Log of OOC Meeting - 2021-09-11

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Sat Sep 11, 2021 8:19 pm

Kinaed states, "A reminder of the OOC Chat Pact: Regardless of what we discuss, we understand and truly believe that everyone on TI does the best they can, given what they know at the time, their skills and abilities, the resources available, and the situation at hand. We will be respectful of this and each other at all times."

Kinaed says, "Today's Agenda is:

   - Staff Updates
   - Player Heartbeat
   - Player Topics

Is there anything anyone would like to add to the agenda to make certain we discuss it today? If you register a topic, please pre-write it so you're ready to present it when called upon."

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Kinaed gives a leather tome with a bejeweled bardic sceptre on the front to Trajen.

Kinaed says to Trajen, "My apologies. Just asked if anyone had any topics to register :)"

Trajen boes, "thanks no prob"

Trajen sits down and rests.

Smoke puffs and Ghed steps out from it. [OOC]

Kinaed claims, "No topics? Okay, updates then. We had a staff meeting today, and I'm excited we did."

Kinaed states, "I'm still poking through old OOC Chat files and staff have been looking independently at some GDC talks about game design that has our minds turning over."

Leta gives a leather tome with a bejeweled bardic sceptre on the front to Ghed.

Kinaed states, "That's it for me. :)"

Kinaed asks of Eos, "Would you like to go next?"

[REMINDER:] Today's special RP locale quest is in Vintrius Galleria's Sitting Room!

Eos states, "Looked into the code with salem, did some recommends."

Kinaed says to Eos, "Thanks :)"

Kinaed claims to Ghed, "Your turn :)"

Ghed claims, "I did my usual plots and recommends. I also handled a few phome requests and doubled the onion IC decay."

A tumbleweed rolls by.

Kinaed states to Ghed, "Thanks :)"

Kinaed claims to Leta, "Your turn :)"

Leta says, "I made a new helpfile, help skills overview. Thank you to Eos and Ghed for reviewing it for me. If anyone has noticed helpfiles that need a fresh coat of paint, please inform me."

Leta exclaims, "I also processed a few requests, recommends, and answered player questions. In addition, I puppetted a demon this week. It was very exciting, so I hope the players had fun!"

Kinaed states to Leta, "That's awesome. Thanks :)"

Ghed claims, "It was fun"

Kinaed states to Salem, "Lucky last :) Because, alphabets."

Murrcognito pontificates, "Love the helpfile!"

Leta grins.

Edgar claims, "Yeah that's a great at-a-glance helpfile."

Salem states, "I refactored more code. working on the role code right now."

Deedee nods in agreement.

Kinaed says, "I'm so excited :) Thank you so, so much."

Kinaed muses, "Okay, so that's it for Staff Updates. How has the game been for everyone this week, folks?"

Deedee queries, "Anything going to be done with the role code?"

Kinaed states, "As I understand it, it's the first step to getting some dual guilding for coverts."

Sparkles claims, "The storytelling contest was nice, so bravo for the Bards for hosting that."

Deedee claims, "Ah, nice."

Kinaed declares, "That's what today's honor gift is about, yes! Thank you, Troubadours!"

Kinaed states, "We have awarded QP to those we understand ran it, but please consider writing recommends to support and encourage our friends who run events."

Flower claims, "I'm glad people finally filtered in for it."

Deedee pontificates, "I've been pretty busy IRL this week again. Still hoping someone fills the Epion role. If anyone wants something to do, think about it!"

Kinaed nods at Flower.

Kinaed nods at Deedee.

Kinaed smiles.

Kinaed states, "It's September, when the new school year starts."

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Eos has reconnected.

Kinaed states, "Lots of people will be super busy."

Kinaed queries, "Anyone have anything they want to discuss? Otherwise, this might go down in history as the shortest OOC Chat ever :)"

Ghed claims, "Sayto kin you always say that, lol"

Deedee grins at Ghed.

Kinaed says to Ghed, "I think 13 min really will be a record breaker though."

