That Day

I’ve been tidying up my apartment, cleaning and ensuring things are all set into order so that I don’t look like a messy house-keeper whenever they show up. The Inquisition has something making them think that I am a mage- I have no clue what it could be but I will most definitely be working to convince them I am innocent. It should not be terribly hard, there isn’t anything on this Urth that could prove I am what they want to believe.

Clearly I am not intended to wed and be a honest woman so that I can have children without worrying the order would take them away- Terryn will likely be unable to marry me even when I make it through this review innocently. His family won’t want that for a stain on the lineage, a woman who was reviewed by the order for magery.. Arien, it always gets all mucked up. I should quit dragging men into my life and hurting them. At least Terryn doesn’t actually love me- it should hurt less for him than me. This cotton dress Seamus bought me so many seasons ago feels lovely against my skin- and it is easier to work in than silks.. Even if the silks do shimmer prettier and flair out when dancing better.

I’m rambling.. I should talk to someone- being inside all alone on house arrest is not good for my mind. I need to go flit about the taverns and play music or sing or.. something. Terryn could visit me- anyone could visit me. I hope Lakali is alright, I haven’t seen him since he mentioned he’d be reviewed. The upside to that being he hasn’t been pyred so he is surely okay.

Arien- quit worrying you nit wit.

The Sewers

I have been in their depths many times.. More than I would care to admit to be honest. Regardless of the fact I have managed to come northside for life I still miss the South. To hear people talk so poorly of it sometimes aggitates me, but I do understand their reasons for abhorring the place. Oh- but back to what this started off as.
The Sewers.

The city beneath the streets we walk now must have once been grand- beautiful. Oh I how I wish I could clean up areas of it and make them sparkle again, such beauty hidden beneath filth. I’m sure no one else on this Urth sees it as such- I’ve always got to be different.. Southside holds a ballroom to what have once been a grand estate.. That is where I learned to swim surprisingly. Seamus had spoken of it and foolhardy me was too impatient to be shown so I seeked it for myself and was rewarded with underwater beauty. Many times I dreamt of that place, and most often it was no longer underwater but instead in all it’s beauty and I was dancing about happily.. Then things often turn toward the croc attack- and now I am sure I’ll dream of the one suffered today.. Arien Crocs.. Hurtin’ my feet. Glad it ran away.