Log of OOC Meeting - 5 Jan 2020

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Kinaed claims, "(Eld)A reminder of the OOC Chat Pact: Regardless of what we discuss, we understand and truly believe that everyone on TI does the best they can, given what they know at the time, their skills and abilities, the resources available, and the situation at hand. We will be respectful of this and each other at all times."

Sparkles claims, "(Vavardi)I'll start a backup log just in case first times are wonky."

OOCMallin states, "Thanks and sure."

Kinaed claims, "(Eld)Today's Agenda is:

- Staff Updates
- Player Heartbeat
- Player Topics

Is there anything anyone would like to add to the agenda to make certain we discuss it today? If you register a topic, please pre-write it so you're ready to present it when called upon."

Kinaed says to Sparkles, "(Eld)Thank you :)"

Azarial queries to Temi, "(Daravi)All of these horse heads...a bit like a dating app, no?"

Temi says, "(Vandagan)Well, it's certainly a risk for those wearing them here."

Temi grins at Azarial.

Azarial nods.

Kinaed pretends not to hear Azarial and continues, "(Eld)Anyone want to register a topic?"

Azarial claims to Temi, "(Daravi)Should be interesting."

ToffeeApples states, "Something something Sarah Jessica Parker"

Kinaed claims, "(Eld)I'll take the general silence as a no. If anyone does think of anything, please send me a tell. Meanwhile, let's kick off Staff Updates."

Kinaed says, "(Eld)Last week I ... don't think I did much. It was a stressful week with the fires and family at risk, plus a fire near us that had us enacting the first stages of our fire safety plan, etc."

Brando nods

Kinaed states, "(Eld)On my desk - Turf Wars. I did a bit of work on it last week, if anyone's interested in having a look and providing ideas, I might post where I'm at up on the forums for feedback - it's only partly formed at the moment."

Anastasia declaims, "I'm glad you're okay, Kin!"

Kinaed smiles at Anastasia.

Kinaed claims to Anastasia, "(Eld)Thank you :)"

Kinaed finishes abruptly, "(Eld)That's it for me - Az, you're up :)"

Azarial says, "(Daravi)I've managed a few bugs, but I am mainly working on the gl leader bid system."

Kuzco states, "(Vavardi)Ah, one should mention that plot list got changed to plot list all"

Kinaed states, "(Eld)The spec for that is on the bug board if anyone wants to see it. It should automate GL selection when a GL is available."

Kinaed says, "(Eld)I think plot list alone will show open plots if you have any."

Azarial nods.

Venamelia says, "Yep."

Kinaed says, "(Eld)That change was to fix a bug report where plot list #, etc, wasn't working."

Naomi questions, "Is there a way to opt out if you don't want to lead?"

Kinaed asks of Naomi, "(Eld)Lead what?"

Azarial says, "(Daravi)Yes, you will be able to withdraw if someone puts you in for gl"

Naomi says, "A guild."

Naomi nods.

Kinaed states, "(Eld)Ahh, yes. As Azarial said, you can withdraw your name if you want."

Naomi says, "Good, good"

Kinaed claims, "(Eld)Just having a quick look at recent changes - drowning will send messages to the room. The subject of a ledger page will no longer show up in the edit screen as the POLCA is intended to be used to change subjects. Combat and inflict messaging from another room has changed - combat messaging no longer identifies a fight happening, and inflict sends no messages. Thief metric mobs are supposed to unload now, and hide/sneak should break when attacking people."

Kinaed states, "(Eld)Oh, you can also set prices on objects for shops from anywhere."

Kinaed has transferred Civetta. [OOC]

Anastasia says, "Oooo."

Kinaed says to Azarial, "(Eld)Man, you were a busy bee. Thank you."

Kinaed says, "(Eld)A lot of that is untested atm."

Kuzco has been transferred out by Kinaed. [OOC]

Azarial says, "(Daravi)Ahh, it didn;t feel like it."

Temi gives a wooden physician's plague mask shaped like a horse's head to Civetta.

Kinaed says to Azarial, "(Eld)I see quite a lot there that we discussed only last week, so ... definitely appreciated."

Sparkles wonders, "(Vavardi)Can I ask about why the fight change?"

Satoshi trails off, "Yay now i dont need to feel cheaty for...cheating in fights"

Kinaed says to Sparkles, "(Eld)It was requested."

Kinaed has transferred Mibs. [OOC]

Kinaed wonders to Sparkles, "(Eld)It made sense in the context of the request, which I *think* was posted on the forums?"