Ghed hmmms

Anonymous says, "I want to discuss the skirt steak that I've been eating for the last 13 minutes."

Kinaed states, "I think our shortest at the moment might be around 45-50 min"

Anonymous states, "It's good."

Deedee states, "We could revisit the ideas for the game we brought up last time"

Kinaed states to Anonymous, "Oh no, I'm now hungry and jealous."

Anonymous states to Kinaed, "Too bad for you I ate all of it. There's no left for you."

Kinaed says to Deedee, "Sure, let's do it. Can you jog my memory of where we left off? I know I wanted to catch up with Theo about something court related."

Kinaed says to Anonymous, "... tears."

Trajen chuckles to keep from going idle

Deedee claims, "Let's see. You didn't make it to the last meeting, so not sure if you've read the log on it"

Kinaed claims, "I did not, but please feel free to raise whatever you're thinking about and I'll pop the log open and skim."

Deedee claims, "Looks like it wasn't posted. hmm."

Kinaed queries, "Doesn't look like anyone posted a log last week, yeah. Does anyone recall who our scribe was?"

Sparkles says, "Not certain, but I have a log I can post later if need be."

Kinaed states to Sparkles, "That'd be amazing."

Sparkles states, "I do know one of the topics that was discussed was inactive mages."

Deedee claims, "Looks like Kuzco logged"

Sparkles says, "And the effect on it keeping new characters being created."

Kinaed states, "I saw some things coming through the system that indicated that staff may need to be watchful yes."

Kinaed asks, "Anything I should know or any decisions/consensus come to last week?"

Ghed hmmms

Ghed queries, "No?"

Deedee states, "I had suggested something to shake up the game a bit"

Kinaed states to Deedee, "Were you thinking of anything specific when you thought about topics from past OOC Chats? I take notes, so I can pop open OOC Chats I've been to and go through what's open."

Murrcognito says, "I feel like the current arrangement with mages only being counted toward that when active is still good."

Kinaed queries to Deedee, "What was that?"

Kinaed looks curious.

Murrcognito says, "Aha! Nice to know."

Deedee says, "Like the Daravi winning, and the Order continuing to do their thing more guerrilla style"

Murrcognito states, ".... I scrolled up too far, not pertinent."

Kinaed ponders.

Anonymous claims, "Spooky magics."

Kinaed questions, "It'd shake things up, for sure. Want to give more details on what you're thinking?"

Flower states, "There have been some fun magic stuff the last week I hear. "

Leta grins.

Murrcognito claims, "I threw out my usual bag of sand; proposing the Order be refactored into an NPC guild with players puppeting orderites in order to have a more visible theme presence through variety of Inquisi/Priests and to allow for there to be more conflict Mage-Order without having it be possible for the unstoppable power to be effectively removed from grid after pkills. >.>"

Murrcognito claims, "---Last OOC, that is."

Kinaed nods at Murrcognito.

Anonymous says, "I don't quite understand murrcognito"

Violet states, "Honestly I like the idea of rostered order characters"

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Kinaed has transferred Violet.  [OOC]

Kinaed says, "Oops"

Violet claims, "Oh dear"

Kinaed has transferred Tasker.  [OOC]

Kinaed gives a leather tome with a bejeweled bardic sceptre on the front to Tasker.

Tasker emote

Kinaed claims, "I was trying to trans tasker and mistyped. Sorry, Violet."

A male voice says, "Dammit"

Anonymous says, "Omg its a ghost"

A male voice states, "OoOoo"

Kinaed states, "So what do you mean by a roster of characters? It sounds intriguing."

Deedee states, "No specifics in mind, but I get the feeling the game is feeling a bit stagnant. And there's been a bit of a lack of interest in playing orderites and knights"

Kinaed nods at Deedee.

Deedee says, "So it might be interesting to see how it goes if they become the underdogs instead"

Kinaed queries, "From what I understand, we have some pretty active Order GLs at the moment though?"

