Log of OOC Meeting - 2020/09/12

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Sun Sep 13, 2020 9:51 am

Temi wonders, "Alright, so our agenda for today: 1) staff updates, 2) player heartbeat, and 3)
player topics. Does anyone have any player topics to get on the list already?"

TheHeresyAgenda claims, "Got two"

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Temi nods at TheHeresyAgenda.

Sparkles says, "I have a topic."

Temi states, "We'll start with one and come back to the other if there's time."

Kuzco states, "Got one but I can't remember"

Temi nods at Sparkles.

Temi asks of Kuzco, "Shall I put you down?"

Kuzco claims, "Uhhhh sure, I'll try to remember"

Deedee claims, "I'll put one in."

Proxy sneezes loudly.

Temi nods.

Deedee wears a medical mask of brown paper smelling of herbs and flowers over her face.

Temi questions, "Okay, Got Heresy Agenda, Sparkles, Kuzco, Deedee. Anyone else?"

Deedee removes a medical mask of brown paper smelling of herbs and flowers from her face.
Deedee stops using a medical mask of brown paper smelling of herbs and flowers.

Kuzco says, "Oh yeah I remembered"

Temi says, "Alright, let's get going then."

Temi says, "I'll start out since I'm already talking."

Yinadele nods.

Temi states, "I've been working with the Reeves on preparing something for tomorrow. I don't know
if they're announcing ahead of time or not, but wanted people to be aware to stop by if they are

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Temi gives a vanilla cake, topped with two women facing off toe-to-toe to Violet.

Wimpled questions, "When about?"

Temi claims, "I think we said 4:30 pm system"

Sparkles nods.

Anony nods.

Wimpled claims, "Cool, cool."

Temi claims, "I posted up on the general board."

Anonymous queries, "Is this at the reeve hq?"

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Temi states, "Nope."

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TheHeresyAgenda says, "Hype hyp"

Satoshi claims, "Its an event that probably will be announced as it's happening"

Temi nods in agreement.

Temi says, "Probably not a big time sink, but should hopefully be a big deal."

Satoshi says, "Which, can we get a woot, that's awesome"

Satoshi claims, "We've deffo needed more plots/stories going on"

Temi states, "Anyway! Other than that, just following up on some plots and things, trying to get
announcements out on all the stuff that has been wrapping up."

Sparkles claims, "After that is the Magebane Party for folks who want to double up on stuffs."

Yinadele exclaims, "I'm excited for it!"

Anonymous asks, "I thought the magebane party was today after the meeting?"

Errisar states, "Sunday at 7 server."

say Is magebane not today? Post says 12th of september

Anony questions, "Is magebane not today? Post says 12th of september"

Temi queries, "Okay, moving on though, Ilena?"

Anonymous states, "The IC poster said saturday, the 12th, aka today"

Ilena exclaims, "Hello everyone! I got to make some helpful adjustments and additional lore entried
under 'help surname' and 'help gentry' after asking Kinaed! I made it so you can embellish with end-
crafted fur pelts for adding fur trim, and the like! As usual I processed a lot of wonderful
recommends, and I'm always glad to see everyone appreciate the RP other people do!

Since Az and Niamh aren't here right now, I'd like to comment on their hard work so far on
bugfixing going far extensively! They rock- Take a look at the massive amount of bugs and
adjustments pushed to Changes!"

Violet declaims, "It was confusing. Said Sunday, but the 12th!"

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Temi exclaims, "Thanks Ilena, that's awesome!"

Violet exclaims, "Thank you, Ilena!"

Temi wonders, "Who is running the party - any confirmation on the dates?"

say Tomorrow will be a bit tricky for me. Gonna see what I can do to wrap things around.

Ilena states, "I think Sparkles is, and she said sunday/the 13th."

Temi nods.

Anony claims, "Tomorrow will be a bit tricky for me. Gonna see what I can do to wrap things around."

Temi pontificates, "Okay, tomorrow then!"

Errisar finishes her note.
INFO> Shamra has edited the note Magebane Festival at the Globe (Edited by Shamra) on the General

TheHeresyAgenda says, "There the general post is fixed"

Temi pontificates, "Thanks!"

TheHeresyAgenda says, "Wasnt me"

Civetta says, "I'll try not to ruin everyone's appetites"

Temi questions, "So continuing on to player heartbeat. How's RP this week?"

