A Step Towards Something

Posted: 22nd April 2016 by alnoobus in Uncategorized

…..  ……


He pulled his modest cloak tighter around his form and stared blankly at the street before him, there was little to no activity at this time of the night, everyone was probably thanking some unseen entity because this would be the time when candles began flaring randomly: his did several paces from where he was currently standing. Peaceful as the streets were, without the stares and thoughts brushing across his mind, he was still unsettled by the fact that he just wasn’t thinking: be it a flashback or an excuse for the burn wound covering his forearm.

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A Goal..

Posted: 17th April 2016 by alnoobus in Uncategorized

…… but that didn’t stop his feet from carrying him around the space he was in, dancing to a tune that only he and no one else could hear. ‘Endless… Embrace.’, he thought to himself while stomping about in a pattern that would’ve been deemed peculiar by the common folk. Why was he doing this? Who taught him something that he has never seen someone else do before? Most importantly, why couldn’t.. why couldn’t he bring himself to stop? …..


The frustrated sigh and violent shake of his head drew many curious glances, he didn’t need a third eye to know that the were looking at him, the weight of their stares were on his shoulders, thoughts with no immediate owners were heavy in his head: switched from the filth of their indulgences to concern, curiosity and outright disgust. He didn’t have time to try and trace it back, the message was urgent, the messenger was… troubled.

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The beginning….

Posted: 23rd March 2016 by alnoobus in Uncategorized

…. the moons shone their light generously through the gap that was supposed to be his window. Not often did he expose himself to such light, where his gaunt outline could be easily spotted by those… vile creatures. That night was different, even he felt it, they were tugging at his fingertips, his feet, urging them to initiate a manner of dancing that was as foreign to his limbs as  it was to his mind….


He shook his head in attempt to brush such thoughts aside. How he managed to not run into anyone during his reverie was beyond him, perhaps they saw him coming and merely shifted then carried on, they always do or used to. He couldn’t recall, he didn’t want to recall any of it: much like the thought he just brushed aside. He pulled the voluminous cloak tighter around his frame and increased his strides, he had no idea of where he was going but he was -at least- going somewhere. They couldn’t accuse him of being idle now, could they? He was walking and it’s all that mattered.


He didn’t quite realize where he was until he laughter drew his attention to the place, it looked vaguely like a bar–or it was supposed to be, it didn’t matter, he found a place. He released the hold on his cloaked and began to stride in, ‘The Boar and The Bear’, he recalled vaguely while locating an unoccupied chair to sit on, ‘or is it the other way around?’, he thought to himself once more but dismissed it as easily as he dismissed every other thing he didn’t want to think a lot about. He began searching the tavern quietly, looking for someone who might be serving that day and find him he did, he did not have to look further for the beaming lad clad in an apron was already before him, throwing questions towards him in a cheerful manner, ‘Perhaps… Perhaps Lithmore won’t be that bad after all.’