Log of OOC Meeting - 2020/08/08

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Sat Aug 08, 2020 8:40 pm

Kinaed states, "Today's Agenda is:

- Staff Updates
- Player Heartbeat
- Player Topics

Is there anything anyone would like to add to the agenda to make certain we discuss it today? If you register a topic, please pre-write it so you're ready to present it when called upon."

Kinaed says, "Last week, I reviewed a LOT of cnotes and had a minor chat with a few people about OOC Confirmation bias and a reminder that if your character is coming to IC Conclusions about something you may believe OOCly, that you MUST check with staff about whether or not your deductions are viewed as sufficient. Please write a Request Board if you are in these circumstances. Please note that last week, there were no nulls as a result of people having insufficient information, it was more a case of 80 percent of something stacking up and being told that 20 percent didn't, so please be careful."

Kinaed claims, "Anyway, those people who needed a reminder were and everything else was left as is."

Kinaed claims, "On my desk - Turf Wars. And I've also started a help file for the Order about common difficult player behaviors and how they can handle them before engaging staff. Finally, I am also meeting with people who have played Path of Fire characters at least once and have historical information to give to fill in some lore."

Kinaed trails off, "That's it for me. Handing it over to ..."

Kinaed claims to Temi, "You're up by random die roll."

Temi claims, "Okay! I've been working on the big plot stuff. I think that's pretty close, and making some plans for potential next plots."

Temi claims, "And I've gone through a bunch of crafted and crafting stuff to review embellishments"

Temi states, "Still more of those to get through, but I've been more generous with some of the things that you can use embellish with, so keep an eye on those sorts of things. Hopefully it should be fun for those who want to take advantage, even if I don't expect most of them to be used for embellishing."

Temi nods at Kinaed.

Violet pontificates, "Ooh, new embellishment items will be exciting! Thank you, Temi!"

Joel says, "For some reason my brain read "embellishing" as "embezzling" and I was very confused."

Temi grins.

Temi says, "People may continue with their embezzling as previously planned."

Joel snorts

Sylvre laughs softly

Kinaed smiles.

Deedee nods.

Kinaed says to Azarial, "You're up, if you're in there :)"

Azarial states, "I've been working on autowarn. otherwise it's been a busy week RL. and as always, I do not handle anything IC."

Kinaed smiles.

Kinaed nods at Azarial.

Kinaed claims to Azarial, "Thank you."

Kinaed states to Ilena, "You're up :)"

Ilena states, "Hello! I've had a fun week and had a bit of in and out in terms of internet access, but I've helped get new phomes set up, following up on a lot of Recommends before yesterday- Gosh! I fixed up some miscellaneous typos. I gave the Brotherhood a new helpfile for people if they do crimes against them- help victim, as per one of the suggestions from those players."

Kinaed states, "Nice :)"

SeriousBusiness says, "... his friendly nature."

Ilena declaims, "I'm still learning, but I'm always glad to help!"

Joel exclaims, "It's in the shop name, must be true!"

TheHeresyAgenda claims, "Youve been doing amazing the probably 100 times i had to ping you this week"

Kinaed states, "I want to thank the Staff for their work this week. You guys are awesome, and without you, the game would fall apart :)"

Anony nods.

Kinaed queries, "And now it's time to turn our attention to the other super awesome and important side of TI - our Players :) How was the game for you guys this week?"

Fightclub says, "Thank you all for your hardwork and amazing updates."

TheHeresyAgenda agrees with Kinaed.

Tigerseye states, "Seriously mucho props admins im head over heels in love with this game and very ggateful for the work u guys do"

Joel states, "Start of the week was slow and confusing, but the end more than made up for it. So I won't be playing in first part of the week from now on for this reason."

Kinaed claims, "Thanks, everyone :)"

TheHeresyAgenda states, "Oh boy, pretty amazing. but the exciting stuff is over now so gotta uh figure out what to do with my chars. "

Temi claims, "<3 to all."

Kinaed nods at TheHeresyAgenda.

Kinaed questions, "Anyone else want to tell us how their TI week went?"

Joel states, "Ah yes and bothering temi and Ilena with my endless nonsense."

Ilena declares, "<3!"

Kitty states, "Game has been fine. Some characters with tons of scenes, some with not as many, but the scenes I have had have been good."

