Look into my eyes.

“One look into my eyes, friend, and you will know the meaning of terror–The unconquerable, tortured fear of one who has sold their soul to the highest bidder.”

This was spoken by some prisoner of the Vandagan Reeves, a witch by the name of Nicolette Morel. I ‘member this quote, cuz when Ellie told it to me, I stopped dead in me tracks. I just hung there, half over a scrub bucket and stared at her.

I find it both terrifyin’, such weighty words, and also sad. She musta been sellin’ her soul to demons if she was talkin’ aboot the highest bidder. I mean, apparently she was killed by tryin’ to escape, and that don’t make much sense to me. If ye are so scared, why run? Ent she know that the pyre, so they say, though I really don’t know nothin’ aboot faith, cuz I never been taught, but ent the pyre supposed to be all cleansin’ like? So, if’n she was scared of bein’ claimed by the highest bidder, wouldn’t it have been better if’n she let them burn her?

Too complicated for me brain. I do best with simple shite.

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