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Temi states, "Okay, so our agenda for today: 1) Staff Updates, 2) Player Heartbeat, 3) Player Topics"

Temi queries, "Before we get started, anyone have any topics to get on the list for player topics?"

Sparkles says, "I have something quick."

Temi questions, "Okay, got Sparkles. Anyone else?"

Temi states, "If you do think of anything, feel free to let me know as we go and I'll get you onto the list."

Temi says, "Alright, staff updates. For me, I had an NPC in last weekend for a couple events and meetings."

Temi states, "I think the next steps on that are on the players, so I trust they'll let me know when stuff is needed or decided."

Temi says, "Other than that, just plots and requests and such."

Temi muses, "So, next.. Az?"

Azarial says, "Not much this week; too damned hot to think."

Azarial shrugs eloquently with more tail than shoulders.

Chief smiles at Azarial.

Temi says, "I don't think anyone can blame you for that."

Temi claims, "Taking a look at the changes... not a whole lot in, but I do see a potential improvement on moving with foot wounds."

Temi wonders, "Okay, Niamh?"

Niamh states, "This week I built some new sneakysnake places for people to explore and find, with the focus being on places not inside the city. I added some hand fan recipes to Artwork, one paper and one painted silk. Typos, requests, recs, blah blah. I got an embarrassingly little amount done on the fanspeak spec, so that'll be the upcoming week's focus."

Niamh states, "That's about it for me"

Temi questions, "Sneakysnake because snakes and mischief?"

Temi grins.

Niamh nods very seriously.

Sparkles muses, "What's the fanspeak spec?"

Satoshi muses, "That's a coded language I believe for the talking with fans?"

Temi nods.

Chief asks, "Can we.. speak sneakily from behind a fan? Bonus to conspiratorial?"

Chief gasps.

Temi states, "It's an idea we discussed last week, that Niamh's going to try to sort out reasonably in a spec"

Temi claims, "So it's not just another tcant or anything"

Niamh nods.

Brando muses, "What about dual fans? can one speak two convos at two different people at once. and can the fans double as weapons?"

Niamh states, "No and nope."

Niamh says, "Still very up in the air, though."

Brando says, "Thanks :)"

Chief states, "You mentioned something about foot wounds.. Anyone suggested crutches being a craftable thing to help with wounded movement before.."

Chief meant to add a question mark there.

Niamh says, "I think I managed to type out a scale for gesture skill levels and that was about it. :/ Not much done on it."

Temi states, "We haven't discussed that before, but I think that can be RPed out as people like with the understanding it's more complicated than just walking"

Chief states, "Think crutches, canes."

Chief states, "Mmmh.. Well, I was moreso just wondering seeing I've seen my MV-cost sfor moving one room while mildly wounded rack up all the way to 80+"

Chief says, "But fair enough."

Temi states, "May be hard to justify as new code"

Chief nods.

Temi nods at Chief.

Temi claims, "That amount should be improved"

Niamh says, "Yeah I think that got some fixing done. Shouldn't be wrecking as badly now."

Chief says, "I wasn't able to drag myself through one room before, even. And it's easier RP than you downing eight plates of gourmet food to move from your door to the neighbour's"

Niamh claims, "For crutches as RP tools though... Could use the hand held recipe from woodworking for physical props. That might be fun."

Chief declaims, "But yeah, those values being fixed some should help enough. Awesome!"

Chief nods.

Temi nods in agreement with Niamh.

Chief claims, "Or staff"

Niamh declaims, "Double as beating sticks!"

Chief states, "Can clobber someone on the skull with'em too.. Multi-purpose."

Chief smiles at Niamh.

Niamh grins.

Temi grins.

Brando says, "The problem with that is i have found .. from crawling around with a cane .. is people freak out because one is armed. :("

Chief nods in agreement.

Sparkles says, "People shouldn't be setting crawl as a long term movement solution I'd think."

Chief says, "Well, with the earlier MV costs on moving while wounded, it was pretty much a must."

Niamh muses, "I mean you totally -can,- but wouldn't that drive you nuts?"

Temi questions, "Okay then, moving on, how's RP this week folks?"

Niamh says, "Ahh. Eeesh, that must have been bad."

Chief says, "Had a great event this week. Awesome birthday party."

Chief claims, "Glad to see so many people interact with everyone in the room."

Duraina states, "Been able to create quite a bit of RP :)"

Temi states, "Nice, sounds like that was a big success"

Sparkles smiles and says, "I'm glad that people who came had fun."

Satoshi pontificates, "Little busier at work lately so my on the clock RP is dipping but working towards an even with the others, looking forward to that!"

