Letter to Emma

Dearest Emma,
Thank you so much for your letter, and I do apologize for the delay in writing to you.
Yes, I did get the money sent by Mother and Father, do thank them for me won’t you?
Yes, I did warn Arlet, he doesn’t believe me.
When I told him, I may go as far as throwing his own book at him, he started to pout in that adorable way that he always does.
No, alas, I am not yet as round as a pumpkin.
It isn’t for lack of trying, or wishing it though, you may of course assure Mother of that.
I can see her now, doing the calculations.
I am glad Eleanor has found someone.
What is he like?
You failed to put in any details at all about him, you tease, knowing I would of course want that information off hand.
I am glad that you and Charlie, Eliza and Edward are doing well.
I would love to see Eliza’s drawings sometime.
perhaps I might ask her for one when my home is finished building.
Yes of course, I must invite you over, it would be unforgiveable to do otherwise.
I am sure, Arlet would be glad to see you, evenw ith all your merciless teasing.
I am sorry to hear that Grandmother is not doing well.
You are right, we did know, the move from Tubor to Lithmore was a bit much for her, and I wonder if she’s ever really recovered from that.
I hate this cold, this winter. I wonder if the weather will ever grow warm again.
As for Father, yes I had always known he might retire soon, though it is hard to imagine.
I had always thought of him, at the hospital seeing to patients, it is where he simply… fits.
In my mind anyways.
Oh and I forgot to tell you, I’ve become the prime medicus now.
yes, it is exciting isn’t it?
As for my life, and not just work, it goes along smoothly.
I only wish for a baby, but beyond that I could not ask for more.
I will of course let you know, how things go with the home, and the construction costs.
Part of me wishes, Arlet was not so set on expanding, but he does have a very good point.
Currently, our house is so very jam packed, we can hardly move about in it.
I wish, he would go ahead and finish the designs, so I can look them over and we can go ahead with our plans. I am hoping, that we might add a bit of farmland in addition to the gardens.
That way, we can get our own eggs and milk, and honey if we have a beehive. It really is exciting to think of.
Sadly however, I never did learn how to tend to animals, we never did have to worry of such things growing up, so I am searching for someone who might teach me.
Beyond that however, everything goes very well.
I promise I will write soon.
Farewell for now.
Hugs and kisses, Dia

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