SeriousBusiness says, "Some positives, some negatives. Very engaged with the RP despite the policy issues we've had - altogether a positive on that end, balancing out a lot. One somewhat regretful note is that I have turned off autowarn and will probably keep it off. I've noticed that seeing the 5-minute warning pop up any time I happen to miss it just gets me focused on the OOC instead of the IC."

Kinaed nods at SeriousBusiness.

Violet declares, "Seemed decently quiet, but overall good! Busy with real life so rather distractable"

Sylvre says, "I'd like to thank temi for the awesome work on noble applications, and since this is my first time er, well the rp was good. "

Kinaed nods at Violet.

Aeglir states, "Still trying to adjust! But it was a pretty eventful week, very interesting stuff happened."

Yinadele states, "My week was pretty good, all things considered. I also had issues for two-ish days due to power, but it was a LOT of good people I got to scene with."

Kinaed smiles at Aeglir.

Anony states, "Freaking Emotional, as you know. The inquisitor is honestly amazing as a player. Just gotten a tad cranky with the lack of being able to do much. And I feel it was a satisfying end to Ven/Ara, which is something I can say because people involved allowed me the little autonomy that I claimed for myself."

Kinaed comforts Anony.

Cyan says, "Still building this toon"

TheHeresyAgenda says, "Ara was an amazing char btw. thank you for the rp"

Tigerseye gives a big sloppy hug to the dead players

TheHeresyAgenda states, "Cant overstate the value of it."

Kinaed smiles.

Kitty says, "Our new inquisitor is amazeballs, yes."

Violet states, "<3 <3 to all involved. I know pyring is challenging for both pyrers and pyrees"

Kinaed nods at Violet.

Anony says, "You were amazing about it, too, heresy. Thank you for having accompanied me along the way with it."

Joel hopes to not find out about the new inquisitor

Cat says, "True. Rp with ara was really cool."

Tigerseye laughs.

Kinaed says, "Thanks everyone :)"

Kinaed asks, "Other than OOC Topics, is there anything shitting anyone about TI at the moment?"

TheHeresyAgenda queries, "Shitting?"

Joel says, "Eh, there is a bit of a problem still on the brotherhood, times were not... great for them, in more than one way. But slowly working through it."

Tigerseye queries, "Speaking of shitting, can we add digestive mechanics?"

Kinaed muses to TheHeresyAgenda, "Bugging...?"

SeriousBusiness states, "I'm not omnipotent and omniscient. Needs more reality-changing powers."

TheHeresyAgenda says, "It was quiet and that worries me but im a worry ward."

Kinaed wonders to Tigerseye, "Can yes. Should we though?"

Tigerseye states, "No lol not a serious suggestion"

Temi grins.

Joel wants to rp in the outhouse

Temi claims, "Probably should not."

Violet claims, "I want to eat cats"

Sparkles states, "I have a little idea/topic to add to the list if there's time."

Sylvre says OOCly, "I think it'd be great for the realism. But that's just me."

Violet says, "On TI, not IRL. IRL I just want a pet cat."

Joel states, "Violet you can."

Temi says, "You are still welcome to RP in the outhouse yourself."

TheHeresyAgenda trails off, "What if we.... held hands in the outhouse"

Kinaed says to Sparkles, "Sure, I'll throw your name into the list of topics. Please pre-write"

TheHeresyAgenda blushes.

Joel states, "Pretty sure butchering a cat drops meat."

Tigerseye is ready to ask bit would prefer to go last

TheHeresyAgenda states, "Hey we should do a cat farm i bet that will end well"

Kitty states, "I don't really desire RPing having to pee. Had to do that when I had a pregnant character, otherwise...not necessary."

Kinaed trails off, "All of this talk of outhouses ... makes me think it's time to go to Player Topics :)"

Kinaed queries to TheHeresyAgenda, "Would you mind introducing your first topic only please? :)"

Violet states, "More seriously-- the emotes that do/don't work with the 5 min timer are a bit challenging. Many of which I believe others already posted bug boards about."

TheHeresyAgenda says, "One thing that bothers me is that the donations in the donation boxes never vanish. The effect of that is that the clothes I've donated in winter are still all there, untouched, which makes me IC not want to donate because apparently the Almshouses are doing well. I propose having donated items expire so that it actually feels like the donations go somewhere."

Kitty trails off, "Well, people should be reminded about stuff in there, so they can go get what's donated. Especially freemen..."

Azarial says, "I would have thought someone would salvage stuff."

Kitty claims, "Especially cyan freeman."