Pookstall says, "As always, not a lot of time, but what I've had in RP has been good"

Raynne only signed up yesterday, but the RP has been fun so far!

Chief states, "Hope I can snag my GL for a lot of stuff that's been waiting for a month +, soon. So yeah, good week."

Temi says, "Anything bothering anyone that staff ought to know about? Besides topics already on the discussion list."

Chief states, "I've made a forum post on my only code/game-wise concerns, all of 'em animal-related."

Chief claims, "But that's just an eager-to-craft me."

Satoshi says, "Chief your 2nd in command is usually a good alternative resource when the GL puts a public post up about being unavailable and you CAN set up a meeting on the pboard. You have options."

Temi claims, "Good to have a theme"

Temi grins at Chief.

Chief says, "Not really."

Chief states, "They've said they, too, would push these matters when the first GL came back."

Satoshi shrugs, then.

Temi states, "We do hope that stuff is able to continue with a second GL when a first is busy, that's part of why we have two GLs"

Temi claims, "But it could depend on how out of the ordinary the stuff is, too"

Chief shrugs.

Booknerd is idle.

Chief says, "I would've pushed this matter more if I knew it would've lasted this long. But it's fine."

Duraina gets the following from a heavy leather satchel, embroidered with an Eye of Justice:
a piece of mail

Temi nods.

Temi asks, "Alright, anything else on anybody's mind before we move on to topics?"

Chief says, "Just a big thumbs-up to the Bards."

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Temi says, "I'm sure they appreciate hearing that"

Temi declaims, "Make sure to give recommends as appropriate too!"

Chief snaps his fingers. "Right!"

Duraina gets a slender journal from a heavy leather satchel, embroidered with an Eye of Justice.

Temi questions, "Okay, let's go on to topics. Sparkles?"

Sparkles states, "I'd like to bring up a consideration on the way the "Public" flag interacts with Rumor code. As from what I've gleaned there's no set way at present to divorce the two. Which can lead to the rough choice of your public space not having the flag (which encourages people to visit) or spam during awkward times. Say during major RP event or an ST. "

Temi says, "I have seen it be irritating occasionally, though mainly only for the theatre"

Elysaveta has lost link.

Satoshi laughs, "Given the upcoming event that might be what's prompting this specific concern?"

Niamh claims, "I don't think the two flags are connected. A place that has a rumormill in it does tend to be a public place, but the public -flag- shouldn't need to be set to add a rumormill."

Azarial has gone AFK.

Chief muses, "ST?"

Elysaveta has reconnected.

Niamh says to Chief, "Story with the Storytelling system."

Niamh claims, "Or vice versa, on the rumor/public thing."

Temi claims, "I think the public flag may add the automated rumor lines occasionally"

Niamh says, "Does it? ...I need to hang out in public more often."

Temi says, "Not necessarily connected just to the rumor mill flag."

Kitty wonders, "I thought you had to have it set to have the rumor feed. Because, otherwise how does it know what kind of person to use that is 'talking'?"

Temi asks, "How do people find those rumors in general?"

Niamh states to Kitty, "Rumormill and @rumor on the room. The contents of @rumor are the person

Satoshi claims, "Yeah you can totally buy rumors in places that don't have a rumor NPC in them"

Temi claims, "I believe there is a default person that chats in non-specified locations"

Niamh nods.

Chief says, "Can you? I've gotten the prompt you need a different location to buy 'em plenty."

Temi states, "It's not all locations, at least for non-bards"

Temi claims, "But I think public locations are good even without a specific rumor monger."

Satoshi states, "There are places you CAN'T buy them, but you don't need a rumor NPC to buy them in my experience. Unless that's a bard privilege in which case oops"

Niamh claims, "I think Church Square is an example of one where you can buy rumors but there's no specific rumor monger. That would be a good example spot for checking out public interacts with the random rumor echos."

Niamh claims, "Or not! Ignore."

Temi claims, "I think lots of shops have public flag too, so you'll hear rumors in them"

Sparkles states, "I admit I'm concerned about it during the upcoming event, yes. Granted, things might be less piquant this time around given rumor policy change."

SpaceJackal states, "Yeah, that's a bard privilege. You need to talk to a rumor NPC to get rumors if you're non-bard."

Satoshi claims, "I mean, I HAVE gotten rumors in non-rumor rooms on my non-bard"

Chief questions, "You mean rumours firing mid-event?"

Temi nods at Chief.

Sparkles states, "Especially if they randomly like ... insult one of the guests that could be problematic."