Temi states, "(Vandagan)Part of the stuff we were discussing about the messages being misleading on other things"

Temi gives a wooden physician's plague mask shaped like a horse's head to Mibs.

Temi says, "(Vandagan)It was a message from a different thing that was sounding like a fight, when it wasn't, because that same message was used"

Mibs states, "Ooh. Love this item."

Kinaed claims, "(Eld)And we felt that indicating one heard a commotion rather than a fight was a bit more appropriate and generic from a distance."

Satoshi states, "That sounds p appropriate tbh"

Kinaed states, "(Eld)Particularly so the message can be reused where it makes sense."

Kinaed nods at Satoshi.

Sparkles claims, "(Vavardi)Ah, I get it. I didn't understand the change was wording versus 'you no longer hear anything'."

Temi states, "(Vandagan)Yep, just a wording change."

Satoshi muses, "And still generates interest like "a fight" would. is this gonna echo with other commands?"

Kinaed says to Sparkles, "(Eld)You won't hear anything on using the inflict command, which was removed."

Kinaed nods at Satoshi.

Kinaed says to Satoshi, "(Eld)Yes, likely."

Sparkles nods at Kinaed.

Kinaed asks, "(Eld)Any other questions before we move on to Temi?"

Satoshi claps for commotions

Kinaed states, "(Eld)Temi, you're up :)"

Temi states, "(Vandagan)I got a number of things on my list done, but most of them were small specs that staff haven't discussed yet, though includes the one for extending rumors a bit. I did also create the requested swimming pool at Dashiell's"

Kinaed claims, "(Eld)Nice :)"

Temi says, "(Vandagan)And the rest you should hear more about later."

Temi nods at Kinaed.

Kinaed says, "(Eld)Please, people - try not to drown in the swimming pool. :)"

Kinaed grins.

Kinaed nods at Temi.

Kinaed claims to Temi, "(Eld)Thanks for the work this week."

Temi says, "(Vandagan)I did include a pool boy that can help people if you say 'help'."

Preposterous claims, "How is that one place set outside the city - the swimming pond? I've gone with people that have 0 swim, and haven't drowned there."

Brando states, "Yay"

Temi states, "(Vandagan)Though with the drowning fix, I might make him save drowning people too"

Venamelia asks, "Anyone wants to make any bets on how long it takes before someone drowns in it? >_>"

Kinaed questions to Erika, "(Eld)You're up! What did you do last week, and what's on your plate this coming week?"

Kinaed says to Temi, "(Eld)Probably not a bad idea"

Kinaed says to preposterous, "(Eld)I'm not certain - if you can write a request board from the location, we will get the room number and be able to check the room."

Erika claims, "Not much done on my end the past week, I've been kind of busy IRL. Mostly been working on writing and fleshing out the specs that were shortly mentioned last week about roleplay opperunities with smaller events of sorts that run in the background, as well as focusing on other specs the coming week."

Temi claims, "(Vandagan)It's probably not actual swimming, but just a bath room"

Temi states, "(Vandagan)Which doesn't teach swimming either"

Kinaed nods at Temi.

Preposterous claims to Kinaed, "Sure, I can do that so you can look into the settings there."

Kinaed smiles.

Kinaed states to preposterous, "(Eld)Thank you."

Kinaed says to Erika, "(Eld)Thanks for that :)"

Azarial claims, "(Daravi)As a side note, staff have a command to go to the room that the note was written from for quick checking and fixes."

Kinaed muses, "(Eld)Anyone have any questions on any of the staff updates before we go on?"

Kinaed queries, "(Eld)Alright! Player time! Let's move on to the Player Heartbeat - how was the game for you this week, folks?"

Preposterous claims, "I... was out of town much of the week, so didn't spend as much time as normal. Other than that, pretty good."

Kinaed smiles at preposterous.

Satoshi claims, "Been drifting around a bit, trying to set up an event and wrangling ooc schedules is a pain, but expect a play eventually"

Kinaed comforts Satoshi.

Kinaed says to Satoshi, "(Eld)Anything staff can do to help? We do provide some free event assistance."

Satoshi says, "The culmination of like 2 months work by this point. also nah its just availability sucks"

Kinaed nods at Satoshi.

Kinaed claims, "(Eld)It's a bad time of year for availability."

ToffeeApples says, "I've been a little out of the loop during holidays too and am trying to shimmy back in. "

Kinaed comforts ToffeeApples.

Brando claims, "It was deep. deeply moving and deeply involved RP."