Joel claims, "The boxes there are really for PC convinience though... But we only have that many players who needs something from there."

TheHeresyAgenda states, "Then maybe an option to donate to npcs. "

Sparkles states, "You could always donate things in a plot too with the idea of giving them to vNPCs."

Tigerseye trails off, "Um yes, i was not aware of the lingering free stuff... i believe an ic solution is possible"

Sylvre says, "Yeah I have a. crafting alt makes me not want to put anything in there at all since there is so much."

Anony says, "Foods are probably always needed. Since MV n all :D"

Joel claims, "You can donate to vnpcs with plots indeed."

Fightclub claims, "So i will be visiting the Almshouse for sure now."

Temi says, "Also fine to have people go in and clean up the donation area."

Kinaed states, "I'd agree with that. I'll put it on Staff Talking Points and we'll see about the technical feasibility of that versus our many other priorities - please note that salvage exists, all of those who are interested in getting some free components for crafts."

Violet exclaims, "Maybe just a reminder: cyans/poor poor freemans: visit Alms for the Poor! Get things!"

Violet says, "(maybe even if you're not poor and you just want cool stuff)"

Tigerseye says, "Agreed"

Joel states, "But then new custom clothes are soo cheap hah."

Tigerseye puts the greed in Agreed.

TheHeresyAgenda claims, "There was a pipe in there once so i decided to become a pipe collector"

SeriousBusiness claims, "You could also consider mentally handwaving the donations still being there on your end. I know it's immersion-breaking to an extent, but if you think that IC is unrealistic, you can ignore it."

Kinaed nods at SeriousBusiness.

Kinaed claims, "Okay, I've got an anonymous topic next: Has anyone else noticed wildly fluctuating information on the 'support show' screen? Because I've noticed ping ponging between strong support and subversion and none at all, multiple times in a day, and am not sure if it's legitimate IC stuff, or if there's something wrong with the system itself."

Fightclub states, "I honestly didn't realize there was things I can get there."

Joel muses, "Mine was pretty stable? But isn't this in real time?"

Violet says, "I admittedly ignore 'support show' often. But no, I haven't seen any fluctuation"

Joel says, "So people may just be wavering."

Kinaed asks, "It is calculated in semi-real time. I think there's an hour or so delay maybe?"

SeriousBusiness claims, "I haven't personally, but I've noticed it anecdotally from multiple people's complaints over the past long while. Whether it's error or not, can't say."

Temi claims, "The main fluctuations I've noticed have been more around like rollover days when people might go inactive and come back active"

Kinaed nods at Temi.

Temi finishes abruptly, "But I haven't noticed much fluctuation - but also don't watch it"

Joel watches 40 times a day at least

Azarial says, "The system should only autmoatically adjust at rollover. Anything else is likely people changing it."

Kitty claims, "There is a lot of fluctuations for activity, etc."

Tigerseye wonders, "What happens if you are supported by an inactive player? do you still get IP?"

Kitty states, "But, for the most part, relatively steady."

Kinaed claims, "Right, so if the people supporting you become inactive, then you'll lose their support, for example. Please note activity is calculated on a 7 day rolling average, so it fluctuates daily for people."

Kinaed claims to Tigerseye, "Not from them, no"

Tigerseye nods.

Azarial says, "And it may not be people supporting you, per se; it can be pepe supporting your supporters"

Kinaed nods at Azarial.

SeriousBusiness claims, "There might also be a case of individuals swinging from support to subvert, occasionally. That'd be a relatively drastic difference."

Kitty states, "Right, secondary support."

Joel trails off, "Though I like the idea that it would only change at rollover, it is a bit too tied to "online times" now. Not often leaving time for counter-action..."

Yinadele muses, "Actually, can I bring up something relevant to this slightly?"

Kinaed nods at SeriousBusiness.

Kinaed says to Yinadele, "Sure :)"

Yinadele states, "It's really weird that 'approved' is higher than 'Liked'."

Joel states, "Em, at midnight rollover."

Kinaed claims to Yinadele, "Not to me :)"

Yinadele states, "In terms of the Guildleaders scale, that is."

Tigerseye claims, "Sometimes I like people that i dont approve of"

Kitty says, "People can be liked that... yes. That."

Violet states, "I do feel like it's a tad strange, but at this point I'm used to it"

Kalana muses, "'I like them as a person.' vs 'I think they are doing a good job.'?"