Chief questions, "Temporarily decapitate the NPC -- aka, perhaps you could request the code to be put at a hold in that room for the duration of the event? If that's.. possible, Staff?"

Temi claims, "We've had some issues with it before."

Chief states, "Mmhm - It would be weird hearing a rumour about someone NOT lookign forward to the Ballet firing while they're there ,attending the ballet."

Sparkles states, "We've attempted that before but it didn't seem to work."

Chief nods thoughtfully.

Satoshi states, "The only solution: we need to kill Marcin before the ballet, for luck"

Niamh asks, "I wonder if that was not knowing public flags also print the rumors?"

Niamh claims, "I half remember this, and I think I deleted the @rumor and rumormill flag, but didn't touch public."

Temi wonders, "Anyone that's enjoyed hearing rumors at random locations like shops?"

Chief shrugs.

Sparkles says, "I love them in other locations it's very specific to it happening in the theater."

Duraina claims, "It is amusing to hear a rumor about myself while sitting at the tavern"

Sparkles states, "I imagine that's the same reason why the rumormonger wasn't put in the main room of the church either."

Chief states, "Find they're often just the same story, told in different accents, but they can create some funny situations."

Temi muses, "Is it really just the ability to add a rumor suppression?"

Tator claims, "Random rumors firing at shops etc reminds me to check rumor all"

Sparkles nods at Temi.

Temi states, "Maybe we need a new temporary thing that can do that, rather than messing with the public thing"

Kitty states, "There was one at the altar - I used to hear them there all the time. Might be removed now."

Chief says, "An Anti-Gossip Inquisitor just.. standing watch."

Niamh muses to Temi, "Maybe with a timer argument? Like 'rumor quiet <# of minutes>""

Sparkles states, "It would be helpful as an ST command."

Satoshi says, "Yeah I like the rumors firing off in places, I think the main issue is that it fires off during events and if they're long it can be disruptive, especially if it's not the time or place to be gossiping by the Altar during Mass, because there is one there."

Temi claims, "I think people want the rumor chatters at the theatre in general even, just not during a performance"

Temi nods at Niamh.

Sparkles nods at Temi.

Satoshi nods in agreement with Temi.

Temi claims, "It would be nice to not have to change settings on rooms just for a performance, so something more temporary might be best"

Tasker has left the game.

Chief nods in agreement.

Sparkles states, "Either way it would be super appreciated."

Temi muses, "Okay, well.. that was our topic... anyone else have anything they wanted to bring up?"

Temi starts editing a note. (This is an OOC action)

Temi finishes her note.

Sparkles questions, "That reminds me that I kind of miss the Guildhall greeters. Which got spammy but ... I wonder at times if you are new how do you know notify exists? Is it mentioned it chargen?"

Temi claims, "We should make sure it's on ti-fact if nothing else"

Chief claims, "Not that I can recall, no."

Niamh states, "Looks like there's a ti-fact already. Should definitely add to chargen someplace."

Temi claims, "And maybe it should be in chargen"

Sparkles nods.

Temi wonders, "To the useful helpfiles part?"

Chief nods.

Niamh nods.

Sparkles claims, "As we've had a couple weeks with newer folks mentioning having trouble finding people to role-play with maybe making sure that all the different ways they can find someone are noted in chargen."

Sparkles nods.

Satoshi queries, "There probably isn't a way to just do a popup message to cyans when they enter a notify place prompting them to look at the help notify page, right?"

Tator muses, "Perhaps adding it somewhere in with the help seeker thing as that would be the major reason people go to visit guildhalls anyways, to seek a guild?"

Raynne is idle.

Chief claims, "I like Satoshi's idea."

Niamh says, "Oooh"

Temi claims, "Hrm, there's not now"

Raynne is no longer idle.

Temi states, "But we could theoretically add a cyan trigger for mobprogs"

Sparkles claims, "That seems like it would be kind."

Temi claims, "Could add other instructional things in some places"

Sparkles nods at Temi.

Booknerd is no longer idle.

Satoshi claims, "Cause if you don't need it it doesn't hurt, but if you DO it could be very helpful, specifically cause there's so MANY helpfiles sometimes I feel like it's easy to skip important ones even in chargen"

Chief states, "I didn't realize the Communal was.. public, until someone far cleverer.. er than me pointed out it was on HELP NOTIFY itself >.>"

Temi asks of Niamh, "Does that seem like a pain to deal with?"

Niamh claims, "Not at all. Would be easy to set up if we had the trigger option."

Temi states, "Probably actually an if_check"

Niamh states to Temi, "I still think of strcat as strength cat. My terms for things are guaranteed to be wrong."