Proxy claims, "Very good."

Apathy says, "It's been excellent."

TheHeresyAgenda claims, "Very exciting, extremely busy"

Satoshi claims, "Been getting back into the swing of things, very fun, very casual"

Violet claims, "RP is good, RL is nuts. Lots of fire."

Kalana declares, "Good for me! I need more time to get everything done though"

Yinadele says, "Super busy! I've been a little burned out today actually, but I hope to be recharged
by tomorrow."

Kitty says, "I have been quite absent, and I apologize to any who have felt they have needed me.
But, when I've been able to, it's been good."

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Kuzco says, "I've been alright, enjoying little reeve duties and flooding the market with Asglen

Deedee says, "Had a few good scenes, still not as much time to play as I'd like"

Cat claims, "Lots of scenes. Very fun stuff."

Errisar says, "The quality of RP has been great for me! Although, I have had a few scenes when it
took over ten minutes to get emotes back from other players."

Temi muses, "It's seemed pretty quiet from this end. Is RL just crazy?"

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Temi gives a vanilla cake, topped with two women facing off toe-to-toe to Jennifer.

Temi nods at Errisar.

Temi asks of Errisar, "Is that something people are seeing a lot of these days?"

Violet muses to Temi, "It's the time of year where lots of folks have new RL obligations-- as well,
could just be the calm before the campaign?"

Kuzco says, "I'm considering writing up a new ST"

Proxy states, "I haven't had much of a problem, but that's probably because I do stuff in the

Temi nods at Violet.

Temi states to Violet, "I do think so, yep. School years starting etc"

Kitty states, "I think the autowarns have helped, for those who have it on."

Errisar claims, "The two times it happened for me were notable, since my other scenes were much
faster paced."

Temi nods at Errisar.

Jennifer says, "Yeah, love that the autowarns have been fixed. Appreciate it all the time."

Kitty questions, "But two times out of how many, and were the same characters in those two scenes?"

Yinadele says, "I feel like autowarns have been excellent."

Errisar states, "Two times out of maybe twelve scenes, and yes, the same folks. I think it just
might be the time of year."

Yinadele says, "RL isn't TOO busy, but I try to RP with a lot of people."

Satoshi says, "Autowarn super useful can concur"

Kuzco nods.

Errisar pontificates, "Autowarn is awesome!"

Temi pontificates, "Definitely folks are seeming glad to have autowarn back, that's good!"

Cat nods.

Temi wonders, "Anything bothering anybody that staff ought to know about?"

Temi says, "Besides topics on the list"

Temi declaims, "Alright, doesn't sound like anything. Let's go on to topics!"

Satoshi states, "Seems like a no lol"

Temi wonders, "The Heresy Agenda number one?"

TheHeresyAgenda says, "I forgot to prewrite aaa"

Temi declaims, "Yes, everyone, please prewrite!"

Deedee pre-wrote.

TheHeresyAgenda states, "So what I'd like to see is multiple trademarks you can switch between. for
collabs that would be really useful, when you just want "the merchants guild" as your trademark for

Temi asks, "How much would people actually use that?"

Yinadele claims, "You could generally save your trademarks in a text file, and change the extended
desc for the trademark."

say What Yinadale says, yep!

Anony declares, "What Yinadale says, yep!"

Satoshi wonders, "If you change your Trademark, it shouldn't change previous stamps, right?"

Temi claims, "You can also just tool yourself, so it may not be worth expanding the command"

Kitty wonders, "Is your trademark not able to be changed once you set it?"

Temi nods at Satoshi.

Deedee claims, "It doesn't, right"

Satoshi claims, "Yeah so you can just change it at need"

TheHeresyAgenda claims, "Thats possible, its just much more cumbersome"

Sparkles states, "I'd be considered if people could swap trademarks you might get spoofs."

Kuzco says, "It kinda defeats the purpose of a special trademark code"

Proxy states, "A small price to pay for salvation."

Deedee says, "You can change your trademark currently, yes"

Kitty questions, "I would just keep it in a Notepad++ file, or something. It's what I do if I want
to save more than 2 descriptions. Or, save it in a cnote with coding?"

Temi says, "When you stamp it, it doesn't tie it to you, it just puts the ed on it."

Kitty claims, "If you want to keep it in game."

PrayTheMageAway is idle.

Satoshi claims, "You could also just not trademark it, if you want it to be generic merchant's

Temi nods at Satoshi.

