it’s finally happening!

Just a few days now, from the wedding.
Things have gone on smoothly, I really could not ask for more.
I was, in the end able to find a tailor, Miss Ab Allond, who while she was on hiatus, did an amazing job with the clothes.
However, sad things have happened in my life too.
Grand Inquisitor Sayer has stepped down and I believe has left the city.
In my mind, he was such a good friend to me, I had looked forward to many more chats with him, sitting at the chocolate place, just as we did the last time, before he left.
I can only wish I could see him one last time to wish him good luck, and fairwell but alas that is not to be.
Miss Connor too, has left the city.
I received a letter from her mother, explaining how she has been injured, and has gone home to vandago.
She too, was a good friend of mine.
I feel as if everyone I know, is just dropping away from my life.
Sir Ab Domhnal, who was also one of my closest friends, who I would have loved to take part in the wedding, has gone away, without so much as a word to me.
I am deeply saddened by these people leaving.
Then of course, Lady Ab Aguarossa has stepped down and has left the city as well.
I had looked forward to getting to know her, but again that is not to happen.
I feel empty sometimes, when I think of all the people I knew that has left.
People who have left such a mark on my life, and yet I wonder if I’ve left a mark on theirs.
People whom, I had always thought would be there, that I could always rely and count on, are now gone, and I feel a bit at a loss.
I think that’s why recently I have been playing more with the dolls, because in dollie land, there is no loss, friends do not go away, it is simply the little Diana doll and the little Arlet doll and they will never know hurt, or loss, and never leave each other.
I know it is childish, but to me, it is my escape, my outlet to be happy again, to be able to carry on with my duties as epion, and as a caring and loving fiance and soon to be wife.
Plus, aside from that, and away from the gloomier thoughts, the dolls are truly adorable.
They are so precious.
On the brighter side of things, we have managed to get something of a wedding party together.
it is not much of a lineup, but it works.
What with everyone I had come to rely on leaving, it was difficult.
However, our third and last banns were posted, and the preparations go on ahead.
I have received mine and everyone else’s clothing.
I’ve delivered the clothes to both the lord earl marshal as well as commander Steenson.
I’ve shown Arlet our outfits and he has approved.
All the jewelry, including the wine glasses have been delivered, I receive the final piece of jewelry, a hair clip, today.
Last I checked, which… knowing me, wasn’t long ago, madam De Roldan promised everything would be on time, which is also a relief as it was the last piece of the puzzle I have been waiting for.
Until next time.
Perhaps, in my next entry, I shall write as Mistress Le Furil.

The wedding planning has begun!

Well, the wedding planning has begun!
We have posted banns, and I have begun putting up advertisements asking for certain services.
I find myself busier now, than I ever have been as epion of the physicians guild.
I am always receiving and sending mail regarding the wedding plans, trying to time everything just right, so that no one feels slighted or rushed, and it has been a challenge for me.
Arlet, bless his heart and soul, has been trying to help, but he himself is scarcely available, and so most of the planning has been taken on by me.
I have already sent out the invitations for our private reception, and luckily, some of them have replied. There is still time yet, I can only hope the rest of them do as well.
Luckily, I have found a caterer, and brewer, which I thought would be the most difficult part, as well as a jeweler. Sadly, I am still on the hunt for a tailor, though the grand magnate has recommended someone and I have written to them.
Hopefully I will get a response from them soon.
The second notice for our banns have been posted, therew as some concern surrounding that, when last I spoke to grand inquisitor, but looking at the announcements board outside the church, I see things are continuing on smoothly for the second banns have been posted.
Only one more month and the last one will be posted and donw tih, just in time for our wedding.
It seems most of my life so far, has been filled with wedding preparations, but truly I do not mind.
Though it is a bit stressful at times, I really do enjoy it, and hopefully with all the planning that has gone in to this, things will turn out just perfectly.
I have recently made a visit home.
Emma, of course she did not stop teasing me.
They are all very happy to hear that I will be married, and both my Father and Mother heartily approve of Arlet, which is all I can really ask for.
here’s to hoping things go off without a hitch, although… I highly doubt that, with as much planning as I am doing.
I still have yet to hire a troubadour for the occasion, though I have written to Miss Op Saffrine regarding the matter quite some time ago.
Hopefully, I will hear from her soon. If I di not, I will have to write to her once more.
That is all for now, I shall write more later.

I’m getting married!!!!