Niamh shuffles.

Chief laughs.

Temi says, "Though I suppose it could be a trigger. greet cyan"

Temi grins.

Temi asks, "It would only need to be on greets, right?"

Niamh states, "I think so. I can't think of another scenario where we'd need them... RANDOM maybe? Super niche either way."

Raynne pulls closed her cloak, hiding her garments.

Sparkles wonders, "I should run, but can I make a quick announcement?"

Temi says, "I don't think we'd want to random things continually at players who are new, that aren't good for others."

Temi nods at Sparkles.

Temi questions, "What's up?"

Temi starts editing a note. (This is an OOC action)

Temi finishes her note.

Sparkles claims, "Working on requesting an IC Event post but to remind everyone in the mean time, next Friday 9 PM server is the ballet for folks who might like to come. "

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Chief states, "Aww.."

Temi pontificates, "Sounds exciting!"

Kitty thumbs up.

Satoshi claims, "I'm actually supposedly in charge of requesting and sparkles hasn't told me how to do it yet so I was gonna ask"

Niamh cheers.

Satoshi grins

Temi states, "You can just put the post up on the request board"

Temi states, "And staff will post it for you"

Niamh claims to Temi, "I have a brief PSA before we wrap up."

Temi states, "If it's got fancy colors I'll probably duck it and wait for Niamh to post it with her copy-paste set-up."

Chief curses timezones.

Niamh grins at Temi.

Temi nods at Niamh.

Niamh says, "I love that addon so much."

Sparkles has been transferred out by Temi. [OOC]

Satoshi queries, "Would it be easier for me to put double brackets for everything? I can do that super easily"

Niamh claims, "I'd like to just try to remind folks that we're all real people behind a screen, and fibbing about someone to someone else for personal pleasure, a moment of sympathy, or whathaveyou, will inevitably get back to them and sting. Please try to avoid this. It's easy to do, much harder
to take back."

Temi exclaims to Satoshi, "Easier for me, probably harder for Niamh. Do what works for you!"

Niamh states, "Yeah no worries man, whatever works for you is good with us."

Temi nods in agreement with Niamh.

Chief wonders, "... Mmmh. Random question - Items with extra ed's don't have something show up on their appraise, right?"

Niamh says, "With double brackets I can just regular copypaste instead of plugin copypaste. >_> About the same amount of "work.""

Temi states, "A good reminder. Please treat everyone with respect."

Niamh claims to Chief, "Not by default. We can add a special ed desc to items that show up on appraise, but the usual ones don't."

Temi says to Chief, "Only a special type of ed does, right."

Chief states, "As someone who couldn't even desc a toothbrush without writing out a description of it, I like it being visible I've prepared wares that come with something to read. Right now, it feels pretty easy to miss that in shops or not."

Chief says, "Ahh."

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Kitty asks, "But you can add it to shopinfo, right?"

Elysaveta claims, "You can add @shop_info, yeah."

Niamh states, "Oh yeah! If you appraise it in a shop you see whatever is in @shop_info."

Temi says, "Yep, @shop_info is a good one to include"

Chief says, "Oh? I've not had the time to.. ask about that. Shop-stuff is somethign I was told to
wait on my firs GL for :s"

Elysaveta claims, "I just copy and paste the extended desc into the shop info."

Chief queries, "So.. @Shop_info does. .what?"

Chief claims, "Ahh"

Niamh claims to Chief, "Whatever is put into @shop_info shows up on appraise when the item is appraised in a shop."

Temi says, "When you appraise shop <item> Anything in @shop_info will always show up"

Niamh trails off, "So say..."

Kitty says, "When you appraise something in a shop, it gives whatever additional information you stick in there."

Elysaveta says, "It'll show whatever you add into it when you shop appraise something."

Temi says, "Consider it 'features the shopkeeper would point out'"

Niamh states, "I make a toothbrush and put it up for sale in my shop. I add a @shop_desc that says "BANANA HAMMOCK." Whenever someone does appraise shop toothbrush they see that message."

Chief nods.

Elysaveta nods.

Temi states, "It's not staff managed like @appraise"

Chief claims, "Got it :)"

Kitty coughs and thinks SOMEONE may watch Scrubs...

Temi claims, "But can add helpful stuff."

Chief claims, "I'm used to it getting flags when you add descs, hence that just had me wondering."

Temi muses, "Does that solve the issue?"

Chief nods.

Temi questions, "Okay... anything else anyone wants to chat about for the last, oh, seven minutes?"

Niamh beams at Kitty.

Temi says, "Or we could just chatter and have a little party, or send everyone back early"


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