Satoshi questions, "TM only shows up on appraise, and how often are people appraising stuff?"

Satoshi claims, "Or maybe I'm just a fool who doesn't appraise junk"

Kitty appraises things all the time.

Jennifer muses, "Plus isn't trademark for merchants specifically?"

Deedee says, "I'm not opposed to the idea myself. Perhaps it could be made to use physical letter
seal items "

MUDdyWaters states, "Shows up on look around too"

Kitty states, "And trademarks show as extra descriptions on the items."

Proxy claims, "I was thinking the same as Deedee, maybe."

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Deedee claims, "So the change could be to require a physical seal for the trademark, but you can use
whichever of your seals you like"

Satoshi states, "That sounds like more hassle than the current system"

Anonymous says, "But that locks it behind a lvl 75 jeweling item"

Temi says, "I'm less opposed to the idea, and more worried if it should be coded in."

Temi says, "It would take away from other coding time."

Satoshi wonders, "Maybe just add a single generic stamp for the merchants in general with it's own

Deedee says, "That's actually a reason behind my idea, Anonymous. More trade."

Temi claims, "Maybe"

TheHeresyAgenda states, "That alone would be cool, satoshi"

Satoshi claims, "Instead of 'stamp item' could do 'stamp merchants item' or something, put the
generic merchant coin on it"

TheHeresyAgenda claims, "We've designed one so yea i could pass that around"

Temi claims, "Alright. Let's continue onto the next topic."

Temi asks, "Sparkles?"

Cat claims, "If it's tied to an object, then it can also be stolen, which is cool."

Sparkles says, "I'd just like to bring up a bit of a reminder about ... tone on Visnet."

say Yeah, visnet sometimes looks like a bit too much. So I ended up turning it off, which isn't
nice of me :<

Anony states, "Yeah, visnet sometimes looks like a bit too much. So I ended up turning it off, which
isn't nice of me :<"

Kuzco muses, "What happened now?"

Sparkles says, "Which I realize is a bit a wide thought but sometimes some of our newer folks need
more factual information about things than folks using questions as a bit of a sounding board for

Proxy claims, "I haven't seen whatever happened."

Deedee muses, "Was it an isolated event, or a routine thing? I haven't noticed anything off when
I've been on"

Sparkles states, "It was a particular day that seemed a bit off, I generally try to be vague so it
can be collective awareness."

Deedee nods.

Jennifer claims, "Yeah I haven't seen anything either, but I tend to turn visnetoff from time to

Deedee states, "A gentle nudge when it happens should be the thing to do. you can do it anonymously
if you like."

Cat states, "I didn't see anything like that, when I was online, but I'm going to keep it in mind."

Sparkles states, "Anyways, that was it, I'm excited to see new folks for us all to get to meet so
just the collective thought of let's create a nice welcome."

Wimpled states, "I've seen it get pretty chatty, have had it turned off for a while as a result."

Temi says, "Yeah, and the more people are watching it and helping to answer questions, the better
for staff in general."

Temi claims, "If there's anything broader going on, please do let staff know, or report specific
events of folks being snarky"

Temi says, "If you aren't comfortable asking them to stop it"

Kitty states, "I tend to ask them to stop if it's getting too chatty and should be taken to another

Temi asks, "That handle that topic then with the reminder to folks?"

Temi nods in agreement with Kitty.

Sparkles nods.

Temi questions, "Okay, Kuzco?"

Kuzco produces a white board and begins drawing football positions with Xs and arrows, "So I'd like
to ask staff to consider reviewing NPC auto targetting. It's well known that whoever leads on point
has a death sentence as hostile mobs will always unfailingly attack them first. Moreover, -all- mobs
will, so it often means a woundedKO's PC and rather unscathed allies who try to kill the mobs as
efficiently as possible."

"Maybe each new NPC who aggros can choose a PC at random?"

Kuzco claims, "*wounded or KO'd"

Apathy is idle.

Anonymous asks, "If you are in a group with other players, and an NPC with lethal knocks you out,
does your character just die?"

Proxy claims, "I kind of wish there was a command that combined follow and protect in one, like an

Satoshi claims, "Yeah it is a little OP of NPCs to just wail on the first person they see until they
go down, regardless of if there's 5 ppl hitting them"

Temi states, "Something predictable can mean you can work around it, of course."