Arlet has finally proposed, and I have gladly accepted!!!
He gave me the most beautiful engagement ring one could ever imagine. he remembered my favorite gem was the pearl and gave me a lovely pearl ring with a silver band. I absolutely love it, I could not imagine anything more perfect.
He also made two dolls in the likeness of him and myself. They are so very adorable, I cherish them. I think they’re absolutely precious.
I’ve spent the better part of the passed several days showing my ring to all my friends and acquaintances, letting anyone know who would listen that I’ve gotten engaged!
We have not yet posted banns. We intend to, but with only one inquisitor, times are not lining up as I had hoped.
We have even begun to plan the wedding, although nothing has been set in stone as we haven’t posted banns.
Everyday with Arlet has been like paradise, and just a few days ago, we went to view the place we might go for our honeymoon.
It is beautiful!!!
I find I have many people I would love to invite to our reception as the wedding will be a public one, but not many who are close to me, whom I’d like to have as maiden of honor or bridesmaid. I find I know many people, but only as acquaintances, and it makes me rather sad that I know no one who I consider to be truly close to me.
I would of course ask Miss Connor to be my maid of honor, but I do not think she would enjoy the position.
She is not what one would call a romantic girl, and so I am unsure.
Everything else is rolling along smoothly, minus one terrifying incident a few days ago.
I now believe I were under a spell, but someone who in my mind at the time, looked like Lord Le Pajari came in to the queens. His hand covered in blood, ordered myself and everyone else patronizing the queen’s inn and tavern to kneel.
We did, but when he ordered us to follow him out in to the streets on our knees, Commander Steenson spoke up.
So too did I, for I feared for the Commander and he is a great friend to me.
it was a very frightening experience, one I will not write at length here, but alas we all escaped unscathed, which is the good thing.
I have not told Arlet about the experience, for I see no real need to worry him. Especially at such a happy time.
Even with this one horrible frightening experience, I am still very happy.
I cannot wait till the banns are posted, and for us to really begin planning the wedding.
it will be a marvelous thing!
my position as epion is going along smoothly, no catastrophes as of yet.
At any rate, I must be off.
I shall write soon!

Catching up with things

Today, I feel I have a little time to write here.
It has been a while, nearly a month perhaps.
Not too much has gone on in my life, and yet I feel there is ample to write of.
First, I met lord Ab Kovar.
He is an interesting man, I have yet to get acquainted with him properly, to know how temperament and personality.
the fact that his wife Lady Emma speaks well of me to him is some consolation to me, for then I can only hope that his first impression of me is not too horrid.
Luckily, Lady De naderi was present as well, and that is of some reassurance to me, to have a friendly face. I always feel as if I am so very much out of my depth when I am speaking with nobles, regardless of the topic. I wonder how on earth I will be able to handle being lady in waiting to Lady Emma, considering I will have to be surrounded by nobles, if she will ever call me in to duty. I hope she will, I really wish to get to know her better. She seems such a kind soul.
I am afraid, lady De naderi, might think me rather daft. We spent near on twenty minutes on her explaining to me the intricacies of noble marriage.
In other matters, I have finally purchased both I and Arlet a mount.
Miss Ryden was selling them for fifty percent off, and I was able to purchase them.
Mittens, my pony, is so very cute and adorable.
I do love that horse, I found out he loves apples. Goes insane for them rather, all due to my wanting to see if he’ll take to them.
Arlet has a horse as well, though he has yet to name it.
I wonder if he ever will, or if he shall forever be the nameless horse, till he (the horse) dies of old age.
Arlet, has finally learnt how to make dolls!!!
They are so very adorable and precious. he made me one yesterday, it is of a tubori child.
How I really do treasure that thing.
I had him make one for Miss Ryden’s nephew.
Granted, he is a boy, even still he’s only a baby, I do hope he will like the little thing.
Arlet even made it in to the likeness of Miss Ryden. It too is precious, and if I did not have to give it away, I would add it to my doll collection.
He is so very sweet my Arlet, I do hope we will marry soon. I think, if we should marry, I should likely spend the rest of my life laughing along with him.
I do hope though, that he knows I do love him with all my heart. he spends so much of his time, walking in the shadows, making me feel special, making me shine, that I hope he realizes, that I would like to spend equal time making sure he shines just as bright, if not even brighter than I ever could. He is my life and my love.
I am beginning to feel the pricklings of hope that I may, in fact be fortunate enough to marry.
After Charles’s death, I thought I might never marry, that I might never love.
However, with Arlet in my life, I have grown to love, and am now feeling hopeful, that perhaps my life is not quite as cursed as I thought, and that perhaps I may marry, have children and the life I so ardently wish for. I can only pray with every fiber of my being, that nothing ill befalls us.
if it does, then I have the comforting in knowing that perhaps, just perhaps, he will find consolation in the letter I have left for him, and I can hope that he knew that I died loving him, and his face would be the last one I see.
However, such bleak thoughts are rather far from my mind, even as I write them.
They only crop up in the edge of my consciousness, but truly I am so very happy these days, they are easily chased away.
For now, my life is humming along uneventfully, and blissfully. My hope is that they will stay that way.

