• The House

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    October 27, 2012 /  Uncategorized

    The house Tybalt had already arranged for us to live in with the coin he had earned back in Vavard is beautiful! We have much work to do in order to arrange the rooms to the purposes we wish of them.. but that is something I do so love doing! It is what provided me with the coin I earned, aside from the small bit father offered for my dresses.. At any rate, life is wonderful! It would be better if I got out and made friends with the people of the city but this weather.. dav this weather..

  • The last day at home

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    I should have been thrilled, but I wasn’t.

    “You’re being sent to Lithmore City, he doesn’t care if you protest or if you have to be shipped in a crate. You’re going,” The guard told me with a gruff tone. “Pack immediately what you want and then we’ll be off.”

    “But, what about Tybalt? Can I not tell him farewell?” I pleaded this to the man for what seemed ages, but he was definitely my father’s man. Before the sun was two feet high in the sky I was carted off to be put on a ship. The weather was horrible, the sea rough. I wretched my guts up for the first week. Arien, I cursed my father many times on that ship coming to Lithmore. I didn’t realise the weather would be so dreadful here either. In the full swing of winter was the land. At Least I was not welcomed by a blizzard and my silks had managed to remain in one piece on the way over.

    Time for a new life. Do not dwell on the past, do not miss those within it.

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