Venamelia states, "Busy for the first half, the second half has been... pretty filled with a bunch of character progressions. And the first invitation to partake in a plot."

Kinaed smiles at Brando.

Kinaed claims to Brando, "(Eld)That's nice to hear."

Kinaed nods at Venamelia.

Satoshi says, "Thats a mood toffee. its hard because everyone has gone back to hiding away again it seems"

Kinaed says to Venamelia, "(Eld)I'm glad to hear that."

LemonQuartz states, "I have been swinging back into the Grove, and loving the struggle of having to go from focusing on beating people down to being political. "

Kinaed asks of LemonQuartz, "(Eld)Interesting. Enjoying it?"

Kinaed has transferred Kitty. [OOC]


Kinaed says to Kitty, "(Eld)We're in Player Heartbeat now, and people are telling us how the game was for them last week if you want to join in."

LemonQuartz claims to Kinaed, "Still figuring that one out... I need to find a better lense to see it all through that I can just do both. "

Temi gives a wooden physician's plague mask shaped like a horse's head to Kitty.

Kinaed questions, "(Eld)Is there anything shitting anyone about the game that they'd like staff to know about?"

Kitty claims, "Oh! Good! Thanks. Been tinkering around."
Kinaed nods at LemonQuartz.

Satoshi declaims, "Sounds fun Lemon!"

Anastasia claims, "I had a pretty fun scene this week! Random street RP is the best RP."

Sparkles states, "(Vavardi)I might have something that could arguably be a topic."

Kinaed muses to Sparkles, "(Eld)Do you want to register it, or just raise it?"

Kinaed states to Anastasia, "(Eld)I'm glad you had fun this week :)"

Sparkles says, "(Vavardi)I can register it."

Kinaed says to Sparkles, "(Eld)I've got you. Will call on you when we're through this section of the OOC Chat."

Kinaed muses, "(Eld)Anyone have anything else to add?"

Venamelia queries, "Oh, when promoting a rumor. Is it treated as your character promoting them or just adding to them?"

Kinaed cocks her head at Temi.

Temi finishes abruptly, "(Vandagan)It's a retelling of a rumor now, and ICly, you're responsible - whether for causing something that might be noted, or actually spreading it yourself"

Satoshi queries, "I dobt think you can RPA promotes?"

OOCMallin asks, "RPA?"

Venamelia states, "Understood."

Kinaed claims to OOCMallin, "(Eld)Role play assistance."

Kinaed has transferred Lissa. [OOC]

Temi states, "(Vandagan)So if you want to have someone else spread a rumor about something you did, that's perfectly fine"

Lissa declares, "Sorry for being late!"

Temi says, "(Vandagan)But generally, if you're talking bad about someone else, you're the one doing it"

Temi gives a wooden physician's plague mask shaped like a horse's head to Lissa.

Kinaed claims to Lissa, "(Eld)No worries! We're in Player Heartbeat right now and discussing rumors."

Temi states, "(Vandagan)However, we don't do RPA around investigating who said it anymore"

ToffeeApples claims, "I hope with the respect that there's more options there. Sometimes I want my character to be repsonsible for a rumor. Other times, I can think of a good rumor that wouldn't really be associated or come from my character, but one, I as a player would like to see."

ToffeeApples states, "*respect that is"

Anastasia exclaims, "That's when you change the source!"

Satoshi questions, "Oh? Why not? thats a valuable RP tool?"

Temi states, "(Vandagan)If someone releases some information they shouldn't have, it's up to them to ensure they have it."

Satoshi says, "Otherwise whats the point of changing the source"

ToffeeApples states, "Dammit. Mush client is autocompleting re-spec"

Temi states, "(Vandagan)Or it's a policy issue"

Lissa says, "Okay! Just to let all the ladies and daring gentlemen know! The event I'm hosting will take place after this."

Temi states, "(Vandagan)They don't have to ICly be the one saying it, but ICly, it comes from them."

Kinaed has transferred Darkness. [OOC]

Venamelia states, "Alright then. Then I will just take more care since the character would be the one sharing it."

Darkness waves.

Temi claims, "(Vandagan)But you can't dissolve yourself of all responsibility. It's just unlikely anyone will find out"

Darkness wonders, "Did I miss anything important?"

Kinaed says to Darkness, "(Eld)I don't think so - the log will be posted later. We're discussing the rumor system at the moment and how it works."

Kinaed claims, "(Eld)The main topic at the moment is that if one spreads a rumor, one is ICly spreading the rumor."

