Log of OOC Meeting: 9-18-21

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Sun Sep 19, 2021 8:46 am

Kinaed asks, "Hey :) How is everyone?"

Revirdraw says, "Say for any faux pas i commit during the ooc meeting thing-a-ma-bob, i'm new to the community so i'm not familiar with things or how they work"

Kinaed claims, "This is a mighty wholist today. Wow."

Kinaed exclaims to Revirdraw, "Welcome!"

Ikeala claims, "We are pretty happening today, glad to see everyone."

Kinaed states, "Sure is."

Kinaed claims, "Is there anyone willing to volunteer to be our Scribe today? This entails some QP to post a log of the OOC Chat up on the forums for those who could not attend."

Ikeala claims, "I can help if no one else can."

Kinaed claims to Ikeala, "Thank you."

Kinaed says, "A reminder of the OOC Chat Pact: Regardless of what we discuss, we understand and truly believe that everyone on TI does the best they can, given what they know at the time, their skills and abilities, the resources available, and the situation at hand. We will be respectful of this and each other at all times."

Kinaed says, "Today's Agenda is:

- Staff Updates
- Player Heartbeat
- Player Topics

Is there anything anyone would like to add to the agenda to make certain we discuss it today? If you register a topic, please pre-write it so you're ready to present it when called upon."

Kinaed queries, "No topics today?"

Kinaed trails off, "Okay, kicking off Staff Updates..."

Kinaed states, "Some IC things are happening to support the results of an OOC Chat discussion a few weeks back about the nature of Court and trying to get some flavor back. I've ICly reached out to the Seneschal and will be meeting them after OOC Chat to discuss some ideas."

Kinaed states, "In the meantime, staff are offering that player some support with their IC ideas."

Kinaed states, "I've also updated HELP COMMANDS FACADE after staff discussion about a recent policy case. I've already had some feedback that the wording I've used needs some work, so expect some refinement."

Kinaed says, "That's it for me."

Kinaed queries to Leta, "Care to update us since Ghed's afk? :)"

Leta says, "I had fun with some mages. Thank you, mages! I also handled the usual docket of requests, recommends and player questions."

Leta states, "I updated several helpfiles for clarity. Please let me know if there are any helpfiles you think need a facelift."

Leta pontificates, "That's it!"

Kinaed states to Leta, "Thank you :)"

Kinaed claims to Ghed, "You're up :)"

Ghed claims, "Didn't do a great deal. Requests, recommends, and the reward for the top contributors of the hunger plot. Thanks Temi for Cristiana's intervention. Other than that, relaxing as I'm fairly busy IRL"

Kinaed smiles.

Kinaed says to Ghed, "All of that's still super helpful. Thank you."

Ghed smiles.

Kinaed queries to Salem, "Do you have an update for us?"

Salem says, "I did a little bit of coding and talking to Kinaed about the role specs."

Temi nods.

Kinaed exclaims, "Very exciting :) Thanks!"

Temi claims, "I definitely saw some back and forth about that, exciting for sure."

Kinaed claims to Temi, "Luckly last :)"

Temi claims, "Well, I finished up extending chandlery to 75 - all the new scents have been added. I'll also slowly fill in the ranks with some more liquid perfumes, but nothing revolutionary planned on top of that."

Jasmine states, "Ooooh"

Kinaed claims to Temi, "Still much appreciated. :)"

Temi says, "Helped Ghed with Cristiana's presentation of that statue. And I've kicked off the little plot for September."

Kinaed is looking forward to that one.

Temi says, "Based on how heavy and involving the famine was, I've kept this one light and fun - a little raffle."

Kinaed nods at Temi.

Temi says, "I've got a little more planned for it still, but it should be mostly trivial fun, as long as nobody starts killing each other for their tickets."

Temi grins.

Temi nods at Kinaed.

Kinaed states to Temi, "Thank you :)"

Kinaed questions, "Okay, any questions before we move on?"

Kinaed asks, "Next up - Player Heartbeat! How was the game for everyone this last week?"

Jasmine states, "On only sporadically, but I've been enjoying the RP I've gotten a lot"

Jasmine says, "Loving meeting the new players and getting to play with them"

Kinaed smiles at Jasmine.

Kalana claims, "I've had some good interactions with people when I haven't been hiding away furiously working at chandlery and gardening."

Kinaed says, "Yes, it's really nice seeing some new faces. Welcome to TI anyone who is new here."

