Golden Week at the Queen’s Inn

A series of contests will take place at the Queen’s Inn during Golden Week. There will be the following:

  • A brewer’s contest for best beer, wine, and liquor in the city.
  • A cook’s contest, for the best dish using game meat.
  • A drinking contest.
  • Best drinking song contest. -Best limerick about a public official
  • And other popular pub games.

Winners of the brewer and cook’s contest will have their items sold at the Queen’s Inn. Winners of the other contests will win free drinks for the next year.

Entry into the Queen’s Inn the night of the contest will be ten silver, with money raised for charity. Entry into some of the contests may require a fee. Those interested in the limerick contest or drinking song contest and, due to the subject of the piece, are not able to sing or say them because of reprisal, can submit their selections to Safir Mara’aye, who will see they are read anonymously. Events and judging will be supervised by Safir and the Jester.

OOC: We’re looking at Sunday the 13th around noon EST or a little later, to help work things out with Yay’s time zone difference. If you really want to participate but aren’t able in that time frame, shoot me a message and it’s possible if it’s a problem for enough people, we can move it up or down in time, or change the day. If there’s anyone whose characters wouldn’t take part in this but would like to make limericks about other characters, feel free to submit them to me on pboard and I’ll throw them in the mix from NPCs.