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This thread will contain old archived posts from the IC Events board for anyone who wants to go back and look at old ones that are no longer in game.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 1351
In subject of: Crashing the Winter Party
Date : Sat Jan 8 10:57:01 2011
Expires : Thu Oct 3 10:57:14 2013
To : all
On 24 Decembris, the Baron of Seahome generously invited crowds of
citizens to the city center, where he and the Grand Magnate hosted a Yule
party: the young baron must have dropped over a thousand silver on a
talented quartet of troubadours, the finest imported wines and liqueurs,
and food prepared by ranking chefs throughout the kingdom.

The event proved popular, with most of Lithmore's notables attending,
including her Majesty the Queen, who graced her people with a visit toward
the end of the night. Nothing uneventful happened, save for noblewomen
arguing over who might dance with the popular baron, and Count Jei ab Sevoi
asking the Queen herself for a two-step.

As the evening drew to a close, a black-cloaked mage appeared, announcing
that he was from the Red Hand. The witch perfidiously extinguished all
light in the room, announced that he had murdered another mage, and
terrorized everyone. The Count and a red-armored Inquisitor attempted to
block the eastern exit, but to no avail.

The man, who called himself Magis, escaped; and when the lights came on
soon after, the disaster of confused guests scrambling around revealed
itself: broken glasses, food crushed underfoot, and upended serving trays.
The most poignant line of the evening was perhaps aired by a young
baroness, who claimed during the fray, "I am too drunk for this."

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 1202
In subject of: Posted Notice: The Forge is Open!
Date : Sun Jan 9 04:18:22 2011
Expires : Fri Oct 4 04:18:46 2013
To : all
Are you in need of fine jewelry, ladies?
Perhaps a dashing sword or mace, gentlemen?
Let the Merchant's Guild of Lithmore supply your every desire!
Be it weapons, armor, jewelry, or glass, they can make it!
Send your requests to Apprentice Neajar Adwardowan by courier.

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A note has been posted by: Sephone
From room : 69
In subject of: The Suckers Shop
Date : Fri Jan 21 02:35:29 2011
Expires : Wed Oct 16 02:35:42 2013
To : all

 Just of King's Concourse a new store has opened it's doors

                      Come on in to

                    The Suckers Shop

 Sweets and treats of all kinds to keep your mouth watering


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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 6802
In subject of: A Town Crier Announcement
Date : Sun Jan 23 02:19:22 2011
Expires : Fri Oct 18 02:19:30 2013
To : all
A town crier passes by, calling, ""The Justiciar has been KIDNAPPED!" A
woman in a moon-covered cloak and black mask told me to say, "Attention
citizens and idiots of Lithmore! Your precious, tiny Justiciar is my
captive. Her life is in my shadowy tendrils. Search for her, pray -
irrelevant. The shadows will hide her for two weeks, waiting for 10, 000
silver deposited into the Red Glove Company's account in the bank
(OOC:Manus). If, by the end of two weeks, this is not accomplished, you
will find her body floating down the River Bren, battered, bruised and

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 3032
In subject of: Town Crier: Justiciar's Ransom To Be Paid
Date : Mon Jan 24 02:11:12 2011
Expires : Sat Oct 19 02:11:36 2013
To : all
Some few days after the announcement of Justiciar Veronica ab
Fairchild's disappearance at the hands of witches, town crier's have begun
making the announcement that the ransom of a hefty ten thousand silver sum
is to be paid. As it is told, though, Veronica herself must be alive to
claim the money at the bank. Have the Reeves and Knights given up looking,
or is this a ploy? None seem sure, but ten thousand silver seems a lot to
throw down for a Justiciar, most feel--especially one so recently

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 4600
In subject of: Murder in the Town Hall
Date : Tue Jan 25 02:44:51 2011
Expires : Sun Oct 20 02:44:57 2013
To : all
Reeves report a body was found aflame in the Holy Order Offices in the
Town Hall soon after the mages' call to the River Square. Despite
disfigurement, the corpse bears resemblance to the Grand Inquisitor
Machivel Laenseiliv. The Reeves are asking for those in the Church Square
prior to the heretics' call to the River Square to come forward as
witnesses to any seen leaving the Town Hall at this time.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 6922
In subject of: Grand Inquisitor's death
Date : Tue Jan 25 02:53:20 2011
Expires : Sun Oct 20 02:54:58 2013
To : all
Shortly after reports of the Grand Inquisitor's body were heard, notes
spread like wildfire around town, marked with the Grand Inquisitor's seal
and simply stating, "Let this be a lesson to all as to what befalls he who
seeks to oppress the poor and the innocent. -Brotherhood of Common Goods".

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 96
In subject of: The Night the Lights went out in Lithmore
Date : Wed Jan 26 00:14:21 2011
Expires : Mon Oct 21 00:14:30 2013
To : all
People are running throughout the city, some in panic, some in awe. On
the afternoon and evening of Maritus 6 in the 349th year, Lithmore was
buried in putrid black shadow for a full minute. This darkness was far
from natural, as no light could penetrate it. It felt dank and thick,
though nothing could be touched or grasped of the darkness. At it's end,
the sun set and a woman's scream could be heard echoing throughout the
city. What caused this madness?!

Rumors are burning through the city, because apparently a frantic scene was
found just before this covering darkness. In River Square there stood none
other than His Holiness, Jochen ab Blackwell, The Cardinal of Lithmore. He
was stripped of most of his garb, wearing only his white robes, bristling
it's own aura in the setting sunlight. Across from him people have
described a woman wearing the Justiciars Reeve Cloak but wearing a mask
decorated with moons. She looked as if the shadows themselves circled
around her. This could only be the infamous Zanthia Dashian. Knights,
Reeves, and Commoners alike tried to enter the square to save the Cardinal,
but they were prevented, a strange spheric haze prevented any from

It was a showdown. A duel. An end for one of them.

It is said they spoke for a while before the fighting broke loose. The
Cardinal burst forth and launched himself at her. She flew back, drawing
her dagger and the fight began. His Holiness struck at her with only his
bare fists, with a fury like no man hath seen from him before. Zanthia did
her best to avoid, including using a battered copy of the Erra Pater as a
makeshift shield, but was not fast enough to dodge his fists, kicks, and
trips. She would not go easy, so people describe. She constantly struck
out with her blade, tearing into The Cardinal's Robes and some claim his
flesh. Others claim he was never touched, the Lord would not let her touch
him. The fight carried on for some time until Zanthia finally began to
crumble under Jochen ab Blackwell's rage. Rumors suggest she even threw
down her blade and tried to surrender, but the Cardinal was in such a
berserker rage he could not tell. He threw himself atop of her and began
to savagely wail on her head with his fists.

The shadows instantly grew without warning, shadows creep up from every
crevice and shadow in Lithmore, reaching up into the skies like climbing
tendrils until they all meet in the center, drowning Lithmore in a dank
darkness that no light can brighten for a full minute. No one could see
what happened next. The scream was all that followed, a glass shattering
sound that made everyone flinch. Then the shadows began falling apart in
nothingness like grains of sand falling from the sky, returning the lights
and skies to normal once again.When the light returned all that could be
seen in the square was the Cardinal, his whites robes covered in blood,
standing over the body, glaring down at it. Her skull had been crushed and
plastered against the cold stone of River Square.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 5027
In subject of: Firo Prochai: Drawn and Quartered
Date : Sat Jan 29 11:33:56 2011
Expires : Thu Oct 24 11:34:01 2013
To : all
A small crowd filled River Square on the evening of Maritus 16. A chill
wind, driven from the north, heralded the arrival of Lord Justiciar Rafael
Aria; surrounded by high ranking Reeves, he stood upon a platform and
delivered a steely proclamation:

"People of Lithmore, I bring before you today the man Firo Prochai, who
stands before the law guilty of the crime of murder, for his brutal slaying
of the former Grand Inquisitor Machivel Laenseiliv. For the crime of
providing leadership as Sapiente to the heinous rebel faction known as the
'Brotherhood of Common Goods, ' he is found guilty of sedition and treason.
For his role in aiding the heretical Rubeus Manus, practicioners of the
darkest arts, and his role in abetting the murder of the Lady Justiciar
Veronica ab Fairchild, he is declared an enemy of the state and the people,
to be sentenced with extreme prejudice.

His sentence, to be drawn before you and quartered alive, is effective
immediately. Let the dark hearts who would bring injustice to the city of
Lithmore know their fate, and let the people know that the Reeves
Lithmorran stand resolute in their commitment to provide peace and
security. Know, even in these troubled times, that order will prevail."

It is said that the Lord Justiciar himself saw fit to participate in the
execution of the sentence. Those who have visited River Square since will
note the amalgam of rotting flesh and metal that constitute the charnal
remains and last artifact of Firo Prochai.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 6927
In subject of: The Cardinal's disappearance
Date : Thu Feb 3 06:18:50 2011
Expires : Tue Oct 29 06:19:06 2013
To : all
As of Aprilis 7, the year of our Lord 349, His Holiness Jochen ab
Blackwell disappeared into thin air, not to be seen in Lithmore since. A
message was sent to the city through the town criers: "Your Cardinal is in
my rather blood-stained hands, and about to add to them should my demands
not be complied with. The warrant on the Tenebrae shall be removed, and
30, 000 silver banked into the Brotherhood account. For every day that
this is not done, the Queen will receive a lovely, grisly present in her
mail, in loving remembrance of His Holiness.".

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 5079
In subject of: The Cardinal's disappearance, a response. (Edited by A Player)
Date : Thu Feb 3 09:51:05 2011
Expires : Tue Oct 29 09:51:23 2013
To : all
Her Royal Majesty the Queen has had word spread throughout the realm,
seemingly as a response to the disappearance of the Cardinal of Lithmore.

'Let it be known that this great realm will not bow to the threats of the
fiends and heretics in her midst. No ransom shall be paid, no warrant
shall be lifted and no quarter shall be given. A demand has been made by
Amethyst Beadle the Tenebrae for 30, 000 silver in coin, and THAT I shall
give. 30, 000 silver shall be placed directly into the hand of the man or
the woman that aids the authorities of Lithmore in bringing this woman to
the justice she rightly deserves. Any criminal assists in this shall
receive a full pardon for whatever crime they have enacted in addition to
the reward.'

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 1296
In subject of: Auction House - First Auction - Antiques (Edited by A Player) (Edited by A Player) (Edited by A Player) (Edited by A Player) (Edited by Sephone)
Date : Sat Jan 29 05:05:27 2011
Expires : Thu Oct 24 05:05:52 2013
To : all
                    Presented by the
          __   _  _   ___  ____  __  __   __ _ 
         / _\ / )( \ / __)(_  _)(  )/  \ (  ( \
        /    \) \/ (( (__   )(   )((  O )/    /
        \_/\_/\____/ \___) (__) (__)\__/ \_)__)
              _  _   __   _  _  ____  ____ 
             / )( \ /  \ / )( \/ ___)(  __)
             ) __ ((  O )) \/ (\___ \ ) _)
             \_)(_/ \__/ \____/(____/(____)
                  Antiques of Lithmore
    Sygfrid Yupenstiener will be starting the bidding
          In just over a week. Notices to come
 OOC - Auction will start 21:00 US EST time 4 Feb 2011
 If you can not attend and wish to make a bid on an item
     that is listed, please pboard Sygfrid with your
                       maximum bid. 
Due to unforeseen circumstances I will be pushing the 
Auction back by one week. This is mostly to give people 
more time to view the available pieces and, if you are
interested, arrange a viewing of The Sea's Flame.
    Don't forget!!! 21:00 US EST, this Friday!