Kinaed claims, "In any case, I could see something like a Daravi incursion as a plot, maybe even a semi-successful one."

Deedee claims, "From all-powerful to more of a feared thing"

Kinaed states, "I don't know if I could see it being a long term game change."

Kinaed states, "There'd be a lot of work in re-organizing the game along those party lines."

Anonymous says, "I suppose my only hiccup with that idea is that I have trouble seeing the Daravi successfully occupying Lithmore and not murdering every single thing that moves."

Anonymous states, "SO like how would we justify PCs living through that."

Edgar states, "Well, the Gls make up the entire guild really. Plus a big Knight boy. Three of us is about the entire guild."

Murrcognito states, "Sorry, by the way, for not providing an up front clarification: My thought is that that a guild change like this is a longer-term thought that I've had for years, and isn't directed toward present Order players at all. :)"

Deedee claims, "The Daravi aren't really that well developed a concept I don't think"

Sparkles states, "I'm not even sure we need to have something as extreme as 'and then the Daravi won' honestly. But I'm also biased in that it would feel kind of nullifying to a lot of efforts/RP from recent times."

Kinaed says, "Historic relations haven't actually been that murderous. Edessa is actually a part of Daravi and has switched hands over and over. If we did a plot around the Daravi, it would probably not be on our main grid. But I suppose it could be."

Deedee says, "So there's room for how they would handle an occupation"

Ghed states, "We can add dynamism without disrupting the game like that"

Kinaed nods at Sparkles.

Edgar claims, "I also think we have a ton of tools at our currently disposal for having good conflict without extreme results, but they just aren't used much."

Deedee says, "It also doesn't have to be a Daravi thing"

Violet claims, "From my understanding of what Murr's saying, have a roster of NPC Orderites that players can puppet on a temporary basis. It's viewed as a contribution to the game and rewarded accordingly (like you would for STs and events). As opposed to having players RP long-term Orderites, who usually fizzle"

Kinaed questions to Violet, "How would we monitor IC/OOC Crossover and manage the lack of continuity for characters? Any thoughts?"

Ghed says, "If we were to explore that idea"

Ghed states, "We can see how other games do it"

Violet states, "Orderites are forced to cnote pretty thoroughly anyhow, and yeah, plenty of other games manage to use roster characters w/o breaking immersion"

Ghed claims, "Usually there are notes you access when you take over a PC"

Kinaed claims, "I actually remember playing a game called Firan where they had persistent characters that players could pick up."

Ghed says, "And with time, 'secret' notes get unoocked"

Flower listens.

Ghed says, "Unlocked"

Kinaed claims, "I found it painful, but I'm interested in hearing what people did and so on."

Raspberries questions, "New Duke, who dis?"

Kinaed says, "I am keen to see a return of court RP. That was a topic a couple of weeks back in OOC when I was around."

A male voice claims, "Oh dang I played that once"

Kinaed asks, "How did you find it?"

RE: Crossover: Noting when NPCs puppeted, app-in to 'controller' role, more guidance RE:Cnotes of what character has done when accessed. Both for continuity and auditability. I think there is some degree of trust required when it comes to creating something more generalized like this; for example, Order records may need to become more board-based in order to be used. [Murrcognito]

A male voice says, "Very intimidating jumping into an already established character with relationships already solidified, it scared me away pretty sharpish."

Sparkles states, "While personality changes can be ... a thing with roster type systems, I question if that would be more/less disruptive to continuity versus say the issue we have now with nobles."

Kinaed states, "Yeah, I remember trying it and finding it super uncomfortable to have someone OOCly tell me what their relationship to my character was and how my character needed to 'be' to react with continuity to previous RP that wasn'te ven me."

Dazzl scratches his head. "I personally don't like idea of roster characters, but I don't think it would hurt to explore it as a remedy for Order activity."

Ghed states, "It's not for everyone"

A male voice says, "Mmhm. People wanted you to play the character a certain way, which made sense I guess but very hard to deal with."

