My new home!!!

I am currently sitting in my favorite spot, in my new home.
Arlet, finally finished the drawings, I must admit I did in the end, let go in one of my towering rages.
I really ought not have, I do feel rather ashamed for doing so, for it brought tears to my husband’s eyes.
Sometimes, I wonder what I will do with him.
Each time, I chance to speak just a bit sternly, he becomes so timid, I feel I cannot really express my displeasure over anything.
Not, that he gives me much to be displeased about, but we are married after all.
Arguments are bound to happen, and I as his wife, should be allowed to speak a bit frankly and sternly.
However, he becomes so saddened and beaten down, that I feel I daren’t express it.
That, alas, is something we must work on.
Besides that though, everything is marvelous.
Our new home was built so very quickly, and now Arlet and I have lots of space.
I have invited several of our friends to come visit, and many have.
I’ve invited his grace, though I know it is a bit below him to come see a little minion like me.
if he does come though, which he says he will, I do hope he comes after my pantries and shelves have arrived.
My house is a disgraceful mess currently, things lying about, and no place to put them.
if he should come before then, I may die of embarrassment.
I love, our greenhouse.
It is one of my favorite places to sit.
It smells so good with all the plants growing, and the warm temperature there, it reminds me of tubor.
I do hate this winter so.
We’ve started a little farm Arlet and I, and I have learnt so very much in the passed few days regarding husbandry and caring for animals.
I think, we may expand the farm, it would be wonderful if we did.
Arlet, wants his own workshop, I do not blame the man, not really.
Especially if he intends on joining the merchants guild.
If I want an expansion, he is allowed one too. It is only fair.
The home is no longer cluttered, and I am extremely happy.
There was an incident the other day, when I was showing the commander the home, when some bloke, Fallon I think his name is, just burst through the doors.
We were all out by the greenhouse, beyond it, in the animal pen.
Granted, I ought not to have left the door unlocked, but some people feel trapped when you lock it behind them.
I was attempting to be conscientious of that fact.
He ought to have known, upon entering, that it was a home.
Rather than leaving, he just came in, welcomed himself.
I have never seen such behavior.
I practically shrieked my head off.
I have never yelled so loud.
Even when I know the commander had the situation under control, I could not help.
I believe Arlet thinks me a banshi or something of the sort.
At any rate, I shall close this up, and write another time.

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