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 6922
In subject of: Severed head of the Cardinal found by the altar
Date : Fri Feb 4 05:42:52 2011
Expires : Wed Oct 30 05:43:14 2013
To : all
At the break of dawn on Arendas, Aprilis 12, news of murder and
sacrilege spread like wildfire around the city. The Cardinal's disembodied
head was found lying by the altar of St. Aelwynn's Cathedral, with an eye
gouged out.

A note beside it was written in a flowing script, "As your Queen
unfortunately finds the Cardinal not worth 30, 000 silver, I gift this to
you, Lithmore, for your keepsake. I do apologize for the lack of one eye -
that's probably resting in Her Majesty's collection by now. For those of
you who may feel afraid, please do not be. Any of you who reside in the
South side and know our brethren are safe. Any of you who are kind to such
people, are safe. As for the rest of you... May your Lord of the Springs
help you."

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 11044
In subject of: Chaos at the Cardinal's Funeral
Date : Sat Feb 5 03:52:29 2011
Expires : Thu Oct 31 03:52:32 2013
To : all
On 15 Aprilis 349, the Holy Order rang its bells a dozen times to
commemorate the passing of its highest ranking priest, his Holiness Jochen
ab Blackwell. Mass was held, ably conducted by a young
priestess-in-training named Kendall Miller, and mourners in black appeared
to pay their respects. Only minor hiccups happened, such as peasants
catcalling a scantily clad woman and a blind man whacking his neighbors.

Then the hexing started.

Notable members of the faith, including a page named Enix Cerline, Lady
Cellan ab Chevalier, the Grand Magnate, and the Poet Laudate all seemed to
fall ill; the most afflicted man of all happened to be the city's most
prominent blacksmith, who became chill to the touch and collapsed onto the
marble floor.

In response to this, the Inquisitor Aidan Samson bellowed for calm, and the
Grand Inquisitor ordered the doors barred and everyone searched, openly
eschewing civility for expediency. When strange keys were found upon the
person of the blacksmith, the page and his would-be mentor the Count of
Endridge detained him upon writ of the Order, and the Grand Inquisitor
hauled him away.

But people remain sick, and questions remain: was he the culprit? Why did
the Order also arrest a little girl? Why did her Majesty depart so
suddenly? Was it really necessary to search trustworthy ladies? Is the
Order actually in control?

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A note has been posted by: Sephone
From room : 69
In subject of: A Royal Wedding
Date : Tue Feb 8 16:28:31 2011
Expires : Sun Nov 3 16:28:46 2013
To : all
                         __                    __
          __       __     \_\  __          __   \_\  __   __       __
          \_\     /_/        \/_/         /_/      \/_/   \_\     /_/
        .-.  \.-./  .-.   .-./  .-.   .-./  .-.   .-\   .-.  \.-./  .-.
       //-\\_//-\\_//-\\_//-\\_//-\\_//-\\_// \\_//-\\_//-\\_//-\\_//-\\
     __(   '-'   '-'\  '-'   '-'  /'-'   '-'\__'-'   '-'__/'-'   '-'\__
    /_/))            \__       __/\          \_\       /_/           \_\
 ___\_//              \_\     /_/  \__
/_/  ((                             \_\
      )) __
__   // /_/   
     ))  \_\ 
      )) _    Her Majesty, Charmaine ab Harmon, the Queen of Lithmore
__   // /_/
\_\_((                  requests the honor of your presence       
      )) __     at the marriage of her sister, Aureliane mal Harmon          
__   // /_/                   
\_\_((_/___                           to
     ))  \_\      
     \\            Lord Kaemgen ab Bretagne, Baron of Seahome
      )) _
__   // /_/           on the thirteenth of Maius at noon
     \\                 The Cathedral of Saint Aelwyn
      )) __
__   // /_/        Reception to follow on the Kirulean Jewel
     ))  \_\
      )) _      
__   // /_/
     ))  \_\     OOC - Real Time Friday 11 Feb 2011, 10pm US EST        

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 3525
In subject of: Ordination of the Newest Priestess
Date : Thu Feb 10 23:12:54 2011
Expires : Tue Nov 5 23:13:01 2013
To : all
At midnight on the fifth of Maius, Kendall Miller shed her family name
and undertook the three vows of the Holy Order: of purity of the faith,
chastity of the body, and obedience to the doctrine of the Lord.

At that time, his Holiness the Cardinal Cecil dul Montaigne anointed her
person with blessed water and granted her the title of Sister Kendall of
the Holy Order of Dav.

(She remains a wedding planner extraordinaire.)

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 5079
In subject of: Royal Council on the Daravi Sultanate
Date : Sun Feb 13 00:03:41 2011
Expires : Fri Nov 8 00:03:57 2013
To : all
Attention, people of Lithmore, her Duchies & her Territories.

A Royal Council is soon to be held in Lithmore, and the palace is abuzz as
rooms are cleared and cleaned for the influx of guests from throughout the
realm. It is said that the full royal council has been invited to attend,
with the Dukes and Duchesses possibly even coming themselves from Vandago,
Tubor and Vavard specifically to sit in council. Word has already leaked
out that the topic under consideration is the Daravi Sultanate, and what
stance the Kingdom shall take towards them for the coming future. War is
on the lips of many of the Queen's closest advisors.

In the lead up to the actual voting, other members of Lithmorran society
are invited to give their input to members of the Council, and to seek
audience with the Queen herself.

(OOC note: This will be a heavily imm-assisted event, and run over multiple
days of this coming weekend. The imms will be posting some further details
with regards to times, opportunities and requirements.)

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 1273
In subject of: An Unanticipated Announcement
Date : Sun Feb 13 22:10:57 2011
Expires : Fri Nov 8 22:11:05 2013
To : all
Since the departure of Marisa dul Damassande from control of the
Merchants guild, to Chancellor to the Royal Coffers, Lithmore has seen an
absence in Merchant power. Murmurings have gone on for weeks, from
customers wondering where to send orders and Merchant members looking for
guidance and leadership. Today, Maius 20th in the year of our lord, 349,
the Merchant Council, made up of powerful Merchants from various counties
in the Duchy made an announcement regarding the newly appointed Magnate for
the Merchant Guild.

Nagaita ab Jewelman, of the Amhurst Jewelmans.

Deliberations from the council are rumored to have had few candidates to
select from, and though the appointment is a surprise to many, some council
members argue that the girl has been bred from generations of Merchants and
carries the necessary mind and skills for the job. Others have murmured,
much quieter, about inexperience and subservience.

Some council members have pointed out that she has been appointed to the
secondary position of Magnate, possibly due to inexperience, rather than
Grand Magnate, which remains open to be filled.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 3525
In subject of: The Escape of Arten Rael, the Tricky Theurgist
Date : Wed Feb 16 00:33:43 2011
Expires : Mon Nov 11 00:34:01 2013
To : all
On a surprisingly balmy night at the end of Maius, the church bells
sounded prime and beckoned the faithful to River Square, where his Holy
Honor Aidan Samson presented to the crowd a bold claim: that the former
Mercenary General, Arten ab Rael, would climb the pyre for crimes against
humanity, witchery, heresy, blasphemy (and other charges that seemed, at
least according to some accounts, simply piled on). Regardless, with the
naked man in tow, simple restraints upon his wrists, the red-cloaked
Orderite promised: this man would die for his sins.

Night had not yet fallen; the stoic Rael, powerfully built with corded
muscle throughout his naked body, which was on display for all to witness,
readied himself to meet that particular fate. He glanced skyward; then his
chains pulled taut, guiding him toward the still-unlit pyre, encrusted with
the decomposing bodies of his mercenary brethren.

But the man would not die for his sins. Instead, from that pinprick of sky
toward which Rael stared, a beam of light (from the heavens, some said)
dashed downward in a brilliant column and bored through the earth. Rael,
guided along by his chains, dropped into that pit. Then the world
reformed, leaving Grand Inquisitor Samson speechless and awestruck.

The crowd began to panic: the warlock had escaped. Noblewomen fled;
stampedes began; and any sense of control upon the crowd that the Order
possessed, that too disappeared along with Rael. His Holiness the Cardinal
Cecil dul Montaigne succeeded in quieting the crowd, plainly admitting that
there would be missteps in the war against magic terrorism, for mages
clearly don't fight fair; the Lord Justiciar Rafael Aria chimed in, doing
his part to still the sense of unease; but when the voices quieted, all
parties agreed: this is not what was supposed to happen.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 5079
In subject of: The Tenebrae's Demands for a Prince of the Blood
Date : Wed Feb 16 01:20:04 2011
Expires : Mon Nov 11 01:20:26 2013
To : all
Her Royal Majesty has put word out through the public channels of
Lithmore, that word may reach the elusive figure of the Tenebrae.

'A demand has been made for the life of my son, Vaedrian. A demand of
10000 silver for his life. A demand of immunity and the removal of the
Tenebrae's warrant.'

'Previously, we have stated publicly, that the Crown will not negotiate
with traitors to our Realm. That remains so, to this day. However, as a
private citizen of this realm, I reserve the right to allocate my own,
personal coin as I wish. As a mother, I can but give in in exchange for
the life of my son. It is a mother's duty to see to the well being of her

'Thus, let it be known that the first of Tenebrae's requests will be
granted, that 10000 coins of silver shall be made available to the person
of the Tenebrae, Amethyst Beadle. Once our son is safely home, the
immunity will be granted and the warrant lifted. We show our faith in
this, and pray that the Tenebrae will not continue "negotations" as per the
last time, whereby the first request was accompanied by the hand of our
late Cardinal.'

With that, the Queen retreated once more to her personal suites, where it
is reported that tensions are high amongst her personal staff.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 10505
In subject of: A Noble, but Rushed Wedding
Date : Wed Feb 16 19:37:48 2011
Expires : Mon Nov 11 19:38:07 2013
To : all
Word is filtering in from the Duchy of Farin that Lady Paloma ab
Beaufort, the Baroness of Asglen and His Grace Jaafs de Preston, the Duke
of Farin, have been wed. In what is being described as a hastily put
together yet elegant and opulent wedding, the two were married sooner than
expected because of the call to Royal Council. They are both rumored to be
returning to Lithmore with all haste in hopes to arrive before anything
begins, and it is apparent that they are already on their way and could be
back at any moment.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 5079
In subject of: The Queen's Appearance at Church Square
Date : Thu Feb 17 14:46:30 2011
Expires : Tue Nov 12 14:46:46 2013
To : all
On what was an otherwise pleasant day, winter's darkness cast her long
pall over the city once more, as the Queen called upon the people of
Lithmore to gather in church square and hear her words. Those arriving
soon found the Queen to be quite obviously distraught and with the clear
signs of recent grief marked upon her face. As the crowd began to gather,
she stood up on the edge of the fountain and gave a speech about the loss
of her son, Vaedrian. Throughout, she was surrounded by loyal guardsman,
and obviously gripped her sword for support and strength.