Ghed says, "I'm not super for it but I reckon it might be cool to explore"

Murrcognito claims, "I do wonder about, with an NPC guild, the opportunity to have more 'nameless' Orderites who could be present in the game world as well."

Kinaed states to Dazzl, "I tend to agree with you, but I also know there's some players who would be happy to handle roster characters as NPCs, but don't want to bar themselves from playing, for example, a mage."

Raspberries wonders, "How about if there's a cool-off period before they can be re-apped into?"

Raspberries states, "60 months to a year maybe"

A male voice says, "If it was a system of throwaway characters where you don't have to worry about past relationships or anything, just blank slates to jump into for a bit and do some stuff and then poof."

Raspberries states, "6 months*"

Murrcognito nods with male voice.

Murrcognito claims, "Principally: I would like to address how invisible the big scary church theme can be at times."

Murrcognito claims, "... and a different organization of guild that is more player-count agnostic seemed like an interesting idea to look at."

Anonymous claims, "I find them to be significantly less invisible when knights roll up."

Edgar states, "I mean my character is basically a roster NPC at this point anyhow, so the gap doesn't seem too extreme between 'what is now' and 'what could be.'"

Raspberries states, "1 year would be 4 years in game time, lots of time for a character to change and have reasons for not being the character people played with previously"

Kinaed says, "I was just chatting with a few poeple today about how antagonists were requesting to have a bit more safety when playing so the RP could be more fun, varied, comfortable pace, etc. We have been pushing the invite command for awhile to give people the opportunity to try that, but notice the uptake seems to be quite low on the whole."

Murrcognito claims, "As Edgar says.... It also is often hard to build out more 'full' Order characters, just given their role as the fun-killers often-times in this setting."

Kinaed nods at Murrcognito.

Edgar claims, "If somebody else wants to RP Edgar let me know, very intriguing character that likes lectures on snails and staring blandly at things."

Murrcognito grins.

Violet says, "My last Orderite also became the equivalent to an NPC. Very little character development, very utilitarian"

Edgar states, "I think all I have to say on that topic, generally speaking, is that Order RP is pretty great when you get it. But every other type of RP in the game, I'd probably enjoy it more as any other non-Order character I could make."

Kinaed nods at Violet.

Anonymous says, "The invite command is nice but I don't think it solves the fundamental problem: people don't want to play with antagonist players because no one likes to be preyed on (even if its non-lethal or minor preying)"

Violet states, "I beg to differ, being preyed on is super fun"

Kinaed says, "Same, alas."

Anonymous writes violet's name down in his little book, "Mkay."

Edgar states, "I think there's more people open to that than you might think."

Kinaed claims to Anonymous, "But that begs the question of who is the antognist then."

Violet says, "Particularly non-lethal stuffs :)"

Murrcognito says, "And though perfect information can kinda suck to play up against.... The brain drain and file management presently associated with Orderites and Inquisiting can be very tiring---particularly when the character tends to fill 'push paper find people' role and little else."

Edgar claims, "I am very happy if I 'lose' in RP situations. I am more than happy to play around invite and I have very little interest in killing off lines of conflict RP."

Murrcognito , mumbles something about hundreds of folders and no unifying system.

Kinaed states, "I can tell you that Order players are often avoided for RP, sadly. When they're not being avoided, it's usually because someone needs their function instead of just the kind of RP you willy nilly get with others."

Anonymous nods.

Murrcognito nods with Kinaed.

Edgar says, "But despite putting very little effort into chasing down or actually killing any mages, in my experience, most mages are just nonfactors in the game."

Kinaed claims, "Mind, I still think the Order is fun as all get out to play."

Edgar claims, "Most of them aren't going to even RP being a mage in any significant way, or do anything relevant, or at all risk their characters to the level their rec_level reflects they do. Even in the past when I dealt with more mages on an active basis, it was a similar thing."

