351 Aprilis 22

Many days have passed since I last stepped foot on the path from Vavard and I find myself weary. Master Allard says that I am homesick as most young men who take their first steps are wont to be. I can not help but feel like a child in spite of what he says even if I recently reached adulthood by my people’s standard. Every step feels as if I have so many more to go and this blasted road only feels all the harsher underfoot.

Still, I can not help but enjoy what I have learned so far. Urth is larger than I originally thought it was. To think that we haven’t even truly left the duchy far behind and we’ve been at it for weeks! Master Allard says that we are headed for Lithmore to meet with some of this peers so that they might get a good look at me and judge my worth. I fear they may find me wanting but he assures me that I’ve taken to the strings as if they were second nature.

There is another man that joined us not long after we left as well. At first he made me uneasy and yet at this point he is almost a comforting presence. Master Allard said that he was pardoned of a crime that he had committed on the eve of the Spring Awakening though I have not a clue of what he had done to earn the ire of so many nor do I think he would be very forthright about it if I asked. He’s a quiet man and I feel he may take solitude in that silence.

351 Aprilis 8

Today is the first day of my journey or so Master Allard says and I’m finding myself both excited and depressed all the same. I may have left last spring were he to let me but he told me that I had not yet spent enough time considering what I was doing and so I waited. The year last year was a long one. I only wish I had given father more time to think about it so that he might not be so angry with me. Mother’s disappointment was worse.

Spring Awakening came to its conclusion only yesterday but it was a glorious one. Everyone turned out for the occasion and Master Allard seemed pleased enough. Catherine was there as I thought she would be and she looked beautiful in the dress that she had gotten. I danced for the first time with her too! We watched the pyring on the eve of the final night and it moved her to tears, happy as she was. To think she could be so pious.

Master Allard told me that he would be teaching me the strings starting tonight when we stop for rest and that I was not to perform until he felt my skills were adequate. Surely I can never be so good at it than he but he insists that I’ve learned faster in the last year by my own instruction than most of his apprentices have in such a short amount of time.