"People of Lithmore! I thank you for coming, for stepping away from your
lives, that I may see you, and speak with you. That I may share of my life
with you, and my sorrow."

"The Tenebrae has broken faith with me. Word was given that my son would
be returned to me, whole, hale and hearty. I have just come from the
morgue where his body lies. Cold. Lifeless. Dead of the bright and
energetic spark that he carried with him, his lust for life. She claims
that she was ambushed upon attempting to return him. Is it true? False?
I don't care."

"He would not be dead if not for her actions."

"My temperance is broken. I will not rest until her head is in this
square, mounted upon a pike for all to see. Until then, her allies will
have no respite, no rest, no leniency. Any man or woman found to be
associated with the Brotherhood will be hung. This will continue until
Amethyst is dead and mine. They can end this when they wish."

"Whatever resources are needed to bring this about, the Reeves will have
them at their request."

As the Queen spoke, a chill and brisk wind blew through the square as if to
mirror the mood of the distressed monarch.

In parting, she made a few final words:

As she made to depart, she stopped to offer some final advice, "Be
faithful- trust in the church. Be vigilant for the enemy amongst you.
Seek comfort from your families for as much time as they remain to you."

Finally, she made the point to remind the people, "The bounty remains for
Amethyst, along with the criminal amnesty."

It remains to be seen just how this will impact the Royal Council.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 4633
In subject of: The Hillman Speaks
Date : Thu Feb 17 16:54:59 2011
Expires : Tue Nov 12 16:55:12 2013
To : all
Words has reached the streets that the Hillman Emissary wishes to meet
with those who will listen to his concerns. He will address the security
of Lithmore's Western frontier as well as the possibilities of restoring a
unit of Hillmen to the Vanguard of the Army, as Dav did for the

This meeting will take place at (9pm EST, Thursday Feb.17, Today) in the
Palace wherever there is space.

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A note has been posted by: Temi
From room : 97
In subject of: Royal Council Happenings (Edited by Temi) (Edited by Temi)
Date : Thu Feb 17 07:16:52 2011
Expires : Tue Nov 12 07:17:14 2013
To : all
As dignitaries begin arriving for Royal Council, both as members and
others looking to have their say, or get their cut, the Earl Marshall
greeted attendees in the Palace today. She explained that the main issue at
hand would be an assault on the Daravi, citing signs of weakness in the
kingdom's longtime enemy. Her optimistic prediction cited that given
enough resources, Daravi lands could be conquered in their entirety within
5 to 10 years. Doubts were expressed at the pronouncement, but the Earl
Marshall promised there would be plenty of time for discussion, as well as
closed door meetings with various members of the nobility. All attendees
are invited to provide their points of view and to discuss. A few more
official happenings are planned, but persons are also encouraged to plan
their own small gatherings to discuss topics of note to them.

Specific Times:
11 PM EST Thursday 02/17 - Caria will be available to discuss with council.

3 PM EST Friday 02/18 - Caria will be available to discuss with council.

9 PM EST Friday 02/18 - Enakai will host a banquet for all attendees to gather.

Anyone else who plans to be around at a specific time and would like to
encourage others to come discuss with them should feel free to post

Otherwise, just be around to chat and wheel and deal!

Caria won't be able to make the Thursday time, but people are encouraged
to meet up and discuss their trades and such anyways. The Friday time with
Caria is still on.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 6919
In subject of: Distribution of coin in the South side
Date : Fri Feb 18 12:04:07 2011
Expires : Wed Nov 13 12:04:17 2013
To : all
A flurry of activity has been going on in the South side as of late -
apparently, relatively large sums of money have been slipped under the
doorways of each family in the South, with a note simply saying, "For you,
by the Brotherhood of Common Goods'. Never having seen such largess
before, the range of responses ran the gamut; some families refused the
donations for fear of being associated with the Brotherhood, condemning the
vile methods by which the gold had been obtained. Others accepted but kept
their silence, and yet others sang praises of the Brotherhood, with one
beggar reportedly saying, "Why should I care about the Prince? HE didn't
give me money to treat my sick daughter."

The more civic-minded of the recipients pooled their gold, utilizing it to
build improvements in the orphanage and almshouse, which are currently
under construction. Rumors have been flying about just how much silver had
been passed around the South side; some claim it was a mere 1000 silver
blown wildly out of proportion, others agree on 3000 silver, with some
rather doubtful rumormongers swearing on 10, 000. As might be common to
such sums of silver being passed around desperately poor circles, a few
fights have broken out with regards to ownership and use of the money,
especially among larger families.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 1541
In subject of: Queen's Guard Mobilizes (Edited by A Player)
Date : Sat Feb 19 00:22:22 2011
Expires : Thu Nov 14 00:23:04 2013
To : all
Around Mid-day on June 9th, large numbers of the Queen's Guardsmen, the
members of the Reeves that handle patrols, guard posts and protection
details, poured forth from the garrison on Church Street.

Nearly all active members have been pessed into extra service, their
patrols lengthened and increased in number. The largest concentration of
them were sent to Southside, where the entire southeastern corner of the
city has been trapped between heavily reinforced guard posts that stop and
question anyone entering or exiting.

In the following hours, searches of residences and businesses within that
corner of the city were begun. Brotherhood members were identified,
confirmed by others caught by the Guard and summarily hung, their bodies
still visible as they hang from the gates of the city, a warning to
Amethyst Beadle and her supporters: Your time is up..

Those arguing over the mysterious coin donations were given Reeve mediators
to settle the disputes, though no claim on the coin was ever made- The
Reeves seem almost unconcerned with collecting it or reclaiming the
Brotherhood's questionably generous donation.

With the Reeves so single-mindedly focused upon their task, rumors of the
disturbance being caused by this upheavel of the city's seedier side from
the searches are rapidly spreading throughout the city: Will the Reeves
really hang everyone confirmed to be a Brotherhood member? Has Amethyst
Beadle so shattered the compassion of the law, that merely supporting her
is a death warrant?

Top Reeve officials have declined to comment, thus far.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 6919
In subject of: Riots in the South side
Date : Sat Feb 19 04:50:51 2011
Expires : Thu Nov 14 04:51:31 2013
To : all
Havoc has been reigning in various pockets of the South side ever since
the Reeves descended on it in droves. Frightened and taken by surprise,
the first few hangings were relatively easy - and then the resistance
surged. The blades and cutthroats and assassins of the Brotherhood, the
families of the people who were hung, and some of the abject poor who were
swayed to the Brotherhood's favour by the recent donations... The Reeve
invasion was ill-accepted by these men and women.

The later part of the search and destroy was met with violence and riot -
several Guardsmen fell to dirty blades springing from the gutters, their
lifeless bodies simply left to rot. Some of the resistors were claimed by
the sword as well, although more than one was heard to say, as blood
trickled from his mouth, that a fighter's death was far better than death
by the noose. The most tragic perhaps were the women and children, wives
and offspring of the accused, who joined in the violence armed with pots
and pans and eating knives, and the agonized despair of the bereaved.

Throughout the entire frenzy, the Tenebrae's presence was never confirmed,
although rumors flew about a cloaked and hooded figure who slipped amongst
the shadows, never seen until her blade was found sticking out the other
end of a lone guardsman's chainmail at opportune times. Strangely enough,
the majority of those rumormongers were simply seen fleeing out of Lithmore
or slipping into hiding, however, instead of participating in the

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 5079
In subject of: The Royal Council has Concluded: A summary of outcomes
Date : Sun Feb 20 12:52:58 2011
Expires : Fri Nov 15 12:53:21 2013
To : all
Let it be known, that the Royal Council has been concluded. Of those
present, all voted in favor of pursuing war with the Daravi. Two were not
present; the Duke of Farin who sent word that his vote was a yes, and the
Lord Justiciar who was unable to attend- his vote counted as an

It is said that even the Justiciar congratulated Her Majesty after the
Council, having been unable to attend due to being on the trail of the
(famous/infamous) criminal, Amethyst Beadle.

In the days since the vote was concluded, it has become clear that the Earl
Marshall shall preside over the army as a whole, while personally
commanding the eastern flank through the Kirulean. The Duke of Farin will
command the western forces moving through his Duchy. Baron Amdair ab
Lassider will stand as Admiral of the Kirulean fleet with the aide of
representatives from the Tubori and Vavardi navies.

Other news of interest that has come from the Council:

Her Royal Majesty is to marry once more! A contract has apparently been
signed that she marry Laron, the son of the Ducal Couple of Vavard. Her
Heir, Enakai is also to wed one of the triple sisters of Vandago- although
which one it shall be remains to be seen.

The Hillmen are to be ennobled! It is said that a representative of the
Steelfoot tribe will be made into a Marquis by the Queen, with direct
permission to conquer and cajole their neighboring tribes. There are
whispers on the wind that if they can bring all of the Hill folk under
their banner, that the Queen may form a new Duchy!

The Duchy of Tubor is to have a new heir! The heirless, aging Duchess of
Tubor, Gillian le Vanse came to Lithmore with another agenda- to find and
name an heir to her Duchy and her fortune. Word has it that her surprising
choice, advised by the Queen, was Nicki ab Lassider, the sister of the
Baron of Casterlay. Surely Casterlay seems to be high in the Queen's
graces of late?

Life at the palace is said to be calming down once more, as some of the
delegates begin to send their entourages ahead of them before they leave
for home.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 5006
In subject of: Mobilizing troops
Date : Mon Feb 21 07:31:13 2011
Expires : Sat Nov 16 07:31:25 2013
To : all
The roads all across Lithmore are full. Full of armed men, all headed south!
The bulk of them are funnelling down toward Farin at this point, as the Duke
of Farin has given the Order that all of his troops are to assemble in the
Border Marches immediately. Any interested in joining the men already
assembling are invited to head south, the Duke hopes to begin having his
armies make their way through the passes as soon as possible, as the snow is
already melting.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 6728
In subject of: The Kingdom Prepares for War
Date : Mon Feb 21 16:38:38 2011
Expires : Sat Nov 16 16:38:56 2013
To : all
While the Western Front under the command of the Duke of Farin musters
on the marches near Daravi... The Eastern Front Army gathers along
Lithmore's Kirulean coast to make preparations to sail for Daravi's
Kirulean shores. This army under the command of the Earl Marshall includes
many forces gathered from all over the Kingdom, but the bulk of it consists
of the Knights Lithmorran, whilst the rest is comprised of many forces from
the remaining duchies. Rumors have it that anywhere from a month to three
months the war could commence although for many the preference is sooner
rather than later.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 1444
In subject of: Mage Hunting
Date : Tue Feb 22 05:26:25 2011
Expires : Sun Nov 17 05:26:36 2013
To : all
On Balasdes, June 22nd 349

Several armed, and armored knights made their way through the streets of
Lithmore marching heavily in squads of five each through every public area
of the town including buildings and streets. They all seemed to have on
thing on their mind, finding and hunting down an escaped mage. People from
every station from nobles to peasants were pushed aside on the streets,
questioned, or completely ignored as these knights did their duty to the
Lord. Though rumors abound, as to who exactly escaped. Eye-witness
accounts state seeing a dark-haired, brown-eyed man beaten to near death
outside the Orphanage, others call him by name, Raidon Laret. Warrants
have been set out, that this man is extremely dangerous and is suspected to
have close ties with the known mage Arten ab Rael.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 5013
In subject of: A Noble Marriage
Date : Wed Feb 23 00:31:10 2011
Expires : Mon Nov 18 00:31:21 2013
To : all
On the afternoon of June 25, a town crier ran through the streets of the
capital city, with news of a noble marriage. "Baroness Seahome Arely ab
Bretagne and Baron Casterlay Amdair ab Lassider are to be wed! May the
Lord bless them with many heirs!"