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Anonymous says, "I think there's always that knowledge in the back of people's heads of 'this guy is in the order. if i say the wrong thing or he takes it the wrong way, my character could go poof'"

Sparkles claims, "So part of the thing with Invite is requiring public rooms. So I know there's been moments where there's concern about essentially the consequences of setting up the scene if others 'walk in' on it."

Flower states, "I played an Inquisitor one time. Had to pyre an ooc friend's character. bawled and quit. lmao"

Flower claims, "I think I could totally do a priestess, just keep me away from the pyring. "

Kinaed questions, "I've recently heard an idea to incentivize casting magic in public spaces or in RP somehow. Not sure I know what all of the incentives might be, but do you think that might help? Hinder?"

Deedee says, "I had suggested more of a stick than a carrot for that"

Edgar states, "I've always approached inquisitors with a mindset of being entirely open to alternative endings than 'okay time for Ahgalin and a pyre.' The problem is most mages I encountered didn't play around that until they got arrested, and at that point you kinda screwed up too much."

Murrcognito states, "I would love for there to be ways to use fechos in public."

Salem is idle.

Deedee states, "Not using magic causing withdrawl symptoms"

Anonymous asks, "I don't know if I understand what you mean Edgar. What do you mean by mages not playing around that?"

Kinaed claims, "I will never forget my first pyring as an Orderite. I was not staff. I pyred someone because I had pretty good info they were a mage. Instant tells and drama about how I ruined someone's character and they weren't even a mage. Bit of a headache, actually."

Anonymous claims, "If they play like mages... I mean you're kind of left iwth only one option of toss in the fire."

Kinaed wonders to Murrcognito, "You can't use fecho in public?"

Murrcognito claims, "Woof."

Ghed nods at Kinaed.

Murrcognito states to Kinaed, "It's often lethal or character ending to do so."

Ghed claims to Kinaed, "Many arrested folks can't deal with the heat"

Edgar claims, "Once they're arrested, sure. There's really only one option left."

Ghed says, "Pun intended"

Edgar states, "But any moment prior to that deals are on the table."

Violet states, "I do kinda agree with Edgar that there are a ton of mages who either... don't mage at all or just cower away and never interact on grid. It doesn't seem like their rec boost is really deserved in that case."

Kinaed coughs.

Raspberries says to Kinaed, "You should have told them to take it up with the Lord of the Springs"

Anonymous questions, "But what alternate thing exists beyond arrest if you know they're using the maygick?"

Edgar says, "Shit, we've taken bribes from mages before and just... not arrested them. Before it goes public, it can be controlled what information gets out."

Kinaed states to Violet, "Their major rec boost is on pyring or execution. Hiding away just seems self defeating to me."

Ghed says, "Make them work for you"

Ghed states, "Make them cough other mages"

Murrcognito nods with Anon. "I've wondered about theme shift away from hard pkill upon contact with magic? Something softer than a Daravi win, but not to the point that Mages are allowed in open society? .... I don't have the solution on that front."

Edgar states, "There's been a wealth of corrupt inquisitors that made deals with mages and played around that."

Ghed nods.

Kinaed claims, "I actually had a Cardinal once tell my mage he owned her because he didn't pyre her."

Kinaed claims, "That was a long time ago."

Anonymous says, "I think it's more about how you never know if this inquisitor is open to a deal or if he's an instant pyre full faith type."

Anonymous says, "So they don't tkae the risk"

Kinaed says, "Not sure if there's players that have the gumption for that sort of things. Guess it's dangerous to find out."

Kinaed nods at Anonymous.

Murrcognito says, "----Something akin to them becoming high utility to the game's 'powers that be' for some thematic reason; thinking along the lines of Shadow and Bone's take on magic users in that universe."

Deedee says, "Another option besides Daravi is an inside job. The King and some other powerful people turning out to be pro-mage"

Edgar states, "Sure. I can't speak for anybody else, but I give the same respect I get as far as writing partners go. I will always look for a way to let RP continue than to kill a character and end conflict."