Kinaed claims, "Right, so in hte scale - like comes before approval."

Tigerseye claims, "Leadership is not friendship, and frequently requires unpopular decisions"

Azarial states, "'he;s a nice guy, but I wouldn;t trust him with a meaningful job'"

Anony queries, "How is it compared to prestige? The difference of "general popularity" and "approved as a guild leader"?"

SeriousBusiness says, "I admit, 'approved' sounds a lot less definitive to me. It sounds impersonal and distant. Compared to beloved, for instance. I'd think 'liked' comes before 'loved.'"

Kinaed claims, "Meanwhile, I'm sorry Yinadele - that's probably not something I'm likely to fix :) At least not today."

Violet says, "General comment that help scale is incredibly useful for these things (esp. for new players)"

Kinaed nods at Violet.

Joel says, "It's probably more cultural than anything."

Kitty says, "Help adjectives is great, too."

SeriousBusiness claims, "Yeah, really, help scale should be in chargen somewhere. Wildly useful and really hard to find on your own imo"

Kinaed states, "Okay, we have a few more player topics. :)"

Kinaed queries to Sparkles, "Would you mind introducing us to your next topic? :)"

Kitty says, "Oh! Same helpfile. nice."

Yinadele declares, "No, it's fine! I thought it'd be fine to bring it up, np!"

Kinaed says, "*our next topic"

Kinaed nods at Yinadele.

Kinaed claims, "It's certainly fine to bring up anything at all."

Kinaed nods at Yinadele.

Sylvre agrees with Kalana

Azarial states, "Being a gl might afftect popularioty, but otehrwise theya re mostly disconnected. and gl approval is a different set of calcualtions absed on your supporters than basic support."

Sparkles claims, "I'd like to bring up the idea of whether for silver as a phome option or for QP the idea of being able to gather mail from phomes. Or perhaps make it a feature of wood/stone houses to go with the class aspect? But, currently you can -send- letters via pigeons, but cannot receive mail as easily. And sometimes being able to quickly answer something I think might turn around RP faster, particularly in situations where one can answer a letter but not neccessarily get into RP."

Joel claims, "It would drastically cut the already rare mail interception."

Kinaed states, "We did that because 1) no one has a post office at their house IRL and 2) we want people to leave their homes occasionally."

Kitty questions, "Messengers aren't options?"

SeriousBusiness claims, "Messengers can't pick up your mail, at least."

Kitty claims, "Write a note, deliver it by messengers."

Kitty says, "I meant as an alternative."

Anony states, "Mailbox though D: Gentry/Nobility could hire people to bring them the mail home."

Sparkles claims, "Not if the person isn't on at the time or there's timezone issues."

Kinaed says, "From your home, you can send or receive messengers. You can also send pigeons with mail."

Kinaed claims, "You cannot receive mail, however."

Anonymous begins to count their money.

Azarial states, "Mail handling ah not evolved to a daily delivery of mail."

Joel trails off, "Although... If that opens RPA plots for someone to beat up your hired hand that retrieves the mail for you..."

Kinaed says, "Come to think of it, that's sort of the opposite of the real life situation, but yes - the reason it's not allowed at the moment is that we want people to have to go to a courier."

Kitty trails off, "Actually, I live in a place where mail isn't delivered to my house - have to get dressed and go to the post office. So..."

Anony claims, "Kinda fair. Otherwise people could just hide in their home all day >.>"

Tigerseye stands and flips the table over in a blind rage "do you want anarchy? because this is how you get anarchy"

Kinaed claims, "I'm actually not sure what medieval mail delivery looked like - but I wouldn't be surprised if things were addressed to a central location rather than specific addresses."

Kinaed nods at Anony.

TheHeresyAgenda states, "What kinda rp are you having where staying in your home yields you rp "

Joel states to Kinaed, "Depends on location. In east europe you went ot post office to pick it up."

Kinaed nods at Kitty.

Kinaed nods at Joel.

Anony claims, "That is a good question :D"

Kitty states, "RP with people who come to your house or live with you, probably."

Kinaed says, "In any case, thank you for bringing up the question and the idea, Sparkles. :)"

Christoph is idle.

Cyan states, "RPSEX"

Kinaed claims, "Okay, we're now circling back to TheHeresyAgenda."

TheHeresyAgenda states, "The helpfile for saffron bothers me. Good saffron is actually used for its aroma (as opposed to cardamon which is almost only color) so i'd ask for the text to be changed "

Tigerseye asks, "Oh heresy has two?"

