A dreary winter morning

Diana closes and locks the door behind her, before she takes a seat in her favorite spot, The loveseat given to her by Lord Ab Castell.
She sighs, and puts another log on the fire, the warmth comforting her.
Turning to Yestin, her guard she says, “Somedays yestin, you just shouldn’t get out of bed. Have you never felt that way?”
yestin thinks on it for a moment and nods. “yes of course I have my lady,” he says, even when it is just the two of them, he is always formal, guard to the end he stands near the door.
“I wish, life were simpler sometimes,” Diana says with a soft weary sigh, as she runs a hand down her face.
“I wish, I wish I were a child again, back in Tubor. Where the weather is warm. here, the only place I can be warm is either here or well… here. Most of these places are so very drafty,” she complains, and for the first time, her tone is bitter and not her usual gentle way of speaking.
Yestin nods, and smiles back at her empathetically. “I do see what you mean my lady. There have been many a times, not in your service of course, but other times, when I wished I was just a simple guard. As you know, there was a time when I was head guard of a rather large household. It was during the times when some crisis or other fell upon the family I wished it. Wished, that I wouldn’t have to be the one taking charge.”
They simply stay that way. her, sitting in the loveseat, him standing by the door in companionable silence.
Finally, the silence is broken by her soft sigh. “I know I ought not to be so stressed so. I know things will happen in their own time, and as someone who always preaches that, I really ought to practice it shouldn’t I? However, I just want things to happen. I want Arlet to finish his drawings, so we can go ahead and expand. Sometimes, I feel like just bursting loose, and let all my pent up thoughts, and stress go. Then again, I could never do that, not as the woman, not as Arlet’s wife, not as prime medicus. I can never do that. I wish I could be a child again. When I was younger I could,” she says half wistfully, and half amusedly.
“So could we all when we were children,” Yestin says with a low rumbling chuckle.
His voice low and dark, much like the wood of a table.
“Yes, that is true,” Diana answers, she too now letting out a soft musical chuckle.
“Only… even when I was older, when I was at home, I could let go in to one of my towering rages. Not that they happened often mind you,” she says raising a minuscule hand before Yestin could comment. “No, they were rare, I was not, nor am I now like Emma, who is blunt, and honest almost to a flaw. However, I did have my towering rages. As the eldest daughter, sometimes you do.”
At this, Yestin lets out a low booming laughter. “I could hardly imagine you in a towering rage my lady, if I might say as much.”
At that point, a knock is heard. Diana lifts her hand to hush Yestin.
“Hush, we’ve guests,” she says before she answers the door.

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