The things have been returned!!!

Today, I am a very happy woman.
Today, I thought the things that would never happen did.
A few days ago, I posted up an advertisement. Asking for the return of my things, for the reward of five thousand silver.
I had thought, this would lead to not, and that I would just be wasting my time.
However, I was proved very wrong.
All our wedding clothes, both Arlet’s and mine, as well as the chess board given to us by Lord Ab Castell has been returned to us!!!
This is something I thought might never happen.
I had even written as much, that I trust I’d never see my possessions again.
Only some kind soul, or some soul who needed money more than the items have returned them to me.
This is marvelous.
I wish to show Arlet, the next I see him.
I do hope he will be pleased.
I shall write later.

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