(Craft) Glass Beads

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(The idea would be that these beads could be used to embellish and would also count toward anywhere "beads" could be used, as in decorated jeweling items, etc.)

Proposed Craft Info:
Name : (xxxx) Glass Beads
Known recipe
Skill: Jeweling
Ranks required: 57
Steps taken : 8
Energy spent : 3 (24 total)
3x a handful of sand.
1x a handful of glass beads.
Other required components:
1x a long, slender glassblowing pipe.
1x a stone glazier's bench.
OR 1x a stone glazier's bench.
OR 1x a stone glazier's bench.
1x a pair of metal pliers.
Proposed Thread (based on Glass Charm):
$n begins to craft Glass Beads.

$n places the sand in the crucible, starting to melt it into molten glass.

$n continues to stir at the sand until it has completely transformed into a liquid.

$n gathers some molten glass on the tip of the blowpipe with a gentle rolling motion of $m hand.

$n rolls the molten glass on the tip of the blowpipe on the marble marver, cooling it and flattening it.

Taking a breath, $n gently blows into the end of the blowpipe, expanding the glass.

$n manipulates the shape of the glass as $e blows, stretching it slowly out with $m pliers.

$n reheats the glass and carefully removes it from the blowpipe, allowing it to cool and solidify.

$n repeats this process a few more times, gently shaping and cooling the molten glass until $e has an assortment.

$n polishes up the glass, finishing off $m handful of beads. [Success]
Disclaimer: I may have confused the pronoun placeholders (if these are even the placeholders you guys use) but I did my best lol.

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I was bumping this topic on the note of conversations of new crafting ideas since its related, I was wondering if theres any chance for us to expand on glass for jeweling to include things like earrings and body piercings?

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