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    Paarin Park Near The Pond
    [Freezing, cloudless, strong winds from the west, nighttime]
    The pebble path coming in from the park’s entrance to the north meanders a lazy circuit around a pond here. Large enough to support a few canoes, it’s shaded by the branches of a sprawling oak that grows by the water’s edge. Long reeds and cat-tails ring the shore, waving gently in the breeze, and the tiny ripples of passing fish occasionally disturb the
    water. To the west, the rolling lawns of the park are broken by a children’s playground.
    [ Exits: north west ]
    Post torches set at intervals along the path light the park at night. (northwestern corner) (lit)
    A battle half-ass clad in decorated leather armor idly saunters about nibbling on rocks
    Loken is here. [App: 2]
    A scarred, jet-black destrier has arrived.
    You have arrived.

    Loken ties a battle half-ass clad in decorated leather armor to a nearby tree, gesturing for Ashe to do the same. “I used to spend a lot of time here at the pond,” he informs her, gazing into the scenery.

    Ashe releases the reigns of a scarred, jet-black destrier, letting the horse nibble happily on what few flowers dare to blossum in the park before wandering over towards the pond’s edge. “It’s pretty. Cold though.”

    “It is,” Loken says as he reaches out for Ashe. “Here, come closer, I’ll warm you up,” he offers as he draws nearer her, opening his cloak, which still has more than enough space to envelope her completely within its fabric. [Loken]

    Although this boy is Lithmorran, the Farin blood coursing through his veins remains very evident. Tall with a massive build, the boy possesses broad shoulders and a very muscular set of chest and arms. The entirety of his body has been enveloped in sun-browned skin. Thick jet black hair falls from the top of his head stopping just short of his shoulders, curling slightly at the ends, framing his broad face as they fall just beyond the temples. A rounded nose sits just under two fractionally slanted, dark blue eyes, which are quite possibly the only semblance of Lithmorran this boy has in his physical appearance. Just below his nose is a set of thick cloud-like lips, surrounded by a still growing beard which has not reached its full potential glory. From cheek to chin runs a very evident scar in a clean straight line.

    (His hair has been tied into a very neat, incredibly tight ponytail)
    He is taller than you by three and half hands.

    Loken is using:
    <worn around neck> a battered and nicked wooden chalice pendant on teal ribbon
    <worn around neck> a polished silver gorget, carved with white and red designs
    <worn over shoulder> a hefty pack, with a Crossed Swords on a Sun buckle closure
    <worn on arms> plated sleeves and massive pauldrons, bearing a flaring Sun
    <worn on hands> a pair of forearm length gauntlets, ending in reddened ribs
    <worn, left finger> (covered)
    <held, in off hand> a large metal key ring, with a dangling sword and sun charm
    <used, as shield> a heavy steel heater shield bearing Crossed Swords on a Sun
    <worn on torso> thick white body armor crested with Crossed Swords on a Sun
    <worn about body> a leather cloak with a crest of Crossed Swords on a Chalice
    <worn about waist> a thick leather belt with a tiny Chalice hanging on a chain
    <worn on legs> bulky iron plate leggings etched with finely carved designs
    <worn on feet> heavy plated knee-high boots, fastened with leather buckles

    Ashe draws in against Loken, her arms wrapping both around his waist and head resting against his armoured chest. “Thanks. Sorry I keep running away.”

    Despite it being cold, Loken is still somewhat sweaty from the last spar session, his ponytail in complete disarray. “It’s… fine. It hurts, I’ll admit but… I know you have your reasons.” As his arms wrap around Ashe, draping the flaps of his cloak around her, his hand begins to fidget inside a hefty pack, with a Crossed Swords on a Sun buckle closure. Suddenly, his breathing quickens and he seems a bit nervous. The pace of his heart rate quickens, thumping loud enough to almost echo throughout the metal encasing around his torso. [Loken]

    [Action: Loken has Ashe in his arms, his cloak wrapped around her body]

    “I don’t mean to hurt you. I just.. I’m not good around people. I panic.” Ashe whispers, her head turning a little against Loken’s chest at the sound of the thudding of his heart within his chest. One arm unwraps and presses against the spot, brow lofting, “Are you okay? Still winded from the spar? Perhaps we should sit down?”

    “Well… perhaps you should remain standing?” Loken murmurs though he leans in close to Ashe, swallowing hard. He plants a kiss on her lips as he tilts her chin upward. “I love you Ashe, more than anyone… more than life itself. And I would do anything to make sure that your life… that you are preserved. I would do anything for you…” He smiles as he suddenly recites, “Your heart in exchange for mine… You have my heart, you have all of me, and I don’t ask for much in return… because I know I don’t have to. I know… with you, that I will get as much as I give. I know that I am safe with you.” [Loken]

    With Loken’s prompting, Ashe’s head tilts and her lips meet his in a gentle kiss. Her hand tightens at his side, head canting a little to the left as she listens to him speak, with lips slightly parted. “I love you.” She begins, eyelashes glistening with tears that threaten to form. “Too much sometimes. Because it feels like I’m broken when you’re not there.”

