconscious, they probably shouldn't count as present"

Kinaed states, "Seems like it should be 'not alone with other people who are living' or something. I
imagine that's a relatively small change/easy fix."

PrayTheMageAway says, "Ok im all done, yeah it was pretty weird"

TheHeresyAgenda says, "I think cat has another topic :) "

Kinaed nods at Temi.

Kinaed questions to Cat, "What is your next topic?"

Cat says, "I've been tooling simple meads to be melomel meads, even though the closest would be
black mead. It just sad that the black mead only takes currants. I'd be up for a fruit mead recipy."

Preposterous says, "Courier boxes can be purchased from art people, and are much cheaper."

OneWing nods.

Preposterous claims, "And can be tooled to be much better than just a courier box."

say They also do not need too many ranks to make.

OneWing states, "They also do not need too many ranks to make."

Kinaed states, "Nothing against that here, but it would be up to the staff that owns brewing (I'm
notoriously blind to crafts, alas)"

Joel orders boxes through mail to then send orders in boxes

Kinaed states, "I'll raise a request about it and see what the staff view"

Temi claims, "Need to take off but will take a look at that in the notes"

Temi waves.

TheHeresyAgenda states, "(the drowning WAS absolutely hilarious="

Kinaed waves.
Temi has left the game.

Kinaed pontificates, "Thanks Temi!"

Violet claims, "I would also love a general fruit tea! Just thought I'd throw that out again. :D"

Azarial claims, "Most of the detailing in meads stems from predating a change to the design where
more generic items that can be tooled came into play."

Kinaed nods at Azarial.

Kuzco laughs belatedly at the two-drown loop.

Azarial states, "...and the fact that the wiki on brewing was rather fascinating. <_<"

TheHeresyAgenda states, "Maybe a change of black mead to fruit mead that accepts general fruits
would be good then"

NotNaomi queries, "The currants mead could be changed to include any fruit?"

Azarial claims, "Which led to things like 'help sugar'."

TheHeresyAgenda says, "Hah first"

Kinaed queries, "We're at the tail end of this meeting with about five minutes to go. We've run
through all of the topics :) Anyone have anything else they want to talk about? Any PSAs regarding
recommendations, reviews, etc?"

NotNaomi says, ":P"

Cat queries, "I have not lloked at the wiki yet. can you pboard me with a link?"

Sparkles says, "I have something real quick."

Kinaed says to Sparkles, "Please go ahead :)"

Violet pulls closed her cloak, hiding her garments.

Violet flips a flowing pelisse clasped with beads of polished white jade back over her shoulder.

Violet claims, "OOp, sorry for spam"

Sparkles says, "I know there is 'Idle Kick' for dealing with Idle players but is there any potential
thought about something like that for ... and I don't know the proper term for this without being
rude but 'Lurkers'? I've had a few scenes of late where people were in the scene for hours, active,
but not RPing."

Cat laughs. "Violet wanted to show off the awesome cloak."

Joel asks, "I don't see anything wrong with lurkers?"

Kinaed questions, "So long as they're not idling out, why not just take it up with them ICly?"

Joel states, "I mean, oocly."

Joel claims, "Icly call them eavesdroppers"

TheHeresyAgenda claims, "Because they wont react"

Sparkles states, "Because they just don't RP."

Jennifer says, "Yeah they don't react, they're just there."

say Because drawing a weapon on them is going to bring trouble and they don't seem to react.

OneWing states, "Because drawing a weapon on them is going to bring trouble and they don't seem to

Kinaed wonders, "Throw em in jail for loitering?"

Joel says, "Or report to order as they are clearly under a magical spell."

Phoenixdoll claims, "Move the scene away from them, if it's public. "

TheHeresyAgenda muses, "If theyre just in a public place?"

say For loligagging.

OneWing says, "For loligagging."

Cat claims, "Arrest them for spying."

PrayTheMageAway trails off, "Yeah, sometimes folks stand around and are not really even roleplaying
that they are lurking... i think it might be a cyan thing where someone doesnt know how to interact
in a certain scene so i dont see a solution aside from actively emoting with them to see what they
do but ive been in this situation a few times where someone will stand around seemingly soaking up
rpxp of a larger scene without adding anything to it"

Kinaed states, "For the record, yesterday I sat over the shoulder of a new player logging into TI
who had never played a mud before, and they lurked because they didn't know how to play."

TheHeresyAgenda claims, "I like the mage idea. "

Jennifer claims, "Well I mean I think they're just doing it to get rp xp without actually role

Kinaed nods at PrayTheMageAway.

Joel trails off, "I assume we are talking non-cyan..."

NotNaomi states, "The issue is those are all IC reactions to something that is OOC, and could be
something that isn't their fault"

Joel says, "If we are talking cyan, just keep trying to involve them."