Kinaed wonders, "(Eld)Or is that only on promotes, Temi?"

Temi says, "(Vandagan)That's rumors in general"

ToffeeApples says, "One example: I want to put a rumor out about my own character to sparc RP, but my own character wouldn't actually dream of spreading that rumor about themself. "

Kinaed nods at Temi.

Satoshi states, "I mean per helpfiles if you change the source of a rumor thats the source, not the player"

Lissa trails off, "I like being able to post rumors about what my character is doing, but I agree that it doesn't make sense that my character would be talking about themselves..."

Temi states, "(Vandagan)Yes, about yourself is fine."

Temi claims, "(Vandagan)That comes from you in that you're doing stuff, you don't have to be the one saying it"

Satoshi says, "BUT if you arent doing RPA for that anymore, which i dont see why not, then it literally doesnt matter"

Satoshi states, "Because no one will know"

Temi says, "(Vandagan)The main concern would be releasing secret info that your character has, and claiming that ICly you weren't the one that said it"

Temi states, "(Vandagan)That's where it gets to be a policy issue"

Kinaed says, "(Eld)I think the changes in the rumor system may need policy to catch up. I'll meet with Temi after and make sure we square away any rumor policy help files that need to be adjusted with how the system has been updated. Shouldn't be a big stress."

atoshi states, "The act of spreading a rumor means you are telling someone"

Sparkles claims, "(Vavardi)It's been a thing in the past people commenting info on rumors with one alt they likely learned on a different one though that's hard to prove."

Satoshi says, "And if you change be source it has to be plausible"

Kinaed nods at Sparkles.

Lissa muses, "If its a secret...should you even spread a rumor about it?"

Satoshi states, "If its secret then the new source isnt valid"

Satoshi states, "So you would HAVE to tell someone"

Satoshi states, "ICly, and then the person doing it is breaking rumor policy and/or lying IC"

Kinaed claims to Lissa, "(Eld)You can, if your character ICly knows it - but then it should be attributed to your character."

Venamelia claims, "Just asking because, uh...what example would be best? People have a fear of mages and I like to add to a rumour to add to the conflict and the panic about mages because it is good for conflict, but it is not something the char would specifically do. Hence I will take a step back and think about a different approach to it."

Kinaed says, "(Eld)I might add this to Staff Talking Points to cover some of the scenarios raised here."

Temi nods.

Brando asks, "Are we confusing posting a rumor , promoting a rumor and SHARING a rumor?"

Kinaed states, "(Eld)Okay, if that's where we're at on that - we do have a topic that's been raised."

Kinaed claims to Brando, "(Eld)I don't think we are."

Brando states, "Ok"

Temi claims, "(Vandagan)I think we may need to discuss it further, but the main points are: 1) no one will ever discover you said it from staff, but they may make assumptions, 2) if you spread info you don't ICly have, it's a policy violation"

Kinaed nods at Temi.

Kinaed states, "(Eld)That's quite similar to the current policy."

Kinaed states, "(Eld)We can discuss the particulars and scenarios people have asked about and make any tweaks to the policy and rumor help files required."

Temi says, "(Vandagan)That's the current policy as we discussed it before"

Kinaed claims, "(Eld)Okay, we do have a registered topic - let's kick that off."

Kitty says, "Just to state (sorry, was IAW, so I don't know if it was already brought up), rumors don't have to be true. Someone could be spreading an outright lie. As far as I understand, it just needs to follow the city report (can't say in general that all physicians are awful and no one is doing anything at the hospital if health is high) and the statuses of guildleaders (can't say everyone thinks so and so is awful if they are entrenched - you need to attack a specific thing they've done, or that you are claiming they've done.)"


Kinaed states, "(Eld)Okay, let's move onto our Player Topics :)"

Satoshi waves hands towards Sparkles

Kinaed claims to Sparkles, "(Eld)You're up :)"

Kinaed has transferred Engebod. [OOC]

Temi gives a wooden physician's plague mask shaped like a horse's head to Engebod.

Sparkles says, "(Vavardi)So, I've thought for a while about how to properly word or express this. Because it's something that comes up overall sort of infrequently, but when it is does it can cause kind a lot of unfolding issues ICly. Which is the situation of narrative control in the creation and development of new nobles, IE - that in some ways the next player gets freedom to determine things about a liquidated character's method of demise and other facts that can unflattering or outside of how one was usually portrayed. This is particularly a thing as there isn't a 'cooldown' period of how frequently a particular noble area so there can be people who still remember the past RP. And things that are vastly out of sync with that can be jarring. "

Engebod pontificates, "Thanks Kinaed and Temi!"

