How to Play Poteau

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Poteau is a game played upon a circular table of some four to
four-and-a-half feet tall, with a slight ledge guarding the outside. At
the start of the game, twelve balls of roughly one inch diameter each, are
set in the center of the table; six for each player. Play proceeds with
each player taking their turn to strike at the balls with a straight stick
of three feet in length, attempting to knock their own balls into notches
carved into the table; dislodgement of others' balls is a valid tactic.
The game is won when either player has secured all six of their balls into
any six of the notches. It is usually played to a best of three games.
Poteau is the IC version of billiards or pool. While of course a game can be completely RPed, here's a suggestion for how to decide winners.

Break - Flip a coin calling Heads or Tails to determine who breaks.

Each shot - Wisdom or Dexterity check. Roll Self Wisdom or Roll Self Dexterity.

A failure or critical failure instead sinks a ball (and scores a point) for your opponent.

If there is a success - Roll 1 20 - 12 or higher sinks 1 ball. 17 - 19 sinks 2 balls. 20 sinks 3 balls.

You can attempt a trick-shot to knock an opponents ball back out the corner rather than your standard turn by contesting your opponent using Improvised, Steal, or Acting. RP it as a feint or slight-of-hand accordingly.

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