Turf Wars Spec - 1st Draft

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First off, Knights and Reeves already have difficult jobs managing investigations. This system gives them even more chores. I don't like that.

Next, I think there's already plenty of ways on game for lawfulness and piety to be affected and for them to be themes in RP. So having this system focus on those metrics feels redundant.
I'll provide my only counter to these. People judge a lot of the "success" of the Order/Reeves on their ability to manage those investigations/efforts against PCs which encourages "small world" thinking. So yes there are other ways for Piety and Lawfulness to play out, but I feel like having some ways for that to involve actions against the wider world and not always so directly against other PCs might spread things out a bit.

Likewise if antagonists have ways to take actions that aren't always actively against other PCs it might help in the same way.

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