Kinaed nods at Tigerseye.

Christoph is no longer idle.
Christoph has returned from AFK.

Kinaed says, "He registered two, so we went through everyone on the lsit, then circled back for 2nd topics"

Kinaed says, "Time permitting."

Tigerseye states, "I got one after that pls"

Kinaed says, "So, that help file is one I wrote off research, and it's not only used for food."

Kinaed claims to Tigerseye, "Sure :)"

TheHeresyAgenda says, "Hmm. i see i see. alright"

SeriousBusiness claims, "That one does in fact seem to be a 'degree in medieval history' kind of thing."

Sylvre claims, "Certain oils for chandlery recipes call for it."

Violet claims, "Oh! I had a quick idea to bring up if we have time, as well."

Kinaed says to TheHeresyAgenda, "Happy to discuss it a bit more OOCly if you like after the chat. I do have a player meeting and a staff meeting though"

Joel states, "Meeting with bunch of heretics."

Kinaed claims to Violet, "I'll add you after Tigerseye"

TheHeresyAgenda asks, "Ill be going to sleep soonish so some other day?"

Kinaed nods at TheHeresyAgenda.

Kinaed muses to Tigerseye, "Won't you introduce us to your topic? :)"

Tigerseye wonders, "Just experiencing a problem that i dont know that it has a solution but... since theres time... heres my whining:

imagine Jack is injured and being administered by nurse Jill for some good old fashioned physician roleplay... they build up their rpxp multipliers and then suddenly, Jill hops next door to pick up a bag of leeches and an electromagnet to remove the mind bullets from the festering wound. sooo when she gets back both of them are now reset on their rpxp multiplier...

this rpxp reset is rather common for physician roleplay and affects the physicians more than the patients. but other scenes may also have similar issues... would there be some way to claim a "be right back" sort of status that resumes previous rpxp multiplier as long as you get back to the same room within 30 sec? can Jack and Jill save their multipliers?"

Joel queries, "Why not carry a sizeable doctors bag?"

SeriousBusiness claims, "In my experience, it is often not reset at all, and is actually often saved for a short time. I'm not sure what the parameters are, though."

say I might suggest Physicians start to carry a bag with basic supplies for some of that.

Sparkles claims, "I might suggest Physicians start to carry a bag with basic supplies for some of that."

Temi nods.

Kinaed says, "I think it'll be saved for a short period until the timer runs out and the game checks in - so probably about 5 minutes."

Temi claims, "It depends if it's long enough for another tick to go through."

Joel claims, "Yea, same as it holds during travel, when moving the scene from one bar to another."

Tigerseye claims, "I see it go from heroic to low with less than 30 seconds absence"

Anony says, "It does seem to reset on room swap."

Joel claims, "But depends on luck.."

Kinaed states, "I would highly recommend that Physicians carry doctors bags. It's also possible, but potentially problematic, that the Physicians could put something like a medicine cabinet in the room where stuff is stored (it'll likely just get ripped off a lot)"

Wimpled states, "The Physicians guild shop has a medical bag that carries a ton of crap for sorting medical supplies."

SeriousBusiness claims, "I have seen it not reset on room swap many times. It's dependent on the timer. If you leave with 1 second left, well."

Violet says, "Doctor bags are great. Most of us carry those, have storage in treatment rooms, etc."

Joel declares, "Hey! Ripping off physicians is valid ic choice!"

Kinaed nods at Wimpled.

Kinaed claims to Joel, "Never said it wasn't."

Joel grins.

Temi claims, "Could do a locked cabinet even."

Joel chuckles

Kinaed claims, "But realistically, if my medicine cabinet kept being knocked off weekly, I'd probably change where I put stuff :P"

Wimpled claims, "With the size of most medicines and the size that bag is able to carry, you really just need to keep a well stocked bag. "

Violet says OOCly, "I think we're focusing a bit too much on the specifics of an example meant to demonstrate a general principle of RPXP bonuses resetting during brief exits... this isn't specifically about doctoring RP, right?"

Violet queries, "Eep-- I think we're focusing a bit too much on the specifics of an example meant to demonstrate a general principle of RPXP bonuses resetting during brief exits... this isn't specifically about doctoring RP, right?"

Tigerseye trails off, "Well... no i was just using it as an example"

Kinaed says, "It would mostly affect doctors and thieves."