Murrcognito nods with Edgar.

Kinaed smiles at Edgar.

Kinaed says, "We deeply appreciate that mentality."

Edgar claims, "Not that it solves your problem, and if I fuck off and a new inquisitor comes in, you still don't know what they're about. But you know."

Ghed nods at Edgar.

Sparkles says, "I feel like after all of the years of getting the Monarchy in place that would be a real downer to everyone who participated in that if suddenly there was a big heel turn."

Anonymous states, "I don't know if I'd call having the king/royal family be pro mage is a heel turn."

Anonymous states, "They're still king/royal. It's not like it invalidates the achievement."

Edgar states, "But the only people I've pyred, on this character or my last, have been people that blatantly got caught doing it, and I wouldn't be able to explain it away. There were just as many mages I knew about ICly that I let slide for 'the greater good' or whatever excuse you want to use."

Anonymous nods at Edgar.

Anonymous states, "I do remember you doing that with one person"

Edgar queries, "Because if we're honest, and the Order -did- kill every mage we ever heard about, then what's left for anybody to do?"

Veldur queries, "So, is the question how to get more mages to play publically without the risk of them immediately being permabarbecued?"

Ghed claims, "Inherit their goods"

Anonymous muses, "Smith damascus swords with amazing strings that no one will buy because sword really shouldn't be a gskill?"

Murrcognito wonders, "QUESTION: would it be possible for magical moods to be a thing?"

Ghed questions, "Ellaborate?"

Murrcognito asks, "... On the front of making 'oogy-boogy' stuff more present in the game world?"

Flower claims, "I love swoooooords. "

A male voice says, "You can just do moods with magical stoof in it anyway, I do that all the time. "

Kinaed questions to Veldur, "I'm not sure - the topic started off with 'can we continue topics from other OOC Chats' and 'Sure' and 'Anyone remember what came up?'"

Kinaed states to Veldur, "I don't think anyone's seeking anything specific. We did have one idea to turn the current state of affairs on its head and shake things up with, for example, maybe the Daravi winning for awhile."

Murrcognito trails off, "Magic helpfiles presently stipulate that mages cannot leave lingering effects when they aren't around; crawly vines from earth mages, voices in the wind, etc..."

Veldur claims, "Ah, gotcha. Just trying to make sure I was on the same page."

Kinaed claims, "It sounded intriguing, but didn't really go too far int erms of discussion before we veered off into antag vs risk RP"

Kinaed smiles at Veldur.

Ghed queries to Murrcognito, "Yeah? I didn't know and I'm staff"

Ghed states, "I've seen millions of magical moods"

Raspberries asks, "Might be good to typo that help file incase it's out of date?"

Anonymous claims, "I've only seen one magic mood, and it was very spooky."

Raspberries claims, "Granted, the moods shouldn't be made to give an advantage or something, following the general vNPC rules"

Anonymous says to Edgar, "What kind of mage RP are orderites wishing they saw more of? I mean besides randomly catching them being knocked out in the triage, I basically never run into mages."

Flower says, "Can I be let go? phone needs to charge before getting the daughter from band. "

Kinaed says, "When I play an Orderite, I'm happy for there to be no crime whatsoever. I just like wearing red and feeling scary."

Flower laughs at Kinaed.

Kinaed claims to Flower, "What can I say. I'm uncomplicated."

Anonymous states to Kinaed, "Mean"

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Raspberries queries, "I think Flower was asking for a trans back? You can also walk down, it'll put you back on grid"

Raspberries states, "Ah there she goes"

Edgar questions, "Well, I don't want to speak for all ORderites, but I suppose I can speak for myself and Ezra. Most of your development as a character in the Order sort of relies on other characters, right?"

Deedee states, "Same for all characters, yes"

Kinaed nods at Edgar.

Edgar claims, "Sure, but not that specific -type-, Dedee."

Edgar claims, "I can develop with literally anybody as a non-Orderite."

Kinaed nods at Edgar.

