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by Bingus
Mon Aug 02, 2021 1:23 pm
Forum: Ideas and Requests
Topic: Mining
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Re: Mining

Why not just add pickaxes as a tool used in certain types of foraging? That would solve a lot and make it more manageable.
by Bingus
Tue Jul 20, 2021 1:09 am
Forum: Ideas and Requests
Topic: Vague Fantasy: Pre-Consolidation
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Re: Vague Fantasy: Pre-Consolidation

All for mage and order being forced to work together, as that would stimulate RP between the two of... more -substance- than one can actually >obtain, ICly, in the current standing. I have trouble seeing it ever happening though. I hear there was a guild that was kinda pseudo-sanctioned for that pur...
by Bingus
Thu Jul 15, 2021 10:44 am
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Underpowered Skills
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Re: Underpowered Skills

City lore seems only to be underpowered due to lack of player submission, if I understand correct. Pretty sure there's currency in place to try to promote that... Agreed firmly on all the others, but what would chandlery need or want, though? Face paints perhaps? It doesn't seem very complex, candle...