Tigerseye says, "I do think its a significant issue for doctors but not unique to them"

Kinaed says, "I think those are the only two people who have xp timers. And thieves don't have an impetus to leave the room and come back, I think."

SeriousBusiness claims, "And people on patrol, and anyone moving from room to room, really. It's a pretty wide thing, actually."

Kinaed says, "Since it is pretty much a Physician problem, and carrying a stocked doctor's bag gets around it - it's probably the best solution, especially in the near term."

Tigerseye states, "Room to room is a diff problem"

Tigerseye states, "Ok that works for me"

Kinaed states to SeriousBusiness, "Won't affect any RPxp timers that need to build to complete an action."

Tigerseye states, "Thanks for discussing"

Violet says, "And Merchants 'checking the back room'"

Cat says, "Yeah like good patroll rp does not work."

SeriousBusiness says, "Oh, I see. The idea was storing it 'in the room.' Okay, I was thinking the suggestion was more general - you get back to rping with *the same people.*"

Kinaed says, "Long term, we might want to look at a code solution... it's just so far down the lsit of priorities, especially with a work around, that we won't see any action on it soon."

Temi says, "Just leaving the room doesn't drop it, I think, but rather if it checks again while you're out of the room."

Kinaed nods at Temi.

Temi states, "So if people are walking along with you, can be good too."

Azarial says, "It checks every 45 seconds, iirc"

Cyan states, "Perhaps instead of dropping to 0, it would drop stage by stage"

Joel states, "That sounds, right sometimes I managed to mvoe across city with a scene and ticker stayed, and another time i popped for something and it was gone."

Kinaed nods at Joel.

Kinaed nods at cyan.

Tigerseye trails off, "I think the bag is better than the cabinet due to thieves..."

Kinaed nods at Tigerseye.

Azarial states, "I cannot drop level by level."

Kinaed says, "Okay, I have one more person listed with a topic at this time :)"

Anony smiles.

Kinaed wonders to Violet, "Please introduce us to your topic? :)"

Cyan says, "Too bad"

Temi says, "The problem will need to be the same solution will need to work with people who have actually left rp, as to people tht have momentarily stepped out."

Temi nods.

Tigerseye turns to violet

Violet pontificates, "I just wanted to bring up that it seems a bit strange we lack any way to make sugar, especially because we can grow coamjar, the sugar cane it is apparently made from according to help coamjar, in hothouses. I suggest a highish-level cooking recipe where we can use coamjar to make the 'a small amount of sugar' ingredient for gourmet recipes. Would be lovely, and perhaps increase the need for hothouses and RP to sell/buy tropical harvestables!"

Kinaed has awarded you 2 QPs: Scribe - oops, I think I forgot!

Tigerseye wonders, "How do i tatget violet in this room? or can only admins do that?"

Temi says, "Sugar is supposed to be rare and expensive."

Azarial states, "The amount of coamjar for proper production is prohibitive at single player production capacities."

Joel says, "I don't think you can target ooc names, and staff is using coded name."

Kinaed claims to Tigerseye, "You can't target other players in this room unless you know their code name."

Kinaed nods at Joel.

SeriousBusiness says, "I feel like there's an underestimation of single player production capacities, there."

Kinaed states, "Staff will take a look and see if we can get OOC names to work for targetting in OOC rooms"

Kinaed starts writing a note. (This is an OOC action)

Azarial botting for sugar production to sidestep the costs of purchasing it is strongly discouraged. <_<

Joel states, "If I can grow sugar that makes many things free to entirely produce."

Tigerseye claims, "Ok sorry for derailing the sugar topic xD wasnt trying to make a new topic and cut in line, my apologies violet"

Kinaed finishes her note.

Joel says, "Including things that SHOULD be expensive."

Violet wonders, "I understand it being rare/expensive, but it -would- be nice to make, even if it were extraordinarily challenging to. Maybe a recipe with 10 coamjar making one sugar? Then the cost in time/effort is still extremely high"

Sylvre states, "But in the medieval world I see the point. Sugar would have only been available to the gentry or the wealthy. "

Sylvre claims, "Nobles that is"

Kitty states, "It's also available as a resource."

TheHeresyAgenda grins.

Temi states, "We have made some conscious decisions for some things to only be available for silver in most crafts."

Kinaed nods at Temi.

Violet claims, "Alright, fair. Thank you for listening to my suggestion, regardless"

Temi claims, "As a balancing effect, that just more time doesn't completely remove costs."