Kinaed smiles at Kalana.

Kinaed nods.

Kinaed asks, "Anyone else want to comment on how the game was for them last week? Is anything shitting anyone that staff ought to know about?"

Revirdraw says, "Well, i have some feedback speaking as a new person"

Kinaed says to Revirdraw, "We'd be interested in hearing it. :)"

Ghed pontificates to Revirdraw, "Welcome to TI!"

Temi nods in agreement.

Tasker claims, "Going well! But I've been racking my brain to get the Sanctum more involved somehow in the goings on in the city, which is both thematically difficult and dangerous as it should be. As we're sort of a guild outside the normal structure of guilds."

Lans says, "Citizens"

Anonymous claims, "Omg"

Anonymous says, "Run"

Tasker claims, "Omg"

Lans questions, "Did I hear the stench of magery being promoted?"

Kinaed nods at Tasker.

Tasker claims, "N-no"

Anonymous states, "By BLUE tasker nonetheless"

Anonymous claims, "Absolute"

Anonymous claims, "Traitor"

Tasker claims, "This is the good tasker"

Lans states, "OoOoOh bread"

Kinaed grins.

Jasmine says, "Tasker honestly, I advise lying more. Stop telling people you're mages"

Lans nods.

Tasker claims, "Oh damn"

Ikeala coughs.

Anonymous states, "Bread distraction."

Jasmine says, "'hello i have a lot of food stockpiled because i am a hoarder' instead of 'hello i am a mage, totally not magic though'"

Kinaed chuckles.

Jasmine claims, "By the way, please give this food out and say its from you"

Revirdraw claims, "Mostly, newbie place is very nice and thought out. that it's guided on rails is also great. the lore and what not is overwhelming -- and I spent a fair amount of time reading before i felt comfortable RPing with anyone --- this was due to a fear that I'd mess up someones RP sessions"

Ghed says, "That's understandable and thoughtful of you"

Kinaed questions to Revirdraw, "That's a very common fear. I haven't figured out how to address it since the lore is also one of our attractions. What do you think we might do to make it better?"

Revirdraw asks, "So perhaps a small blurb encouraging people to fail at full speed in RP? Or a small RP place just outside the newbie area where they get get the hang of it? "

Kinaed states to Revirdraw, "I'll add a blurb for sure. "

Temi states, "A little blurb like that sounds nice."

Temi nods.

Jasmine claims, "Honestly, that's what being cyan is for, no one will hold anything against you"

Cat claims, "A TLDR for the new players."

Revirdraw states, "That being said, I've tried other muds and by far -- very very far -- the community here is the most welcoming"

Kinaed questions, "I'm not sure I entirely understand the newbie area to get the hang of 'it' - can you maybe provide an example of what that might look like?"

Lans says, "We are happy to have you"

Anonymous states, "As long as you're not a mage"

Lans states, "As long as you TITHE the ORDER"

Ikeala states, "Some other games have like a window where you can watch RP."

Jasmine says, "Some games have areas specifically for newbies, but I think the main issue would be getting experienced players in to view"

Cat states, "We are happy to have regardless. XD"

Jasmine says, "Or some games have guest accounts where you can vouyer RP, yeah"

Ghed states, "Sindome has that"

Deedee states, "Back on the first version of TI, we had a consequence-free zone. Not sure if that's really needed now though"

Revirdraw states, "It, being a role play session. I saw something clever on another mud: a rope that be pulled at the end of the newbie session. Perhaps here, that could summon a staff member or volunteer for a quick session. "

Kinaed nods thoughtfully.

Ghed hmmms

Kinaed states, "I'd probably look at re-establishing player Aids to handle something like that."

Jasmine says, "Honestly, I think that staff is not always available to do that, and it would be pretty disappointing to pull a rope and get nothing--most players are very respectful of cyan status and will happily break off into osays or tells to explain something if you are confused or direct you to appropriate helpfiles"

Ghed nods.

Revirdraw states, "Granted, once the ice was broken and i realized i'm probably not gonna be permabanned for zigging when I should have zagged, i felt better"

Kinaed nods at Jasmine.

Jasmine claims, "I say most players but I have never seen a player not be respectful of cyan"

Kinaed says, "I think we can explain that in the blurb."

Temi claims, "We could maybe add a blurb about notify rp and encourage people to be more generous about that in the almhouse or such."

