A letter from Emma

Dearest Dia,
I am so happy to hear that yours and Arlet’s marriage has gone off smoothly.
Thus, begins your life as a wife.
You think it is all easy and smooth sailing, I assure you it is far from it.
Charlie is always having me do things for him. Not that I mind doing so, but take this as a fair warning. Being a wife, it is an extra thing added to your list. Extra things you must do.
Of course you know I only tease, I do love to tease you so.
Truly, I do hope you and he have a happy marriage.
Are you as plump as a pumpkin yet? I cannot wait to see you.
Oh do me a favor and warn Arlet for me won’t you?
Once you become pregnant, even with your quiet temperament, you are bound to be rather unmanageable.
Charlie always did say, even in gest that I was that way.
Warn him, every man deserves due warning, or that is what all the men in our family say, even Father.
Tell him, that you will not be yourself, your hormones will rage, and that at the end of the day, you may throw his own book at him.
he ought to know, that a baby does come at a price.
Oh also, Eleanor’s finally met someone. Although, she is a bit young to be married, it is a good thing.
Mother only needs to marry off one more daughter to complete her duties.
She didn’t do badly, considering mine Eliza’s and your marriages.
provided you are happy, which I trust you are, from your last letter.
I remember meeting Arlet, before you two were married, I teased him mercilessly of course, after all it is the only proper way to break a man in to our family.
He seemed so timid and shy, I remember thinking, you two would make a rather timid couple together.
What with your temperament, and his.
Oh also, Mother and Father sent you some gold to help you along with your home expansion.
I do hope it reached you all right.
You will have to invite me over when the work is all done.
Eliza, is doing well, her and Edward’s business is thriving as usual.
You know Eliza was always a fine hand at drawing, there is no way they would not succeed, especially with Edward’s mind for business.
Father and David, are… Father and David.
They fight like cats and dogs from time to time, but it is bound to happen, considering they do work together all day every day.
Father, is thinking of retiring though.
You and I both know, he is getting up there in years.
As of yet though, it is only thought, he loves his work so, and he remains as healthy as ever.
He says, as long as his eyesight doesn’t go, that he may practice for several years more.
Mother, is mother.
You know she no longer works as lady in waiting, especially after the move.
She hates the cold, but then so do we all.
She spends time with Grandmother, and works about the house.
Grandmother, grows more frail by the day, but we all knew the time would come.
She still bakes though, she still looks after the babies though, but no one knows how long she has.
I think she is only holding on by the grace of David’s concoctions, and Father always looking in on her.
She is happy though, and with the elder’s elixir, she is not often in pain.
She’s asked after you. She is so very happy to see you’ve married.
She says, she wants to live to see you with child, and Eleanor happily married.
You know Grandmother, she is stubborn, if she says she’ll hang on… she probably will.
At any rate, I will end this letter.
Do write me soon won’t you?
With love, Emma