Palace Officials have yet to comment officially on news of the engagement,
or on the rumor that the town crier suggested that they have six or more

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 1253
In subject of: Merchant Fliers (Edited by A Player) (Edited by A Player) (Edited by A Player)
Date : Fri Feb 25 17:47:30 2011
Expires : Wed Nov 20 17:48:07 2013
To : all
Fliers have been posted across the town, both in prominent and more
poverty stricken regions of Lithmore, reading the following:

The Magnate of the Merchants guild is looking for a few good men or women!
We're looking for talented craftsmen, resources suppliers (such as
woodcutters, skilled forages, miners for alloy ore) or even excellent
hagglers. Supplies will be handsomely rewarded, and if the price is right,
contracted for large quantities!

The Tradepost Repository is Lithmore's best-kept secret with new inventory
weekly! Low prices for unique items from various Merchants in the City!
Stop in and take a look.

The Magnate has now assumed control of the former blacksmith shop as Her
Jewelry shop! Custom jewelry orders are encouraged, and from time to time
pieces might make it into the Repository. Orders may be mailed or left on
the corkboard in the Lobby of a Shop.

Each flyer is stamped with the following seal,

sealed with a Golden Coin over a Chalice

Nagaita ab Jewelman


One last, short flier was added, reading only, "Official seals are best
made by delicate Jeweler hands!"

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 5042
In subject of: News from the Vandagan Court
Date : Sun Feb 27 08:27:30 2011
Expires : Fri Nov 22 08:27:54 2013
To : all
Word has been steadily filtering in from Vandago of the ostentatious
wedding held there between the Royal Heir, Prince Enakai ab Harmon and his
cousin Ianka von Dusairus, daughter of the Vandagan Duke. It was a grand
event held with typical Vandagan ceremony under the watchful eye of Duke
eye of Duke Alucarde. Most of the Vandagan nobility were present, although
notable lack of their Lithmorran counterparts, it is perhaps understandable
understandable given the short notice. Whispers, however, of the lack of
royal presence, despite invitation, continue to speak of the elongated
freeze on between the Prince and Her Majesty the Queen.

The day after the wedding, Vandago's Kirulean fleet set sail from the port
of Mozenk with her army and the flower of her nobility. They are expected
to meet up with the fleets of Lithmore and Vavard in the shadow of Nimrock,
and from there, continue on towards the Daravi Sultanate.

The Prince did not sail with the fleet, instead remaining at the Vandagan
court, with his new Consort.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 3030
In subject of: Turmoil At City Guard Headquarters
Date : Wed Mar 2 23:47:42 2011
Expires : Mon Nov 25 23:48:27 2013
To : all
Just under a week before the fleet sails, many Guardsmen sailing with
it, the Reeves Lithmorran were shaken to their core by events that
transpired at their headquarters on Church Street, late Quintilis 26th.

No one seems -entirely- certain what happened, but much of the city was
aware of a great disturbance late in the day. Reeves barricaded the
building, kept most passersby away and summoned up reinforcements from
around the city's many patrols.

Shouting could be heard from inside, in addition, and at least one person
reported seeing several people bleeding heavily, outside the headquarters.
Hours later, after things settled down, word began to filter out about at
least some of what had transpired so violently in the bastion of the city's
law: The Justiciar, Rafael Aria, was dead.

Following Justiciars Jaxon le Moray and Veronica ab Fairchild, Rafael's
career was put to an end abruptly, when an unknown assailant managed to
slay him in his own office.

The Reeves had this to say about the man's passing: "Justiciar Aria was a
man with the people's interest at heart. Leading us through the troubling
times of Amethyst Beadle's reign of terror over southside, he kept a
vigilant watch on all who would disturb the peace, and often put his own
life on the line to secure that peace- this time, he surrendered that life.
The man who slew him has been taken into custody, and investigation and
judgement will be enacted with the law and city that he held in such high
esteem in mind."

With the highest ranking Reeve in Lithmore, Commissioner Amdair ab
Lassider, sailing with the fleet as Admiral, it is unknown at this point
who will see to leading the city's law enforcement in Aria's stead. The
Reeves themselves are in a mild state of turmoil, though higher-ranking
officers have stepped up quickly to calm their fellows and return things to

"We are the Reeves Lithmorran- far more than one man or woman, we are the
law... And the law cannot be slain." a Lieutenant of the Guard was heard
to say to a group of concerned citizens outside Reeve headquarters.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 69
In subject of: Blight (Edited by Kinaed)
Date : Thu Mar 3 19:39:26 2011
Expires : Tue Nov 26 19:39:33 2013
To : All
Several crops have recently begun to die. Greenhouse flowers and herbs
are withering on the vine. There's been no unusual weather, but rumors
whisper that the Daravi may have turned their attention to Lithmore once
more with the declaration of war.

The value of many herbs and the price of food has increased.

(OOC: Due to several bugs, Temijul can no longer be planted as an herb.)
(OOC: If you had a stash of Temijul lying around, see Kinaed for a reimbursement.)

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 1923
In subject of: The Fleet Departs
Date : Fri Mar 4 12:54:32 2011
Expires : Wed Nov 27 12:54:39 2013
To : all
With the sun high in the sky on the first day of Augustus, the order was
given to set sail from Eastgale. For days, ships had been steadily
amassing in the harbor, much to the joy of local businesses finding
themselves sold out of everything remotely applicable as 'ship supplies'.
Rumors say the field of ship's masts stretched from one end to the other,
and equally as wide.

With the arrival of the Kirulean Jewel on the last day of Quintilis, the
fleet began final preparations to depart the duchy for its next
destination: Nimrock, where it will rendezvous with the majority of
Vandagan and Vavardi ships and troops deploying to the front.

The ships winked out of sight upon the waters of the Kirulean shortly
before sunset, carried swiftly by a strong wind that local priests
confirmed as a sure sign of the Lord of the Springs' blessing.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 3474
In subject of: Another Declaration from the Merchants Council
Date : Fri Mar 4 23:34:47 2011
Expires : Wed Nov 27 23:35:01 2013
To : all
The Merchant Council of Lithmore has once again made a substantial
declaration to the populace.

A new Magnate has been chosen, a mister Gerrick Rahlen, master blacksmith
and leatherworker. Mister Rahlen is known to have been born and bred in
Lithmore, but left during his journeyman studies to seek knowledge of other
lands, returning now as master smith and offered the great opportunity of
Magnate of the Merchants Guild, due to his incredible skill and life
experiences in other lands.

As a result of this promotion, the former Magnate, Nagaita ab Jewelman, has
risen to the stature of Grand Magnate, in no small part due to several
recommendations of certain foreign nobilities.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 1271
In subject of: The Purification of Kendall Miller
Date : Sat Mar 5 01:38:00 2011
Expires : Thu Nov 28 01:38:07 2013
To : all
In the early afternoon, on Balasdes, Augustus 3rd 349. The flames of
purification burned brightly throughout the River Square, as the former
Priestess, Kendall Miller was set to the pyre and burned for her crimes
against the church. It was stated by Grand Inquisitor Samson, that she was
burned for heresy, blasphemy, and betrayal. As well as thievery. Many
speculate just what this means, has the Order begun taking up the reins of
the Reeves since the death of the former Justicar? Or was that tacked on
just out of spite? Whatever it is, the former Mother has been burned,
leaving the Order with very little clergy to be had. The Grand Inquisitor
himself, however, seemed distraught after the burning noting how it was
such a sad fate, though required.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 3501
In subject of: A madman's Purification
Date : Sat Mar 5 19:38:12 2011
Expires : Thu Nov 28 19:38:27 2013
To : all
Today, Early in the afternoon, on Lunisda, Augustus 6th 349.

The flames of the pyre burned once more, as to see to the purification of a
madman. Known only by the name, of John Oldman. It was stated during the
purification that the man in question was a heretic in the worst degree.
Having been reported to have been fornicating with corpses within the
Hospital, as well as a number of disgusting antics that most dare not speak

His Holy Honor, the Grand Inquisitor believed that the man should be
purified, and his soul cleansed so that he may be granted mercy by the
Lord. It was also mentioned, that his death in itself was an act of mercy
considering the man himself was quite old, and may not have survived much

Speculation has begun to arise amongst the citizens, with some wondering if
the Grand Inquisitor is really burning them for a reason, or if he's simply
burning them to burn them...Especially with the sudden purification of the
former priestess, Mother Miller, only three days prior.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 1202
In subject of: The Brazen Former Mercenary Commander!
Date : Wed Mar 9 01:57:17 2011
Expires : Mon Dec 2 01:57:34 2013
To : all
Word quickly spreads through the city that the Count of Endridge sent a
town crier to be on the look out for Arten Rael, a powerfully built man.
According to the crier, the famous and wanted mage managed to walk into the
city without mask or cloak to hide his face and may be, at this very
moment, walking through the streets similarly unrevealed. The Count
requested for information to be sent to him, but some people have begun to
whisper that the Knights might be better suited to handle a wanted mage.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 3006
In subject of: Loyalty Oaths and Taxes?
Date : Wed Mar 9 08:19:20 2011
Expires : Mon Dec 2 08:19:25 2013
To : all
Soon after Admiral Amdair ab Lassider, the man nominally in charge of
the Reeves, departed for the war with his fleet, rumors abounded
questioning the vitality of that organization-- specifically the
composition of its leadership, still hurting after the loss of its most
popular and longest-lived leader yet, the late Justiciar Rafael Aria. No
response came from Cityguard Headquarters regarding a succession.

But an official directive, stamped with the imprimatur of the Justiciar
himself, made its way through the city via town criers, compelling every
man, woman, and child on Lithmorran soil to sign a loyalty oath affirming
their undying and unyielding love for the Queen and her Majesty's Blessed
Armies and Navies. Those who refuse, according to a Reeve spokesman, will
be arrested for treasonous and un-Lithmorran acts.

Additionally, taxes on real estate in the Capital and the surrounding area
have been raised, an act an unnamed Reeve source claims is "necessary to
ensure the maintenance of peace and domestic tranquility in Lithmore, due
to the manpower now transitioned to the border marches."

(Finding a principal point of contact within Cityguard Headquarters for an
official answer on these actions and others has proved difficult, but some
questions do abound: principally, why does the Justiciar's stamp seem
eerily similar to the late Jaxon le Moray's?)

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 3557
In subject of: Purification of Ciara Sheridan
Date : Wed Mar 9 21:24:01 2011
Expires : Mon Dec 2 21:24:10 2013
To : all
On Lunsida, Augustus 20th, in the year of our Lord 349.