    “But I’m always with you, no matter what,” Loken murmurs to Ashe as he plants a kiss on each glistening eye, smiling softly as he takes her features in. “Because you have all of me, and I am not going anywhere. No matter what.” His hand searches in a hefty pack, with a Crossed Swords on a Sun buckle closure, a tongue sticking out as he whispers to her. “Ashe…” he says quietly, his gaze locking on hers, never straying from its target as he gets onto his knee. “You have been… the better half of me for quite a few months now… you have been my sole purpose for quite a while. You have been the completion to my incomplete being and I just… well–” he sighs as he finally gets onto his knee, shifting grass sounds coming from underneath his metal plated knee. [Loken]

    Ashe’s eyes dart over Loken’s face, trying to read his expression, mouth parting more and moving as if to form words, though nothing comes out. She seems a little startled, shocked even with his words and eventual lowering to one knee. And given the size difference between them, that brings his eyes just above level with hers. She leans forward, laying a kiss upon his brow. “I don’t even have the words .. to say what you are to me. If it weren’t for you I could barely talk. And even now, I’m speechless… beyond saying simply that I love you.”

    Loken gets a stylized pewter band set with copper trimmed flaring suns from a hefty pack, with a Crossed Swords on a Sun buckle closure.

    As he produces a stylized pewter band set with copper trimmed flaring suns from a hefty pack, with a Crossed Swords on a Sun buckle closure, Loken takes Ashe’s hand, sliding his fingers in between hers, sliding one ring off and replacing it with the other. “I… we’ve waited for this day for quite some time… holding our breaths as each passing day happened. And now… it’s finally here. Ashe, love of my life, the sun that lights my day, the brightens this sword of mine in all its splendor, all its glory. Would you do me the honor of… marrying me?” [Loken]

    Loken gives you a stylized pewter band set with copper trimmed flaring suns.
    You wear a stylized pewter band set with copper trimmed flaring suns on your left finger.

    Perhaps due to her upbringing away from Lithmorran culture, but the question Loken poses comes as a surprise, despite his one-knee-stance before her. She watches with held breath as he slides a thin pewter ring set with a moonstone flanked by cut jade off and replaces it with a stylized pewter band set with copper trimmed flaring suns. Once it is in place, her eyes dart up to his. “Yes.” She says finally after several seconds have passed. “Yes, Loken.” [Ashe]

    Loken stands from his place, a broad smile on his face as he envelopes Ashe in his arms, burying his face in her neck as he lifts her up by the waist. He plants kiss upon kiss on her neck as he asks, “Are you sure? Are you sure this is what you want?”

    “Not something you should even need to ask, of course I do.” Ashe says, looking down at a stylized pewter band set with copper trimmed flaring suns that she wears, distracted kisses returned before she is lifted, and arms come about his neck tightly. “I thought you wanted to wait. So.. it was unexpected.”

    “Hm? Wait for what?” Loken murmurs as he sets Ashe down onto her feet, a smile on her face as he says, “Of course I don’t want to wait… Unless you want to wait, it’s fine with me. This… engagement doesn’t have to wait the minimum. We can wait until you’re ready if you aren’t just yet…” He smiles at her reassuringly and says, “It’s no rush to me. I know that I want to spend the rest of my life with you, whether or not we are married.” [Loken]

    “We’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting just to even be able to court. Kind of done with waiting.” Ashe admits with a shy grin as she looks up at Loken. She suddenly envelopes him in a tight hug, eyes teary again. “I love you.”

    “I love you too,” Loken murmurs to Ashe with a smile, pressing his lips against hers in a loving kiss. “Dav I love you so much…” [Loken]

    Ashe draws back from Loken, regarding him curiously as she tries out a few terms, “Fiance? Betrothed? Intended?” She teases, placing a kiss on his lips between each suggested word.

    Loken chuckles softly, rolling his shoulders in a shrug. “Whatever you feel comfortable with my love,” he says with a broad smile.

    “Is that why you were acting all weird the last couple of days?” Ashe asks with a raise of her brow, watching Loken and dropping her arms to about his waist.

    “Was I acting weird?” Loken asks in confusion, scratching his head. “I suppose it was… I was a bit nervous about this… I well… I bought a ring but I didn’t like the way that it looked, so I changed it. Did you take a closer look at it?” [Loken]

    You examine a stylized pewter band set with copper trimmed flaring suns. In elegant connected letters, an inscription read on the inside of the
    band, “My rising, my setting sun. My life, my purpose.”

    Ashe shakes her head and slides a stylized pewter band set with copper trimmed flaring suns from her finger to inspect the inscription on the inside edge. “My rising, my setting sun. My life, my purpose.” She smiles at that, grin forming and dimples settling in her cheeks. “Thank you.”

    “I got you something else too,” Loken murmurs as he rummages through his backpack, suddenly forgetting something. “I was supposed to give this to you before I gave you the ring,” he says with an embarrassed cough. [Loken]

    Loken gives you a rectangular ribbon-tied box of various gourmet chocolates.

    “I think I kind of liked getting the ring first.” Ashe says as she takes a moment to admire a stylized pewter band set with copper trimmed flaring suns again as Loken passes her a rectangular ribbon-tied box of various gourmet chocolates. “Thank you… can.. can we go home? I want to go home with you.”

    “Aye of course, love,” Loken says as he ushers Ashe out of the park, his hand enveloping hers. “I love you,” he murmurs to her affectionately, “truly and entirely.” [Loken]

    Loken untethers a battle half-ass clad in decorated leather armor.
    Loken leaves west.
    A battle half-ass clad in decorated leather armor leaves west.
    You leave west.

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