Sylvre claims, "I apologize I should have been clearer, what I meant is i see the the staff's point on this."

Joel look at his 40+ deep stack of coamjar

SeriousBusiness claims, "I think a prohibitive amount of resource expenditure is not necessarily 'more time,' but I understand."

Temi nods.

Kinaed says, "I think we'll put it on Staff Talking points to discuss, but I agree that sugar was in the category of specialized goods in medieval times, and while we don't need to slavishly adhere to things, for the sake of realism we've put it there."

Kinaed states, "And, well, as an economic money sink too :)"

Kinaed finishes abruptly, "Okay, that's all of our topics - and we have about eight minutes left :)"

Tigerseye states, "As a person who has watched documentaries on sugar cane harvesting, i have to say that industry is ridiculously painful to harvest and i wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy to be a sugarcane farmer... also the everglades have been irreparably damaged (destroyed in some ways) by big sugar. sugar is evil and i hope the lord of the springs doesnt bring it back when he flushes urth to make a new one"

Kitty claims, "I might have an unpopular opinion, but making sugar even easier to obtain would make the things that are special right now not as special."

Kinaed nods.

Kitty trails off, "It isn't all that expensive for the resource, and the resource makes it REALLY cheap, so..."

Temi muses, "Would it help if we adjusted the lore on coamjar a bit more to be more a relative of sugarcane, rather than sugar itself?"

TheHeresyAgenda finishes abruptly, "Sugar is heresy - thats why im so sweet"

Kinaed states, "Thanks for everyone sharing their thoughts, ideas, opinions, and concerns. It helps us make a better game."

Joel claims, "Not to mention that it is used in about the only drug that cannot be made entirely fro free."

Sylvre sighs and stays quiet then agrees with kitty

Kinaed questions, "Some update - last week we had 99 hits for people who hit the 5 minute timer. THis week we had 580-something?"

Tigerseye eats all of the evil sugar

SeriousBusiness claims, "Well... we can get it in bulk for silver, which in a lot of cases is nothing. I think a less economical, but labor-intensive way to do it would be appreciated. Jack the meter up as high as you need, and people will do it."

Joel queries, "Hit as in went over?"

Kinaed says, "So I'm assuming that some people just turned it off in their auto-warn."

Sparkles claims, "I think that might help Temi, as there's IC cookbooks etc that conflate the two and the helpfile might make it a touch confusing."

Kinaed nods at Joel.

Tigerseye states, "Yeah i turned it off"

Azarial claims, "Ic books are allowed to be wrong"

TheHeresyAgenda states, "I just had a lot of very good scenes with very good writers"

Anony says, "I turned it off. I stopped paying attention to the five minute timer entirely >_>"

TheHeresyAgenda trails off, "Yea its like... im not playing for rp so whatevs"

Joel states, "It is also broken, it doesn't kill rpxp, just maybe reduces it a bit."

TheHeresyAgenda states, "For xp"

Tigerseye states, "I found it disruptive and it didnt really make me want to emote in smaller pieces"

Joel claims, "From the few times I hit it."

SeriousBusiness states, "Yes, as mentioned before. I've probably been hitting it more often since I did so. I just have more fun without seeing it."

Kinaed states, "Okay, anyway, the 99 was about half a week of data. The 580-something was a full week. We'll be checking that out a bit more. Meanwhile, I had another anonymous topic come in just now:"

Kinaed claims, "I would like an addition to HELP HERBALISM or something similar, explicitly saying that herbalism isn't considered magery or heresy and so on. I've had cyans ask me that OOCly, worried that the Order would get on them if they were good at herbalism"

Sylvre claims, "I like my rp to be rich in detail and was getting quite a few this emote earned you no xp bla bla bla"

TheHeresyAgenda states, "Aww thats cute"

Kinaed states, "Herbalism isn't magery and probably wouldn't be confused for it by the lay person, however, medicine is esoteric and both doctors and herbalists that substitute as doctors in rural areas have been accused of witchcraft in history."

Sparkles states, "As long as you don't randomly offer to make people poison in the Queen's."

TheHeresyAgenda says, "But i had the same issue with rhyming rats to death"

Tigerseye randomly offers to make ... oh nevermind

Kalana questions, "Is that a worry people have? I've never been treated with suspicion for any dealing with herbs"

Christoph claims, "I have to admit - as a new player here I am really turned off by the five minute thing. I like my emotes to be descriptive, not banged out."