Temi states, "(Vandagan)As a related topic, we've discovered a number of past nobles have not submitted domain helpfiles and so staff don't have helpfiles to cross-reference to ensure that they are consistent."

Satoshi states, "It sounds like the affected played(s) should reach out to the noble or staff to confirm how it went down so everyone is on the same page oocly and RP is accurate. "

Civetta claims, "(Vavardi)Relatedly, Help Domain isn't always accurate or helpful in determining who is actually the noble of a place... Some have nobles listed as npc rulers who are dead, some former players when an active NPC has replaced them."

Kinaed says, "(Eld)If the previous character was gone, I don't think there's any real impetus for the person following in their footsteps to be flattering. And yes, the information noble characters provide to staff about their RP can be spotty at best, so if people are concerned about that, then providing a help file, domain help file, etc when leaving would be nice."

Temi says, "(Vandagan)Staff always try to make sure it is completely consistent, but we only have so much information available."

Kitty wonders, "Shouldn't they have to make a helpfile when they start? Maybe add it as part of the application?"

Kitty claims, "That way it doesn't just get 'forgotten' once in game, or expected when they go inactive."

Temi claims, "(Vandagan)We do require helpfiles, but we haven't required it prior to coming on grid."

Sparkles claims, "(Vavardi)That's my thought, that a background helpfile and a domain helpfile before they go on grid."

Kinaed says to Kitty, "(Eld)They do, but they often don't keep it up to date. Most nobles disappear through inactivity as opposed to death."

Temi says, "(Vandagan)And some have been better about it than others"

Kinaed claims, "(Eld)And when people exit by wandering off into the sunset, they don't really tie up their loose ends."

Kitty states, "Right, but if a helpfile was required before stepping on grid, there would at least be something to build from, even if it's outdated. Something is better than nothing."

Azarial states, "(Daravi)Though the six month deletion has been doing a decent job of tying some of those up."

Sparkles wonders, "(Vavardi)Is the six month deletion universal or only for nobles?"

Satoshi claims, "Nobles arent exactly supposed to be thrown together, i dont think requiring a little more forethought is bad if it helps wrap stuff up"

Kinaed claims, "(Eld)I think it's universal."

Temi states, "(Vandagan)Universal, but just for logging in, not activity"

Kitty muses, "As far as I understand, 6 month deletion is for everyone. You can stop it by logging in. If the character doesn't have more than 500 RP hours, it's gone for good. If they do, it's... archived, or something?"

Sparkles questions, "(Vavardi)So you can just login forever but never be RP active?"

Kinaed states, "(Eld)Nobles who go inactive for six weeks are removed from grid and can return if there is space for them. Six month deletion, the character is wiped from the disk to make space for other characters."

Kinaed states, "(Eld)They're removed from the master list data."

Kinaed nods at Kitty.

Kinaed says to Kitty, "(Eld)Something like that."

Temi questions, "(Vandagan)Are people in general supportive of requiring the helpfiles before coming on grid for nobles? It makes it a higher bar for entry, and puts off getting them playing on grid, but it would reduce this"

Anastasia says, "I'm for it. I mean, playing a noble is a special thing. People should be putting more thought into those sorts of characters any way."

Kinaed says, "(Eld)Anyway, the main issue that I'm not certain how we can address is that staff don't spy on RP, and we often aren't involved in individual noble's RP, so we literally don't have the information required to improve consistency, etc. "

Temi nods at Kinaed.

Sparkles states, "(Vavardi)I think a higher bar might inspire people to think more about making a noble app, so you might get people thinking about it more."

Kinaed states, "(Eld)The mechanisms that could help are often not utilized when a noble disappears, generally because people don't plan to disappear."

Temi claims, "(Vandagan)And their own perception of their predecessor is likely biased, anyway"

Kinaed nods at Temi.

Kinaed questions, "(Eld)A 'higher bar'?"

Darkness has lost link.
Darkness has reconnected.

Temi states to Kinaed, "(Vandagan)I think she means the requiring the helpfile prior to grid, that I asked about"

Kitty states, "Since I suggested it, of course I'm for it. They already have to submit an app, submitting the helpfiles shouldn't delay them from getting on grid for overly long, especially since they need to think through the app, anyway. It'll help others know what is going on in the regions, since it's highly unlikely everyone would always be in the dark."

