Yolente Responds About Seamus

by gerolf on November 12th, 2014

Your Holiness, big brother, you stubborn ass.

Who knew that being the little sister of the most holy person in the kingdom would come with this kind of responsibility? Well as your sister I feel comfortable talking to you the way you need to be talked to. You, sir, are an arien fool.

I think you know what you must do, you are just trying to use your position to bully others into doing things the way you think they ought to be done. In that sense, I suppose, I agree with the Lord Regent. You are walking a very fine line, one that I don’t think you are doing a good job at.

Let us look at the facts, again, not thinking about personal motives or vendettas. A man attacked a woman. The woman defended herself. If you were in your right mind I think you would see that not only do the Reeves have the responsibility in this matter, the case in no way belongs to you or the inquisition.

You must weigh the merits of each case separately. Just because the woman is a mage, does not mean that she is not human. This is something you have pointed out to me on many occasions. Purging her taint is still your responsibility and one that you should see fulfilled, but his sins are not yours to forgive. The woman must see justice. She can stop the charges, if she wishes, but no one else has that power. Certainly not you.

What would you do if the woman in question was me? Not only would you stay out of the Reeve’s way, you would dispatch every inquisitor and knight you have at your disposal to find the perpetrator and deliver them in chains to the proconsul. Why should this woman be any different? The knights have performed admirably, there is no denying that, but now you must give the case to the rightful owner.

And what would Mother Rachel think of this? Would she be proud of you? I think you know the answer to that. By abandoning who you are, at your core, you become worse of a leader rather than a better one.

I am worried about you, Gerolf. I worry that you are losing yourself in your responsibilities. The mail is slow and I had to spend good coin to get this to you as fast as possible. I can’t always be there to set you strait. Find a friend you can trust, someone who will put up with you and start talking with them frequently. Remember who you are and why you were put where you are. You are there to help people, and letting someone live who should be put to death, is not helping people.

Now, since I have this new found authority, here is what you are going to do: You are going to seek out the Lady Justiciar, you are going to apologize and you are going to tell her how you really feel, and by how you really feel I think you know that I mean what I have told you here. Next you will go to the Lady Earl Marshall and His Holy Honor and you will tell them all of this and what the right answer is, if they have an issue with it, well that is their problem.

You will then seek out the Lord Regent and you will beg for his forgiveness. With a little bit of luck, he may forgive you. I think we all know both of you have gigantic manhoods. Continually measuring them is not doing either of you, or more importantly the kingdom, any good. Put them away.

Lastly, protect the knights and inquisitors. As you say, they have incredible power and provoking them won’t do anyone any good. They were just trying to help and see justice done.

Your little sister, adviser to the Cardinal,
Yolente von Kovrov