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Fri Feb 10, 2023 6:17 pm

I thought it might be nice for folks to suggest useful aliases for new players to enter.

Personally, I just aliased emtoe to emote lol. Which I think everyone could benefit from.

A common one I know for mages is to alias iritual for ritual invert.

Anything else?

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Sat Feb 11, 2023 7:50 pm

Get your weekly money from all your assets:
alias redeem asset redeem 1 silver || asset redeem 2 silver || asset redeem 3 silver

Check what an item can be used for:
alias whatuse craft_ -search

Quickly harvest plants:
alias reap harvest 1.plant || harvest 2.plant || harvest 3.plant || harvest 4.plant || harvest 5.plant
alias reap2 harvest 6.plant || harvest 7.plant || harvest 8.plant || harvest 9.plant || harvest 10.plant

Call your horse to you for quick mounting. Works even if the horse is already in the room:
alias call hail (horse) summon || order (horse) pace sprint || order (horse) move (charactername)

Look into adjoining rooms when there's an item with a north/south/east/west keyword blocking you from doing so:
alias ld look direction

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Fri Aug 04, 2023 3:31 pm

Common typos/misspellings/mis... -synonyms?

Code: Select all

awake:  wake
forge:    blacksmith
jemote:  jmote
woh:      who
unmount:  dismount
Don't waste lamp oil and/or burn your house down, and other conveniences

Code: Select all

sleep:  snuff || sleep
hood:  cloak conceal || order all cloak conceal

Code: Select all

torille:  travel market square
If only applying makeup in real life we so easy

Code: Select all

perfume:  apply self perfume takes |perfume and applies an amount of the fragrant, almost pungent perfume across her neck.
lipstick:  apply self rouged takes an amount of crimson wax from |rouged and spreads a thin, vibrant layer across her lips.
kohl:  apply self kohl takes a brush and |kohl to paint the deep black powder around her eyes.

dryself:  dry self towel dries herself down with |towel, beginning with patting her hair dry before she runs the towel over her body.
(no versions for men because I am allergic to playing male characters)

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