Beginning my life as a married woman

The wedding finally happened.
After all the planning I had done, all the letters sent and all the letters received, the wedding day finally arrived.
Everything was perfect, just as I had hoped it’d be.
Minus a slight blemish in that Lady De naderi did not come, and the lord earl marshal, unfortunately walked down the aisle alone.
I do not think he minded though, he might have preferred it that way, considering when it was his turn, he marched, rather than walk down the aisle.
I could not help but to giggle at that, a knight through and through.
Luckily, the commander was there, for without him, I would have had no one to give me away.
The reception too, went off without a hitch.
There were not as many people there as I might have liked, but it was still pleasant.
We, Arlet and I, danced our first dance and it is truly something I will never forget.
The food was positively marvelous, I even have a few of the dishes saved up, and I really must thank Madam De Roldan for her services.
The drinks were positively divine, and we still have a great deal of it left.
The cake, was heavenly, and I have a couple slices left just for Arlet and I, for a later date.
Now, I sit here writing, looking at this enchanting lake view.
I must admit, I rode back in to the city a few days ago, for the winter festival.
All the things were so very lovely, and I purchased Arlet’s yule gift ahead of time.
It is a new experience, to say that I am married, or to say that I have a husband, to hear Arlet calling me his wife.
It makes me proud, if I am to speak truth, but sometimes, it brings me back to reality.
Sometimes, even as I speak with others, I feel as if our marriage, was a dream I had, that it was so perfect, it must not have been real.
That is, till someone calls me madam, rather than Miss, or someone refers to Arlet as my husband, and then I remember, my goodness that blissful memory was not a dream.
it actually happened, I am now a married woman.
My eyes then shine with happiness and pride upon that realization.
Among the people that came to our wedding and the reception was this girl and her family. I knew the girl from the passed, she is pregnant and I treated her for nausea.
I remember her, well she came with her family.
There was this this little girl there, and I do doat on her so.
The child’s name is Maybell, as I’ve learnt, and my patient’s name, is Aria, again as I have leart from the way her family, or perhaps friends call her.
I do not know the girl nor her family well, but I did have a marvelous time chatting to the little baby that was with them.
She appeared to be four or five, positively adorable.
Arlet will love her too, and I’ve told the little baby Maybell, that I will have Arlet make dolls for her.
One of her mother, one of her Father, and one that looks like herself.
The child was over the moon about it.
I do love children so, they are so very adorable.
I think, perhaps, I might cook something up as well.
They spoke of not having much to eat, that is a shame.
I am a cook after all, there is nothing wrong with a little yule gift.
I hope that they all know, that I was not looking down on them, nor do I do so now, but that I do understand. That things are hard.
I always want to help those in need, even those that never say that they are in need, for they are proud.
I can understand that pride as well.
I do hope however, when I give them the mince pies, and Christmas pudding, along with the cild’s little dolls that they might not reject me.
Most of all, I do hope they know, that I do not think myself above them.
Yes, I am in station, and in wealth, but on a human level, in my mind at least, we are all the same, and ought to help one another in every way we can.
At any rate, I shall close this entry up.
I am now looking forward to my new life.
As the wife of Arlet.
I no longer live just for myself, and my own good.
Now I live for Arlet, and for our family to come.

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