Edgar states, "But if Edgar was an acolyte and he's stuck between clergy/inquisitor, maybe it's more interesting for that decision to be a result of an IC action, something that actually happens."

Edgar states, "I see a demon eat a baby or a mage puts mushrooms in my butt and makes me see the astral, who knows. That's an open book."

Anonymous says, "God don't give tasker ideas."

Edgar claims, "We're happy to see demons, violence, debate each other on theology, just hear about spooky things like the demon sighting, literally anything that gives us a reason to investigate, engage people, talk, and so on. It doesn't have to be violent, definitely can be. It can be violent without death, we love that too. It can even end in a death, by all means I'm not overly attatched."

Sparkles claims, "The TL;DR is that playing in the Order is playing a character whose role is to serve others. On some levels the same as a Physician. And when there isn't anyone who needs/wants/seeks out that RP ... the 'stuff' you use to fill your time otherwise is something you could be doing on any other type of character with far less restrictions or expectations."

Edgar says, "I had a mage come to me and shit all over my characters view on faith and how he was dumb as shit for what he believes in. Wonderful, love that. Gives my character a reason to reflect on. I don't want you to risk your mages just to give me some fun, right? I want you to have fun with us, and we're happy to take that RP in all shapes and forms."

Trajen claims, "Good point"

Raspberries reports the bloodwood furniture in the grand inquisitor's office.

Kinaed states, "I don't think I agree that hte purpose of an Orderite is to serve others."

Murrcognito declares, "Have to head out; thanks all for the discussion!"

Murrcognito begins to descend.

Sparkles claims, "You can't RP confession by yourself, or Mass by yourself. You can't give spiritual advice to yourself. Versus ... a Merchant can craft with no one else around for example."

Anonymous says, "What's the purpose of an Orderite then? If you're a priest, then you're supposed to be a mentor/faith instruction/mediator kind of thing to others. If you're an inquisitor/knight, you're supposed to (supposedly) protect people from the mages."

Murrcognito leaves down.

Kinaed states, "The purpose of any role in the game for any player is to enjoy the game. It burns my breetches when people tell other people, regardless of guild, that they're playing wrong because they don't like or think that someone else is there to serve their needs (sorry, I think my stance on htis is because of how I've personally experienced being told I wasn't doing the right thing in every role from order to troub)"

Kinaed states to Anonymous, "To have fun in an RP experience."

Kinaed states, "Nothing says anyone has to be GOOD at their job."

Kinaed claims, "And even that is subject."

Kinaed says, "*subjective."

Anonymous claims, "Well then let's say that being an Orderite nudges one towards serving the people's spiritual/protection needs, and if you don't enjoy doing that oocly, it might make the character unfun."

Kinaed says, "One person might like the scary Orderite with no friends and think that's the right way to play an Orderite while someone else thinks the politican Orderite is ideal."

Kinaed claims, "No one should feel their play is at the mercy of what other people think."

Ghed claims, "Oocly"

Sparkles states, "The issue is it's hard to argue that's completely subjective when there's a coded system in place for objectifying it."

Raspberries claims, "Well"

Ghed claims to Sparkles, "Go on"

Raspberries claims, "Still have to consider standing as a GL at least."

Kinaed is listening as well.

Kinaed finishes abruptly, "(Just noting that it's the top of the hour if anyone needs to go - send me a tell)"

Violet has been transferred out by Kinaed.  [OOC]
Violet has been transferred in by Kinaed.  [OOC]

Deedee exclaims, "(so much for our record- sorry!)"

Sparkles says, "The support system creates via code a way for people to 'judge' whether or not they feel you are doing a good job based on whatever personal matrix they have for what that entails. So you do have to on some level be 'good' at your job in the general view of people to keep at. At least at the point where that job is being a GL. Which ... a lot of people get pushed into by nature of playerbase numbers."

Kinaed claims, "Not really. You just need a few good men. Ask the Order who habitually had like a circle of 4-5 guild members supporting one another."