Leta queries, "Did reading about the cyan period help?"

Kinaed says, "I might just add a room explaining that if you're cyan, players are supposed to give you leeway and you can go back to chargen, etc."

Deedee wonders, "We have a command to return to chargen without needing a staffer yeah?"

Kinaed nods at Deedee.

Anonymous states, "Honestly the only thing that a cyan could possibly do that couldn't be backed away from is cast magic in public."

Leta states, "We could also have a special notify for cyan players looking to try out their first RP."

Ikeala asks, "Something that might be helpful is allowing cyan players a way to more easily get to the Locale of the Day?"

Kinaed nods at Leta.

Kinaed nods at Ikeala.

Revirdraw claims, "Yes, but i read the cyan (perhaps wrongly) was a period for people to settle in their chars, not necessarily for someone brand new"

Ikeala says, "As sometimes even established players aren't sure where some spots are to give directions."

Kinaed rapidly jots down notes and people's ideas.

Temi claims, "It was initially for completely new players, but we find that older players starting a new concept can make use of it too."

Violet pontificates, "We treat everyone cyan like they're a new player, at least afaik!"

Ghed nods.

Kinaed nods at Violet.

Temi claims, "Even if you've played for years, the first time you e.g. play a combat character, could be very different."

Kinaed claims, "That's right - cyan characters are 'unestablished' in the game, not necessarily new players. All unestablished characters need a bit of time to get integrated, so we afford them all the same courtesy."

Jasmine states, "All cyan characters have the same rights and should receive the appropriate warnings and guidance, should they need it"

Kinaed nods at Jasmine.

Revirdraw claims, "Good to know, thank you /Jasmine"

Kinaed states, "It's worth noting that, sometimes, players aren't great about cyan periods because they forget about it, or the new character seems pretty facile with the game."

Kinaed says, "But yes, cyan rules apply for all characters who are unestablished, regardless of how experienced the player is."

Lans says, "I will allow an obviously struggling cyan to get away with magery if possible"

Lans says, "If it's evident they made an ooc mistake"

Lans states, "Don't abuse it or I'll pyre your pet"

Deedee pontificates, "Not foofoo!"

Tasker says, "My name is basically cyan so you can't touch me"

Revirdraw claims, "Lol, y eah, i picked up on that one. mages are bad, mmmmkay. don't do mage things. the beginning does a great job of conveying these concepts"

Kinaed ignores that.

Kinaed says to Revirdraw, "That's pretty much it."

Temi grins.

Kinaed finishes abruptly, "If you're doing something that can have a serious negative impact on your character, someone may provide a 'warning' - it's intended to upskill you (let us know if people use it to try to leverage you into anything)"

Lans huffs at Tasker

Kinaed claims, "So you should be pretty safe for about 75 hours of RP on the game."

Deedee states, "RP time is time in rooms with others, by the way, not time logged in"

Revirdraw queries, "Would that warning come oocly or IC?"

Deedee says, "Ooc"

Jasmine says, "The warning is completely OOC"

Kinaed states, "The warnings are logged to staff (so we see how players are treating new players) and also should say something like "If you have purple eyes, the Order might think you're a mage. You can change that if you want now and no one will remark upon it""

Jasmine states, "Though the person does have to write it on the spot, so do try to take is non-personally. If it's a tense situation they might not be the most eloquent"

Kinaed says, "People shouldn't use it to try to force you into changing your RP."

Kinaed nods at Jasmine.

Jasmine hasn't forgotten the time a cyan busted into their house and they got reprimanded for their cyan warning coming across as a threat

Kinaed states, "So basically, you should be pretty safe. I'll explain this in the newbie zone since you pointed out we could do better."

Deedee says, "Lol"

Kinaed claims, "Thank you Revirdraw :)"

Revirdraw states, "Oh awesome, thank you Violet. Maybe that's something the rope pull could provide instead of staff or volunteer"

Deedee states, "By the way"

Revirdraw exclaims, "Like "don't be afraid to hurry up and RP! If you mess up, you get this warning: ""

Kinaed states, "Okay, so I apologized if I missed anyone's comments in the speed of the discussion."

Lans nods at Revirdraw.

Lans says to Revirdraw, "A good idea"

Deedee muses, "Does the warn command still only work on characters in the room?"

Kinaed jots down Revirdraw's idea and will implement it after OOC Chat. Thanks again!

