• Journeyman trip

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    July 2, 2013 /  Present Day

    Tubor, what can one say about this city that is not already known? I adore the place, the weather and it’s people. Each night the taverns at the docks are packed and I can play and sing until my fingers are sore! Been trying to learn a few songs to sign when I return home, so that I am able to throw a properly tubori themed party at the theatre. Constantly though I find myself worried.. I left so soon after Seilena’s death and it has taken a hard toll on Finn, learning all she was and did and seeing her beheaded. Why didn’t he leave with Roak I wonder? Though I know why.. he had to see her die for himself, ‘else he’d be waiting for her at the altar when their banns were up, for ages…

    Poor  Finn..

  • August

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    June 21, 2013 /  Present Day

    I’ve completed my penance requirements at last, writing a song and performing it for the Grand Inquisitor and the city. Arien nerve wrecking that was.. But now Curos has gone missing and we’re all worried about him.. Well, Me and Finnian at the very least. I’ve some how managed to get my newest, and dear friend Roak to help look for him..

    My insides are so messed up, I hope he’s just taking a break from us.. but it’s probably from me. I was a bitch that night, but I still believe in what I said.. And if he’s not taking a break from us and it is just me I hope he simply returns and says he cannot marry me.. A husband isn’t supposed to go runnin off like that, and it’s not a wise thing to do to me. I like having company and comfort.. I look for it and find it too easily..

  • Arien Carim

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    May 26, 2013 /  Memories

    A recollection from the early years, around age 12:


    She weaved her way through the dark corridors of the mansion, or at least they called it a mansion. The house was more like a castle to her still, and at night was the only time she was allowed to wander unchecked by the Lord of the house and Lady. She was kept here only in sympathy, two years ago her mother had died of a sickness. She had started to take the curves of a woman, and already had experienced her first bleeding.. Her cheeks still flushed deep, even at this moment as she thought of it. The women had laughed at her, she thought she would die from it.. Such a mess, a nasty habit. Her strawberry curls and fair-skin set her apart from everyone in the house, even those who worked within… but now her thoughts were drifting, trailing around to various things and that was when she rounded the corner into a House Guard.

    He was the most scary man she had ever met, and it was not because of how he looked. The man was taller than she, over six feet at the very least and had the prettiest golden curls which her kept cropped short.. Broad and muscled, quite a fetching man until he opened his mouth to speak. His words were always dripping with venom, sweetness was a double edged blade like the sword at his hip or dagger in the boot. “Well, well, what have we here..,” Carim spoke as he tugged, then curled a loose, long curl of my strange hair about his finger.

    As I cringed and went to pull away from the older, much at that, man he pressed me into the wall though he had to pick me up in order to ensure his mouth could take mine. It frightened me so, one day I just knew he would take it further and I would not escape with my maidenhood intact, this was not that day. As she beat hopelessly smacked against the shining plate the man wore came another, lesser household servant. “Oh, Knight, put the child down. You know who her father is,” chided the old valet on his way to his quarters, waiting for this to be complied with.

    “Indeed, old man, but that makes this so much more fun! A bastard daughter to play with!” The Knight exclaimed, a haughty laughter escaping him before letting the young, redheaded girl fall. And nearly as quickly as she fell she rose, tears running to stain her cheeks. Wide green eyes blazed with fury as they glared at the handsome man for only an instant and she retreated the way she had came. Bare feet soft on the carpeted hall floor, strawberry curls bouncing to her waist and alarming against the stark white of her night chemise.

  • 1-21-358

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    May 26, 2013 /  Present Day

    She found it easier to title entries into the dates around which they were written in her ledger.. Should somehow it fall into someone’s hands they too could piece her life together.



    Curos left to Vandago with Linnea for his journeyman trip, and all I was given was some generic letter he’d written to everyone he was concerned would care.. It made me more that a touch upset, that I was not worth my own letter since I was not even allowed a farewell wave or kiss.

    (There are some scribbled out lines here before it falls into an artists lineart. It appears to be a outdoors scene, likely Vandago or the tarn mountains, given the jagged rocky terrain.)

  • The Hillock

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    April 28, 2013 /  Memories

    Her childhood comes in flashes and bits. She did not understand why, perhaps there was something hidden within the dark recesses of her mind. The most thought of, recurring had to have been the one when she was no more than seven, maybe eight.

    The afternoon air was thick with the moisture of the spring storm which was brewing in the eastern skies of Macosta, Vavard. Wildflowers were already blooming out and the hillock was a vast array of color within which the young ginger haired youth stood out, her pale skin already sunburned from too much time outside, mother would not be happy about it. No one stood out like than the dark man on the collection of rocks which were he favorite spot to read though. He claimed to be Farin, though he never spoke it and she could hardly argue over it at her age.


    “Now, Bella, calm. Do it like this..” He rumbled to her in his rich, deep voice trying to instruct her on the strings of a makeshift harp they had crafted from pieces found here and there discarded by more fortunate people. The girl groaned in frustration, flexing her fingers before taking to plucking once again. She tried hard for the dark man, he never told her his name, at least she had yet to remember it. Success!  The girl had managed a basic three note song for him, and it pleased the man. He pressed a kiss upon her cheek, fingers giving the fragile framed girl’s shoulder a squeeze. “Very good.. Go home now but come back, there is so much more to learn..”

  • -Cover Page-

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    April 26, 2013 /  Uncategorized


    This ledger belongs to Arabella Ortein,

    Bardess of the Lithmorran Troubadours

    and a daughter of Vavard.


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