Sparkles claims, "(Vavardi)That requiring the helpfiles submitted ahead of time might inspire people coming in on a new noble to have a more solid thought about them. Which from what I've seen overtime, tends to manifest as more longevity."

Brando claims, "I'm not supportive of it. I like the ambiguity to the domain files as it allows me as a player to be creative with my character creation. But i do suggest that if i was playing a noble charcter that i would be highly motivated to update that domain file."

Mibs is idle.

Temi asks of Brando, "(Vandagan)You're not supportive of requiring helpfiles at all, or just of not enforcing it before coming on grid?"

Kitty states, "But the problem is that some people aren't submitting helpfiles at all. Nobles have, automatically, more responsibility. That should extend to the player, as well."

Sparkles claims, "(Vavardi)You can be creative with it, submit the helpfile. But I don't think that ambiguity should manifest as nothing is ever solidified so can randomly change all the time."

Kinaed muses to Temi, "(Eld)*nod* Hard to enforce given our code structure of grid setup, I think. There's just a hidden portal that enters people into game when they type enter game. I suppose we could create a command for it instead of Enter Game and do a whole bunch of checks - but honestly, I'm not certain this consistency issue is actually about factual inconsistencies rather than the emotional reputation a person has/had, and whether this needs to be honored?"

ToffeeApples nods at Sparkles.

Satoshi states, "Maybe just haw a requirement of "within x days of being in grid""

Satoshi claims, "You guys arent exactly throwing 20 nobles at a time down"

Temi states, "(Vandagan)Yeah, it would be hard to enforce even if it was required, more just us telling them 'no, don't go on grid yet'. Unless we required it before they were even approved as noble and set with noble status"

Brando claims, "Just not enforcing it before nobles come on grid. Helpfiles are required in the longrun IMO."

Satoshi says, "Just make them aware and i think people want to be included and make their domains special"

Sparkles states, "(Vavardi)Except 'in the long run' then sometimes never happens."

Temi claims, "(Vandagan)Tracking down x number of days would be too much staff effort"

Satoshi wonders, "Dont you have a bot that sends automated messages? can you set it to send to nobles after x days of being created?"

Temi states, "(Vandagan)That would be additional work for Az. There's nothing generic like that"

Satoshi says, "You have to put effort in to approve their app after all"

Kinaed claims, "(Eld)I honestly care more about setting a noble up, getting them in grid and having fun RPing, than I am about minor inconsistencies - which I know are a drag - but should also (in 90 percent of cases) be pretty easy to just gloss over out of courtesy."

Kinaed says, "(Eld)I'm sure there's a small percent that are somehow dangerous or truly odious."

Kitty states, "Could something be created that's similar to the GL message of 'you haven't submited to the city report' blah blah be created for characters of nobility? I mean, having the helpfiles is also great for newbs who come in the game, and are researching where to be from."

Kinaed says, "(Eld)But they won't be, in my mind, about how congruously one looks at the reputation of the previous person or how nice they are about what happened in transition."

Kitty says, "I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about the helpfiles for the regions, in general."

Kinaed claims to Kitty, "(Eld)Character help files are already forced at certain points, most namely when entering a guild."

Kitty states, "That's not what I'm talking about."

Sparkles claims, "(Vavardi)Except nobles can chose to never enter a coded guild."

Temi says, "(Vandagan)Domain files are different from character helpfiles"

Kinaed claims to Kitty, "(Eld)Ahh, domains. Hmm. We could make them part of the noble app - set up or update."

Sparkles says, "(Vavardi)And thus ... never have a helpfile either."

Temi claims, "(Vandagan)Domain helpfiles are separate from the individual character."

Temi states, "(Vandagan)And are staff-reviewed for consistency and reasonableness"

Satoshi claims, "I dont care that much really so if it too much work its not gonna happen so better to make being a nob accessable"

ToffeeApples states, "I think all the domains should have a consistent and meaningful helpfile that's been adequately 'worldbuilt' from lore and past characters"

ToffeeApples claims, "That would make developing and coming up with noble characters easier"

Kitty states to Kinaed, "Yes, that's what I'm talking about. (At least me, personally.) Domain helpfiles - the ones people would use when making a character - it'd be great if they were routinely updated when new nobility came in. Maybe someone wants to play in a represented region."

Anastasia states, "I think that's what we were all talking about - requiring the nobs to have domain helpfiles in place to make for consistent RP in the future."

Kinaed claims, "(Eld)I don't mind making a domain help file update part of the noble's application. That's fine."