A male voice says, "I do tremendously dislike the support system, just makes more stress for an already stressful position regardless of guild."

Sparkles says, "That presumes your Guild has that many active people."

Kinaed claims, "Being honest, it's one of the few ways we see red flags when Gls aren't doing right by their guilds."

Anonymous queries, "Question: has an orderite GL ever been gambited outside of extreme criminal activity?"

Edgar claims, "Can confirm, I've been at approved forever and I think I only asked one person to use the command."

Sparkles claims, "Yes"

Deedee queries, "Do you have any suggestions for how to improve/replace the support system?"

Kinaed says, "If you're a GL, some part of you needs to be engaging new players and trying to grow your guild. It's in your best interest."

Ghed nods.

Deedee says, "Prior, you had to murder the GL to get them out"

Kinaed nods at Deedee.

A male voice says, "Which is easy to do, but worrying about support levels and the awkward conversations of 'support' do grate on you after a while."

Ghed says, "It's effective if imperfect for evaluating GLs"

Sparkles says, "I'm not disagreeing with why the system exists, I'm just saying that does put you at the mercy of what other people think about your RP."

Kinaed has transferred Violet.  [OOC]

Sparkles says, "So saying people don't have to worry about it is ... on some level inaccurate."

Ghed says, "It's an ic system, standing on ic motivations"

Kinaed claims, "It's interesting because support isn't even the issue I was thinking of"

Kinaed says, "I was thinking of things like having people peer pressure my Inquisitors to burn someone because they're slutty."

Edgar says, "It seems like once you get over that hump of getting initial supporters, you kinda just ride it out as long as you want. Assuming you don't do anything extreme IC, but maybe that's just me. Don't seem to see much sway in support week-to-week for those that are active."

Sparkles claims, "I think sometimes the two things go hand in hand as people become very worried about support if they do/don't make various decisions."

Kinaed says, "There's an inbetween path that's fairly safe and powerful to walk."

Sparkles says, "Or at least that's something that's been expressed to me by folks over time. Not sure everyone feels that way."

Kinaed claims, "Sometimes, it's just about striding about with conviction and a bit of willingness to play chicken."

Veldur is idle.

Veldur is no longer idle.

Veldur has returned from AFK.

Kinaed states, "Well, I enjoyed this rousing conversation, but we are at the top of the hour. Not sure we decided anything, but definitely open to a continuation next week. :)"

Kinaed questions, "Everyone okay if we wrap it up and get back to our regularly scheduled RP? :)"

Trajen says, "Good conversationn for me."

Ghed claims, "Go kill someone"

Ghed claims, "Preferavly not me"

Trajen gasp

Anonymous gets a one edged, gently curved, two handed damascus steel sword from a thick, coarse linen satchel, fit with wide leather straps.

Anonymous wields a one edged, gently curved, two handed damascus steel sword.

Anonymous states to Ghed, "I'm ready."

Deedee claims, "Murder is still the quicker solution, less hoops to jump through."

Anonymous stops using a one edged, gently curved, two handed damascus steel sword.

Tasker draws a gnarled, oaken wooden stave engraved with spiraling runes 

Anonymous puts a one edged, gently curved, two handed damascus steel sword in a thick, coarse linen satchel, fit with wide leather straps.

A male voice says, "IS THAT A KATANA ANON"

Trajen claims, "Rofl the practical solution"

Anonymous says, "No, it's a big-ass half shamshir"

Kinaed claims, "Thanks everyone :)"

Ghed says, "Anyone else draws a weapon here I'll set their App to 0"

Kinaed trails off, "Retrans in 3..."

Deedee waves.

Kinaed trails off, "2..."

Kinaed trails off, "1..."

Leta wields an intricately-etched, black-hilted iron athame.

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Ghed says, "Anyone else draws a weapon here I'll set their App to 0"
Leta wields an intricately-etched, black-hilted iron athame.

Sooo... is Leta App: 0 now? :?

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