The flames of purfication burned brightly once more, as the former
herbalist known as Ciara Sheridan was set to the pyre and her soul cleansed
in the name of Dav for Magery, and Heresy. Though the people of Lithmore
got a treat when Her Majesty the Queen attended the burning herself,
however, unlike the last two burnings there was a number of strange
occurances. People whisper that the flames themselves exploded outward,
quite nearly catching His Holy Honor, Aidan Samson on fire as well as a
number of people who stood nearby.

Though that pales in comparison to what happened during, and afterwards,
when the Lord Count of Endridge himself seemed almost drawn into the flames
by the heathen mage, only for him to break down sobbing in the aftermath.
Whispers abound that the Count may have been smitten with the Mage, others
say he was being controlled by her demonic pull, like being called to a
burning siren of death. Though, rumors are rumors, and tend not to be
true, it was also noted by several that His Holy Honor was strangely clad
in armor fit for a king, which too, brings about questions of where the
good Father stands..

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 1205
In subject of: Loyalty Slogans!
Date : Thu Mar 10 05:20:17 2011
Expires : Tue Dec 3 05:20:24 2013
To : all
An official message has disseminated from Cityguard Headquarters
throughout the Capital of Lithmore via town criers and postings in various
establishments and meeting-places; it bears the seal of the Justiciar and
relates the following:

"Citizens of Lithmore, the Reeves have approved the following greeting for
standard use among the people in order to combat treasonous Daravi
sympathizers at home. The threat is grave, and the usual suspects are
mobilizing efforts to sap our morale and assistance to our Blessed Armies
and Navies, which murders troops abroad.

Thus, the following phrases demonstrate your loyalty:

'Lord bless her Majesty's armies.'

'Better snitch than witch.'

Remember: report all suspicious activity to the Reeves! Your vigilance
keeps our brothers and sons alive."

(stamped with the official seal of the Lord Justiciar)

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 1420
In subject of: Free Massages?
Date : Thu Mar 10 11:19:40 2011
Expires : Tue Dec 3 11:19:46 2013
To : all
Word has erupted around town that a massage parlor, staffed by vetted
massage therapists, has recently been approved by the Reeves for business
purposes: the parlor, stationed on Consolidation Street by the Gambling
House, was heretofore known as a den of sin and other vices, but in an
effort to maintain morale during wartime, town criers and other messengers
are announcing that

"Free massages are available to all patrons!"

Presently, people seem to regard this proclamation with a combination of
suspicion, ire, and interest. Mostly women are suspicious; mostly men (and
some adventurous women) are interested.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 1202
In subject of: Mass Arrests Threatened?
Date : Fri Mar 11 13:43:28 2011
Expires : Wed Dec 4 13:43:43 2013
To : all
In the midst of the turmoil of affairs instigated by the kingdom's state
of war with Farin's Daravi neighbors, an incident transpiring at the heart
of the capital has begun blowing anxious rumors through various corners of
the city.

A mass arrest of peaceful peasants is said to have been threatened by the
Reeves, though the actual details of the episode have been largely lost in
the frightened gossip that's spread like wildfire from Church Square where
the episode supposedly took place.

Coupled with the recent compulsory loyalty oaths and spiked tax rates, this
newest happening has dealt a harsh blow to morale in the lower classes, and
numbers among the gentry and nobility are even reportedly stirring in their
boots at the heavy-handed flaunting of Reeve authority, wondering just
-where- it all will lead.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 3006
In subject of: Loyalty Brigades?
Date : Sat Mar 12 02:54:50 2011
Expires : Thu Dec 5 02:55:01 2013
To : all
Another official announcement from Cityguard Headquarters filtered
through the more populated areas of Lithmore, on the wings of the town
criers and messengers left on the Reeves' payroll. After issuing the
official greeting of 'Lord bless her Majesty's armies' to whomever cared
enough to pay attention, business propositions followed:

'Loyal citizens wishing to ensure domestic peace and tranquility in the
streets of Lithmore, be aware that the Reeves currently possess a sum of
several thousand silver, earmarked just for you.

'Potential members of this auxiliary brigade will be expected to enforce
lawful warrants, maintain the peace, capture nefarious criminals, and earn
large amounts of honor and glory-- and an even larger paycheck.

'(Submit your bid for one month's labor to the Reeves. Lowest bid will be
considered. All contractors must furnish their own weapons. Hospice care,
pensions, lodging, and access to Ahalin Tower or Cityguard Headquarters not
provided. See a clerk for details.)'

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 1350
In subject of: A Faire Back Home (Edited by A Player)
Date : Tue Mar 8 04:17:08 2011
Expires : Sun Dec 1 04:17:28 2013
To : all
Fliers litter posting boards all over Lithmore city, and in portions of
Sartez and Wilhelm, stating the following:

Come on, come all to the first annual Merchant Guild Faire!

On (Monday/ 3/14/11 at 8pm EST), join the Merchants in a display of wares
by the Pond in Paarin Park! Our stands will be full of premade wares and
qualified Merchants and their excellent, promising Apprentices that offer a
quick sale, or inspiration for custom orders!

Enjoy performances by local Bards on a temporary stage!

Refreshments will be made available. Whether you're expecting, looking for
a gift for a soldier coming home, looking for a gift to cheer yourself up,
or just looking to socialize and spend some time out of your room, come and
enjoy with the Merchants Guild.


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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 1234
In subject of: Jack Tipper, a free man?
Date : Wed Mar 16 00:03:50 2011
Expires : Mon Dec 9 00:04:08 2013
To : all
Words echo throughout the streets, as criers everywhere send word that
the man known as Jack Tipper has been officially released by His Holy
Honor, the Grand Inquisitor. They all say the same thing, Jack Tipper, the
known murderer of the previous Justicar has taken his vows as a novice of
the Order. Many speculate on whether or not that this is a good choice on
the Order's part, others are too afraid to speak out their mind as to
attack a man of Cloth is to attack the Lord himself and is seen as the
highest echelon of Heresy.

It was stated that the Lord Marquis ab Beauparlant beared witness to the
vows taken by Jack Tipper, and supports the decision of the Church
fullheartedly. Though even then, whispers and rumors spread about what
actually went on in the Tower. Could the Grand Inquisitor himself, have
been tricked? What will happen to the Order? Has Father Samson become
corrupt? Who knows? The only thing on everyone's lips, is that Jack
Tipper is protected by the Order, and no attempt should be made on his
life, lest the attacker wish to burn.

[ #10 ]
A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 1202
In subject of: Murmurings around the city begin to rise in anger
Date : Wed Mar 16 00:03:49 2011
Expires : Mon Dec 9 00:04:06 2013
To : all
Shortly after word spread of the word of Jack Tipper not only being
released, but being sworn in as a novice, many peasants began to argue and
publically decry the decree given by the Grand Inquisitor.

One such patron of the Bear and the Boar tavern was heard to say, "Wish'n
I'd killed meself a Justiciar, I could join the Order too."

Similar sentiments have spread in various sectors of the city, though the
whisperings have not yet turned into anything further

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 1281
In subject of: Flyers around town (Edited by A Player)
Date : Thu Mar 17 18:25:49 2011
Expires : Tue Dec 10 18:26:01 2013
To : all
A new Merchant flyer has been posted on boards all over Lithmore,
reading the the following:

Attention citizens! Are you tired of listening to the person in the room
next door? Noisy shared walls? Sick of paying rent and tossing your money
out the window? Look no further.

The Grand Magnate will begin offering home loans to qualified individuals
looking to purchase and build a home in Lithmore. For details, write or
request a meeting with Nagaita ab Jewelman .

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 95
In subject of: The High Synod Votes
Date : Fri Mar 18 09:02:50 2011
Expires : Wed Dec 11 09:03:01 2013
To : All
A parchment bearing the following message appears on every street corner,
gutter, and tavern:

Hear ye, hear ye, all Davites
Brothers and Sisters, the Holy Order of Dav
Proclaims His Holiness, Aidan Samson
to be the new Cardinal of Lithmore
Rejoice, Rejoice!

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 3030
In subject of: Leadership Returns to the Reeves
Date : Fri Mar 18 21:46:42 2011
Expires : Wed Dec 11 21:47:20 2013
To : all
There has been a surprising quiet coming from Cityguard Headquarters in
the wake of the news of Jack Tripper's absolution and acceptance by the
Order. Now, two months to the day after the murder of Justiciar Rafael
Aria, an official notice has been circulated and posted in Courier offices
throughout the city. It announces the confirmation of Justiciar Tobin ab
Samael, the newest holder of the ill-fated office. Samael is a veteran of
the Reeves, known for his steadfast commitment to Justice, to the Crown,
and to Dav.

The Justiciar has released a statement about the absolution of Jack
Tripper: The wisdom and benevolence of the Holy Order is unquestionable.
It should warm the hearts of all True Lithmorrans to know that goodness can
be found in even the most unlikely of places. Let no man or woman question
the Mercy of Dav, and of His Holiness Aidan Samson.

Reeve patrols have been doubled, as the tension rises in anticipation of
the return of the brave men and women still at the front.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 86
In subject of: The Queen's return
Date : Fri Mar 18 22:57:10 2011
Expires : Wed Dec 11 22:58:21 2013
To : all
Word has it that the Queen has returned to Lithmore, arriving from
Eastgale in the company of her future husband-to-be, Loran dul Acris, the
son of the Duke and Duchess of Vavard. The two of them seemed to be in good
spirits and amiable conversation as they arrived on horseback at the head
of a sizable entourage.

When the marriage takes place, it will set a man nearly twenty years the
Queen's junior in the Consort's seat. But with one son dead, and relations
frosty with her named heir, perhaps she is looking for a safety net by
having more children. Or, as some have quietly said, she merely wishes to
bring a handsome young man to her bedchamber in a legitimate manner.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 5711
In subject of: The Daravi Reinforce
Date : Sun Mar 20 04:28:39 2011
Expires : Fri Dec 13 04:29:06 2013
To : Amdair Grigori Etaine Altarh Paere Immortals
At noon, stillness prevails as the armies of two nations prepared for
battle. The sun glares down on the sand, rippling it with waves of heat.
The occasional pennant snaps in the wind.

But then, it happens. Amongst the Daravi, at the rear lines, a loud chant
starts somewhere to be taken up like the ripple of a pebble dropped in a
pond. "Belatuus Mortana, Belatuus Mortana," over and over, louder and
louder, moving forward. Each of the troops raises their arms and their
curious curved blades and slashes their left hand, spilling blood into the

... And the sand -moves-. Everywhere, the sand moves. Beneath the
buildings, in the city streets. Shifting and falling, as gnarled,
mummified hands burst through, grasping the surface to pull forth pale
white skulls with undead faces. The Daravi things advance on the city
whilst those inside turn blind eyes to Lithmorran flesh as if scenting
their prey. Outside the city walls, the the troops who called the undead
in the massive Daravi ceremony watch impassively, a few more drops of their
blood feeding the magic as thousands of zombies attack.

Over the howl of the desert wind, a loud, booming voice can be heard,
infusing every corner of the city with the rich grain of its baritone:
"Tremble, Wetlanders, for the Spirits of the Fallen ride into battle
alongside us. Even in Death, the Daravi will fight for their land, for
their families, for their homes. We are the People of the Sun: fear us."

