Disenchantment for My Birthday

My fourteenth birthday came and went with no fanfare. It was only fourteen, I tell myself, but there should’ve been a birthday party. I’ll convince Juliette to have one thrown for me while it’s still warm outside. I’ll have a mini debut, of sorts, do a bit of art, basically an attempt to gain sponsorship and connections with the local nobles. Yes, a mini en passant. I’ve got to plan. Again, I’ll be the perfect Davite lady, and of course, I must be the star of the show.

Multi-cultural masquerade

I’m doing my best to separate myself from all things traditional. I caused quite a stir when I came in the queen’s wearing a pair of breeches. I view it as a token, a symbol of the modern girl. No, I’m not crazy.A new era is here. Sometimes I wish I had been gifted with the skill to wield magic like a blade. But there are other ways. I’m sure mama will hear about this, but to be honest, I don’t care about keeping a traditional image. I have learned that I can use my appearance to cause a stir or lull people into a sense of security. I know how to play the perfect Davite lady. And for now, I’ll practice acting out who I want people to see. So the breeches are off, but I’ll study the stage of life, looking for the perfect chance to pounce.

Diamonds in the Fire

I went, against my better judgment, to attend a whipping at river square. I don’t care what those Davites say, whipping doesn’t cleanse the soul of taint, niether does burning. One of those reeves tried to give me a whipping because I refused to watch, and I do admit, I was disgusted. I guess I have to intensify my efforts against the order. Starting with two special people.

Pious Masks

I was in a desert heat again, chatting with a Farin woman about the juiciest gossip. While Juliette was chatting with another patron, probably about gossip, too, I took a moment to spread the flames of gossip myself. Juliette told her about the incident at the queen’s, and I shared my thoughts on several choice topics. One thing that disturbs me is the death of the prophetess Livia, a Vavardi girl who said she had new declarations for the order. It’s mostly likely that she was pyred. Ever since my incident with the inquisitor, I have been shifting away from the dogma I was taught. What about the law of caring? Attacking a child without reason? He’s out of his mind. A new era is coming, and the order better be ready for the mess they created. I believe the order is overpowered, and I’ll do my best to tear down the order’s hold on the people brick by brick. I’ll most likely die trying, but I do hope to cause a stir. My goal is to show the world that the order isn’t as kind as they pretend to be. They praise the purity of saint Celest, but would she actually hurt someone? The angle was perfect. I’ll have to lay low for now, I don’t want Juliette thinking that things have changed. Everyone will soon know that the dul Fairhearts may be kind, but they won’t be disuaded by misused might. I just have to take a different approach.

A Trip to the Farin Quarter

I was looking for food of a different flavor, so my maid and I stopped by the Farin quarter. We found a lovely restaurant called a desert heat. I had the lamb in dark chocolate sauce, and Juliette had the lamb stew with beans and yellow rice. It’s totally a different flavoring for a Vavardi girl, who is used to subtle flavors. I have grown tired of queen’s food, having had it for several days. Besides, I’m a bit tired of a certain person, a Farin fellow, some kind of inquisitor. I got lashed in the head with a whip, he said I stepped out of my place. I won’t say much more, it’s not really safe to speak one’s mind when someone from the order is concerned. You learn quickly how to blend in if you don’t want trouble for yourself. Sure, people say I’m a brat, and I was ordering my maid around, but that’s what they’re paid for, right? Anyway, I dance to a different beat. While it’s warm, I’ll try to persuade Juliette to let us have a picnic outside. Maybe in the park.

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