Kinaed claims to Deedee, "I'm not entirely sure."

Deedee states, "I've had it happen that they'll run away before I can type it"

Jasmine muses, "I think it goes based on character name?"

Kinaed muses, "Just Request Board staff to have us do the warning for you then?"

Jasmine says, "If it's like a really prudent thing, you can also request board staff"

Kinaed nods at Jasmine.

Deedee states, "Yeah, that's what I've done"

Kinaed smiles.

Temi says, "I know I've delivered messages before in times where people scamper. No problem with doing that for sure."

Jasmine says, "Or if for some reason you want it to be anonymous so as not to out yourself for various reasons"

Kinaed muses, "Okay, we were on how people's RP was in the last week, weren't we?"

Temi nods at Kinaed.

Yanadera claims, "I had one scene last night. It was nice."

Kinaed asks, "Did Tasker have a chance to tell us more about the difficulties of getting into RP as a mage, or...? Tasker, is this in reference to things like what the updates to HELP COMMAND FACADE are intended to facilitate? (Note: I need to work on the wording a bit, it's been pointe dout to me)"

Deedee states, "I've had some good scenes, and glad to finally have an Epion to handle things"

Ghed declares to Yanadera, "Great!"

Kinaed claims to Yanadera, "I'm glad to hear you enjoyed yourself :)"

Kinaed declaims to Deedee, "Whoo hoo! :)"

Kinaed claims, "Fuck."

Ghed gasps!

Kinaed states, "Er, ignore that. I typoed twice."

Kinaed scuffs.

Deedee coughs.

Kinaed states, "Then mischanneled."

Ghed says, "That's how she calls it, 'typos'"

Anonymous says, "I will pay you 100 USD to keep that in the log, whoever is scribing."

Kinaed pushes Ghed.

Ghed says, "I was made staffer through a mistarget"

Anonymous states, "I am not exaggerating. Give me a paypal address and I WILL SEND YOU MONEY IF YOU KEEP IT IN"

Deedee laughs.

Kinaed states, "Okay, well. We don't have any topics registered. That was player heartbeat."

Yanadera states to Ghed, "That explains so much! (It... doesn't.)"

say Cashapp only.

Ikeala says, "Cashapp only."

Leta claims to Ghed, "I was made a immortal through a mistarget. I was originally a stein of half-finished, room temperature ale in Queen's."

Kinaed queries, "Anyone want to talk about anything, or should I put everyone back on grid to go RP?"

Ghed laughs.

Deedee asks, "Were we going to talk about facade?"

Kinaed states, "Sure, if you'd like. I've updated the help file."

Tasker states, "Flashbacks of when Niamh teleported me above river square by accident and broke all my legs. Anyway... no, nothing to do with facade. Just thoughts on wiggling the guild into actual city goings ons, as the purpose of the guild isn't to be overall antagonistic but more a group behind the scenes doing 'stuff'."

Deedee states, "I think the topic might be a little too 'fresh' considering it was recently used though"

Kinaed nods at Tasker.

Kinaed questions to Tasker, "Anything you think might help with that?"

Ghed asks, "'all my legs'?"

Anonymous muses, "STUFF eh?"

Ghed states, "Mages are weird"

Kinaed says, "We'll discuss facade after."

Anonymous claims, "I wonder what kind of STUFF"

Kinaed nods at Deedee.

Jasmine claims, "Well, if anyone is looking to make a southside or criminally inclined character, Southside has gotten a little scarce lately, I'm always happy to RP with new southies"

Ghed pontificates, "Yeah!"

Jasmine states, "And a friendly reminder that brotherhood members can be gentry or nobility, if someone wanted to play with any sort of concept like that"

Ghed declaims, "Yeah!"

Deedee trails off, "Also a note, Nobility is generally exempt from the law..."

Deedee claims, "Cause some trouble for the masses. "

Kinaed says to Deedee, "Well, then quickly re: facade. There was a scene that left people with questions. Prior to OOC Chat, staff discussed how we could be more clear in the help file about the rules and what the outcomes we want to see in the future are. As a result, I've updated HELP COMMAND FACADE. After I updated it, people had more questions, so will try to fix them up. Since it was a fresh situation that may be too raw for some to discuss, please send any questions to me in tells and I'll try to update the help file to make sure the questions are answered."