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A note has been posted by: Temi
From room : 69
In subject of: The Warring Season Draws to a Close
Date : Sun Mar 20 15:36:53 2011
Expires : Fri Dec 13 15:37:19 2013
To : all
As the warring season winds to a close, some of those officers who had
fought in Daravi begin to make their back into Lithmore, bearing news of
its course with them. Hopeful words mix with stories that draw astoundment
and disbelief.

In an early battle, Mercenary General Sigrid Latago overtook the pass from
Farin and captured a Daravi fortress. Fondly called Camp Latago by her
men, the fort remains under command on behalf of the Duke of Farin until
such a time as its fate can be determined by Her Majesty the Queen.

On the other side of the Daravi protectorates, Earl Marshall Caria ab
Trenica was at first dispelled by Daravi forces, but went on to prove
herself in a second attack, which, this time, she won, gaining control of
an important river.

Admiral Amdair ab Lassider, with an assortment of other commanders, managed
to handily capture a Daravi port city, which was promptly renamed Queen's
Blessing in honor of Lithmore's beloved matriarch. However, in so doing,
they also gained the ire of the Sultan's forces and the final battles of
the season centered around the ownership of the city.

Daravi forces were called to surround Queen's Landing, even at the expense
of other locations. The Duke of Farin and his General, the Templar Paere
de Laerne, claimed an oasis fortress without a fight, holding it as well
for the glory of Lithmore.

And yet it is the Battle at Queen's Landing of which every tongue speaks.
Those who witnessed it claim a ferocious battle, including early losses by
the Lithmorrans, spurred to success once again by Lithmorran forces
emerging from hiding places within the coastal jungles.

However, the Sultan and his mages would not cede a victory to Lithmore.
After raining furious hailstorms down on her troops to great losses, it is
said that he ripped the city herself from the coast, sending her out to sea
and making of the Lithmorran holding of Queen's Landing an island.

Is this a victory? None can quite say. Losses are heavy on both sides,
and the Lithmorrans yet hold Queen's Landing, overseen by the Griffin of
Mozenk, but much of the strategic value is diminished. Adding fuel to
fire, some claim that the Sultan himself died in his sending the city
forth, though no body is found. The Daravi forces are chaotic and most
surmise that they will be in no position to attack again this season, but
the fell magicks employed serve to remind that they are not yet defeated
and this is a short reprieve at best. Even while they also underline the
great need to finish the work begun by these brave Lithmorrans.

The Lithmorran holdings are manned with trusted commanders stationed
overseeing them, even while other men and commanders are taking the last
opportunities of the season to return home to gather reinforcements for the
battles that will surely follow.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 3631
In subject of: An Announcement from the Royal Treasury
Date : Tue Mar 22 22:54:45 2011
Expires : Sun Dec 15 22:55:21 2013
To : all
An official announcement has been issued from the office of the Treasury
at the Palace:

Despite rumor to the contrary, the Royal Treasury would like to assure the
people of Lithmore that there have been no increases in taxes approved.
The costs of the war were carefully considered before the decision to
attack was made, and additional tax funds will not be needed for the
immediately visible future. Should you be among those persons who were
informed that your taxes were increased, please report this information to
the office of the Treasury by addressing a missive to Chancellor of the
Exchequer Marisa dul Damassande. The source of these supposed increases is
known and is to be handled. They are not legal and approved by neither the
Chancellor nor Her Royal Majesty.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 3549
In subject of: Arely ab Lassider, Baroness of Seahome, attacked!
Date : Thu Mar 24 22:38:39 2011
Expires : Tue Dec 17 22:38:52 2013
To : all
Gossips throughout the city are abuzz with the news that the Baroness
Seahome, Arely ab Lassider, was attacked by one Raderick Burns. The
attacked occurred on the eighteenth of the month, as the Baroness walked
down Church Street, a mere block away from Cityguard Headquarters.

According to some eyewitnesses, the Baroness was dragged to the hospital
singlehandedly by the Grand Magnate, and was close to death by the time she
arrived in its trauma ward. Thanks to the efforts of a young nurse named
Raya, the Baroness' life was saved, and she's expected to make a full

Shortly after she was brought to the hospital, the Baroness's older
brother, the Marquis Avonna and his wife, Her Royal Highness Aureliane ab
Beauparlant, Marchioness of Avonna, arrived. An orderly who attended to
the Baroness reports that the Marquis and his wife were beside themselves,
and both sat by his sister's beside for several hours. One orderly reports
that the protective older brother offered an unknown man several gold
pieces for Burns' head. The Baroness is currently being guarded by a
combination of Royal Guardsmen, Reeves, and her brother's private guards.
Notably, the Baroness is married to Baron Amdair ab Lassider of Casterlay,
who joined the Reeves several months back; although no official
announcement has been made, whispers amongst those in the know suggest the
former Admiral has accepted the position of Proconsul. Meanwhile, the
attack of Baroness by a known criminal (Burns has been implicated in
attacks against both the Grand Magnate and one of her merchants) should
prove to be a good test of the new Justiciar's abilities, and many think
how he handles the situation will cement his reputation (good or bad) in
the minds of all Lithmorrans.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 11054
In subject of: A Private Wedding
Date : Fri Mar 25 20:09:37 2011
Expires : Wed Dec 18 20:09:51 2013
To : all
Late Octobris the 20th, a moderate helping of merchants, nobility,
guildleaders and even orphans gathered at the Sevoi Estate to witness
Nagaita ab Jewelman and Count Jei ab Sevoi wed.

The rumors suggest the ceremony was comical and that the Priest left
immediately after the daisy chain was tied, but that everything was done

Bejeweled flasks and corsages were distributed as wedding favors to guests,
and it's said the Poet Laudate and Squire Cerline performed an impressive
ballet at the reception.

Additionally, a few merchants chortled over the presence and words of
Nagaita's mother, a woman always carrying a wineglass and always with
colorful commentary escaping from thoroughly booze-stained breath.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 3631
In subject of: A Vandagan Cultural Day
Date : Sat Mar 26 14:39:23 2011
Expires : Thu Dec 19 14:39:40 2013
To : all
,                        ,
                 /'\                  .--'|}
         ________|,/_________________/    /}}
       ((    ,        \'/             '---./`
        \\  /|         v
   `.-,  \\|'|  
    )(    \\/    You are cordially invited to a day celebrating
   ( ))/   ))   the culture of the Duchy of Vandago, to be
  __\/(___//   presented to you by the Farin journeyman bard,
 /__/`----'   Herazade Persela! All are welcome for this day
     V       of fun, feasting and entertainment to be held in the
            Event Ballroom at the Lithmorran Town Hall!
          (OOC: Time is Saturday April 2nd, 8PM EST)

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 5003
In subject of: Seized Lands Annexed; Hearts Broken
Date : Sun Mar 27 09:07:16 2011
Expires : Fri Dec 20 09:07:21 2013
To : all
On the ninth of Octobris in the year 349, word disseminated from palace
officials that the status of lands seized by the Queen's armies during the
recent war with the Sultanate of Daravi have been formally invested into
the recognized Realm of Lithmore, abutting the Duchy of Farin but
nevertheless owing fealty directly to her Royal Majesty. These
borderlands, principally desert but nevertheless containing various
settlements, logistical ties with Farin, and even the now-infamous 'Camp
Latago' have been christened the March of Edessa, serving as a buffer
between Daravi lands and the remainder of the kingdom.

Selected to shepherd this territory were General Cecil dul Montaigne, of
late the Cardinal of Lithmore, and Lady Cellan ab Chevalier: the ascension
of the former to inherit the lands as marquis accompanied the announcement
that both parties were to wed.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 5079
In subject of: The Grand Tubori Ball - an invitation (Edited by A Player)
Date : Sat Mar 26 10:33:12 2011
Expires : Thu Dec 19 10:33:16 2013
To : all
Fliers have been circulating around town, bearing the notice:

   / /                                                   / / 
  / / \   Her Ladyship Nicki le Vance cordially invites / / \ 
 ( ( ) )    the nobility to an evening of merriment,   ( ( ) )
  \ / /     dancing, and culture at the Grand Tubori    \ / /
   / /    Ball. Hosted in honor of the upcoming Tubori   / /
  / / \     delegation, the ball is aimed to foster     / / \
 ( ( ) )    relations between Lithmorran and Tubori    ( ( ) )
  \ / /     nobility. Her Royal Majesty Charmaine ab    \ / /
   / /      Harmon has graciously offered use of the     / / 
  / / \   Court Malenta in the palace for the evening-  / / \
 ( ( ) )   and music, free food and Tubori vintage is  ( ( ) )
  \ / /                    promised.                    \ / /
   / /                                                   / /

(OOC: Tentatively set for 10th April, 2AM System Time.)

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 3301
In subject of: Upcoming Theatrical Performance
Date : Thu Mar 31 06:24:54 2011
Expires : Tue Dec 24 06:25:09 2013
To : all
Notices have been posted up around town, advertising an upcoming
theatrical performance.
                     ATTENTION LITHMORE!
      ||&%&%&_.' The Troubadours are pleased  '._&%&%&||
      ||&%''' to announce the opening showing of '''%&||
      ||&%&      "The Bold Man and the Demon"      &%&||
      ||&%&    written by Saellyn Thoruvel and     &%&||
      ||&%&  to be presented at the Hollow Globe   &%&||
      ||&%&                                        &%&||
      ||&%&     All admissions will be free of     &%&||
      ||&%&&    charge at the author's request    &&%&||
(OOC:  Wednesday, April 6th, at 9 pm EST)

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 3525
In subject of: Former Cardinal Branded?
Date : Thu Mar 31 20:33:06 2011
Expires : Tue Dec 24 20:33:27 2013
To : all
The hush of whispers echo through out every tavern, street, and square
as everyone is talking about the same thing. Marquis Cecil dul Montaigne
was branded by the Church! It has come to a shock to many people
throughout Lithmore, with rumors spreading about the reason behind such a
public spectacle. Some say it was due to Marquis's resignation as his
position as Cardinal. Others say it's Cardinal Samson's revenge for being
demoted for losing Arten ab Rael many months ago, when the young Cardinal
was still Grand Inquisitor.

Though most have nothing to say about it, what remains is the fact it
happened out in the River Square. Publically it was stated that it was for
a simple sin as Oathbreaking, and many are afraid to speak out against it,
for fear that they too may be branded.. Or worse, burned for speaking
against the Church.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 6808
In subject of: Lightning and Tornados in Church Square
Date : Fri Apr 1 09:24:12 2011
Expires : Wed Dec 25 09:24:37 2013
To : all
Witnesses reported a man with a moon covered cloak and mask walking into
to church square. Strange shadow and light danced around him. He
approached the only knight nearby, Esquire Enix and said something about
wanting to talk, insisting several times he only wanted to talk, the
Esquire pulled out a length of rope and attempted to restrain the witch.
The next moment the white aura around the man could be seen shattering and
a blast of tremendous light and power filled the square. Those not blinded
by the blast ran for there lives.

From a further distance tornados were said to have formed in the square
twice intermixed with more incredible blasts of lightning that could be
heard a considerable distance from the square. When the people of Lithmore
dared to brave the west side of the city again, there was no sign of either
the Esquire or the witch.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 5115
In subject of: Afternoon Tea Interrupted!
Date : Fri Apr 1 21:54:27 2011
Expires : Wed Dec 25 21:55:21 2013
To : all
Palace guards are more vigilant than ever, now, due to an incident that
occurred in the late afternoon on the 20th of Novembris. The Marquis
Avonna and his sister and the Baroness Seahome were set to have tea at the
Palace's Nadrine Tea House. According to an employee who wished to remain
nameless, as the siblings greet one another with a hug a person wearing a
black, ceramic mask and a black cloak with moon-shaped embroidery stroke
confidently onto its rotunda.