Temi wonders, "Have people seen a lot of this issue?"

Deedee says, "I've seen it"

say True. The bears like to bite me over my surely undead minions. Minions are also slow to act, I
have to manually command them to attack.
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Anony states, "True. The bears like to bite me over my surely undead minions. Minions are also slow
to act, I have to manually command them to attack."

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Violet exclaims, "Yep!"

Proxy claims, "I have."

Kuzco states, "Yes, for years"

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Kuzco says, "The only solution presently is to cycle who leads"

Kuzco states, "But not everyone knows where they are going or all the room secret exits"

Deedee states, "You can also have someone defend the leader"

Kuzco states, "Moreover not everyone is an armored fighter"

Deedee states, "But that makes the leader unable to attack"

Anony nods.

Kitty questions, "Is there a 'rescue' command to jump in front?"

Kuzco claims, "Protecting"

Proxy states, "You can technically use protect, but that's already when 5 NPCs are attacking you."

Anonymous says, "Protecting does that, but it disables th eprotected persons ability to attack"

Sparkles asks, "Can you protect after combat has already started?"

Temi muses, "And how common is the 5 NPCs all waiting to attack issue?"

Kuzco balances himself on the balls of his feet, eyeing staff prettily.

Anonymous says, "A possible solution is a, and forgive me for the super generic term, taunt command,
to make an NPC attack you. It need not take the form of actually talking, but just kind of getting
in their faces and making them face you instead of someone else."

Deedee says, "You can yes"

Kitty states, "Right. So, what if there was a way to get in the way of one NPC? And, I have seen up
to... three or four boars. It was brutal."

Deedee says, "It does take a round of combat to do though"

Proxy states, "I think the general problem here is not just a mass of NPCs, but when combat PCs are
following an unarmed leader who immediately gets targeted should they walk into a hostile room."

Temi claims, "To be perfectly honest, I don't think it's going to be an easy fix"

Deedee nods at Temi.

Deedee says, "PvE combat in general is a bit janky, probably needs an entire overhaul"

PrayTheMageAway states, "Janky is a technical term"

Kuzco states, "I imagined it wouldn't be easy, no"

Kuzco states, "I do think it can be easily abused"

Anony nods.

Anonymous states, "My only real combat related complaint is how NPCs don't care about ranges, but
PC's still have to care when fighting them."

Temi claims, "Protect should help with things like this, but no, we don't want people to be able to
easily approach combat safely"

say NPCs not having ranges is a benefit for the player, more than the NPCs.

Anony claims, "NPCs not having ranges is a benefit for the player, more than the NPCs."

Kitty asks, "PCs don't have to care about ranges with NPCs, I didn't think?"

Kitty says, "When wandering around and shooting them repeatedly with arrows, it's not ever

Kuzco claims, "They don't"

Deedee says, "NPCs not having ranges is just a coding concern, would require smarter combat scripts
than what's currently used"

Temi says, "Staff will discuss and see if we can do anything to improve it"

Proxy says, "Sounds like a lot of effort to code smart NPCs tracking range."

Temi nods at Proxy.

Temi muses, "Moving on then, Deedee?"

Kitty states, "No, the comment was that NPCs don't worry about ranges, but PCs have to when fighting
NPCs, if I remember correctly. Which is not accurate. Neither have to worry about ranges."

MUDdyWaters states, "Pve is a big part of the game for some though, probably worth the effort"

Deedee says, "Another that would requiring some code time, but"

Deedee asks, "Similar to the sit message which has been adjusted, the message for the 'drop' command
can be a little jarring depending on context, so I wondered if it could be reworded so things can be
set down without it looking like you're being careless. Adding a separate command like 'set' for
that could also be an option, so you can continue to 'drop' things when it makes sense to. I have
posted this to the forum previously (https://ti-legacy.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=2253)"

Deedee sets down her cake.

Deedee drops a vanilla cake, topped with two women facing off toe-to-toe.

Deedee gets a vanilla cake, topped with two women facing off toe-to-toe.

Kuzco questions, "Like drop (emote)?"

Kuzco questions, "And it acts like smoking where it doesn't print any fixed message?"

Temi claims, "We can't have drop emote and drop action."

Deedee states, "Currenly drop (message) is just what it attaches to the item when you look at the

Kitty states, "I... tend to emote what I'm doing, then do it, so it's less jarring."