Beginning my life as a married woman

The wedding finally happened.
After all the planning I had done, all the letters sent and all the letters received, the wedding day finally arrived.
Everything was perfect, just as I had hoped it’d be.
Minus a slight blemish in that Lady De naderi did not come, and the lord earl marshal, unfortunately walked down the aisle alone.
I do not think he minded though, he might have preferred it that way, considering when it was his turn, he marched, rather than walk down the aisle.
I could not help but to giggle at that, a knight through and through.
Luckily, the commander was there, for without him, I would have had no one to give me away.
The reception too, went off without a hitch.
There were not as many people there as I might have liked, but it was still pleasant.
We, Arlet and I, danced our first dance and it is truly something I will never forget.
The food was positively marvelous, I even have a few of the dishes saved up, and I really must thank Madam De Roldan for her services.
The drinks were positively divine, and we still have a great deal of it left.
The cake, was heavenly, and I have a couple slices left just for Arlet and I, for a later date.
Now, I sit here writing, looking at this enchanting lake view.
I must admit, I rode back in to the city a few days ago, for the winter festival.
All the things were so very lovely, and I purchased Arlet’s yule gift ahead of time.
It is a new experience, to say that I am married, or to say that I have a husband, to hear Arlet calling me his wife.
It makes me proud, if I am to speak truth, but sometimes, it brings me back to reality.
Sometimes, even as I speak with others, I feel as if our marriage, was a dream I had, that it was so perfect, it must not have been real.
That is, till someone calls me madam, rather than Miss, or someone refers to Arlet as my husband, and then I remember, my goodness that blissful memory was not a dream.
it actually happened, I am now a married woman.
My eyes then shine with happiness and pride upon that realization.
Among the people that came to our wedding and the reception was this girl and her family. I knew the girl from the passed, she is pregnant and I treated her for nausea.
I remember her, well she came with her family.
There was this this little girl there, and I do doat on her so.
The child’s name is Maybell, as I’ve learnt, and my patient’s name, is Aria, again as I have leart from the way her family, or perhaps friends call her.
I do not know the girl nor her family well, but I did have a marvelous time chatting to the little baby that was with them.
She appeared to be four or five, positively adorable.
Arlet will love her too, and I’ve told the little baby Maybell, that I will have Arlet make dolls for her.
One of her mother, one of her Father, and one that looks like herself.
The child was over the moon about it.
I do love children so, they are so very adorable.
I think, perhaps, I might cook something up as well.
They spoke of not having much to eat, that is a shame.
I am a cook after all, there is nothing wrong with a little yule gift.
I hope that they all know, that I was not looking down on them, nor do I do so now, but that I do understand. That things are hard.
I always want to help those in need, even those that never say that they are in need, for they are proud.
I can understand that pride as well.
I do hope however, when I give them the mince pies, and Christmas pudding, along with the cild’s little dolls that they might not reject me.
Most of all, I do hope they know, that I do not think myself above them.
Yes, I am in station, and in wealth, but on a human level, in my mind at least, we are all the same, and ought to help one another in every way we can.
At any rate, I shall close this entry up.
I am now looking forward to my new life.
As the wife of Arlet.
I no longer live just for myself, and my own good.
Now I live for Arlet, and for our family to come.

it’s finally happening!

Just a few days now, from the wedding.
Things have gone on smoothly, I really could not ask for more.
I was, in the end able to find a tailor, Miss Ab Allond, who while she was on hiatus, did an amazing job with the clothes.
However, sad things have happened in my life too.
Grand Inquisitor Sayer has stepped down and I believe has left the city.
In my mind, he was such a good friend to me, I had looked forward to many more chats with him, sitting at the chocolate place, just as we did the last time, before he left.
I can only wish I could see him one last time to wish him good luck, and fairwell but alas that is not to be.
Miss Connor too, has left the city.
I received a letter from her mother, explaining how she has been injured, and has gone home to vandago.
She too, was a good friend of mine.
I feel as if everyone I know, is just dropping away from my life.
Sir Ab Domhnal, who was also one of my closest friends, who I would have loved to take part in the wedding, has gone away, without so much as a word to me.
I am deeply saddened by these people leaving.
Then of course, Lady Ab Aguarossa has stepped down and has left the city as well.
I had looked forward to getting to know her, but again that is not to happen.
I feel empty sometimes, when I think of all the people I knew that has left.
People who have left such a mark on my life, and yet I wonder if I’ve left a mark on theirs.
People whom, I had always thought would be there, that I could always rely and count on, are now gone, and I feel a bit at a loss.
I think that’s why recently I have been playing more with the dolls, because in dollie land, there is no loss, friends do not go away, it is simply the little Diana doll and the little Arlet doll and they will never know hurt, or loss, and never leave each other.
I know it is childish, but to me, it is my escape, my outlet to be happy again, to be able to carry on with my duties as epion, and as a caring and loving fiance and soon to be wife.
Plus, aside from that, and away from the gloomier thoughts, the dolls are truly adorable.
They are so precious.
On the brighter side of things, we have managed to get something of a wedding party together.
it is not much of a lineup, but it works.
What with everyone I had come to rely on leaving, it was difficult.
However, our third and last banns were posted, and the preparations go on ahead.
I have received mine and everyone else’s clothing.
I’ve delivered the clothes to both the lord earl marshal as well as commander Steenson.
I’ve shown Arlet our outfits and he has approved.
All the jewelry, including the wine glasses have been delivered, I receive the final piece of jewelry, a hair clip, today.
Last I checked, which… knowing me, wasn’t long ago, madam De Roldan promised everything would be on time, which is also a relief as it was the last piece of the puzzle I have been waiting for.
Until next time.
Perhaps, in my next entry, I shall write as Mistress Le Furil.