Tasker claims, "Unsure what could help, Kinaed, being able to wiggle into council meetings unnoticed is one thing. Often difficult but doable if known ahead of time, might be an idea that if a council meeting is going to be held then a general board put out with the time. Etc."

Temi nods.

Kinaed nods at Tasker.

Temi states, "We don't think people necessarily did wrong, and they did ask me based on the current rules, but we thought we could improve actions in the future."

Jasmine questions, "Correct me if I'm wrong, but technically can't normal citizens just show up and listen to council meetings, when they aren't emergency ones?"

Kinaed claims to Tasker, "That sort of thing, like announcements of meetings happening, are largely in player hands because the events are run by players - but I think your asking for that is a good help."

Ghed says, "They can"

Ghed claims, "Council is open"

Deedee says, "It depends on the seneschal"

Ghed claims, "Normal citizens are simply disallowed to speak or stuff"

Deedee states, "There's no OOC rule about it, just IC"

Jasmine states, "Well, not everything has to be extreme teen cloak and dagger"

Kinaed says, "We do have an event scheduling system planned that should be pretty high priority."

Jasmine states, "Honestly, and I mean this very kindly, I think more just play lying can be utilized in many situations"

Kinaed nods at Jasmine.

Jasmine states, "You can totally just lie and make up a very boring, mundane reason to be doing just about anything"

Jasmine claims, "And I think pressure gets to people and they panic a lot, but if you pre-plan your lie, you will get more mileage out of it"

Jasmine states, "'I live in this city and am interested in the goings on of the council and how it affects my life' is frankly not very suspicious, especially if you contact the seneschal beforehand to ask permission, as a totally mundane and normal person"

Yanadera says, "I think that would depend on the character, and how willing they are to lie. We could have some holy palandin types."

Deedee says, "This isn't my glowing orb, Sir Knight, I was just taking it to the Order."

Jasmine claims, "And not a super obvious mage"

Violet pontificates, "May I be transed back to grid? Magebane party happening after OOC to prep for!"

Kinaed grins.

Lans says, "I am willing to accept pretty blatant lies most of the time"

Violet states, "Be there or be square"

Tasker claims, "Just here to check your gas meter mate"

Lans nods at Deedee.

Kinaed claims, "Ooo, Magebane party! Have fun everyone."

Jasmine says, "Honestly, even if you don't want to lie, just walking in and not saying anything might work, frankly"

Lans states, "The 'oh I was bringing you this demonic statuette that spouts anti order poetry' is a classic"

Jasmine slips into the council room respectfully, giving a bow to the nobles, and takes up a position near the door, looking curious and interested in what is being spoke about. They try to appear unobtrusive.

Kinaed queries, "So, anything else on anyone's minds?"

Lans claims, "Please remember that while the Order is ALL-POWERFUL and UNBEATABLE, it is also UNDERMANNED and pls join we need u"

Deedee states, "Breakfast"

Kinaed states, "We have about 10 minutes to go. I just heard there's an event planned too."

Kinaed says to Deedee, "Me too. Omg, starving."

Jasmine says, "Yeah the order wants YOU to be a priest, priestess, or inquisitor"

Temi claims to Deedee, "Always an excellent thought to have on your mind."

Deedee nods at Temi.

Jasmine states, "Other than that, I think anyone who RP's in public places are very very sexy"

Tasker states, "Yeah, I'm aware of the ability to spin tall tales but my thought is more about getting my guild involved in city wide plots than sitting in a corner listening- as it exists very much on the peripheral, and differs from the Manus of yesteryear in that it is not tailored to be an antagonistic guild (at the moment). It's a vague thought, I know"

Kinaed says, "Okay, if we're all talked out today - thank you for coming to this week's OOC Chat. My apologies if I missed any says, I had a few minutes there where I was splitting my attention between the OOC Chat and incoming messages at a breakneck pace. If I failed to address something you said that you want addressed, please send me a tell."

Kinaed nods at Tasker.

Kinaed asks of Tasker, "Can we meet up and talk, and see if maybe staff can help in any way?"

Tasker states, "Sure thing"

Kinaed states to Tasker, "We're a bit limited in code changes at the moment, but hopefully we'll be in a better position soon. Still, there's heaps of stuff we can do that doesn't require any code at all."

Kinaed says, "Alright! I'm going to call it for this week. A big thanks to our Scribe for recording this session, and I look forward to seeing everyone next week."

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