Sparkles asks, "Is this a big thing? Or do most people handwave that knowing it's a code thing?"

Temi states, "I'm sure it would be an easy change to change the message when you do drop, but I
don't know how big of an issue it is"

Satoshi states, "I think that everyone here understands that 'dropping' is just the mechanical
message for using the command 'drop' and if they're being pedantic about it they need to understand
this is a game with mechanics and not a mush"

PrayTheMageAway states, "I think its understood that when you drop a dozen eggs you are not
necessarily tossing them carelessly at the floor"

Kalana states, "I don't even think about it anymore"

Sparkles claims, "I've never had anyone say comment on it in RP."

MUDdyWaters says, "I think most people handwave knowing it, reading drop as more of a command than
believing the PC is actually just tossing something aside carelessly"

GloryToTheBolt is idle.

Temi nods.

PrayTheMageAway states, "Not an issue imho"

Temi states, "And drop in the messaging as the benefit of matching the command, so it's clear what
they are doing."

Anony nods.

Satoshi states, "Like how TECHNICALLY if i eat any food item that has 'plate' in the name i am
TECNICALLY eating a plate, but we all know that's not happening"

Satoshi crunches quietly on porcelain.

Anony laughs.

PrayTheMageAway states, "Mmm this is my favorite dish"

Deedee states, "Yeah, it's a little jarring for me to read too, Sato."

Wimpled states, "The plate is the best part."

Anonymous eats the blue plate special. Blue plate and all.

Cat claims, "XD Memories of plate eating gum comercials are popping up."

Deedee says, "I tool with 'serving' or such rather than plate these days"

TheHeresyAgenda is idle.

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say But with plates it is either assuming it is there or assuming the plate is not eaten. I do not
see how it would be any less jarring.

Anony claims, "But with plates it is either assuming it is there or assuming the plate is not eaten.
I do not see how it would be any less jarring."

MUDdyWaters eats plate mail and the plate its on

Temi nods.

TheHeresyAgenda trails off, "Also just yeeting the cup after youre done drinking..."

Kitty notes that you can add emotes onto eating, like eating it and then saying by stabbing a piece
of food with a fork.

Deedee says, "Haha yeah"

Satoshi claims, "So that's the same concept--we just know that that's silly and correct it in our

Temi nods.

Satoshi claims, "While mechanical actions count as ic actions, their specific wording doesn't have
to be the specific wording"

say You can also stack commands. For example, on more delicate scenes, I tend to have an emote
command set up and a hemote command. Or when something is done "lays the item on the bed" in the
emote and a drop command following.

Anony states, "You can also stack commands. For example, on more delicate scenes, I tend to have an
emote command set up and a hemote command. Or when something is done "lays the item on the bed" in
the emote and a drop command following."

Temi wonders, "Would people prefer it be different and just don't care that much, or prefer it match
the command?"

Kuzco states, "No particular opinion"

Sparkles says, "I feel like most people don't seem to care."

Proxy says, "I think these are all nice quality of life ideas, though hopefully we do have enough
coding time and resources."

Kitty says, "It does not bother me."

Satoshi questions, "We could adjust the output to just 'x sets down y' instead of 'drops' that
should be easy to do codewise right?"

PrayTheMageAway yeets a cup after completely draining the hot chocolate within

Deedee states, "Ideal for me would be copying the command so you can use either drop or set"

Errisar states, "No opinion."

Sparkles states, "But I do feel like we've other coding things that would improve things more for
things than things that cause limited bother."

Jennifer says, "I get where deedee is coming from with the drop though. I know there have been times
where I say oocly that I'm setting this thing down, not just drop kicking it to the ground."

Temi states to Satoshi, "Yeah, easy to do. It just doesn't reflect the command, so more opaque for

PrayTheMageAway says, "I hope that nobody expects me to start usung set or else they will make off
comments about how carelessly i throw stuff at the floor"

Temi nods.

say I never assumed or thought someone would just drop an item. I always depict it as being set

Anony claims, "I never assumed or thought someone would just drop an item. I always depict it as
being set down."

say Unless otherwise described, that is.

Anony states, "Unless otherwise described, that is."

Temi says, "Adding a separate command does make using drop suddenly 'wrong' on everybody in most

Jennifer asks, "The thing is though, we have emotes for everything else like dry apply why not for
drop as well?"

say Drop all

Anony claims, "Drop all"

Temi claims to Jennifer, "Because you can only include one statement after a command, and for drop
it sets the action of the item in the room."

