The End of an Age

The sickening crack of bones being crushed are the last thing that fill my senses. It’s a brief sensation, a pain that rages from the neck through the entire body like a plague that spreads at an unbelievable pace. I hear him scream my name – the pure agony in his voice of losing a person he loved… the agony of a broken promise. A promise that I failed to keep.

“I’ll never leave you, my love. I will not be like the others…”

Eyes blazing the blood red shade of Arien stare into my own as I’m tossed through an Aperture – a hole in nature and the universe itself. One aspect of the world being made exactly like the other: the reflection of both causing a rift that causes mortals to step through. Ruddy leathers leaving a dull thud upon the cold hard stones of a circular cavern echo through the silent space, like a breath in the face of death itself.

“We can win. We can beat this and we’ll be happy for eternity. I’ll pluck the olives from your mouth and wrestle the last berry from your hands, just like in the dreams…”

It is then that I died.