Here’s a command every player should know, because it’s incredibly useful for figuring out how to target items in your inventory:


It’ll print out a list of all the individual items in your inventory and their associated keywords. Keep in mind that this can be pretty spammy if you’re carrying large stacks of things. Also, this command does not show unique keywords used for extra descriptions (though extra descriptions often make use of top-level keywords).

And here’s a bonus tip:

You can actually change an item’s keywords at any time FOR FREE by using the command:

restring <item> keyword <keywords>

You do NOT have to retool the item, and this DOES work outside of chargen. Great for adding custom or additional keywords to an item without having to retool it, such as when building outfits or crafting tool sets, etc. Even if your tailor didn’t add the word “hunting” to every item in a custom hunting outfit, you can use restring keyword to allow you to wear all.hunt, for example.