Aeglir wonders, "Maybe they just have nothing to say?"

NotNaomi nods.

Kinaed says, "If you don't emote, your RPxp timer drops off and you get nothing, I think? I'll check
that, but pretty sure."

Phoenixdoll states, "Yeah, it does. :)"

Joel claims, "I sure did that first time on ti, just barely emote, observe how people rp. "

Kinaed nods at Aeglir.

NotNaomi nods.

Joel says, "Learn the ropes."

Wimpled claims, "If it's a cyan, it's sometimes worth asking an osay (and explaining how to osay
when you ask) to see if they need help."

Phoenixdoll says, "If you're not emoting, you start dropping down ranks "

PrayTheMageAway states, "I have seen this primarily with cyans, rather sparingly for non cyans"

TheHeresyAgenda states, "You can still emote when you have nothing to say... ah idk. it bothered me
a lot when i saw it because the player didnt even react to pboarding."

Kinaed nods at Wimpled.

say I tend to go loiter on larger scenes :D

OneWing states, "I tend to go loiter on larger scenes :D"

PrayTheMageAway muses, "Whats pboarding? is that when you climb on the player?"

Joel wonders, "Why pboard o.0?"

Wimpled states, "An osay will work better than a pboard, pboard you don't always see or get
notification about."

NotNaomi states, "I didn't learn about pboards for like 2 weeks after I started here"

Phoenixdoll claims, "I really do think that if someone isn't replying, that this is a game, right,
like.. you don't have to RP with someone if you can ICly leave.."

Kinaed claims, "If you have a player like that, please report them to staff. I actually did see a
report on this, but I wasn't sure who it was and the player hasn't been around since I started
looking for them. But I can approach them and ask if they need help, etc."

TheHeresyAgenda says, "Cause i messed up something and needed their help"

Phoenixdoll trails off, "If there's a weird person just hanging about not responding.... "

Kinaed states, "Meanwhile, I would definitely encourage 1) assuming good intent on the part of the
player and 2) treating it ICly."

Kinaed nods at phoenixdoll.

Phoenixdoll states, "You could also attempt to carry them out of your premises"

Joel states, "I mean, people are free to ICLY ignore you and nto respond to your PC, at all."

Kinaed nods at phoenixdoll.

PrayTheMageAway says, "Theres an npc hanging around the crossroads name "a man" hes a weirdo"

Joel says, "And just because you need them, well, doesn't change that."

Phoenixdoll states, "If they are in your cafe for example and if they don't submit within 5, 10
minutes (can't remember) you'll be able to pick them up and toss 'em out"

Kinaed says to PrayTheMageAway, "I'll add that to talking points."

Preposterous states, "There is a difference between ignoring someone ICly and ignoring someone

Kinaed nods at preposterous.

say Not on carry, I think? Only on arrest... which can get the Reeves involved...

OneWing trails off, "Not on carry, I think? Only on arrest... which can get the Reeves involved..."

TheHeresyAgenda trails off, "Nah it was more like, okay you log in, say nothing, dont answer to
osays or rp, idle out, log in again, dont talk at all AGAIN..."

Kinaed nods at TheHeresyAgenda.

Joel states, "Oh, that seems like just xp farming, or bad internet."

Aeglir asks, "What do they even gain out of doing that?"

TheHeresyAgenda states, "BUT im getting upset so im dropping it"

Kinaed states, "I'd call the Order or a Reeve to throw the person in jail or out of the scene if I
didn't feel confident bonking them over the head myself."

Kinaed comforts TheHeresyAgenda.

Kinaed states, "No intent to upset, apologies for that."

PrayTheMageAway says, "I dont see that as a runaway issue but yeah, seems already taboo for some
rpxp miner to act like that effortlessly flopping their carcass on an otherwise lifelike scene"

Kinaed claims, "Okay we're over time :)"

Joel says, "But if your intenret is bad, you will hang in the room for 30 minutes"

Phoenixdoll claims, "Sorry Heresy. TO be clear, I think it's fair to feel annoyed OOC. If its a
problem, make a request board post to staff. "

TheHeresyAgenda claims, "Not at you all, just at that memory :"

Kinaed claims, "Thank you everyone for attending today's OOC Chat."

Azarial peers about intently, then chases her tails once, twice, thrice--she's gone! [OOC]

Phoenixdoll says, "Ty"

Violet pontificates, "Bye all!! <3"

Kinaed states, "Please consider writing a review of TI for Reddit or TMC. :)"

Kinaed exclaims, "Have a great week, and I look forward to hearing back from everyone soon!"

PrayTheMageAway exclaims, "Thanks everyone! you are all amazing! except for that one guy! (you know
who you are!!!)"

TheHeresyAgenda states, "Bye <3 ty all"

Kinaed chuckles.

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