Palace guards were quick to arrive; however, an invisible force seemed to
repel them and prevent them from attacking, leaving the Marquis and
Baroness trapped and forced to listen to the cloaked figure, who's voice
was muffled by its cloak to the point gender could not be determined. One
guard unhelpfully noted that it "...could have been a man. Or a woman."

Voices were hushed, and only the Marquis and the Baroness know exactly what
words were spoken. What is known is that the Marquis had his hand on his
rapier the entire time, and was positioned between the cloaked figure and
his sister. The nobleman's guards, too, were on the alert, appearing ready
to strike at any moment.

After a brief conversation of sorts, the figure disappeared in a flash of
light. "Obviously, a mage," commented one of the Tea House employees who
was present at the event. According to one Mister Fairservice, the
Marquis' personal valet and spokesperson for the Beauparlant family, the
Mage identified himself as a member of the Manus coven, who wished to
discuss the possibility of brokering peace between his organization and
Lithmore, as well as an end to the war against the Daravi. Immediately
upon the mage's departure, the young Marquis sent a message to the Cardinal
of Lithmore. However, the two nobles left the teahouse shortly thereafter.
For unknown reasons, the Baroness reportedly looked on the verge of tears
as she made her way back to the palace.

Notably, the Marquis and his sister were two of many nobles targeted last
year by the Manus organization, which at the time went by the monicker the
"Red Hand Group".

Palace officials have yet to comment on the incident.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 1271
In subject of: The black knight, Karel Weaver, a mage.
Date : Sat Apr 2 02:33:38 2011
Expires : Thu Dec 26 02:33:41 2013
To : all
Save Word spreads that the mage responsible for the ruckus at the church
square with Esquire Cerline and at the Palace with the former Bretagnes was
caused by none other than Karel Weaver. While an attempted break in of the
Ahalin Tower was averted and the perpetrator caught, Weaver apparently
strode into the crossings, cast a spell that incapacitated nearly everyone
there and attempted to make off with the prisoner. Ahalin Tower guards,
already alerted by the attempted break in, streamed from the tower and
attempted to catch the mage, but ultimately failed. However, they did
succeed in foiling his rescue attempt.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 1205
In subject of: Silence of Office
Date : Sat Apr 2 13:17:24 2011
Expires : Thu Dec 26 13:17:37 2013
To : all
In mid-morning, on Arendas, Novembris 22nd 349.

A sound was heard, one that many in Lithmore have not heard in years, even
decades following an immediate mage crisis. And that sound, was silence,
yes silence. A sound so quiet, so insignificantly noticed can have even
the biggest impact on anyone..especially when that sound comes from the
Sanctum Office of St. Aelwyn's Cathedral. It was widely known, that
Lithmore's beloved Cardinal, Aidan Samson, was always to be found within
his offices be it as Cardinal, or as Grand Inquisitor.

Yet, on this day, only silence was heard.

There was no writing.

No crinkle of paper being pushed, and moved.

Only silence...

Noone knows what happened, some speculate based on recent events.. But the
fact of the matter is..The Cardinal is gone. No word. No warning. Simply
gone. Was he a mage? Was he kidnapped? Did he flee for his life?

Nobody knows.

It was reported by a novice, that the office seemed.. Eerily untouched.
With a few papers scattered, but otherwise completely untouched. As if the
good Cardinal, had simply disappeared...which comes not only as a shock to
many who had appointments with him that day, but also as an unspoken
warning. A warning of what? Some might ask, with the response that can
only be contrived as conspiricy.

Still, the question remains.. Just whatever happened to Cardinal Samson?

Lithmore may never know...

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 11044
In subject of: A Marriage at the Palace
Date : Sat Apr 2 23:28:47 2011
Expires : Thu Dec 26 23:29:36 2013
To : all
On the evening of Novembris 25, 349, the Chapel Arbora filled with a
moderate assembly of nobility and royalty to witness the marriage of Lord
Cecil dul Montaigne, Marquis of Edessa, to Lady Cellan ab Chevalier,
daughter of the Count of Mont Innes, and lady-in-waiting to Princess
Aureliane ab Beauparlant.

Among the notables attending the ceremony were: the bride's brother, Lord
Corentin ab Chevalier, Baroness Arely ab Lassider, Count Jei and Countess
Nagaita ab Sevoi, Earl Marshall Caria ab Trenica. Her Majesty, Charmaine
ab Harmon and Her Highness, Aureliane ab Beauparlant, honoured the assembly
with their presence.

Only a minor disruption from an over-tired Count ab Sevoi was noted, though
it barely interrupted the proceedings: the marrying pair were declared
officially wed soon after, and proclaimed Lord Cecil and Lady Cellan dul
Ansari, Marquis and Marquise of Edessa.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 3550
In subject of: Esquire Cerline returns!
Date : Sun Apr 3 07:59:29 2011
Expires : Fri Dec 27 07:59:47 2013
To : all
Whispers and voices soon began to speak as the two silhouettes arrived
in the Church Square, badly beaten, and even bleeding through the bounded
gashes on their bodies. Esquire Enix ab Cerline, and Esquire Chavara de
Laerne arrived, dragging the corpse of a man behind them, and his
belongings. The people gasped in horror, and some in relief at the
presented corpse before them. Karel Weaver had been slain, his throat
sliced open by a serrated blade.

This happening only five days after Weavers attack on several individuals
at the crossing during the arrest of the man named Quinn, whom was said to
be breaking into the Tower.

Upon their return, Esquire Cerlin was rushed to the hospital to have his
wounds attended too. Witnesses say his grip on Karel's corpse would not be
broken, not until the corpse was burned before his own eyes, and the eyes
of the public. He has been vaguely quiet since his return, and remains in
the hospital recovering.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 1205
In subject of: Fury of the Earl Marshall
Date : Sun Apr 3 17:55:26 2011
Expires : Fri Dec 27 17:55:35 2013
To : all
This morning, a messenger sped throughout the city inviting people to
hear the Earl Marshall speak at Church Square. What they thought might be
a pleasant event turned out to be something else entirely.

The Earl Marshall from atop her horse spoke of the Kingdom's recent events
in the war and problems with mages and thieves... But her speech took a
distinctly darker turn when she spoke of being insulted, at one point
raising her voice to a shout in her anger. What was she so angry about?
The word has it that the Earl Marshall was supposedly insulted by the
Inquisition and her speech was to tell the city the Knights now answer to
no one but her.

The Earl Marshall finally ended her short speech and departed, leaving a
crowd and cloud of confusion behind her... What was this supposed insult
all about?

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 3503
In subject of: A Response to Fury
Date : Sun Apr 3 22:05:11 2011
Expires : Fri Dec 27 22:05:25 2013
To : all
Many younger monks and nuns nervously asked Inquisitor Ficino what he
thought of the Earl Marshall. All he had to say was that they were
betraying the very essence of what the Knights were founded on. He took
full blame for her anger by saying...

"I wrote her a letter, just before her tirade, asking her to put one person
I wanted detained on the warrant list. This -is- what the knights are for,
issuing warrants from the Holy Order for mages and heretics. The letter
may have neglected certain etiqoettes, but when dealing with such a time
sensitive issue, it is hardly befitting an Inquisitor to toil over his word
choice and letter structure."

After further prodding questions of the nuns and monks, the Inquisitor kept
his calm. He was heard to say simply that "The Knights are supposed to be
a pious military sect, practicing moral codes of selflessness and chivalry.
To jump to rages over one poorly constructed letter and to deny further
assistance to the Holy Order borders on heresy." As a side note he added
that he meant no offense or insolence, but does not believe that such
perversive punishments are appropriate at a time of heightened magical and
heretical activity.

As he was leaving the Church Square, he said that he had recently been
promoted to Grand Inquisitor and may be contacted at his office at any time
by any individual who had any concern, no matter how small. He made no
comment of attempting to threaten or foreshadow a course of action. Many
commented and suspected that he is waiting for an official response.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 200
In subject of: High Synod convenes - new Cardinal elected
Date : Tue Apr 5 07:43:08 2011
Expires : Sun Dec 29 07:43:24 2013
To : all
Two weeks have passed since the fateful morning of Arendas, Novembris
22, and yet no sign has been seen of the missing Cardinal, Aidan Samson.
Amidst growing uneasiness and hushed whispers from the city's populace, the
High Synod convened on the morning of Solisda, Decembris 4, to discuss the
state of the Church. It was determined that it would be unwise to leave
the Church without a spiritual leader for much longer, and Vincent ab
Lavorre, Archbishop of Gailiech, was pronounced as the new Cardinal of the
Holy Order of Dav, to assume office immediately upon his arrival in

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 5079
In subject of: More News from the High Synod (Edited by A Player)
Date : Tue Apr 5 07:53:20 2011
Expires : Sun Dec 29 07:53:30 2013
To : all
Along with the appointment of Lithmore's new Cardinal, more news has
been quickly filtering out of the recent gathering of the High Synod.
Confirmation of Saint Jochen's canonization has been made, having been
raised at the last meeting and provisionally agreed to. It is said that
Her Majesty personally pushed the issue.

It is said that Lithmore's newest saint, will be the patron of the poor,
and of Lithmore's Southside in particular.

It is said that the Queen has set aside an amount of coin for the
construction of a chapel and shrine to the new saint.

(Edit, because I can't spell.)

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 4600
In subject of: Knights return to normal duty
Date : Thu Apr 7 14:28:51 2011
Expires : Tue Dec 31 14:29:40 2013
To : all
For the past two weeks, the city has been abuzz with the belief that the
Order and Knights have had a falling out with a very public and angry
announcement from the Earl Marshall that the Knights would only be obeying
her. Today however, word was sent through the city that the Order has
addressed the Earl Marshall's concerns and that the Knights were in fact
still carrying out the Order's warrants.

With peace seemingly made between Order and Knighthood, there is very
little to discern that there ever was a disagreement between the two.