Kitty says, "I was. I wasn't talking about personal help files at all."

Kinaed says, "(Eld)I don't think the character help file stuff is going to help."

Anastasia says, "Yeah, we were talking about domain helpfiles :)"

Temi nods at Kinaed.

Temi states, "(Vandagan)I'm okay with that too, requiring it in the app."

Temi claims, "(Vandagan)And it becomes an easy few updates if there's already a written one."

Kinaed says, "(Eld)I'm not certain a domain help file update will fully solve the problem either, but it may help."

Satoshi says, "Yeah this is about domain not the character's helpfile"

Civetta questions, "(Vavardi)If we notice a discrepancy in domain files with regards to who is listed as the ruler is there a way to rectify that?"

Kinaed states, "(Eld)From what I understand, this is about inconsistencies in noble applications versus IC history, which is not about help files. Help files are a potential solution we're looking at, whether they be personal or domain."

Kinaed says, "(Eld)Either way, if they're not up to date and don't contain the information we need, the problem will persist."

Kinaed pontificates to Civetta, "(Eld)Yes! Typo board :)"

Kitty states, "Well, whether it's domain or character - it was Sparkles topic, so depends what she was thinking. I could only comment on my own addition to the conversation."

Civetta claims, "(Vavardi)Perfect! I can think of two just off the top of my head."

Sparkles says, "(Vavardi)It's a multi-faceted issue, but I was trying to spitball some solutions."

Kinaed says, "(Eld)It's probably perfectly okay to typo a help file and CC the noble who wrote it too - just please be polite."

Kinaed finishes abruptly, "(Eld)There's some things in the problem as raised that I don't think we can solve for at all - particularly how people perceive other people vs the 'facts'"

Kinaed says, "(Eld)But we can definitely include some help file requirements in the noble application process. Having said that, we're near the top of the hour and soemone else has a topic."

preposterous has been transferred out by Kinaed. [OOC]

Kinaed queries, "(Eld)Are people happy to stick around for the last topic, or ...?"

ToffeeApples nods.

Sparkles states, "(Vavardi)Sure."

Engebod nods.

Kinaed trails off, "(Eld)Okay, we'll add some domain help file requirements for noble apps. Maybe personal ones. Putting the rest on Staff Talking Points. Next up..."

Kinaed queries to Darkness, "(Eld)Please raise your topic? :)"

Darkness queries, "Yeah so. I'm sort of new to these games, been having plenty of fun so far but I've sorta got an issue with making my character be more interesting or unique in their roleplay. It turns somewhat tinfoil hat-y at this point but as a result I get the feeling that except for a few, people don't seem to be interested in roleplaying with my character. So the question is, do people here have any advice for me on how to enhance my roleplaying and improve my character in general?"

Kinaed asks of Darkness, "(Eld)Have you done things like set your character hooks?"

Darkness claims, "Pretty sure I have, let me check real quick."

ToffeeApples claims, "And help character file? Also joining a guild helps getting RP a lot. "

Venamelia claims, "I think a lot of people feel like that at first at times >.> If you have not met Vena, feel free to just try to. The hooks are there for that :)"

Sparkles muses, "(Vavardi)Help character file, RP hooks, joining a Guild is the general advice. Have you tried attending events or sending messengers to people?"

Darkness claims, "Fair, I can add some more hooks. I have a character file and in a guild. But despite I still feel that way, oddly."

Temi claims, "(Vandagan)Sometimes it helps to be proactive. I don't think I've run across you on grid with my chars, but certainly no interest in avoiding you."

Lissa says, "Try reaching out to people that have interesting looking character hooks that your character might be interested in."

Temi says, "(Vandagan)If there's a certain type of RP you're interested in, there may be certain ways to kick those things off"

Kinaed states, "(Eld)I'm not certain if you're aware, but if people are visible on whereRP, it is an open invitation to other players to go RP with them, regardless of where they are. So, it's okay to make up anything you want, even weird stuff, about why your character would show up there and just show up."

ToffeeApples is frigtened that Temi is out there on the grid with multiple characters

Darkness nods.

Kinaed states to ToffeeApples, "(Eld)Hehehe, she is. :P"

Sparkles says, "(Vavardi)If it's a room with an NPC a blanket thing could always be going to talk to one the NPC that works there."

Kinaed says to ToffeeApples, "(Eld)In fact, YOU are Temi. I know it."

Temi grins.

Temi says, "(Vandagan)Don't worry. Only Temi actually eats people. Probably."

