Pious Masks

I was in a desert heat again, chatting with a Farin woman about the juiciest gossip. While Juliette was chatting with another patron, probably about gossip, too, I took a moment to spread the flames of gossip myself. Juliette told her about the incident at the queen’s, and I shared my thoughts on several choice topics. One thing that disturbs me is the death of the prophetess Livia, a Vavardi girl who said she had new declarations for the order. It’s mostly likely that she was pyred. Ever since my incident with the inquisitor, I have been shifting away from the dogma I was taught. What about the law of caring? Attacking a child without reason? He’s out of his mind. A new era is coming, and the order better be ready for the mess they created. I believe the order is overpowered, and I’ll do my best to tear down the order’s hold on the people brick by brick. I’ll most likely die trying, but I do hope to cause a stir. My goal is to show the world that the order isn’t as kind as they pretend to be. They praise the purity of saint Celest, but would she actually hurt someone? The angle was perfect. I’ll have to lay low for now, I don’t want Juliette thinking that things have changed. Everyone will soon know that the dul Fairhearts may be kind, but they won’t be disuaded by misused might. I just have to take a different approach.

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