Wimpled says, "Sure, but in the game, herbalism is a credible career path in Physicians and in the Merchants."

Kinaed claims to Sparkles, "That'd probably be viewed as a Reeve matter instead of an Order one :)"

Azarial claims, "Rats are reincarnated bards, so a bad rhyme is lethal."

Cyan states, "The 5 minute thing sucks. I vote 7 minutes"

Anony says, "Kinda true, I think most order disapproved remedies are Medicine skill."

Sparkles says, "Ah, yes, well."

Wimpled states, "And herbalism doesn't necessarily mean weird stuff, it could just be keeping a good vegetable garden for the skill."

SeriousBusiness says, "I'll also add- it's entirely possible people didn't turn it off, but have become significantly desensitized to it, so they're ignoring it more now instead of being bothered by it."

TheHeresyAgenda questions, "So... rhett turned rat, aza?"

Tigerseye asks, "How can you get good abs in 7 minutes? i need 8 minutes"

Sparkles states, "I do wonder at times if that isn't some ... meta cognitive awareness of the uses of some herbs creeping in."

Kinaed states, "We'll take another sample at 5 minutes this week, and next week if the data supports it, we will shift to 6 minutes. Then we'll do two weeks at that, and see if the data supports a move then."

Kinaed says to Sparkles, "You might be right. Hard to say."

Kinaed nods at Wimpled.

Joel claims to Kinaed, "It is also broken. It does not kill xp, have not seen it send to 0 once."

Joel states, "So that may be part of it."

SeriousBusiness states, "My characters typically leave herbs and medicine to herbalists and doctors if they aren't one or the other, themselves."

Temi states, "It's not supposed to turn xp to 0."

Joel queries to Temi, "No?"

Azarial states, "It does not kill it. it removes that emote from the calcualtions, dropping down what you earn."

Tigerseye says, "I do love that it was blue though, much better than instigator red"

Kinaed nods at Azarial.

Kinaed claims, "It kills that emote."

Joel queries, "So it's... 1 exp difference? Yea, no one will care :d"

Temi states, "It just doesn't include that emote in the rpxp. Rpxp is still determined based on what you have done over the whole course of the period."

Violet claims, "It seems strange to set an arbitrary appropriate time for emote responsiveness when what's needed varies so much between scenes. For a simple Queen's scene... 5 minutes, sure! But if someone's doing investigative work or really needing to respond 1-on-1 to an individual's points, that's tricky"

Kinaed says to Joel, "XP level, I think."

SeriousBusiness says, "Oh yeah, for sure. I'm really glad it's not red anymore."

Violet claims, "Especially so if what you're RPing about requires referencing helpfiles, checking theme, etc."

Anony states, "Yeah, the Inquisitor talks did need about 10-30 minutes, depending on length and amount done."

Joel queries, "I mean, throw in thought, action, mood ou are at +8. What is that 1 difference?"

Kinaed states, "Meanwhile, we are at the top of the hour."

Tigerseye looks at the admins with hearty eyes "i for one hate this feature but i am really enjoying the proactive comms from admins about it. love these ooc chats."

Kinaed says, "Thank you everyone who has attended this meeting. We'll catch up next week."

Deedee waves.

Joel loves it because, well, he plays against the clock most of the time.

Anony claims, "Thanks again for the gift. It means a lot to me <3"

Azarial peers about intently, then chases her tails once, twice, thrice--she's gone! [OOC]

Temi states, "I think we may need to further discuss the implementation, but we do still think trying to respond to your RP partners more often is good."

Temi nods.

Tigerseye asks, "What is this thing???"

Kinaed nods at Temi.

Aeglir waves.

Kinaed claims, "Please rest assured the 5 minute timer is high on the list of Staff priorities and management."

Temi asks of Tigerseye, "The top? It's an OOC gift, commemorating an event this week"

Tigerseye claims, "Its a draedle"

Sylvre states, "Chandlers also need a high degree of herbal knowledge unless they want to buy the oils they need for higher projects."

Aeglir claims, "Let it rip."

Violet pontificates, "Thank you, all! Lots of love <3 <3 <3"

Kinaed claims, "We are aware it is controversial, and would appreciate the breathing space to handle it as best we can. Everyone's position on the matter has been noted."

Kinaed says, "Okay, you guys have a great week :) I'll look forward to seeing everyone next week :)"

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