A Trip to the Farin Quarter

I was looking for food of a different flavor, so my maid and I stopped by the Farin quarter. We found a lovely restaurant called a desert heat. I had the lamb in dark chocolate sauce, and Juliette had the lamb stew with beans and yellow rice. It’s totally a different flavoring for a Vavardi girl, who is used to subtle flavors. I have grown tired of queen’s food, having had it for several days. Besides, I’m a bit tired of a certain person, a Farin fellow, some kind of inquisitor. I got lashed in the head with a whip, he said I stepped out of my place. I won’t say much more, it’s not really safe to speak one’s mind when someone from the order is concerned. You learn quickly how to blend in if you don’t want trouble for yourself. Sure, people say I’m a brat, and I was ordering my maid around, but that’s what they’re paid for, right? Anyway, I dance to a different beat. While it’s warm, I’ll try to persuade Juliette to let us have a picnic outside. Maybe in the park.

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