Civetta questions, "(Vavardi)At the end of the day aren't we all Temi?"

ToffeeApples grins

Kinaed states to Civetta, "(Eld)Not everyone. I only want to be. So bad."

Lissa says, "I have felt that way myself, like people just don't enjoy my RP. You just need to put yourself out there and gain some confidence. :)"

Kinaed nods at Lissa.

Darkness says, "Sounds like I need to get a bit more proactive with others. Doesn't help that I'm new here but I feel a bit like too much an outsider at times. Should worry less about it and just try more."

ToffeeApples says, "Also, sometimes a CHARACTER might repsond poorly to you, even if the PLAYER is fine. "

Kinaed claims, "(Eld)I think that's a common feeling, particularly if you walk into a room and want to RP with someone and they leave - but often that has nothing to do with you and more to do with their current IRL situation."

Venamelia states, "I wanted to RP with you a fair bit, but the internet seems to not allow you to often, Lissa :<"

Kinaed nods at ToffeeApples.

Lissa claims, "I know. I will have to make it up to you Vena."

Lissa states, "I enjoy Rping with you. :)"

Venamelia says, "Aww. I enjoy RPing with you, too :)"

Kinaed wonders, "(Eld)But it sounds like there's a few people willing to make an effort to RP with you, Darkness, so I think it's worth maybe also reaching out via Personal Board and seeing if/when you might be able to meeting with some people?"

Darkness nods at Kinaed.

Lissa will to meet the Darkness too.

Lissa is willing to*

Kinaed smiles.

ToffeeApples states, "I don't know who Darkness plays but I'm sure I'd like to RP too"

Venamelia states, "Yepyep, do that. Feel free to pboard me. Just mind that I try to keep IC and OOC strictly seperate >.>"

Darkness says, "Good idea. I'll have to try reaching out a bit more with others. Didn't think personal board would help. Sorry I'm trying to be anonymous, don't want to give a bad impression :)"

Kinaed smiles.

Kinaed says to Darkness, "(Eld)That's absolutely fine."

Kinaed says, "(Eld)You can also just randomly send messengers to people on who with made up reasons based on their hooks to go RP with them."

Lissa states, "Thats one thing to keep in mind for certain. OOC and IC seperation. Just because a character doesn't like you or comes off as rude does not mean the player means to be rude."

Kinaed claims, "(Eld)You're familiar with the 'notify' command? That might help too."

Kinaed nods at Lissa.

Kitty says, "All this said, you said that your actions have come off a bit tin-hatty? There are IC consequences for things, so depending on what your tin-hatty things have done, that also might be the reasons."

Sparkles states, "(Vavardi)Also even if the character is a bit stand-offish that doesn't mean they might not like the RP."

Darkness states, "Oh I understand the OOC and IC seperation. I've just mostly tried meeting people through whereRP which didn't always seem the best idea."

Darkness says, "Uhh i meant more that I put on the tinfoil hat where I said that it feels others don't seem interested in roleplaying with my character because they feel a little bland."

Kinaed states, "(Eld)*ponder* honestly if people are rude to people that they don't know, I wonder if there isn't a genuine element of OOC rudeness when it's directed towards a new player or a stranger."

Kinaed claims, "(Eld)Probably a bit philosophical, but anyway. It's almost 15 minutes after the hour, and I appreciate everyone staying over so we could fit all of our topics in."

Temi nods at Darkness.

Darkness nods at Kinaed.

Darkness exclaims, "Sorry for the overtime, but thank you anyway!"

Lissa encountered a rude Charali IC....but thats probably normal.

Kitty says, "Ahhh... I understand. Few characters are bland when people get to know them, but for any person, it can take some time to fit into your character's skin."

Kinaed exclaims, "(Eld)Thank you everyone for coming! I hope to see everyone next week!"

Lissa waves.

Kinaed nods at Kitty.

LemonQuartz waves.

Brando waves

Mibs has left the game.

Azarial peers about intently, then chases her tails once, twice, thrice--she's gone! [OOC]

ToffeeApples claims, "Remind them that they're a savage"

LemonQuartz hugs Kinaed, then Temi, then az, and then Erika.

Kinaed states to Kitty, "(Eld)And time to get into a trusting enough relationship that people will let you near their 'super secwit' stuff."

Kinaed hugs back and waves to all.

Kinaed trails off, "(Eld)Okay, retransing in 3..."

Kitty says, "That's the best! Y es."

Kinaed states, "(Eld)2.."

Erika waves.

Kinaed trails off, "(Eld)1..."

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