Deedee claims, "Because drop uses an action for how the dropped item looks in the room"

Jennifer declares, "Ah fooey!"

Jennifer laughs.

Jennifer claims, "Did not think of that."

Satoshi says, "I personally feel like item actions are more important for RP than 'drop vs emote'"

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Temi claims, "Okay, we'll keep a thought on it, but probably nothing for now."

MUDdyWaters says, "I'd prefer it to be different, but in the case of plates and cups, I think
there's too many variable to find a solution that doesn't have problems. In a restauraunt servers
likely take everything away, at home things are set aside, in the wilderness, perhaps they are just
tossed aside, and it would depend on the actual item as well. You'd never toss aside a silver
chalice etc. etc."

Deedee nods.

MUDdyWaters says, "Sorry for delayed response, internet hiccough"

Temi asks, "Heresy, you had another?"

Satoshi claims, "Especially since this already culturally is understood to be 'i am using the drop
Temi comforts MUDdyWaters.

Satoshi states, "Not 'I am fucking smashing this goddamned cup on the ground like the trash it is'"

PrayTheMageAway smashes the gold flecked porcelain chalice before shouting "another!"

TheHeresyAgenda says, "Oh"

TheHeresyAgenda claims, "It would be really helpful if looking at an item also showed the labels -
especially when you read mails. "

TheHeresyAgenda trails off, "(sorry, i missed it...)"

Temi asks, "You mean labels with the label command? Just print that at the top?"

TheHeresyAgenda states, "Ya"

Deedee says, "That could be convenient"

say I would like if putting a label would also add a keyword >_>

Anony states, "I would like if putting a label would also add a keyword >_>"

TheHeresyAgenda claims, ""It is labeled as "label"""

Temi says, "Seems likely easy and useful enough"

Satoshi claims, "That would be handy if you have multiple of the same label"

Jennifer states, "It is a keyword"

Satoshi states, "Label does add keyword, anony"

Proxy wonders, "Labels do add keywords, don't they?"

Jennifer states, "It does"

Temi nods at Proxy.

Deedee nods.

Satoshi claims, "But if you use color codes, you have to include the color code"

say D: oh god. That would make things so much easier. I never realized. Thanks

Anony says, "D: oh god. That would make things so much easier. I never realized. Thanks"

Satoshi says, "If you label it red you have to type {RRed{x"

Proxy claims, "So, never use colour labels unless you want to torture yourself."

MUDdyWaters states, "That's awful"

Satoshi claims, "Yes so don't use colors"

Kitty wonders, "I don't tend to use color in my labels?"

Temi states, "Probably makes sense not to. Unless they are for visual in the room instead of

Temi grins.

Proxy states, "Me neither. But apparently that's a thing (that I did not know about and probably
will never use)"

Deedee claims, "Maybe that should be bug boarded if it hasn't been"

Satoshi states, "I don't think it can be fixed, it's just the game being literal, as code tends to

Temi says, "Feel free to bug report, yeah, though I don't know how high priority it is."

Jennifer claims, "Az has been on a roll with the bug fixes though."

Deedee states, "There should already be code that strips color codes out"

Kitty claims, "But that's not really a bug? At least, I don't see it as one."

PrayTheMageAway says, "We are over time"

Deedee says, "That ca be applied for that"

Temi nods.

Temi queries, "We're officially out of time now. Any last minute announcements or shout outs?"

Apathy is idle.

Proxy states, "Someone make a meme thread on the forums for all these funny memes."

Proxy claims, "I see a lot on OOC."

Apathy is no longer idle.
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Temi grins.

Temi declaims, "Feel free!"

Temi declaims, "Okay, sending folks back now. Enjoy!"

Deedee says, "Be the change you want to see, Proxy"

Deedee waves.

Kuzco declares, "Remember to write reviews in r/MUD!"

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SandMan has been transferred out by Temi. [OOC]
Wimpled has been transferred out by Temi. [OOC]
Errisar has been transferred out by Temi. [OOC]
Yinadele has been transferred out by Temi. [OOC]
Sparkles has been transferred out by Temi. [OOC]
Civetta has been transferred out by Temi. [OOC]
Kuzco has been transferred out by Temi. [OOC]
Satoshi has been transferred out by Temi. [OOC]

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