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A note has been posted by: Kinaed
From room : 97
In subject of: Recent Hospital Events
Date : Sun Apr 10 14:24:52 2011
Expires : Fri Jan 3 14:25:04 2014
To : Physicians Imm
Recently, Olither ab Chettle stormed the hospital with a group of thugs
and threatened Kaemgen, Amdair and Arely in the hospital. Whilst they were
demanding Kaemgen come out to meet their blades, Aurelaine and a knight
arrived. There was a fight, and Aureliane was killed - but the hospital
took the corpse quickly and cut the twin children from the womb. They were
spared. Olither died as well, cut down by the knights. There's a bit of
murkiness around what happened, but the hospital's been damaged and shaken
up a bit, there's new bloodstains, and a couple of premature twins, a boy
and a girl, in the hospital.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 5044
In subject of: Death of a Princess
Date : Mon Apr 11 08:56:07 2011
Expires : Sat Jan 4 08:56:31 2014
To : all
The word is quickly passed around the city, rumors are rife with wild
tales of betrayal and conspiracy, and the word on everyone's lips is that
Princess... Or, the former Princess, Aureliane ab Beauparlant, Marquees of
Avonna has been murdered by Olither ab Chettle. The circumstances around
her death are still a little shady, though it is believed she was at the
hospital trying to prevent Chettle from ending his recent rampage with a
burning of the hospital and all of it's occupants. What of the babe that
she carried, so close to her full term? No one knows if the baby survived
or not, or perhaps people do, but you might just have to ask to find out.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 1202
In subject of: Olither's rampage.
Date : Tue Apr 12 02:01:30 2011
Expires : Sun Jan 5 02:01:38 2014
To : all
Most of the common citizenry have no idea why Olither ab Chettle and
several brigands and bandits throughout the city took up arms against the
Law and Kaemgen ab Beauparlant, though rumors are spreading about some sort
of conspiracy against the Marquis. Either way, many men were killed and
eventually Olither and his men seiged the Hospital, with the Marquis and
his sister, as well as the Proconsul, inside. A city wide panic was
called, and Princess Aureliane and many other nobility came to the Hospital
in an attempt to stop the mad Count. He and his men were eventually put
down by those who came to the nobility's aid, but not before the General of
the Border Legion strangled Her Highness to death. Slain by the Earl
Marshall, Lord Templar Aodh ab Bearach was also celebrated as being one of
the deciding factors in the brutal fight. After his death, his tongue was
cut out and sent to Olither's supporters in Brune, by order of Her Majesty.
His grave is in the cemetary at the Cathedral, now, marked so that all may
know where he is.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 3529
In subject of: Attack at River Square
Date : Tue Apr 12 06:24:04 2011
Expires : Sun Jan 5 06:24:14 2014
To : all
They story was told a hundred times from a hundred points of view, but
some things were found in common among the masses that had been in
attendence to witness the burning of RaziahThe knights were prepared for
trouble, they had blockaded the river square, so people could enter, but
not leave.

What happened next, there is less agreement upon. A person was heard in
the square, a person the knights had not accounted for. Immediately the
alarm was sounded, but as quickly as the call to arms went up River Square
was plunged into a darkness that no light could penetrate. At the very
same moment, the wind began to pick up in the square, slowly at first, but
within moments a great tempest pelted the now blinded Lithmorrans.

A tornado formed in River Square and people began to flee in panic, but the
knights, between the confusion of being plunged into darkness and the odd
wind, stood their ground for far too many prescious moments, causing the
masses to trample each other as they sought to escape the winds that were
now pelting people with stones so hard, some fell unconscious battered near
the point of death.

Quickly though, the knights regrouped at the crossings, but the Earl
Marshall, was left barely able to move and blinded. People ran to the
church to pray for her life and perhaps those prayers were answered. For
when the darkness receaded, no one had been killed, or even seriously
injured. The winds left many battered but none broken.

And Raziah Kimii, was gone.

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A note has been posted by: Kinaed
From room : 97
In subject of: River Square
Date : Tue Apr 12 22:35:33 2011
Expires : Sun Jan 5 22:35:40 2014
To : Mage
Passing through River Square tickles your senses. It's different than
anywhere else. Looking into it from the astral, you can see its barren and
scarred. All of the extreme use of magical forces to rescue a mage
recently has resulted in a power sink. The very fabric of reality is
scarred and the forces which balance for spells disrupted. River Square is
now a dead zone.

Yes, River Square is different than anywhere else - because, unlike
everywhere else, it's dead.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 5079
In subject of: Palace news
Date : Wed Apr 13 07:23:21 2011
Expires : Mon Jan 6 07:23:40 2014
To : all
In the wake of the stripping of titles from and then the recent death of
the Count of Brune and the Queen's own bastard sister, Aureliane ab
Beauparlant, there has been a certain quiet from the Royalty. However,
word and gossip are starting to come out again. First and most obvious, an
armed force has been quickly gathered from the Crown Lands and has begun
south towards Brune.

One soldier, a man from Lothos said, "Bugger if I know what we're off for.
Her Maj sends the order and off we go- same as always. Me? I hope we can
put some o' them traitorous Brunites to the sword. Like master like
servant, eh? What my ma used to say."

Further news has come out about the stature of the Queen's recent
appointment to the court title of Lord Holder of the Seal. Cecil dul
Ansari's future has been in doubt since his public branding by Lithmore's
previous- and still missing- Cardinal. Ansari's appointment has been
stripped, only to be awarded to his wife, Lady Cellan dul Ansari, until
recently a Lady in Waiting to the late Marchioness of Avonna.

The Queen was not available for comment.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 3525
In subject of: The former Esquire Enix ab Cerline: A cleansing
Date : Sat Apr 16 09:56:29 2011
Expires : Thu Jan 9 09:56:41 2014
To : all
On the morning of Votumas, Januarius 18, the crowd gathered in River
Square for yet another burning of a purported heretic: Enix ab Cerline,
former Esquire of the Knights Lithmorran. The sins accused of this man
were heinous: Conspiracy with Esquire de Laerne in faking the death of the
notorious mage Karel Weaver, aiding and abetting tainted souls, and lying
to the Inquisition.

The people watched as the former Esquire, gagged and bound, was tied to the
burning post, and set aflame, as His Holiness Vincent ab Lavorre exhorted
the crowd to pray for his soul. Expressions of the crowd varied from
disbelief, to sorrow, to tears and prayers.

Then, once Cerline's corpse had been reduced to cinders, the Grand
Inquisitor Marsilio Ficino reported a message received from the Manus,
which he read aloud to the crowd. A heretical message, threatening the
lives of the men in the upper echelons in the Church for burning one of
their own, and claiming that those lives would be spared no more, as they
were during the previous mage attack on River Square.

The response of the Grand Inquisitor: "Take their ignorance. Take their
heresy. As a city, we shall not allow such -blatant- idiocy. As a city,
we shall not stand idly by while we are terrorized by humble tower mice.
Pray for our efforts," and that of the Cardinal: "I fear not these threats.
Even should my dedication to the Lord and the Church bring about my death
in their tainted, gruesome hands, I will not rest, til this land has been
cleansed of sins," was as brave as one could expect. But could these men
truly stand against the wrath of the mages, who have demonstrated their
powers as not to be trifled with?

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 5040
In subject of: A Duchess Arrested!
Date : Sun Apr 17 07:58:48 2011
Expires : Fri Jan 10 07:59:07 2014
To : all
Today, on a cold Januarius, and just after the birth of her first son,
Her Grace Paloma de Beaufort was approached by Justiciar Tobin ab Samuel
and his party of guards. Onlookers report a very confused-looking Duchess,
who didn't put up a fight. About her child, one claim was heard- That the
Marquis of Avonna was to be his guardian. With the word 'bastard' being
whispered about, it is currently unknown where the baby has been taken.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 5005
In subject of: Council of Three - Results
Date : Sun Apr 17 18:26:43 2011
Expires : Fri Jan 10 18:27:30 2014
To : All
The Council of Three has submitted their votes on whether or not His
Grace, Duke Jaafs de Preston, should be convicted of treason for the
removal of his troops from the Daravi border. They say the debate did not
last long, and took place mostly via missives. The confirmed result: Jaafs
de Preston has been stripped of all titles and charged with treason.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 4631
In subject of: Death & Resolutions in Brune County
Date : Mon Apr 18 10:48:32 2011
Expires : Sat Jan 11 10:48:45 2014
To : all
Word is quickly spreading throughout Lithmore of the fate and
whereabouts of Jaafs de Preston in the wake of the Council of Three's
determination of treason. The Duke was captured by soldiers while trying to
cross into Lithmore through the County of Brune- home of the late Count
Olither ab Chettle. Having heard of the warrant for the Duke, he was
dragged in front of the local Reeve magistrate, who hastily carried out the
punishment at the base of Chettle Citadel; drawn and quartered in the
traditional style. It is said that the late Duke's head already adorns a
spike above the castle gate, right next to the tongue of Olither.

Brune is swift getting itself a reputation...

Meanwhile, in Lithmore, a grim-faced Queen was said to have visited the
comfortable cell of the Duchess Paloma de Preston. When she emerged later,
it was with a much more contented expression. Word was soon to filter out
from Her Maj's attendants, that the poor Duchess was to be released and her
newborn son returned to her keeping. Further, she is to remain as the
Dowager Duchess and her son's regent, although there is word that the Queen
has commanded her to marry again. Moreover the command of the passes
between Farin and the new lands of Edessa are to be given in to the command
of the latter.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 96
In subject of: The Queen is dead...
Date : Wed Apr 20 03:20:05 2011
Expires : Mon Jan 13 03:20:13 2014
To : all
The bells rang out clear across Lithmore, and as news quickly spread by
word of mouth and courier pigeon, the ringing spread out across the realm.

The news was clear and the news was dire. Queen Charmaine ab Harmon, ruler
of Lithmore and the five Duchies was dead. The details were sketchy, but
it was known to have happened in her own apartments, and apparently without

The death was heralded not an hour earlier by a fiery comet trailing
quickly through the sky over Lithmore, only to fade as quickly as it came.

The Queen is Dead, Long Live the ...

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 5046
In subject of: In the wake of the Queen's death... (Edited by A Player)
Date : Wed Apr 20 06:12:26 2011
Expires : Mon Jan 13 06:12:39 2014
To : all
In the wake of Queen Charmaine ab Harmon's death, several details have
begun to emerge in addition to her will: the position of Keeper, who will
now stand at the head of the Royal Council ordered to act as regent for the
child of the disinherited Prince Enakai, will be transferred to Cecil dul
Ansari, the Marquis of Edessa.

Rumor has it that it was the deceased Monarch herself ordered the
transferral of power, and that the position had been intended for Lord
Edessa from the outset.

The Marquis of Edessa is reported to have accepted the position.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 3529
In subject of: Forces from Avonna arrive
Date : Wed Apr 20 07:58:27 2011
Expires : Mon Jan 13 07:58:44 2014
To : all
Say In wake of the recent news of not only the Princess, but as well the
recent death of the Queen, the area has been flooding with newcommers.
Among them, a small regiment from Avonna, being led by their Commander,
Razok ab Rhius. Rumor has it he arrives on orders from Marquis Keamgen ab
Beauparlant, but little is known to the facts of the arrival, or as to why
he is here in such an urgency.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 3320
In subject of: ACTUALLY
Date : Wed Apr 20 13:54:13 2011
Expires : Mon Jan 13 13:54:21 2014
To : all
There are no troops headed to Lithmore from Avonna. That was a rumor,
one completely unsubstantiated. At least, nobody has -seen- any, other
than one lone general bearing the House Beauparlant's colors.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 1202
In subject of: Celebrating in Brune
Date : Thu Apr 21 09:47:36 2011
Expires : Tue Jan 14 09:48:42 2014
To : all
An odd celebratory feast was held in the capital city of Brune, where
the Chettle Citadel's gates were opened and many of the nobility there
gathered. When asked, one of the nobles, a Lady Leanna, claimed that it
was to celebrate the life of Queen Charmaine ab Harmon, while citizens here
in Lithmore think that the feast was to celebrate Her Majesty's death.
Further, skirmishes between Farin radicals and the Border Legion seem to be
increasing while political unrest is on the horizon in Lithmore.

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