Wandering thoughts

Nothing much has happened since I’ve last written, but it is fun to write.
Arlet has returned from his trip to his Uncle’s.
Oh how I missed that man, and have enjoyed every minute we have spent together.
I bought two horses from Miss Ryden, she was selling them at a rather low price, so I bought one for Arlet too.
I do enjoy spending time with him, we went to the fish pond today, and he made me laugh so hard, even my horse was growing uneasy at my rather loud hig-pitched laughter.
I am so very sorry for him though, he is being kept at the same place I am, simply because of my situation, and that saddens me. he did nothing to deserve such a thing.
Even still, he seems to have adjusted well, and we enjoy every moment we spend together.
My horse is a pony, it fits with my rather small stature.
I have named him Mittens. he has a snow white coat, and is a bit round, which I think is positively adorable.
Miss Connor met us by chance whilst Arlet and I were conversing at the fishing pond.
She is always so kind and generous, always bringing leeches to the hospital, and giving me any seeds and ingredients I might need. I do wonder, where the girl gets them all.
I have left the court.
master Habashi offered me the epion position, and after talking with the lady keeper, I have left it.
it makes me a bit sad to leave it, for I did enjoy the company.
I do wish, I might get to know Lady Emma a bit better, considering my post as her lady in waiting, but she has never called me in to her service, and this disappoints me a little.
I wish she would have more need for me. To converse with and spend time with her, if nothing else.
Then again, she is a noblewoman, and probably has no time for little minions like me.
Anyways, I should get going, there are always things to do.
As a last thought, I do hope I will do well as epion.

My first meeting in the court

Dear Diary,

today, I had my first court meeting, and truly the entire time as I listened to the many lords and ladies speaking, I wondered if it was truly the place for me.

I do not even know why I felt I had to be there, I just thought I should, as it was a meeting of the court, but I am merely a lady in waiting to her Grace, and I truly felt so very out of place.

first, I arrived late, and so of course my arrival drew attention to myself, regardless of how silent I tried to be.

That lord De Larin was there, and he is one of the most unpleasant nobles I have had the misfortune to meet.

He treats all those who are not strictly nobles, like they are less than animals or something.

Besides that, I tried to stay as silent as possible, I do not know what it is that I could possibly add to the meeting, considering, I am merely a servant and barely know the workings of the court.

Lady De naderi was there though, and it is always good to see a friendly face.

I saw the young lord today too.

I do wish, that he and I could have some time to chat together.

I feel that he carries the weight of the world on his shoulders, and that he could use a friend to converse with.

I wish to be such a friend to him, for being his aunt’s lady in waiting, I am always available.

alas however, him being a lord, he is rarely available and I of course not encroach on a noble’s time.

At any rate, I must go for now. Hopefully next I write, I will not feel so very much out of place.




Letter to my sister

Dearest Emma,

I know it has been a long while since I have written to you hasn’t it?

Well, I find myself rather bored lately, especially without Arlet by my side to be my ever constant companion.

he is currently away visiting his Uncle, I do hope that he does get to see Mother and Father, as well as you, Eleanor and Eliza, especially considering that we may marry some day in the not too distant future.

How are things for you and the little ones? I do miss my little nieces, they are so cute. I am sure they have grown much since I last saw them.

How is Charles? I hope he is well, and that he is enjoying his work.

What of David? is he still making his concoctions? I do hope he and Father are ot biting each other’s heads off.

After all, working day in and day out with each other, can get on one’s nerves.

As for me, I am fairing well.

After the things I have told you in my last letter, you can only imagine how bored I am.

it is not too horribly bad though, my friends come see me from time to time, and with Arlet by my side, I can hardly complain.

However, with him gone, I find myself a little at a loss, since there is not much to do where I am currently staying.

Anyways, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Hugs and kisses, Dia


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